Major Cases Looming Before the Supreme Court

Joe Ravi via Wikimedia Commons

The Supreme Court has some major cases ahead. The 6-3 conservative-leaning bench is set to rule on cases that will have a lasting impact on American’s rights for years to come and many are fascinated to see how the bench will respond. Americans are also waiting to see if the Supreme Court’s oldest justice Stephen Breyer will retire to allow President Biden to appoint a younger liberal judge to the bench.

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  1. We are all waiting to see if the Supreme Court can stand up for the law, honor, integrity, and truth! WILL THEY DO WHATS RIGHT, OR WHAT IS POLITICAL?

  2. The stupidity of all these people trying to change rulings ONLY because they were made during pres. Trumps tenure is beyond belief! These Americans should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for their totally unacceptable efforts to remove very rational suggestions that came from Pres. Trump!

    1. Yes. The keyword as you state is RATIONAL. The Demoncrats are lock-stock-and-barrel in control of a virulent hatred which is entirely irrational. There are no more moderate Demoncrats. My sainted Mother would have said that these modern Demoncrats are possessed of demons.

  3. The Supreme Court is a joke just like the rest of the Government offices we don’t live in a normal Country anymore


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