Conservative TV Host Running for Governor [Public Domain]

Several conservative media personalities, including Fox News host Tucker Carlson, former Fox News host Eric Bolling, Lara Trump, and Candace Owens have been considering runs or been included in speculation for upcoming races.

None of them has announced any campaign or semblance of a political apparatus, but another conservative media personality – albeit of a lesser-known news network—has entered the political arena.

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  1. Ok. If they haven’t announced, what makes you think they’re running? Tucker….no!
    He’s got a big contract with FOX.

  2. Good luck Dixon. I think you have a great opportunity and will win the election with the soon to happen recall. If Michigan is not sick of dim wit leadership by now they never will be. And the the dim wit’s fraud machine has to be disabled before another election. then you should be able to breeze by anyone the dim wits put up. Time to end the reigns of the Dim Wit Dictators!


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