Swalwell’s Attorneys Find it Nearly Impossible to Serve GOP Congressman with Lawsuit

JD Lasica from Pleasanton, CA, US, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Disgraced Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell’s attorneys are finding it extremely difficult to serve Republican Congressman Mo Brooks with a lawsuit. Swalwell is attempting to hold Rep. Brooks and former President Trump accountable for the Jan. 6th Capitol riot and in his lawsuit claims that the two Republican’s speeches that morning led to a mob storming the U.S. Capitol. However, because of increased security Swalwell’s attorney say they have not had an opportunity to get near Brooks to serve the lawsuit.

The Hill reports:

The attorneys further requested that a U.S. marshal or other court-designated official serve the complaint due to the difficulties in locating Brooks, as well as “recovery of costs associated” with Swalwell’s “efforts to serve Brooks.”

Swalwell argued that Brooks “has refused to waive service or even speak to undersigned counsel about the case,” with his attorneys going so far as hiring a private investigator “to attempt to serve Brooks personally — a difficult feat under normal circumstances that has been complicated further in the wake of the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol that Defendants incited,” the attorneys wrote, citing the increased security at the Capitol following the mob attack.

CNN reported that a federal judge granted Swalwell’s legal team an additional 60 days to serve Brooks with the lawsuit, but added that U.S. marshals would not be allowed to deliver the suit “due to separation of powers concerns.”

Swalwell in March filed the lawsuit in federal court in Washington, D.C., accusing Brooks, Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Trump’s former personal attorney Rudy Giuliani with provoking the Capitol riot, as well as violating several federal and D.C. laws.

Eric Swalwell made headlines last year after reports emerged detailing his relationship with an alleged Chinese spy. The California Democrat still sits on the House Intelligence Committee and the House Homeland Security Committee, despite the obvious conflict House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has refused to remove the Democrat from the committees.

  1. Come on Swalwell you know yourself that you are out of your-mind trying to produce a crime of the riot conspirators you say were guilty. You yourself are culpable when it comes to this so called ‘insurrection’. I believe you and Pelosi and a few other senators are guilty of this act. You my man are guilty as hell and you are also guilty of having an arrangement with the Chinese spy. You can’t be trusted for anything and Donald J Trump and his son and Brooks and Guiliani are not part of this so called riot. Trump asked his supporters to March peacefully. Your better off keeping your mouth shut as I believe you, Pelosi and Schiff and others are behind what happened and if you are found out we’ll make sure you all have enough time to think about what you did in prison. Tired of the democratic crap and it’s time to get you all out.

    1. Pelosi and her gang of hooligans planned the whole thing in advance so they could keep the truth of the stollen election from being exposed.

      1. Would love some evidence on this … just don’t give it to the Biden FBI or Justice Dept. where it will go down the rabbit hole …

  2. It’s always the same scenario with communist democrats, they lie so much they actually believe their own lies. There’s no reasoning with these closed minded people! Everything they’ve lied about for years has proven false, they just like to continue the narrative for their propaganda base, MSM. The unedited videos once shown in court will run Swalwell hiding!

    1. They are filled with greed and control issues like any normal sociopath. And as noted it is a waste of time to talk with them about facts and logic when they can lie as the like with no repercussions yet. Holding them accountable with real punishment is the only way to stop them. The state audits, and a sooner return to a law full governance with penalties for people like this one is the only solution.
      Start at the state level and fight for the changes there while we watch those who supported this administration whine about the current state of affairs and it has begun. Hollyweed is hit by inflation, failing business sales numbers, etc. And shunning 75 million working conservatives has not done a thing for that arrogant bunch except help speed up their own woke to broke scenario. Yup it is happening.

      1. Actually their HATRED of Donald Trump and his “deplorables” has no limit. BUT I would rather be a “deplorable” than a “despicable”. And Democrats are totally “despicable”!

  3. He need’s to get the ‘me serve you long-time’ ‘dick-tec-tive’ agency in China-town, to do this job…❓🤡

  4. I figured it out the reason sawell is not in jail because of the spy maybe he likes boys or men however we will never know what happens to sawell because he is a relative of peolosis ugh l stick all her life,throw them out he tried to get trump backfired shut up till the traitor got into wh now wallowing in their own feces,handg em high.movie starring npuck shitty shiff sawwell and chuckie also short little fat bay.

    1. Did not know this one was a part of the mafia branch of Old Nanc. Another one to target with problems like Newcom. Sic em applies to this little mafia don with just a little power and his ties to Old Nanc. Thanks for outing him.

  5. Traitor Swallowell couldn’t make a pimple on Mo Brooks’ behind. What a whiny, corrupt little puke!

  6. Corruption in Swalwell still sitting in congress. But Feinstein as a senator and many more although not sleeping with a spy are also corrupt and influenced by China. What a joke. And the reason Old Nanc does not want the fake 1/6/21 commission is she is culpable too. Swalwell is going to regret another fake lawsuit because it is the dim wits who failed in their duties and allowed the invasion with inciting by BLM and ANTIFA that is provable. Another lousy wast of money and like taxpayer money. Weaponizing lawsuits the dim wits don’t pay for. Sad days that allow this but Bozo did exactly the same tactic to stop opposition to his socialist agenda also.

    I think this guy ought to be know as Slime-well or as sleezy-slime-well.

  7. So the guy who was caught “Sleeping with the Enemy” is trying to claim that Trump was somehow responsible for what took place in the capital on Jan 6th when anyone with half their brain tied behind their backs knows that he is one of the KABAL of Communist Demoncrats with their fingerprints on the locks of the capital that day along with their soldiers in the Antifa and BLM brigades who are the actual perpetrators of the actions that day along with all the riots that have plagued this country for well over a year now!!! Thou do protest to much Mr Swallow-well and you would be better served to slink away into the shadows while you still have time before the hammer drops on you and your fellow conspirators………TRAITOR SCUM!!!

  8. Is there another member of the Democrat Socialist party any lower intellectually than this snake, Swalwell. Nancy’s prat boy. What does he have on her that keeps this os on the Intelligence committee. He’s an insult to the high grade of legislators who form the party. I may not agree with the Democrats politically but I used to have respect for some of the membership.

    1. Another dumb lowlife member? Adam Schiffless. That creature subpoenaed ATT for phone info on several House Conservatives. Devin Nunes was one of them. The dumb ATT turned a list of the requested phone numbers over to him. Good old dumbass Schiffless released their private info to the public. Nunes is suing.

  9. Just another froth of corruption in our government as it is now. It is time to dismantle this corruption wheater it be Democrats or Republicans. They must go! But who does that? Who is watching the henhouse? Three branches of government was formed so we would not be at this place…what’s next?

  10. This Eric Swalwell, a Ca. politician, is a first class joke. He is the one dating the Chinese spy. I think the FBI told him she was a problem and he may be still dating her.

  11. Swalwell is garbage! How on earth can even the Democrat Party – as rotten as it is – allow Swalwell to still sit in Congress. This is absolute proof that the Democrat Party is strongly anti American, pro Chinese Communist, and has no place in legitimate American politics. Why doesn’t DOJ arrest and prosecute a whole raft of the Democrat Party leadership, for committing treasonous acts? In any HONEST American government, the DOJ would do just that.

  12. What a farce. You probably need to have your head examined to see if it’s attached. We already know you don’t have a brain and this asinine attempt of serving a lawsuit is proof positive.


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