Allen West Announces He Will Step Down as Texas GOP Chairman

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Former Florida House Rep. and current chairman of the Texas Republican Party, Allen West has announced he will be leaving his role.

The Hill reports:

“It has been my distinct honor to serve as Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas,” West said in a statement. “I pray Godspeed for this governing body.”

The party said that West “will take this opportunity to prayerfully reflect on a new chapter in his already distinguished career.”

“We know that wherever he goes next, he will continue to be a bulwark against progressive socialism and a champion for the principles of Texas and our American Republic,” the party said in a statement.

West, a former congressman from Florida, took over as chairman of the Texas GOP a little less than a year ago after unseating incumbent James Dickey.

The move fuels ongoing speculation West is eyeing a run for statewide office, possibly to challenge Greg Abbott for governor of Texas.

  1. It would be a BIG mistake to challenge Greg Abbott – probably political suicide. However, an ideal office for West would be Texas AG. True or not, Paxton is laboring with a load of baggage and Pee Bush is just another member of the Bush family. West could bring personal credibility to restore sanctity to Texas’ AG office.

    1. I like Col. West but Paxton had been doing a bang up job for Texas. His baggage hasn’t stopped him from working hard for the citizens of Texas.

  2. I like Allen West but Abbott has been a great governor and will have my vote. I’d rather see West run for Lt. Governor because Dan Patrick has been terrible for Texas. And in five years, I’d like to see him replace Cornyn who was weak when he started and has weakened continuously. I’d guess Cornyn prefers security over service.


      1. Wake up folks. Regardless of how badly Trump was screwed, our Constitution does not allow for Biden to be kicked out and Trump to be reinstated. What’s important now as far as Trump is concerned is for us to demand that the MNM print the truth every single time he wins a court action even if by dismissal and every time his election results are found to be way off regardless of by glitch or interference even if the results would not have changed. Trump’s days as POTUS are gone but he sure as heck can be a big mover and shaker in the GOP.

          1. If he runs for POTUS everyone loses since the GOP would not win the WH. The party is too divided and even if he became the candidate, the voter turnout would not be there. I am quite confident that he is very much aware of that. I’m just fearful his NPD might get in the way but he’s been handling it quite well.

        1. If it is proven that Biden/Harris were elected fraudulently (much harder to prove than just that there was fraud – you have to prove that the fraud changed the final outcome) we are then in an unprecedented situation. The Constitution does not address how to redress a stolen election. It probably will be up to the Supreme Court to make a decision.

    1. Also the congress must be with Trump from the house the senate. And by now Trump knows to avoid the scum of the cesspool of DC and the establishment.

    2. Whether you like it or not President Trump lost the election. Fairly or unfairly what you are suggesting is turning America into a banana republic. There is no way to legally replace Mr. Biden, much as he deserves to be. Get out the vote in 2022 and replace as many of the liberal democrats as possible. Take back the House and Senate and then get a conservative into the White House in 2024. If Mr. Trump chooses not to run himself he should be instrumental in the nomination process.

  4. I believe Col Allen West could beat Gov Grabbitt & Looney toons McConaughey Hands down oh throw BOZO BET0 In there too never know what that idiot is gonna do

  5. Sorry to see him leave as chair of TX GOP, but he is a true patriot and I’d love to see him run for gov of TX. He’d do an awesome job. Godspeed sir!

  6. Abbott is still the man! Taking on illegals as they purge into our country unscathed!
    We need West and Abbott to work together and weed out these scumbags!
    You all know who I mean!
    God Bless Both Men!
    And God Bless the United States of America!

  7. I truly hope that this is not fake news. We really need a person that is honest, ethical and has the best interests of all Texans at heart. He has a backbone and is not afraid to tell these “woke” idiots that have invaded our state from California and other woke cesspools to take a hike and he is not beholding to special interests like the current office holder.

    1. It’s not news at all. This is pure speculation until Col. West makes it news !! However, from what I can see Gov. Abbott is doing a very good job. Perhaps Col. West might consider coming to CA to straighten out our almost non-existent GOP. They are outnumbered 2.5 to 1 as CA goes down the big sinkhole in the sky. God help us !!

  8. Maybe Col. West’s decision is like that of Olaf the draft resistor in ee cummings’ poem. Olaf sez to his tormentors: ‘There is some s*** I will not eat!’ Sometimes too much is enough.

  9. Honestly Allen West is a great asset to the GOP, but we don’t need him nearly as much in Texas as we do in Washington D.C. He should be running for Congress.

  10. I’ve been following Colonel West for years. He is more than excellent in what ever he does. Great conservative and a truly great man.

  11. I bet he got sick of the Bull Shit from the spineless Republicans for doing nothing to stop the Democrats from destroying America I hope he has a better job ahead and maybe the Republicans will get a set of balls someday

  12. I like and respect Alan West. I have no idea why Floridians did not re-elect him. I hope his next move is well thought out because we need people like him in government. The debris in our national government is disgusting. Good luck, Colonel West. Choose wisely and act effectively in whatever you decide to do. That being said, I am sorry to see you
    leave this position after one year – makes me wonder why you bothered to campaign for

  13. For Pete’s sake, the man had a terrible ?motorcycle? accident & he’s no “spring chicken”.Ever “occur” to any of you that he’s served his country, is possibly getting tired & would enjoy retirement? He’s a man of integrity & principles & maybe doesn’t want any death threats? Leave him alone. “IF” he chooses to do anything, I’m sure that he’ll let us know about it.


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