Obama Blames ‘Right-Wing Media’ for Stoking Fear in White Americans over Critical Race Theory

Center for American Progress Action Fund from Washington, DC, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Former President Obama blamed conservative media outlets for perpetuating “fear and resentment” in White Americans over changing demographics in the country. During an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the former President specifically named critical race theory as a current concern of the Republican party.

Fox News reports:

“I also think that there are certain right-wing media venues, for example, that monetize and capitalize on stoking the fear and resentment of a White population that is witnessing a changing America and seeing demographic changes, and do everything they can to give people a sense that their way of life is threatened and that people are trying to take advantage of them,” Obama told Cooper. “And you’re seeing it right now.

You would think with all the public policy debates that are taking place right now, the Republican Party would be engaged in a significant debate about how are we going to deal with the economy, what are we going to do about climate change, what are we going to do about- lo and behold, the biggest single most important issue to them apparently right now is critical race theory.”

He chuckled, “Who knew that was the threat to our republic?”

Critical race theory is a controversial form of study that teaches that America was founded on the principles of slavery and has since ingrained the institution of racism into the bedrock of the country. It teaches children that one race is inherently more privileged than the other based on nothing but the color of skin. Republican lawmakers have fiercely been fighting against implementing critical race theory ins schools across the country.

    1. Sometimes the term is used to indicate and describe behavior, not necessarily race. Only racists insist on racism and inject it into everything.

      1. That would be Bozo since 2008. Never miss a racist opportunity is his creed and Mooseshell is the nastiest black racist I have ever seen. She always look ticked off in every photo even when the try to soften her look. She and Bozo are a good fit but obviously are not too happy.

    2. It’s like an eminent talk show host once said when he was accused of hating BHO because he was black. He replied: ‘He is half white and I don’t like the white part EITHER!’

  1. Obama needs to answer to the country where did the 5 billion go that was sent to Baltimore! This is not millions it is billions and the tax payers should know!

    1. I still don’t believe all those billions got on the plane to Iran. That was just too much money for the grubby hands of liberal politicians to handle without scraping off the top.

      1. If I should find a bag of drug money, say $10 million, like a good Democrat I would turn in all $6 Million to the police. They would note receipt of the entire $3 Million then declare a victory over drug gangs.

    2. Every year there are Billions of dollars disappearing.. Wonder when the Taxpayers are going to get tired of being screwed…

  2. Obama is full of shit and lies he always has been he was the worse president and now joe biden is the worse

        1. And have to answer for his liberal bad deeds.
          Hope all that habitat for humanity will outweigh the other garbage.

  3. So the FAKE news spreads Communist lies again through a 1/2 black 1/2 WHITE former President. If it wasn’t for White people, he would never have won the elections! Ya… America is a racist country… NOT! ✝️🇺🇸

    1. You mean if it wasn’t for “stupid” white people he would never have won. And by stupid, I mean modern liberals – who altogether don’t have enough brain power to add 2 + 2.

      1. Exactly! To this day I can’t stand those people. If they were friends or family of mine, I would have sent them packing long ago.

  4. With all due respect to the most unqualified person to ever infect the White House (Poor Old Joe notwithstanding) CRT is meant to accomplish only one thing, and that is to support and encourage the black community to initiate the inevitable race war. Like everything else in life, this is just one more contest they will not win. It doesn’t depend on whether one can bounce a ball, run very fast, or just sit and complain. And pure hatred isn’t going to get them there either.

    1. They are trying but the community in question for the most part is just not that unhappy. Bozo and the racist baiting is losing ground in that minority! Why is it dim wits make these stupid assumptions about people? Do they even test out their assumptions or have their little drones do it? It is like the people promoting this do not have a clue and live in a bubble like hollyweed.
      It is truly an insult when the DNC says that producing and valid ID and getting to a polling station is something the community in question can’t manage. How truly asinine that assumption is. So mail in voting is the solution because all of them need a ballot and will fill it out and mail it back whether they are registered or not including anyone living at that address. Hum? No wonder they want that to be a federal mandate and 2020 proved it was riddled with fraud.
      Voting is a choice and for some it means nothing. And should we ignore that many votes were bought by the DNC politicians probably with their campaign funds from those people who did not care about their vote. I think the going rate was 200 per ballot. OMAR and AOC did that. Caught their hawkers and they admitted it to investigators following the harvesting and how much he paid for votes for Omar. It was pretty clear that buying votes was a winning combination from anyone who wanted 200 in their pocket. Sadly those are not people who would have voted of gave a damn about politics. People who are registered want to vote and they should be legal to do so. And this last election definitely showed the the vote with the tactics used could be destroyed. This is not the way we should vote via mail like the DNC fraud machine wants. There will never be another election by the people if this stands, it will all be however the ruling class wants it.

      Stalin said, “It is not how you vote that counts but who counts your vote!”. His words were true and he was a horrible dictator! Murdered many of his own citizen’s in his paranoia.

  5. Why is it that Negroes in the Democrat leadership have to lie,lie, and then lie some more? Barack Obama is a “walking, talking lie”, and it looks like he will die that way. Well, the sooner the better, Obama! And hopefully, you will die in a gutter somewhere, poor and broken. You deserve it sooooo much, for bringing racial hatred to a boil in the United States.

    1. We find ourselves today amongst the race BS because of this molato! He started it, and seems like he’s not done yet. And…. many black people still don’t see it! So sad!

  6. The last I heard Obama, is that you were out as President 2016. If I were you, and thank God I’m not, I’d keep my mouth shut before someone else dies it’s up to you. You are the person supported by the left but most of all supported and received millions $$$ from your main supporter George Soros. You were the worst president along with Jimmy Carter that we’ve had in years and now your dementia idiot Biden is your big man as you said to finish your crap. Pack your bags and go back to Africa as we know you were born there. Too bad you can’t keep your mouth shut. Also, you were a community organizer then ended up as President. The money you have you would not have made with your previous jobs. So we know what a thief and radical POS you are. The US knows how crooked you and democrats are and personally you and the Democratic Party are responsible for everything that’s happening now and it started when you were president so you could carry out Soros plan.

  7. Obama was the “Acorn organizer” who started this whole race mess.Next he went on to LBGT etc., then it’s religion. How many times did he meet with big internet tech at the White House? Now he FINALLY called the AFA socialized medicine. Canada’s socialized medicine is so great that a lot of Canadians come to the US for treatment or surgery rather than wait months for treatment.This man is now running the White House with his old “inner office” @ the helm.Biden is only the “Scarecrow” in “the Wiz” since he has no brain.This is ALL Obama, Clinton, Kerry & the ILLUMINATI composed of big bucks magnates GLOBALLY, who want enslavement of America.

  8. As I mentioned in a previous message, you sir are the flake that hit the fan. Critical race theory is the most outrageous piece of crap I had ever heard about and I’m definitely not alone. You also say your a black man. You may have the color but last I heard you were half white and raised by a white grandmother. Get off your high horse and shut your month. The idea that whites are afraid or whites are against it because we don’t like blacks and don’t want them to succeed is hog wash. Sure there are racists as far back in history as you can go, but, the biggest racists that I know of is you and the Democratic Party. You sir are a racist and a treasonist white/black man. Too bad you didn’t do more for others other than to divide them.

  9. The demographics are changing because public schools teach socialism. They teach that anti-American glop because socialism is what keeps public schools powerful and permanent. It will take a very long time to unravel what public schools have knitted into their students’ minds because public education is a monopoly in a nation where monopoly is illegal for everyone else.

    Bush 43 barely survived their onslaught and the Obama regime brought the whole socialist army to bear on the nation. An unwitting American public was so determined to elect a Black president, both parties were happy to let it happen. The problem was the GOP nominated McCain in ’08 and Romney in ’12. It couldn’t have been easier for the democrat party to firmly plant the problem we face today.

    President Trump was the first president since Reagan who took a few steps to turn the nation back to its constitutional republic roots. It enraged the democrat party so intensely, they committed the biggest crime in U.S. history, twice impeached him unsuccessfully, now are censoring and suing him every day, and they’re well along their path to bankrupting our once great nation.

  10. If this is such a racist country how did so many blacks become so wealthy. Like Obama. Opra Jessie jackson….and the list goes on. Easy the make their money race beating. Creating hate has been a money maker.

  11. Barack helped divide the nation and continues to try to widen the divide. He is a disgrace along with his democrat comrades and “The Big GUY”.

  12. Our fear is the changing demographic of law-abiding citizens to criminals. So, you pegged us there, President Obama. But we resent YOU for that, sir.

    And, as for CRT? Why NOT have that debate? YOU must feel threatened by that debate if you are trying to bully Republicans to abandon that specifically. I think it insidious, sir, that you would have us ignore what is being taught to our most vulnerable ‘demographic’.

  13. All of the years of cocaine abuse are finally catching up to the low life lying thief and murderer! He should have went to PRISON instead of the white house! Just like Biden!!! The cocaine junkies are totally lost in their delusion that drugs are such a great way to waste time! As long as the taxpayers are paying for it!!!!!

  14. Obama creates the problem and claims it is a problem created by the Republicans. Good try goofball, but only dimwit Democrats would believe him, because he is their puppet master.

  15. Hey OBUMMER, I feel absolutely no guilt about being WHITE! PERIOD, END OF STORY!!!
    Let me tell you what I feel. I hate people like you pandering to the black people of this country, all the while doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for those communities. Coming around only when you want their votes!
    Let me tell you what I feel. I hate black people who have NOT YET woken up and realizing that your party insults them at every turn.
    Let me tell you what I feel. I hate your party! The party of the KKK, SEGREGATION, Jim Crow and so much more. I hate you and Michael for being ubber rich and hanging out with such people who, by the way are mostly WHITE!
    Soooooo, STFUP and move on. You’ve done enough damage to the nation during your 8 years of terror!

  16. So to the leftists, everyone is too dumb to figure out anything on their own. White people can’t figure out critical race theory is destructive and ridiculous on our own, we just nod along to the right wing media. Black people apparently can’t figure out how to get an ID card or a driver’s license and don’t know how to get on the internet to sign up for the vaccine, oh and black entrepreneurs don’t have the ability to get a lawyer or an accountant. It must be tough for the leftists having to deal with all these dumb people who don’t understand anything, fortunately they are around to tells us all the virtues of big government and socialism and correct us when we see it not working very well, because again, we are too dumb to truly understand the virtues of socialism!

  17. Barack Hussein Obama needs to shut his pie hole. He is a phony and a huge LIAR. If it were not for Jimmy Peanut Carter Obama would be the worst president in American history. Of course, all that has changed now with the current moron in the Oval Office. Biden is now the worst President in American history BY FAR.


  19. Obama need to keep his filthy trap shut and and stop giving advice America should erase his existence

  20. the man who set out to destroy this country from within with division, corruption and gender neutral crap destroying morals and integrity Why else would he have to seal his records????

  21. This coming form the first African American elected president of the United States. Slavery…give me a break. AZ

  22. Does anybody really give 2 shits what that lying has been thinks. Hid knows I don’t. Hes a race baiting ass. Im almost sure as kid he instigates the fight then stood back and watched while somebody did the real fighting. He makes me sick. He is the cause of 90% of the mess we are in right now and he needs to shut the hell up and go AWAY.

  23. Democrat candidates have been calling Republican candidates racist as a campaign tactic for two decades. It used to be only during Presidential elections, then it expanded to House and Senate races, then local campaigns and now to daily attacks, not just on Republican representatives, but on American citizens, of any race, who dare to disprove of their policies. Those race related attacks have lost their effectiveness so now Democrats have designed a teachable program to reinforce their efforts among the young.
    Biden’s term is a third term for Obama, anyone paying attention to the people he has put in power can see it, even Obama stated that it is. Obama supports crt, he recognizes that minds must be poisoned early because Americans, young, old and all races, are beginning to wake up to the damage Democrat policies do to them.

  24. Being upset at what is happening to our country has nothing whatsoever to do with the color of ANYONE’S skin. The destruction of America, our freedoms, our ethics, our children’s education has to do with the Democrats strong policy to make America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave…a Communist country ruled by the government elite.

  25. Oblozo just laughs about CRT as a threat but continues to bring up the “climate change” fraud as a really, really important issue. And what would this interloper know about the economy? Him and his corrupt henchman, the “Big Guy”, wrecked the economy and turned over a disaster to President Trump who got it revving at full speed till the CCP Covid bio attack occurred as their last ditch move to take Trump out. Yeah, this jackass and China Joe along with the CCP, the DNC, Dr. Fraudci and their media were all complicit.
    This lying chimp needs to be tried for treason and hanged.

  26. If there was ever a person on earth deserving to be tried Treason it is this lying load of worthless poop. This worthless piece of crap destroyed this nation. We pray God might protect from this scumbag.

  27. Here is another bolted face liar! Low IQ and thinks everyone is either stupid or Democrats who know how to lye! Obama is a Shadow President for Biden and because of his LOW IQ HE THINKS HE CAN FOOL LOW IQ PEOPLE, SAD BUT TRUE,

  28. Obozo is nothing more than a far-left liberal liar and he’s at it again; he just can’t help himself…

  29. Obama, you know what you can do with your opinions; and since you were the next worst President(next to your former V.P.); you know what you both can do with your opinions about CRT. The two of you are complete disgraces to this country and our Founding Fathers.

  30. The arrogance of Obama never surprises me. If you think his daughters are being subjected to CRT, Woke, Cancel Culture, Censorship, equity, equality training at their schools please hold your breathe. Satan’s disciple would never allow his children to be subjected to this unbridled nonsense. Our Marxist Alinskyite despises everyone below him and these comments of his confirm his distaste for all of us. How anyone with even just a bit of common sense could vote for a shameless organizing blowhard (SOB) is beyond me. Let’s get them at the 2022 elections.

  31. There was no racism in america since the 60’s. Until Obama got in office. He & mike started it up again. Their both racist.
    Obama is pulling the strings for the Biden admin. Pushing his BS agenda.

  32. This Acorn leftist stated all this crap before he got in the White House. This race baitng “activist” says that it’s only Republicans who “fear” this critical race theory. I’ve got news for him. Everybody with half a brain KNOWS that this hatred is intrinsically wrong. I think that it’s Obama who’s afraid of “whites”, since with open borders he’s hoping to get more “people of color” into the USA.What a stupid man. It would serve him right “if” all these people voted AGAINST “what” they left behind. It sure isn’t Antifa, BLM, or “defund the police”, that they’d vote for. They’ve been there, done that and I “think” the Dems are sunk. GOOD!


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