Company Officially Gives Keystone XL Pipeline the Axe

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The company in charge of the Keystone XL pipeline has officially nixed the project after President Biden ended it by executive order on his first day in the White House.

The Hill reports:

A statement from TC Energy said that after “a comprehensive review of its options, and in consultation with its partner, the Government of Alberta, it has terminated the Keystone XL Pipeline Project.”

“We value the strong relationships we’ve built through the development of this Project and the experience we’ve gained,” François Poirier, the company’s president and CEO, said in a statement.

Former President Trump had championed the vessel, which would have shipped carbon-intensive tar sands oil from Canada to the U.S. across 1,200 miles.

The vessel’s proponents say it would have brought jobs and revenue, while opponents argue that the country shouldn’t import tar sands oil, and tribes have said the Trump administration ignored their treaty rights when approving the pipeline.

Republican states have decried Biden’s decision to end the pipeline saying it directly impacts jobs and American’s livelihoods. Since Biden’s order, more than 20 Republican Attorneys General have launched lawsuits against Biden to reinstate the pipeline.

  1. But supporting the russian pipeline is good. How much did Biden promise TC Energy? More tax dollars wasted for foreign work.

    1. He got his 10 percent while Americans got a kick in their behinds with higher taxes on anything that requires energy!

  2. dementia Joe is a one man job wrecking crew, although he probably doesn’t even know what he just signed.

    1. Don’t give Joe all the credit. The  Progressive in the democrat party and the people that is pulling Joe strings are telling joe what to do and when..

      1. Wouldn’t it be a real kick in the behind if we eventually learn that Biden knew what he was doing all along. This whole thing may simply be a rouse to lessen some of the blame for the overwhelming disaster he is causing for Anericans and the world. The world was on the mend as a result of Trump’s foreign policies which were destroying the hand basket to hell Obama wove for America and the world. Imagine, what possesses a leader of any country to give its sworn enemy 170 billion dollars. Notice how well Biden’s job is protected in fear that, if anything happens to him, his worthless laughing idiot of a VP will inherit his job, as if we aren’t in enough trouble already.

    2. He’s busy playing video games and begging for a little more nap time. He does what he is told, when he is told, by the same political operatives that orchestrated for him the stealing of the Presidential election from the citizens of the United States of America. This is the first bloodless coup and take over of our nation by our Freedom and God hating enemies that despise our citizens above all else. They are the vilest and most EVIL enemy we have ever faced, and our own government has become so corrupt it aids them in retaining power over and against us the People of the USA. Passing laws to destroy elections by making election fraud the law of the land.Assigning a political officer over the Military to purge every last serviceman loyal to our country and its Constitution, under the guise of racism.. They have secured so much power it is doubtful without a civil war this nation will ever be permitted to return to a government that defends the freedoms of its citizens instead of working to destroy them. The enemy has become our own government. Our enemies within are the operatives of those outside our borders and they are celebrating our demise even as the work at desperate speed to complete the task.

  3. He is so CORRUPT, he needs to be IMPEACHED, he is doing the UKRAINIAN HUSTLE again. IMPEACH ccp-joe biden he is a TRAITOR to the US CITIZENS aka WE THE PEOPLE

  4. Joe “Bite Me” Biden , the biggest Butt Wipe in America ! This idiot is out to do one thing and one thing only . Reduce America to a third world S**thole ! All those who worked hard to create this great nation and build industry be damned ! As long as he and his cronies are rich , piss on everyone else .

  5. Hidenbiden was paid off by russia, to continue their pipeline, what we call pay to play, enough evidence, to throw this imposter,puppet out of office.

    1. Sure the political director of the Biden FBI will get right on it after he completes the investigation of every citizen who had the audacity to vote for President Trump in the last election.

  6. Now that we stop the keystone pipeline and okayed the Russia pipeline we can buy oil from Russia.

    1. And, when gas is $5.00 per gallon, the Dems will be the biggest whiners and act like they have no idea how that happened.

      1. They are already publishing propoganda in the newspapers that the spike in gas prices is just seasonal demand and has nothing to do with shutting down pipelines and fracking. Our nation is being systematically destroyed by Marxist operatives and they are so entrenched in the seats of power of our government we the citizens have little power to stop it. Unless the election audits reveal that
        enough fraud took place to change the results, and that provides enough political outcry to demand honest midterm elections and monitoring, the coup against our nation will be complete. When the government takes away the means for the people to force them to serve under the consent of the people they represent. The only remaining alternative is an armed rebellion to put down that government. Our enemies are hopeful if that comes to pass they will be able to murder every freedom loving citizen of our nation and establish a Marxist State in perpetuity with leaders like Putin to run it. How many farce elections has he won. How many of those who ran against him were killed?

    1. Gospodin Putin the former KGB man will eat Joe Blow on toast for breakfast and wash him down with vodka.

  7. Name me one thing that this administration has done thus far that has helped in any way the American people. They have only done things that have destroyed our country and the future plans are to continue the destruction. They want us to be taken over and probably in a very bad war. Dear Lord we ask for your protection as there are many of your church here about to suffer. In the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior.

    1. When they come for my Bible and my guns. their blood will be on my door. Please Dear Lord, touch these DEMONrats with the Holy Spirit let them see the truth and your light. Amen

  8. What would it be like if the interests of our country and closest allies were being seriously attended to and looked after by the POTUS? What would it be like if our nation’s interests were subjugated to foreign interests by a person suffering from a serious chronic medical condition that compromised his mental faculties and that same person had a documented history of dishonest political influence peddling arrangements with one of our greatest foreign enemies? What if that person were the POTUS and being manipulated by our nation’s enemies to undermine our future our freedoms and our economy? I guess we are about to find out….

    1. Yeah, and all the leftists were the ones accusing President Trump of all that. I felt so much safer under Donald Trump than I do under the clown in the White House now.

  9. Ridiculous, senile, treasonous old jackass and his little mask. Would love to cram that mask up his nose.

  10. If at this point people who voted for this critten don’t realize what he’s up to. Then we really are in BIG, BIG TROUBLE! This is blatant display of the intent to destroy our Nation from the inside, with zero regard for US the citizens.
    2022 can’t come fast enough, because we need to put a stop to all this disaster, corruption and destruction.

  11. People don’t realize it, but letting all this destruction happen is going to have a point of no return. You think its all about politics, but its not, its about corruption, the globalist take over of nations, and defying the law, and they have been allowed to totally invade our system of government and deceive people. There is a price to pay for failing to stop socialism in its tracks.

  12. Just more Democrat (Joe Biden) stupidity. The thoroughly anti American Democrat Party are doing their very best to destroy the American economy, so that a Democrat controlled socialist economy can be forced on the American public. As far as Democrats are concerned, American citizens can “go to hell”, if they don’t support the hard-over socialist Democrat Party, and what they want to do to the US.

  13. Every day this administration, and its Democrat co-conspirators in the House and Senate, does something to cause damage to the lives of Americans. Right now Democrats are working to force S. 1, their deceptively titled for the people’s act, through the Senate. The Constitution guarantees that states, through State’s Rights, are the entity that has full and total control of how elections are operated in the state. Voters in states control those elections through their votes for their representatives. S. 1 REMOVES that right and delegates it to the federal government. In addition it mandates same day registration, removes the voter ID requirement, requires all states to allow no excuse mail in voting and MANDATES tax dollars be GIVEN to certain candidates, the estimated cost of that provision alone is billions of dollars. These are only a few of the provisions in the twenty two page bill.
    If we want to stop this subversion of our country PLEASE email, write or call your Senators-OF EITHER PARTY- AND EXPRESS YOUR OPPOSITION to S. 1. Be CIVIL but be firm.


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