Biden’s Approval Rating Sinks Below 50%

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

A freshly released poll just hit President Biden with some bad news that his approval rating is continuing to slide. According to a poll by Monmouth University, President Biden’s approval rating has sunk below 50% and has plummeted six points in just one month.

According to The Daily Caller:

Biden exited April with a 54% approval rating and a 41% disapproval. For the month of May, he fell six points to 48% approval and disapproval rose two points to 43%, according to the poll.

Biden continues the trend of polling lower than average for presidents at this stage of their term.

The average approval ratings for the past 14 U.S. Presidents at the same stage as Biden’s presidency have polled around 66%, according to ABC News. Only former President Donald Trump and President Gerald Ford polled lower.

Biden’s approval rating keeps dropping as an increasing amount of Americans have been shocked and disappointed by his handling of the border crisis and his outrageous spending.

    1. I’m still waiting for election fraud to get exposed but because we have so many freaking corrupt scumbags in power it’s all swept under the carpet I’m sick of it

      1. I agree!!
        Sad part is our worthless republicans are not talking about how corrupted Washington DC has become.
        Real problem is FBI Director Wray and all agents or corrupted along with John Roberts Supreme Court Chief Justice and probably the other 8.
        Republicans leadership is corrupted.
        All these people working for US Chamber of Commerce , Big Tech, Bush family Globalist and Communist China 🇨🇳 money in all our worthless politician’s pockets in Washington DC.

    1. He is by far, the worst illegitimate president in history. He is probably more like 20 percent. Thats what happens when you cheat! While he is destroying our country, the Democrats are now known for who they are, a socialist pigs that want power and money.

      1. Obummer was the first illegitimate president and the second now his Vice President is the 3rd or is it obummer in his 3rd being illegitimate 😜

  1. Of the many democrats and few Republicans polled, loos like Joe is losing favor with the democrats. Who would have thought that would happen? Going to have to poll voting machines to get his approval numbers up.

  2. Biden had a 53% approval rating for the month of April? Got keep lying and make it look like Biden won the election. Joe Biden has about 15% Approval rating in the real world

    1. Have you ever seen the guys who go out and ask people questions like who is the vice president ? And they have no clue, but voted for Biden… Things like that…. It gives you a good idea of how we got here.

  3. My sense of it is that even at these levels, Poor Old Joe’s “approval rating” is about as real as the “votes” he got in the election. No rational person can reasonably conclude that the American electorate has gotten so stupid as to install a senile pedophile into the White House.

  4. Just mention Who steps in if Old Joe Biden should prove to be unfit for office. That will get most of us to keep Old Joe in office until someone with Future clearity can step in and take over.

  5. The poll numbers are Bull Shit his #s are in the shitter I would guess 75% disapprove of his bumbling, babbling Nonsense

  6. His polls will continue to plummet as Americans realize the impact of his frivolous spending with no way to pay for it , except severely increased taxes. Also, the silent majority will begin to voice their opinions and he will be lucky to survive , if he continues to go along with the Schumers, Pelosi and Aoc’s. Bill Sturdivant

  7. but we hated Trump well he don’t look sooo dam bad now dose he he knew what he was doing the career a hole don’t they could run a lemon aid stand for Gods sakes with runing it into the dam ground but the morn won BS

  8. Don’t worry, the media will start polling more than 70% Dems soon and get that back over 50%, don’t worry about that, the media is the Democrat Party otherwise they would never win an election.

  9. They shouldn’t call them Biden’s Approval Numbers. They should call them Biden’s DISAPPROVAL NUMBERS.

  10. How can you support the man that has tried to destroy America from day one? He has no agenda he never had one in his almost 50 years in Congress! Did you think he all of a sudden has ideas? His radical advisors are calling the shots!

  11. Shouldn’t it say “Even the Media can’t fudge the numbers enough to make it seem like people think he is doing a good job”?

  12. It took 6 months for people to see through Biden. Biden had to undo most everything that President TRUMP accomplished in 4 years for the majority to see the Democrats have nothing to offer the nation, except undo Trump’s accomplishments. That will be a very expensive and wasteful lesson.

  13. Biden you are the worlds stupideest president and the G7 plus the world knows it and is laughing at you. YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE USA!

  14. Can you imagine what the disapproval number be if the MSM actually presented Biden honestly or if he was “allowed” to talk without handlers😊? I’m guessing low 20s!

  15. It’s never been above 20 freak n idiots you actually believe we believe satans stats. It’s all fraud the voting the media et all

  16. Yes, I’d like to see Biden gone, now.
    But, what about Harris? Is she a legitimate candidate for President?
    If her birth location could invalidate her candidacy according to the constitution, would the Democrats abide by the law and disqualify her from running?

  17. You see? Abe Lincoln told us: ‘You can fool all of the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time..’ The truth will out, sooner or later.

  18. If you ever need to find Biden, just look for him at the check out line using America’s credit card.

  19. They didn’t ask me. If I had input he would have an approval rating somewhere around 0. Any president that puts thousands of people out of work with the stroke of a pen should be impeached. How do you impeach a fake president that did not win an election?


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