GAO Rules Against Trump’s Border Wall

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The Government Accountability Office sided with President Biden and ruled that nixing contracts previously put in place and repurposing money allocated towards the construction of the border wall does not violate the law. The news dealt a blow to the more than 40 Republicans who filed a lawsuit against Biden claiming his order to nix the wall violated the law.

Fox News reports:

“Further, it is clear that delays in the obligation and expenditure of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appropriations for border fencing or barriers are programmatic delays, not impoundments and do not violate the ICA,” Shirley Jones, managing associate general counsel for appropriations law, said in a statement.

Biden had campaigned on stopping the Trump-era wall construction, of which more than 450 miles were built during the prior administration. Biden promised that “not another foot” would be built — despite warnings from Republicans and Trump officials that it could cost money to cancel contracts already in place. Additionally, they have pointed to the ongoing crisis at the southern border and claimed that the order exacerbated the issue.

The president’s actions “are also a blatant violation of federal law and infringe on Congress’ constitutional power of the purse,” they wrote. “We write regarding these actions. We believe they violated the Impoundment Control Act (ICA) as interpreted by your office, and we request your legal opinion on the matter.”

They argued that the ICA requires that Biden transmit a message to Congress “that includes the amount of budget authority proposed for deferral or rescission and the reason for the proposal.”

However, since Biden announced the end to border wall construction a number of states have considered measures to continue funding the barrier. Texas Governor Gregg Abbott has commented that the people of Texas would happily continue funding the wall after being hit hard by the border crisis.

  1. Guess the idiots figure it is ok to use tax dollars to pay for illegals but not ok to fund a border wall to help protect the tax payers.

      1. Yes and they are doing it to get them over here and give them voting rights to win again. Demturds don’t care how they win as long as they do. Satanism at its best

  2. DISGUSTING!! It appears that ANYTHING that would keep this country safe is off-limits to the present Administration!! I think we’re just lucky to be alive, eh?

    1. They don’t care who is killed or hurt as long as they get their way. Matter of factly we are in the way and they will do anything they can to get rid of us. To me this is all treasonous acts against the American ppl. We have a right to defend ourselves regardless who it is trying to convert this great nation into socialism

        1. You can’t have/win a civil war as long as dems have control of all the levers of power which puts them in charge of all branches of our armed forces and the weapons at their command. What wee need is for a state large enough to become a country to secede and all us Conservatives can move there. That would be Texas which has all the resources necessary to be a country (including oil) so it can survive any sanctions imposed on it.

          1. Don’t sell us Veterans out just yet! We still have some fight left in us along with the weapons and, the know how in defeating the enemy! We have more able bodies Veterans than we do active duty kids playing Rambo!

  3. Biden is an IDIOT as are his entire administration who have no intent on protecting real Americans! They are only interested in reversing anything good President Trump did as well as getting as many low life illegals in our country who supposedly will vote democrat because of all the freebies they get from these jerks!

  4. Go ahead & screw America! We’re taking names of Democrats who support drug cartels & human traffickers. 2022 is coming “fast and furious.” They will be gone. The new Congress will support the state of Texas in moving forward with construction of Trump’s border wall.

      1. Yeah and the State of Texas is Moving Now…. The current Funding bill wont solve all, But it will go a long way to things like turning on the lights and sensors of what is there, and make a Start on filling the Gaps where Commissar biden, Screwed the pooch In his desparate bid To get Somebody, Anybody to like him, and play with him…. Especially Younger to-Too Young Females.

  5. CANCEL Obama. The very WORST thing Obama. aka Barry Soetoro did, was usurp the Office of POTUS, two times, to which he was not eligible as a foreign agent ISLAMIC Jihadist infiltrator, and admitted Enemy of our Constitution FOR the USA, and seething with hatred of White AMERICANS.
    FRAUD voids all contracts, including contracts for employment as POTUS and VP, by way of elections. 2020Election is rife with fraud resulting in Biden/Harris usurping government job employment for which they are not eligible. Contracts are void for 2020Election FRAUD. President Trump is still POTUS, but his 2nd term is usurped so far by criminals in Office. ARREST Biden/Harris/Obama immediately, restore Trump Presidency.

  6. If people do not see what the Dimocrats are doing, it has to be by their own choice!!! Anyone, who will vote for any Dim, has got to be dumber than dirt AND wish to have communist rule!

  7. The SCOTUS should immediately take this deicision up and slap the GAO silly. As long as the contractors have not screwed up, done their job and delivered on time, the contractors should be paid in full whether or not the contracts were canceled.

  8. Well I wonder how many of the people who work for the GAO can we sign up to allow an illegal immigrant family come live with them!

  9. Put all the undocumented coming across the border in housing next to the members of the government accountability board. Leet their families deal with the murders and drug dealers. Time to hold them accountable.

  10. Is anything Corrupted Crooked Communist Socialist Pedophiles DEMOCRAT doing that VIOLATED the LAW? No, NEVER, because CCCSP DEMOCRAT had “NO LAW”

  11. Biden and the disgusting Democrat Political Party are doing everything in their power to destroy America. None of this makes any sense at all UNLESS your goal is to hurt America and Americans.

    People say that the Democrats believe most of these people will vote Democrat and that is why they are doing it. I asked the question, why do they think these people will vote Democrat and the answer was; “Stupid people vote Democrat and almost all of these illegal immigrants are stupid.”

    I said they are smart enough to come to America and get welfare and other benefits like food stamps, health care, etc. And the answer to that was yes, and all these programs are Democrat Political Party programs that use the American taxpayer’s money. So they are using the American taxpayer’s money to get themselves more votes.

    I said; “It sounds like we are the stupid people.”

  12. The Biden administration does not give a fig about American citizens and their well-being (that includes Democrat citizens). This administration only cares about bringing in illegals to hopefully vote them in for posterity. GO GOV. ABBOTT and TEXANS!!

  13. Confiscation of dollars encumbered for border security is not illegal, it definitely immoral. One only has to look at the massive illegal surge, and the massive amount of money that oBiden is using to support those illegals speaks volumes.

  14. Of course the biden regime does not want the wall built across our southern border because stopping it is a win win for the democrats. First because the flood of illegal unknown immigrants will hasten the demise of our country in every way possible Plus all of the illegal aliens will vote straight DEMOCRAT in the 2022 and 2024 election.

  15. LISTEN UP….GOD Says…The BORDER WALL Must Be COMPLETED. HE also STATED that HE is STILL SEPARATING the GOOD APPLES from the BAD ONES. GOD will KEEP the GOOD APPLES and Get RID of the BAD ONES. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  16. Get names, put them on the border with no way out for a week. They’ll change their minds.
    Note: Part of the oath of office Mr. Biden took was to defend the country. Ours, not China or Russia.

  17. Biden know that he stole the Election, he knows that he would never win another Election, he knows that he will not make it for another year this is why he is putting the load on Kamala and Kamala is not saying anything because all she wants is the money, this is why Biden and Kamala won’t go to the border because they don’t give a damn who comes in over the Border for when their time is up, they won’t be elected again. I hope the Republican is learning a lesson from the Coyotes and stop being MR. & MRS Santa Clause, for when 2022 comes around to take their head out of their behind and do what should be done so that this Country could be the way it used to be.

  18. Wouldn’t it be great if all these illegal “voters” voted Republican? What kick in the tuckus for the Dems! Kinda like the Hillary “landslide”!


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