House to Vote Today on Making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday

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Today the House of Representatives will hold a vote to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. The June 19th holiday marks the date that the news of emancipation of slaves reached those in the southwestern United States in 1865. On Tuesday, the bill passed unanimously in the Senate with more than 60 co-sponsors between both parties.

The Hill reports:

The bill passed by unanimous consent in the Senate on Tuesday night, and it seems likely to pass the House, which would send the legislation creating the federal holiday to President Biden‘s desk.

It is unclear whether the House will take the same route or hold an official roll call vote.

    1. the house and senate already work less than 200 days per year and when you watch them on the news talking about any bill less than 10% of them are actually at work then!! They need to be forced to show up for work, start the no work no pay initiative!!!

      1. And there are far more important and critical things these part-time contractors should be focused on for all Americans, during their limited working hours, than creating more holidays!!! 🙁

    2. Another black holiday! 13% of population and several holiday’s! I will not ever observe this one. Jim

      1. The only reason I’d be against Juneteeth being a national holiday it would give all these do nothing politicians a day off with pay. Most of these politicians aren’t even worth minimum wage. They want another day off of with pay while most Americans are out their out there busting their butts off to pay these worthless politicians to do nothing but draw their pay checks. I do we believe we should celebrate President Lincoln freeing the slaves and by doing so upholding the Consitution and the words in the Consitution is for all people no matter the color of their skins. God Bless America!!!!!!!!

    3. Well, I see it strongly BOTH ways. On the one hand, it gives a certain segment of the population some remedy for their excess stomach acid AND it gives another holiday to folks tormented to death by the excesses of the Puritan Work Ethic. On the other hand, it may also give the Leftists a leg up and in this one must proceed with extreme caution, for give them the little finger and they will take the whole ARM.

  1. National holidays are expensive. WE ARE BEYOND BROKE WITH ALMOST $30 TRILLION OWED.

    And the same morons want to make minimum wage $15 an hour. That makes the cost per person $120 for the day. Multiply that by say 10,000,000 workers.

    Don’t forget that YOU, the customer, pay ALL THE COST FOR PRIVATE BUSINESSES. And you the TAXPAYER, pay all the costs for the government employees.


    1. Exactly. Making the Big Corporations pay their fair share, is a tax increase on all Americans, with those Corp’s being only the collection agents.

      1. You tax the rich and it goes right back into the system and raises inflation. Democrats are too stupid to figure out economics.

    2. Don’t you get it? They want America to go bankrupt so everyone can get a piece of it. They are all tired of America calling the shots

  2. A great bill with just 1 amendment. All historical monuments that are vandalised or destroyed will bear a felony charge for the perpetraters.

    1. Amen Steve John Cornyn says ” NOW MORE THAN EVER WE NEED TO LEARN FROM OUR HISTORY” Then put back the statues and leave our history in place. The Interment camps all over Europe are still standing and are used to teach the people not to allow this atrocity to ever happen again. The reason why you can’t wipe out the bad history is so no one ever forgets the mistakes and pain caused by humans that were here before them.

    2. And add: “And those that have been previously defaced and destroyed and moved to erase our history, will be fully and rightfully restored.”

  3. That’s an important decision. I’m glad that our great leaders are able to tackle these important issues in a bi partisan manner. Now if I get another day off, I’ll be happy to be remembered once a year that we were a slave driving nation. We’ll never forget and we’ll never get over it.

    1. Also remember that slaves were sold into slavery by their own countrymen,and that there were white slaves too. Irish for one.

      1. Let’s not forget that the Jewish people were some of earliest victims of slavery, even Biblically recorded, wherein Moses confronted the Pharaoh to let his people go. Then there were the Christians, thrown to Lions and brutally murdered. Let’s commemorate that.

      2. True, but there is never any mention about that. It’s ALL about BLM crap! All lives matter. Just another way to keep racism alive and well.

      3. The original slaves were the Indians you know the people the Europeans stole the land from when they got here! It is also a very well known fact that the Chinese slaves built the American Railroad System!

        1. Six villages were found on the East Coast. Some were also found in Tennessee and Texas but have not been checked out. The tools, etc. were 26,000 – 19,000 years old AND these tools etc. were only found in France and Spain. (Europe). Good book: Across Atlantic Ice. Also “Native” American tribes came from Siberia across the Bering Straights and they warred with each other. What did you think the winning tribe did? Slavery. According to the Smithsonian the Cherokee Indians owned slaves. The Sioux Indians took the land they have from the Cheyenne’s. They are people like anyone else.

        2. Sorry. The native American tribes also made slaves of each other, long before the “white man” appeared! Slavery is NOT just a “white” notion!

    2. Were you ever a slave? What about states like Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California who weren’t slave states? What are they celebrating and why should wokeness be a prescription for reparations? Who’s benefiting?

      1. Those you mention weren’t even states until after slavery was abolished. But your point is valid.

      2. The Democrats—-Who else would try so hard to cover what they are and have been doing for years.

  4. Will they make sure it is known that the Democrat party was not in favor,and that emancipation was passed by Republicans

  5. June teenth was not the end of slavery,it was when the news of Lincoln’s Emancipation reached Texas and was only celebrated in that State. My parents were hospital nurses in the 1930s and remembered it as the busiest night of the year in the emergency rooms.

  6. Why are they Democrats twisting and misrepresenting HISTORY? The slaves were emancipated (free) by President Lincoln on 1863 (in the third year of the civil war).. Our Civil War started on 4/1/1861 when southern democrats attacked US troops, and ended on 5/9/1865.. Historical facts should not be twisted and misrepresented to gather votes for political office….

    1. For the demented, vacuous Demorats, dan, history begins in 2008, when mr Obama and his mrs were inducted. That’s all that counts to them! 🙁

    1. Doesn’t matter to me — the only special days in June for me will continue to be Father’s Day and my son’s and sister’s birthdays. 🙂 No interest in this faux holiday. Bet the Black Lives (don’t really) Matter (to them) and their worshipers and the liberals, will be all over it with parades, celebrations, and, oh yeah — their usual looting, rioting, and destructive criminal activity. 🙁

    1. I’m waiting for the puppeteers who pull the strings of the “squatter” in the White House, to emancipate Americans, restore our freedoms and continue President Trump’s Make America Great Again goals. But we know there isn’t a snowball’s chance in that hot place of that happening. And in fact, it’s appearing more and more every day that we may need to free ourselves!! May God help us do that.

  7. Now let’s end the biggest travesty our country has EVER suffered and end Abortion which kills two out of every three unborn Black babies, and then make it a holiday in thanksgiving. Notice the black population has stayed at 13% for decades because they have fallen for the big lie and decimated their own.

    1. ABORTION and MURDER are synonyms–because 98% of all newborns will easily survive the birth process.. The USA is the “Baby murder capital of the world”…

  8. Abortion is slavery. Two out of every three unborn black babies die from abortion. End Abortion and you’ll end decimated black population.

  9. Soon there will be ‘gay pride’ day, BLM Day, Antiva Day, and the list goes on. Now, the question, how freaking dumb is that? Is this all congress has to do? Folks, our country is going to Hell in a basket because politics are now extreme socialism, or worse.

  10. More pandering for votes! Anyone falling for this….I’ve got a bridge across the Hudson River I want to sell.

  11. What total Bullshit! Honoring a misconception on the passing of the 13th Amendment is ridiculous! Why not honor July 22nd in stead of July 4th because the King of England didn’t receive the news until around 2 weeks later! Or VJ Day, because fighting continued for a full month after Japan surrendered! Honoring a small minority who has the largest unemployment record by providing them with yet another paid day off is both a oxymoron and idiotic!

  12. why would anyone or group of people who also wants to tear everything connected to anything in our past history down all of a sudden making statements like “so that we can learn from our history”.. as a retired history intsructor on college level, I thought that was what our history was already giving us – so that same mistakes could be avoided… how could Juneteenth be a learning tool for future generations, if they don’t already know a whole lot more of this same history, for both sides.. give me a break

  13. Does anyone realize that other blacks captured the blacks and sold them as slaves and were brought over here by slave traders?

  14. Frankly I’m really, really sick and tired of 13% of the population now having the upper hand!
    Get on your f—–g knees and clean my dam toilets. Sick of this bs.


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