Texas Governor Announces Border Wall Project With Major Down Payment

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott is putting his money where his mouth is. Literally. Governor Abbott announced that Texas will begin construction for its own border wall after the state has been directly impacted by Biden’s border crisis and an uptick in illegal crossings. The Republican also announced a $250 million down payment for the project which will be constructed on a combination of privately donated land and state land.

Fox News reports:

“Today we are announcing that Texas will build a border wall in our state to help secure our border,” Abbott said at a press conference.

“My belief, based upon conversations that I’ve already had, is a combination of state land as well as volunteer land will yield hundreds of miles to build a wall in the state of Texas,” he said.

“Make no mistake, the border crisis that we’re dealing with right now is a direct result of the open border policies that have been put in place by the Biden administration,” he said.

Abbott said that border states like Texas have seen “carnage” from people coming over. He said that in the first four months of the year, the Texas Department of Public Safety saw an 800% increase in the amount of fentanyl apprehended at the border – enough to kill more than 21 million Americans.

Abbott said that despite the Biden’s administration abandoning its responsibility to secure the border the Lone Star state is stepping up.

The news comes after former President Trump announced he accepted an invitation from Governor Abbott to visit the U.S.- Mexico border on June 30th.

  1. Good for you Governor Abbott. It’s a shame for him to have to do that, when no wall has created a border crisis like we have never seen before.

  2. They should start a gofundme acct. If every true American donated $10, it would add up quickly!

    1. They already did that once, Steven Bannon… WeBuildtheWall GoFundMe. Reached $25 million too.

    2. Not a gofundme. A state account. Gofundme has a huge surcharge so they make money and your donation is reduced either 10% or 15%, That adds up.

      Gov. Abbott, Tell us where we can send donations. I donated over $800 to the prior WE BUILD THE WALL. Let’s get it right this time.

  3. All the other border states should do the same, and charge the federal government, for not doing their job.

    1. As long as Newsom is governor and the California legislature makes their stupid laws, we will never see Cali go along with a border wall.

      1. There is a border fence on our Southern border. That doesn’t stop anything the California government has to may laws in favor 0f illegal aliens.

      2. I wish Cali would break off from America and float out to sea and take all the woke leftists with it. So get if your on the right side. But don’t move and vote leftists.

  4. Governor Abbott, a true American. Thank you for stepping up an taking on this achievement. I do think all these immigrants that have come over the border should be sent up to Alaska. And they have to stay there. If they last five years. Then they can apply for citizenship. Want to guess how many will head back home. After the first winter

  5. Texas is doing what the government should be doing, but the government has lost all its common sense to protect its own people.

    1. I, a 73yr old USN vet…have lived in New York State my whole life, less time when I was deployed overseas, etc. At 30, I finally got wisdom and became a Conservative. But I DO feel like a “poor, wayfaring stranger…” GO Texas, GO!

  6. Let’s see a list of the millionaires, billionaires and tech companies that are said to have paid no taxes recently and solicit them for a contribution to the wall. Be interesting to see who steps up for America.
    Let’s check the list against those companies who support Black Lives Matter.

    • God ‘bless” Trump for going to the border! “Maybe” AMERICA will “SEE:” what’s REALLY going on there! AMERICA will see the”TRUTH” re: “trafficking”. of drugs, gangs, guns, & see trafficking of minors . “WHERE”s Biden & Kamala on this! TOTALLY ABSENT! So much for Biden, Kamala, Pelosi & Schumer. GONZO ! The Dems, are USELESS!
  7. Can we donated to the wall and where do we send are donating to .Like help Texas and the people build the wall. I like their Governor Lets Make Texas Great Again Build the WALL

  8. What about vaccinations of all the ppl coming over in which Harris says they aren’t which is a flat out lie. Like everything else they say and do and if covid didn’t get you they came out with the delta to make sure you get your shots.

  9. I remember the scuttlebutt after the German Iron Curtain came down, along with the Berlin Wall. Germany was exhaustively overrun not only with refugees, but also with con men and shysters from several Soviet Bloc nations seeking to take undue advantage of a new population of affluent ‘suckers.’ After some eighteen months one poor farmer went on record to say that he would donate half a year’s income to re-erect the Wall. Folks, borders are critical to the integrity of a nation and its survival.

  10. God bless Abbot! The man may be in a wheelchair, but “HE” stands for “what” is right!I He is TRYING to help his Texans with NO HELP from Washington, D.C. .He better get more body bags from “somewhere” since the Texas heat is gonna be awful. “We” here in N.J. are getting 2 A.M-4 A.M. flights into Newark Airport with busses awaiting those deplaning. ?”WHERE”? are “they going to? Isn’t there ANYTHING that “we” can do to stop this? NOBODY in Washington is doing one damn thing! REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER! N.J. is NOW a “sanctuary” state. Either DEFEAT Murphy or see your school taxes & everything else go thru the roof! Gas & food prices are astronomical ! Can’t wait for the electric & heating bills to arrive. “WE” hafta do something”, just to survive in the most expensive state in the Nation!


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