Head of Border Patrol Leaving Post Immediately

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Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott has just announced he is immediately stepping down from his role. He will be temporarily be replaced by his second in command until a permanent replacement is appointed

The Washington Examiner reports:

Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott informed regional chiefs from around the country in a video conference Wednesday of his plans to leave, according to two people with knowledge of the conversation.

The move comes five months into the Biden administration, while Border Patrol’s parent agency, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, has struggled to get a leader confirmed by the Senate. President Joe Biden nominated Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus for the job in mid-April. Magnus’s department came under scrutiny last June for how officers restrained a Hispanic man. The man, Carlos Ingram-Lopez, died while in police custody.

A second person familiar with internal considerations about Magnus’s nomination said the administration is considering moving him to be Border Patrol chief because he would not need to get congressional approval to work in that position.

  1. Funny isn’t it? These poor guys know what’s coming with Biden and Harris in charge. They will never get the help they want when the leaders don’t care about our country! To bad. The good guys hung out to dry. And the bad guys getting payouts? Something is very wrong about this new government? Commie take over…. Soon if we don’t wake up. Not Republicans, not Democrats. But Americans need to see the writing on the wall 😳👹👺🤡😪

    1. Americans saw the wring on the wall and supported Trump and attended rallies and set attendance records at each venue and voted and elected Trump in 2016 AND 2020, globalists and democrat criminal party need to keep our southern border open so illegal criminal invader voters continue to supply libby snow flake sheep with illegal mexico drugs to keep them addicted and stupid to refuse to leave the democrat criminal party plantation .

      1. Trump and DeSantis are not going to get elected soon enough to save the country. Alarm bells are going off, the politicians don’t want people to panic about the borders, thats why they are trying to make us believe they can change this national security threat, its went on too long.

  2. We are failing our children and grandchildren. By allowing Liberals and Democrats to destroy everything good in America. Their education, safety, and freedom are in danger. Innocent people killed by allowing criminals to go free. Making drug addicts and gangs out to be good citizens while trying to disarm and intimidate law abiding citizens. The 2020 election was a joke. They freely mock anyone standing up against politicians lies and crimes. The media has been bought and paid for. They admit and brag about committing crimes themselves. Our justice system is truly blind when it comes to liberals and democrats. We are still the majority of this country. Majority meaning hard working Americans that love this country for what it stands for. If we all could stand up and unite and use our voice we could stop this TREASON going on right under our noses. God bless us to have strength to save this great country. It’s OUR home. People that want to change it because of other countries influences and money. Need to leave. Courage. We all need to find it.

  3. I want to know where did our Arizona Militia disappear to? Why aren’t there more TICKED OFF ANGRY AMERICANS READY TO FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY?



    I know many Trump supporters are waiting for the election investigations to be over. But, honestly, that may not be for months because the Left wants to string it out so no one actually hears what they did to you and I and President Trump! During that time, biddyboy can destroy our Military, make our Borders even worse than they are, or even accidentally push the nuclear missile button! He is a walking, talking, disaster!

    Any suggestions as to how Americans can take back their Nation? It’s going to be up to us….we need a plan!

    1. Although I agree with your sentiment, I can assure you that no president can just willy-nilly accidentally push the nuclear missile button. So don’t lose any sleep over that thought.

      1. Biden can not even remember what he is about to say. He even said that hispanics are not being vaccinated because they are afraid of deportation. It is VERY possible that in a moment of mental dementia (which seems to be constant with him) he might just press the button.

  4. I do NOT blame that guy one bit! Working with Biddyboy Biden as your boss is like having your hands tied behind your back while they force feed you moldy hot dogs! No help, no intelligence, just S T U P I D I T Y all the way!

    Our Southern Border is the BIGGEST, MOST DISGUSTING INHUMANE DISASTER EVER IN DECADES, yet ALL the idiot democrats ignore the mess that is endangering children’s lives like it was no big deal. Do those idiots actually think the disaster is going away by itself??? OMG!

    Please, someone remove that old worthless codger in the Oval Office!! Take him away, take him to Disney World and get him a burger! Believe me, he will think he is still “playing” President in D.C.! He is not playing with a full deck Americans, and is endangering every American man, woman, and child! This needs to be fixed!

  5. Can someone or a group just take a stand and enforce the laws already on the books!
    A judge would have to rule its constitutional
    if taken to court.

  6. it will make no difference who is appointed as long as the Dems hold the White House. That is the ONE gargantuan problem in the USA. Congress has passed laws regarding immigration and unless a Conservative is at the helm those laws are IGNORED.
    The BEST thing any president can do for this country is tell the WORLD that the USA will not allow illegal immigration and that coming here will not gain. you any financial or other advantage. The president, any president needs to tell all illegal immigrants that they need to leave the USA or become persona non grata for life if found here illegally.
    One last thing, any child born to an illegal alien should NOT be allowed to be a US citizen. It is UNLAWFUL for anyone to benefit by the crime of another person. This should be true of children born of illegal aliens as well.


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