Tucker Carlson Makes Announcement Over 2024 Campaign Speculation

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Beloved Fox News host Tucker Carlson is quashing those rumors he’s considering a presidential run once and for all. During a podcast interview, Carlson said that despite having interviewed multiple presidents he could never see himself as the man on the other side.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Oh, God, come on!” Carlson said in the interview Friday. “That seems like a fun job. I’m sure my poor children would love that. Can you imagine?”

“I’ve known and talked to every president, you know, for a while, for like more than 30 years. And you know, I can’t think of anyone whose life was improved by that,” Carlson said. “I mean, I guess if I was the last person on Earth, I could do it, but I mean, it seems pretty unlikely that I would be that guy.”

Some Republicans have listed the Fox News host as a possible contender in the 2024 election while being polled but Carlson has never seriously considered a run for office.

It’s likely for the best as former President Trump and wildly popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis mull bids to enter the race.

  1. I cannot imagine a better pair than Trump & DeSantis. If the election process can be legitimized in time, this president-vice president pair would launch the nation out of its downward spiral. It also probably would guarantee a two-term run for DeSantis.

  2. Tucker Carlson would be insane to run that is a huge income loss he makes 4.5 million a year Of course bbn like the Clinton’s or Obama’s he could steal millions but he has more class

    1. Being President of the United States takes strength, knowledge, savvy, and stamina. Nobody who is weak and hasn’t dealt with the putrid Swamp and their corruption in Washington and the world should even consider running.

  3. I appreciate Tucker’s concerns for this country but Trump and DeSantis have been to the Matt and back facing all the tyranny that has been thrown at them. They have been dealing with all the issues, the leftwing media, the corruption and the total depravity of the liberals in the media, and the radicals who want to destroy America. Trump & DeSantis are totally SUITED to be President as stable leaders, who are hard to find these days.

  4. Trump and DeSantis are good choices for the top spots, but Carlson should be very high in their cabinet choices. Honest people are in VERY short supply in politics – on either side of the aisle.

  5. Carlson is a world-class influencer and we need him right where he is, to sift through the foul ordure issued by the Slime-stream Media.. If he does not wish to run for the presidency, then listen to him. It ain’t fer everybody!


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