Texas Asks Judge to Stop Biden’s ‘Catch-and-Release’ Policy

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Texas is fighting back against President Biden’s dangerous immigration policies. The Lone Star state is asking a federal court to immediately halt Biden’s “catch-and-release” policy and follow the CDC’s rules limiting the admission of people looking to enter the U.S. illegally due to the coronavirus pandemic and most importantly to stop releasing those caught into the country.

Fox News reports:

“This anarchistic catch-and-release policy plainly and facially violates the Administration’s own public health guidelines, regulations, and directives,” Miller said in a statement. “While Americans are still required to wear masks on planes and the CDC is still trying to shut down many aspects of daily life, the government is actively facilitating the entry of illegal aliens whose journey is defined by the radical absence of health protocols.”

In a brief filed on Wednesday, Texas claimed that the Biden administration improperly created a categorical exception to the CDC order for unaccompanied minor children, and is also largely ignoring a section of the Immigration and Naturalization Act which calls for examining those who enter the country who are at risk of spreading illnesses.

“The Defendants’ abandonment of their authority to prevent the introduction of aliens who might carry COVID-19 into the United States under the Public Health Service Act of 1944 (“PHSA”) combined with their failure to ensure the detention of those aliens whom they process under the INA results in significant harms to Texas and its citizens,” said a brief filed for Texas. “Texans will continue to be exposed to COVID-19 or new variations thereof, Texans will continue to contract COVID-19, Texans will die from COVID-19, and Texas will incur significant costs in terms of healthcare and law enforcement resources.”

Texas alleges that they are at risk of imminent harm without a court order because the Biden administration is failing to keep thousands of migrants out of the country, and then failing to detain and examine most of them during a pandemic. The state pointed to a drastic increase in family units crossing the border from the end of 2020 to 2021. Texas cited Customs and Border Protection statistics saying that officials encountered 4,300 members of family units in November, compared to a high of 54,115 in March, 50,094 in April, and 44,639 in May.

The Biden administration has caught criticism across the board over its poor handling of the border crisis. Kamala Harris is finally set to visit the U.S.-Mexico border on Friday.

  1. It’s a fact Harris will be going to El Paso Texas, about 1,000 miles from the Texas/ Mexican border. I knew she wouldn’t go where it counted! She thinks everything is a joke. President Trump will expose the truth when he goes on June 30th. It takes a real leader to govern as President of the United States!

    1. Yes, and the left wing blogs no doubt are buzzing with bitching about what is Trump doing, he’s no longer president, etc. Never mind the sniping from Obama since he left office.

        1. If this is so Annie, why hasn’t God helped the people in North Korea, China and Russia???? I thing God gave us “free will” and it is up to US to bring the changes necessary.

    2. Sonja, while I agree with your sentiments. El Paso IS on the Texas/Mexico border. It is an 830 mile drive but about a 1000 miles if measuring the Rio Grande river to Brownsville at the southern tip of Texas.
      The biggest border crisis is in the Rio Grande Valley around Brownsville. But the “Joe and the Hoe” administration are a pathetic disaster for our nation.

      1. Biden/Harris have caused a national security crisis for the United States. Both need to be impeached for this treason.

    3. Sonja Moreau
      Now what does it matter who goes to the border or where they go, the fact is the immigration laws as passed by Congress and signed into law by a President are being followed to the letter, as it is sup[pose to be, there is not one bit of proof that those laws are being violated like they were under Trump, even after Trump swore on a Bible when sworn in to up hold the laws of this USA and the Constitution, which he violated many times while in office.

  2. he and cameltoehoe, are a VERY POOR EXCUSE for human beings! They are vermins, doing everything they can to destroy our country! Yes, she went about 1000 miles from where the action is! I guess Europe is more appealing! Aside from her ‘ personal talents’, she’s evil, stupid, corrupt to the core (she fits right in) and a MAJOR COWARD!

  3. Biden is a blot on America and there is little if anything that can be done! We can only hope that is removed from Congress permanently as he certainly doesn’t deserve the Presidency!

  4. Americans have become so timid in the face of democrat bluster, they’re afraid to back up law enforcement. The consequence is we now live in an unsafe nation ruled by those who profit from unregistered and uncontrolled illegal aliens. Citizens suffer at the hands of illegal aliens availing themselves of taxpayer labor and money. Those who keep up with the news are outraged. Unfortunately, the majority don’t keep up.

  5. Texas should shut down the southern border completely! If this was happening in Washington DC those demo dog idiots up there would loose their minds!

  6. Just remember that it is the Biden/Harris Administration who destroyed our border. So the next time you vote make sure you vote FOR a secure border and the rejection of any individual who attempts to enter illegally. You want to come to the USA? Do it legally or no dice. My feeling is if you are caught entering our country illegally you should, by law, be refused citizenship permanently, under any circumstance, under any condition! You break our laws, you are not welcome here. Period!

  7. Texas is right and Biden is a catastrophe. He and his wranglers and goons want to open the borders to let in future Democrat voters. But see! The local Hispanics are catching on to his foul charade: they greet the giggling VP with signs: ‘QUE MALA!’

  8. Harris going to the border was a damn joke. She didn’t even go where the problem is active. She should have stayed couped up in her hole in DC. It was a waste of taxpayers money for her to go and Americans knew she wasn’t going to solve anything, she just made an appearance. She is about as effective as her boss.

  9. Texas needs to pass legislation that bills the Feds for any and all costs associated with illegal immigrants in Texas, the costs of all arrests, all medical care in every hospital, the costs of education of the children, the costs of destruction of private property by illegal immigrants doing damage including all private property, loss of crops and death of farm animals.
    Even the cost of administration and billing to the Federal government needs to be included. Each city, town, county and the state as a whole needs to have a specific book-keeping policy, that involves every business and hospital and flop house etc in the state. All needs to be billed to the Federal government.
    BTW this includes all costs of those immigrants allowed to stay I TEXAS during deportation hearings.
    Texas needs to pass additional laws that mirror exactly those of the federal government as to what it takes to allow an immigrant to live in TX. Meaning, if they have no financial means, then the fed pay everything and I mean EVERYTHING or the person may not reside in TX, and if felonies are committed that TX prosecute them, including the felony of illegal entry across the border.

    1. I forgot, TX needs to make is a 30 year felony for anyone who is not a US citizen to attempt to enroll to vote or attempt to vote, and for anyone to attempt to enroll for encourage someone to vote who is not a US citizen or is a felon.


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