GOP Rep. Kinzinger Slams Trump’s Return to Campaign Stage

Hudson Institute, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Illinois Representative and Trump critic Adam Kinzinger slammed Trump’s return to holding rallies over the weekend calling the event “a rally of a loser president.” Kinzinger has been a rival to Trump especially after voting to impeach him and repeatedly defending former House GOP Chair Liz Cheney.

According to The Hill:

“It was a rally of a loser president. I mean, he’s the first president to lose reelection in decades,” Kinzinger said Sunday evening during an appearance on CNN. “I don’t know why these people would go there and in essence ogle at and in many cases just sort of worship a loser.”

At his first post-presidential rally on Saturday in Wellington, Ohio, Trump repeated false claims of widespread voter fraud and an election “rigged” against him. He painted President Biden as incompetent and beholden to the far-left forces in the Democratic Party.

And Trump pledged to help Republicans loyal to him and his policies during his presidency be elected to Congress in next year’s midterm elections.

“After just five months, the Biden administration is already a complete and total catastrophe. I told you,” Trump told the crowd.

Trump returned to the stage in Wellington, Ohio to a massive crowd of supporters.

      1. I would expect that whoever challenges this POS could/should do quite well in the Primary election!

  1. So Adam Kinzinger is in politics and doesn’t understand why people still support Trump??? Maybe that is why you shouldn’t still be in politics if you can’t figure it out?

    1. I guess he also does not know what taking an oath to support and defend the Constitution means. Is there a VACCINE for that. Oh yes, I remember, VOTE HIM OUT.

    2. Kinzinger is a little traitor. He is helping the socialist party with his rhetoric and his politics of personal destruction against a popular well liked President.

    1. Hmmm, maybe he truly is a Trump supporter in such a case. 😉 He badmouths and otherwise degrades Trump so as to rile up his supporters in an effort to get this country back on track with such an overwhelming majority of conservative voters that the Democra*s won’t know what hit them, no matter how much they try to cheat the next time around. One can daydream that Kinzinger is actually good for our cause, right? (LAUGH)

        1. i’m from IL, put a political kinsinger sign in my yard and voted for this narcissistic idiot. THAT won’t happen again!!!!

          1. What do you think the chances are that he gets reelected? I always thought IL was more blue than red? Would like to hear your perspective?

          2. Hello girl…I’m from Illinois too, and I am going to help WHOEVER runs against him… I don’t care if a cat runs against him, he needs to go…

            If you look at a map of counties after a national vote , the state looks solid red….But we just can’t get enough votes to overtake Chicago , Springfield , and a bunch of northwest counties..

          3. Thanks Kevin for your response. I just saw it.
            Glad to hear that you’ll be out there trying to get people to think logically. Haha, sometimes impossible!
            That’s what I thought. Chicago is a machine, and I thought Springfield leaned blue.
            Hopefully, people in Chicago are sick and tired of all the violence. Have a great rest of your week.

          4. I bet they try to contact you… I would love to listen in on that conversation..

    2. Same thing with lame-stream media! If they knew anything (impossible), they would simply ignore Trump. But they have too much HATE to do that!

    3. For sure, that’s the way idiots think. They don’t have brains enough to realize they’re only hurting themselves, and helping Trump even more.

  2. Isn’t it sad, the people that continue to be reelected, are the “Idiots out wondering around”.. He comes out when he is not relevant in his job. He can’t represent, if he do not believe in what he is suppose to do!!!! Illinois has A LOT of trouble with their representation of facts!! It is all ” I will tell you what to say” type of representation, from the Soro’s and the like….. Wake up Illinois, before you lose your “state” freedoms……


  4. I’m not familiar with Rep. Kinzinger but I don’t at all agree with his attitude toward Pres. Trump! As Pres. he did a remarkable job and should be appreciated all that he did during those four years! One can only hope that Kinzinger is aware of all that Pres. Trump has done for America and comes to terms with his dislike of him!

  5. This idiot is democrat not republican his brain can not recognize that lived to long in Illinois with Obama.

  6. I wish these idiots would stop saying “false claims of voter fraud”. There was clear evidence of widespread voter fraud.

  7. Adam Kinzinger is a real jerk. Hopefully, the people of Illinois will vote this moron out of office. He is a disgusting hypocrite.

  8. He and Cheney should both be Democrats because that’s how they vote and show how they feel about our Country!

  9. The only loser is going to be u assinger, just wait and see, how bad u get crushed, were kicking your rhino ass to the curb,loud mouth.

  10. Little Kinzinger is getting his feathers rumpled again. Adam has nothing to offer the party. He is neither bright nor useful. His truth is skewered and comes from the Democrat playbook, sssooooo–Adam, pick up your crayons and high tail it over to the Democrat party. They would love to have you. Unless of coarse, the democrats are paying you big bucks to be a thorn in our side. In that case we will have to take care of the problem ourselves .censuring someone is such a PIA, but it has to be done. ,

  11. Hey Kinzinger Trump drew 42 thousand people meanwhile you can’t draw flys So your ignorant a$$ just insulted them Your days are numbered just like Hitler& Biden oh yeah Chaney too

  12. Little Adam knows he’s toast, so he’s trying out for his CNN position. He doesn’t even realize that CNN is losing viewers so fast, they’ll be off the air before too much longer.

  13. Adam Kinzinger is a fool. Debate Trump on policy grounds. Kinzinger cannot because he loses every time.

  14. Is Kinzinger really that misinformed? All RINOS are acting treasonous the moment they turn against our constitutional rights. Let them try to survive in a country with socialist or communist ideals before they try changing our great constitution.

  15. This dweeb has been spoon left wing propaganda and HE BELEIVES IT.HE IS A JOURNALIST? Are you kidding me? Left wing a_ _ _ _ _ _ _ are just plain stupid and “just don’t get it” . Trump has more intelligence than Biden could ever hope to have. Biden tried to hold the lit end of a sparkler on July 4th and he got burned. He had to be told that fire burns and can hurt you. That’s his mentality.

  16. No Adam You’re a loser!! try to get 40,000 people to a rally for Joe–you couldn’t fill
    a parking lot at a swim club–and he only lost because you losers cheated—80 million
    for Joe???? who didn’t come out of his basement for 6 months—Come on Adam–we know your whole family hates you—give it up and stay home!!!

  17. young man, its a shame that you want to be blind to the truth. Or rather and most likely, your part of the woke and in truth are a democrat that lied to make yourselv=f look conservative and now your true colors are apparent and you cannot continue to hide the lie. Thats alright, we know you and will help you see the light of=r the door. The door may be the first to come.


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