Arizona GOP Votes to Strip Dem Secretary of State of Election-Related Authority

Doug Ducey for Governor / CC BY-SA (

Arizona Republicans have voted to officially strip Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs of powers related to election lawsuits. Republicans in the Arizona legislature shifted authority to Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

According to The Daily Wire:

The measure “shifted exclusive control over election lawsuits from Hobbs to Brnovich “but only through Jan. 2, 2023 — when the winners of the next elections for both offices would be about to take power,” the Times noted. “The aim is to ensure that the authority given to [Brnovich] would not transfer to any Democrat who won the next race for attorney general.”

“Basically, Arizona Republicans are moving to temporarily transfer this authority from a Democrat to a Republican for one election cycle only (at which point they could seemingly decide, depending upon who controls each office, who should be in charge of this),” The Washington Post analyzed.

Hobbs notably likened Trump supporters to “neo-Nazis” in 2017, before she took her position as secretary of state.

“[Donald Trump] has made it abundantly clear he’s more interested in pandering to his neo-nazi base than being [President of the United States] for all Americans,” she wrote via Twitter.

Hobbs also pushed back on a Republican-led election audit in Maricopa County.

  1. A good start, Now it’s time to prosecute those involved in election fraud, regardless of party affiliation.

    1. Not in the dark and they are fascist. They are the dim wits and their donors. And with Soros who is a Hitler worshiper is is so very clear who they are and what they want even in little ole AZ they are identifiable.

  2. Gee, do you think Katie Hobbs is a little past prejudiced? I would say overboard and they were very wise to remove her connections to voting other than her personal vote!

      1. Sadly you hit the nail on the head. What criminal proceedings were actually concluded even though the guilt was there to see. And now we have another tax fraud highly covered by the fake news even before once again the trial. As a CPA I already know the hype is out and over the top. It is another political hit job and the drama is ridiculous. I am so tired of Trial By Fake News! Bring it on NY. I have no doubt the attorneys are still fishing!!!!

      2. yeah but on the other hand it sadly takes a lot of compiled corruption for most Americans to be jolted out of their comfort zones. these dems have been emboldened and have gotten sloppy to the point even lame non thinkers can see their evil anti american tactics.

      3. Whoa! The Clinton Foundation is being investigated. Whistleblowers presented proof there was something going on. Apparently Billy Boy thought the Foundation was his bank account?

    1. Treason, sedition, fraud, you can think of even more charges. AZ was the victim and every legal voter in the state as well. And Hobbs lead the steal!!!!

  3. Ms. Hobbs has been inducted into the new secular religion with its inconceivable articles of faith: 1. Socialism; 2. We worship Government, not God; 3. Climate change rules; 4. The Earth is holy and Man is evil; 5. Orange Man Bad. Having burned her bridges to human reason and decency, she has placed herself beyond redemption.

  4. Clean House. Your country and your children’s futures are at stake. People who are undermining this country should not be in office. PERIOD.

  5. Katie Hobbs, the epitome of the lying, cheating, thieving dim wit. She is in the middle of the election fraud and the dim wit resistance. She needs to be recalled!

    1. She needs to be, tried, convicted and put behind bars for violating her oath of Orifice.

  6. NO Democrats are pro America. No American voter should EVER again vote for ANY Democrat, for ANY office. Democrats are out for political power only, and care NOTHING about what that power will do to American citizens. Democrats are “no damn good”!

  7. The massive effort by democrats to prevent the AZ forensic audit is a shining light on what can be found. There is only one reason why the democrats have put this much time, money, and attempted influence into stopping the AZ audit. When the truth comes out they will throw all they can at discrediting the results. Joe Biden did NOT win the election. He was put into power by fraud and is controlled by those who have an interest in destroying our Constitutional Republic. All Americans who believe in our constitution need to fight this fraudulent administration, and work at taking back our country .

    1. God knows the hearts and minds of all, socialism has always removed God so as to make the state their God. We are all ready experiencing the persecution of Christians in our country. Soon they will try to round us up and send us to re-education camps. The demonrats have already said that Republicans are evil and misguided and need to be (re-educated) it’s not so far fetched to believe that given the power that they ultimately seek they are totally capable of such a heinous act.
      what they realize is the second amendment has nothing to do with hunting, or self defense. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness does not come from the government (not yet) it comes from God. They know the second amendment was installed into the constitution so the PEOPLE would have the ability to STOP. A corrupt and unjust government. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? They are so damned scared that we the people will not stand for their anti American and secular goals, they will do anything to disarm us. They are scared shitless. We comprise as citizens, a standing army larger than any in the world. If we where to rise up against such Tyranny, all of their tanks and nukes would be useless. You don’t stop the tanks and nukes, you stop the worthless bastards that would try to send them. And they could run and hide. But they would just die dirty and tired. Don’t allow this blatant affront against our American way of life stand. Stand up and confront this tyranny. I don’t care what your political affiliation is, if you don’t vote Republican you are a willing accomplice in the morale and economical destruction of this God given land.
      vote only Republican.

  8. With the results of the Arizona audit, it makes Trump the winner of the 2020 elections by a “Landslide”!

    Now, what are we going to do about it? I stand by Trump being re-instated immediately!

  9. Hobbs notably likened Trump supporters to “neo-Nazis” in 2017, before she took her position as secretary of state. Hobbs I will be happy to show you who is the nazis and it surely was not Trump. It will cost you alot thought not because the information is hard or not citable but because you are either so corrupt that all that matters is your pocket or your so stupid that I couldn’t even teach you how to wipe your a.. . Just sayin. Oh make sure and Heil Soros.


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