House Approves Commission to Investigate Jan. 6

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The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to approve a select committee to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. The vote was largely along party lines 222-190 with only two Republicans voting in favor of the committee, Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

Fox News reports:

Democrats had wanted to form an independent panel modeled after the respected 9/11 Commission and the House passed a bipartisan bill to do so on May 19. But Senate Republicans filibustered the commission and effectively killed the creation of a nonpartisan body to probe the Jan. 6 attack.

Without any pathway forward in the Senate, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., took matters into her own hands and used her power to pursue a select committee in the House that will be controlled by Democrats.

The committee is charged with investigating the circumstances surrounding the “domestic terrorist attack” and issuing a final report with recommendations for corrective measures. There’s no timetable for the work to be completed, meaning the committee could keep the Jan. 6 attack in the headlines well into the 2022 midterm election year.

“It will find the truth, which clearly the Republicans fear,” Pelosi said Wednesday in a floor speech ahead of the vote.

So far it’s not clear who will be on the panel to investigate the Capitol riot but a good guess would be that Pelosi chooses Republicans on her side, possibly beginning with Rep. Cheney and Kinzinger.

  1. It is a complete Trump hater committee as usual. There are other investigations going on but the Dems and rhinos can not quit

    1. The dems and RINOs won’t quit because they are the ones who actually created the DC Break In so Pelosi could try to Impeach DJT one more time! Pelosi HATES DJT SO MUCH she would do anything to destroy him, including orchestrating a break in to our Capitol and making it look like Trump Supporters!

      Pelosi was so angered because her Impeachment attacks didn’t stick on DJT, so she tried to create the so called Break In using her Attack Dogs, BLM & Antifa, dressed like Trump Supporters — but those imposters were so obvious and looked so ridiculous! See my comment above— I did research on that Break In and it was a comedy act until that young exMilitary woman got shot and died! Then it became a Tragedy…

      Pelosi should be brought up on charges because she orchestrated that Break In which caused a young woman to die. Pelosi should be charged with Manslaughter and serve her last years on earth in Prison! That is where she really belongs.

      1. I remember watching the “riot” on TV and remarking that there was no way that they were Trump supporters! Trump supporters didn’t act like that. And the comment by a woman coming down the stairs where she said “They are all actors!”. That’s more like it – including Ashley Babbitt…..

  2. Those commie Demonrats are bound and determined to lie and slander American Patriots! It’s a WAR, dammit – and one of these years it may very well develop into a Civil War WITH GUNS!!

      1. Pelosi is making sure she a hell raiser against America ,its must be on her bucket list. Schumer s too. Don’t you agree?

    1. They’ll stop their treason with a bullet in the head. The war is on. Its just a matter of time.

  3. What the hell for. Stop wasting time and get to work on crime, You know darn well only dems will be sitting at the table. VOTE RED …and get rid of these worthless people.

    1. The JoKa administration. I hope they investigate the killing of the 12 year veteran in cold blood by a capitol police officer.

  4. The woman is disgusting! She really hates us! Nasty! Her brains need to be examined! A lot of Democrats are nasty, ugly individuals who just hate, hate, hate!

  5. Watch this backfire, as usual with piglosi, their going to find out that she was the one that said they didn’t need extra security. Then they will find out that Capital cops were in on it. The the FBI has it’s paws in on it, this will just blow up in their face. Get ready to LOL, with these incompetent,nincompoops, another laughing stock, of the clown show.

    1. Even IF this so-called select committee has positive proof that Piglosi and her cohorts orchestrated the traitorous acts, they will NOT publish it. Instead, they will seek to identify ANY patriotic American who was PRESENT – whether they participated or not. In fact, they have already done that.

  6. That’s right…waste more taxpayer dollars on a stupid freakin’ investigation that anyone with half a brain knows it was a liberal set up…ass wipes need to be removed from government…NOW!

  7. Here’s what they WON’T find. The FBI was involved, Antifa and BLM were involved, Who shot Ashley Babbitt, Pelosi was involved in planning it. The capital police LET certain people in, 10,000 hours of missing video, the mistreatment of Patriots in jail, Who planted the bombs the day before, or any other truth in this “Investigation”.

  8. The police are already arresting people who went into the Capital Building. Why would you need a committee? Congress do like to waist tax payers money. We need to bill Pelosi for all this wasted spending. She was the one who denied security on that day to blame Trump when the Democrat plants hijacked the event.


  10. Make sure that all charges for this investigation is paid for by the democratic party and not by the American people. Look at how much money was wasted when the dem’s investigated President Trump. No more. Look at how much money they are costing us on illegal immigrants. They want to sink this country in debt. No more!!!

  11. The democrats (aka socialists) seem to spend all their time investigating rather than solving problems. And their target of investigation seems always to be Trump. I guess they’re too stupid to read Hunter’s emails or even follow the news. They’re also too stupid to notice the high degree of mental affliction manifested by our coprolitic Imbecile-in-Chief. Obviously, they’re not interested in what’s good for the U.S. Their only interest is new ways to flimflam the election process to perpetuate their power.

  12. Let me guess: (1) It was the worst thing to happen in Washington, DC since it was burned by the British.
    (2) It was all President Trump’s fault!
    Nothing else matters.

  13. pelosi’s laptop was taken away by a cia or fbi. She knew there was mail about the election coup and figure if it was stolen she couldn’t be sent to prison with it being stolen. On the film showing a black suited man with a black tie showing him pick it up and putting it in the left side of his suit looking around to see if anyone seen him. Also pelosi’s people knew ANTIFA & blm were bussed to the building . As antifa & blm were getting off the busses be handed MAGA shirts and caps. It is a proven fact that the demonic democrats dictatorship liars knew when they were to attack by watching pelosi’s wrist watch checking the time. As soon as the heard the order they antifa & blm had entered the building they were already out in their safe zones. pelosi’s lap top was left right in the center of her podium. Knowing someone would pick it up and hide it from the investigation into the order of five hundred thousand mail in ballots from China.

  14. There is only one thing on the witch Pelosi’s mind is to destroy President Trunp in any way she can she hates him that much. She needs to be fired or impeached which ever one that would work and the squad too before there is nothing good left about America.

  15. FRAUD voids all contracts, including contracts for employment as POTUS and VP, by way of elections. 2020Election is rife with fraud resulting in Biden/Harris usurping government job employment for which they are not eligible. Contracts are void for 2020Election FRAUD. President Trump is still POTUS, but his 2nd term is usurped so far by criminals in Office. ARREST Biden/Harris/Obama/ Omar,, immediately; restore Trump Presidency.

    CANCEL Obama. The very WORST thing Obama. aka Barry Soetoro did, was usurp the Office of POTUS, two times, to which he was not eligible as a foreign agent ISLAMIC Jihadist infiltrator, and admitted Enemy of our Constitution FOR the USA, and seething with hatred of White AMERICANS.
    Anyone who thinks White Supremacy is bad, has not experienced Black Supremacy. Try read White Girl Bleed A Lot. However White Americans, Asians, Hispanics are now experiencing BLM Supremacy in all its gory violence, is a Beginners’ introduction to Black Supremacy 101. It will get much worse if we do not define our too tolerant White Nation, and enforce it as such against all threats. USA is a White and Christian Nation shared by good Christian POC’s. As a Nation, all Americans are self governed to keep USA as a Constitutional Republic under our Christian God, with Freedom and Liberty for All American Citizens, that is, if we can keep it!

  16. I’m quite sure the two rinos will be on “her” committee…and the rest will be democrats! She is working very hard to throw suspicion away from her lack of adequate policing of the building and employment of members of the FBI to infiltrate and stir up the honest people! She also wants to use this tactic to keep the non-partisan committee busy through the 2022 season. I believe at this point too many people are beginning to see through her.

  17. Ha ha ha ha! That is hilarious that old Pelosi is forming a committee to investigate the DC break in??? Wow! Little do those Committee Members know that they WILL BE INVESTIGATING “PELOSI” herself because she was behind that whole break in. So my guess is if she is leading that committee investigating the BREAK IN, she can steer them away from any evidence pointing at her??? Sounds like a plan to set the BLAME ON SOMEONE ELSE!?! Isn’t that exactly what demonrats do — NEVER ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR ACTS BUT ALWAYS BLAME SOMEONE ELSE?? Yup. That’s old Pelosi’s plan to scrub any evidence of her orchestrating the whole DC break in!

    Good luck with that pignosi! Her fingerprints and plan that got one innocent exMilitary young woman killed — should land ole pignosi in jail! After all, when Pelosi contacted her Attack Dogs, BLM and Antifa, to dress up like Trump Supporters, then BREAK INTO THE DC CAPITOL AND DESTROY PROPERTY, she had an ulterior motive — to blame the break in on President Trump so she could attempt to Impeach him…AGAIN!

    Did you watch all the videos from different people’s phones at the Capitol that day? I did! I scrutinized those videos and IT WAS BLATANTLY OBVIOUS THAT MOST OF THE SUPPOSED TRUMP SUPPORTERS THERE — WERE NOT REAL TRUMP SUPPORTERS AT ALL, but BLM or Antifa members dressed like Trump Supporters!!


    Sorry, but that was the biggest fake Trump Supporter portrayal ever — totally unbelievable and actually STUPID! Those “pretend T.S.” didn’t even come close to looking like a regular ole Conservative Trump Patriot Supporter!!! They stood out of place like a sore red thumb!

    So I looked even closer at the phone videos and saw some real Trump Supporters trying to stop an obvious FAKE TRUMP SUPPORTER FROM BREAKING THE GLASS ON A WINDOW AND ENTERING THE BLDG! Sooooo, what did ole witch Pelosi tell all her Trump supporter dressed dogs? TO BREAK IN AND DESTROY THE PROPERTY! What were the REAL TRUMP SUPPORTERS TRYING TO DO? STOP THE FAKE SUPPORTER FROM BREAKING IN AND DESTROYING THE PROPERTY!

    EITHER PELOSI IS DUMBER THAN DIRT OR SHE IS JUST AS ARROGANT AND CLUELESS AS ANY IDIOT DEMONRAT! She couldn’t even get the right people to portray a more convincing Trump Supporter but just let any ole BLM member or Antifa member dress themselves as a Trump Supporter! Ha ha ha ha! Now that shows really how “brilliant” that old hag really is!

    Everyone who has access to any of those phone videos of that break in, gather everything you can get!! Then sit down with your friends and scrutinize those video shots and you will quickly see how ridiculous those imposters looked! That is the beginning! Then we trace back from those fake imposters to where they came from, how did they get there (they were bused in from some location), find that location, see who owns it, etc and keep tracing back and eventually it will lead to Pelosi!

    Believe me, she is behind the whole DC break in, she orchestrated it and had someone else do the dirty work to hide her presence in this crime! Pelosi is as corrupt and slimey as they come AND SHE PUT TOGETHER THAT COMMITTEE TO COVER HER OWN TRACKS AND LEAD THEM AWAY FROM ANYTHING THAT PROVES SHE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT BREAK IN! Pelosi may be old, but she HATED DJT SO MUCH, SHE WOULD HAVE SOLD HER SOUL TO THE DEVIL TO DESTROY PRESIDENT TRUMP! Maybe she did?

    If I didn’t know better, I would think Pelosi’s actions are of a “Woman Spurned”?! Hmmm?

  18. Why are Democrats (and a few RINO’s) SO OBSESSED with what happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6? The fake news have covered it until I am so sick of hearing about it! In addition, I am equally sick of hearing Pelosi continually spew her made-up stories over and over and over again! I would say that 99% of the Trump supporters, and some of the non-Trumpers who were at the Capitol that day were NOT rioting or looting or throwing water balls at each other!! Those kinds of actions were done by the REAL looters in Seattle, Chop Zone, etc. etc., i.e., where all those BLM and Antifa rioters were. I am HOPING and PRAYING that Pelosi (AND Schumer!) get booted out of office when the Republicans take over the House and Senate!!

  19. I often say and hear about liberal stupidity. Although it is very true. And proven they have no idea what they are doing. Only democrats embrace their ignorance. Failed multiple times. I wonder sometimes if we (Patriots and Red White and Blue Americans) aren’t a lil stupid, ignorant,and moronic for allowing this to happen. There is no shame on their side. Just like stopping disciplining our children. They running wild. Destroying our country. Innocent law abiding citizens terrorized daily by criminals and tyrants. Sad. Don’t think violence needed. Just stand up and speak up. No more. We won’t stand for this treasonous anti American media. Won’t allow billionaires to funnel money to candidates wanting to turn justice system and government on its head. Need to prosecute Hillary, Holder, and rest of the group trying to ruin our kids futures. I feel sorry for illegal immigrants who really have fear of their country. But enough. I care about my fellow Americans and kids more. Trump did good thing. I only wish is love for this country as big as his ego. Need to find another willing to tell TRUTH. Stand up for the majority of this country. The election was a joke. Need to fix this asap. Courage is needed. Men. Time to stop excuses. Do right thing. Woman alao if u can. God bless America.

    1. You can believe Trump loves our country…he has done everything to save our country from the evil satanic plans of the Democrats and Rhinos. The election was stolen and will be exposed along with the “Jan. 6th break-in”, it was all a hoax planned by Pelosi. God is in control and God chose Donald J. Trump for such a time as this!!!! It is not over…the Democrats and all those who hate our country will fall, they will be taken down by our almighty God! God wins and Satan loses. Pelosi and the others that are so full of hate have sold their souls to Satan…what they have been doing is from Satan, not from our loving powerful God! This evil has to be seen so “we the people” will take a stand against it.

  20. What a complete and utter farce! They know why the Capital Hill incident occurred. It was because the lying, cheating, fraudulent Democrats stole the election, which the Arizona audit, and other subsequent audits will prove once and for all!
    Republican voters were enraged by this blatant fraud, which will be found to be the largest treasonous fraud in history, and the Democrats are now running scared, and are doing everything in their own corrupt way to divert attention away from their treasonous acts.

  21. We the people already know Pelosi had prior knowledge the Capital riot and wasn’t the Capital police inform not to go there too ,who’s at fault ? Pelosi! She was in charge ! She’s to late for any investigation.

  22. If only she had held a vote so gop could be equal partners on the committee, then she could have shown her true colors.

  23. I thought this has already been investigated? Oh wait! It cleared President Trump!. Well obviously, piglosi has to have her way. Will someone please, take her gavel away.


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