Presidential Historians Ranks Trump Among Worst Presidents, Obama in Top 10 Best

President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at an "An Address to Young Americans" event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

Presidential historians have ranked the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump as one of the worst leaders in America’s history while ranking his predecessor Barack Obama amongst the top 10. The annual list compiled by historians ahead of Independence Day is a “cross-section of presidential historians and professional observers of the presidency ranked the country’s 44 former chief executives on 10 characteristics of leadership,” C-SPAN said in a press release.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Former President Donald Trump enters the ranks for the first time in the #41 position. His highest rankings were in Public Persuasion (#32) and Economic Management (#34). The historians ranked him in last place (#44) for Moral Authority and Administrative Skills,” the press release continued.

Obama, on the other hand, rose from his #12 ranking in 2017 to #10. In the category of “Moral Authority,” Obama ranked #6, behind only Lincoln, Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Theodore Roosevelt. Trump ranked last in Moral Authority.

Participants in the survey included 142 historians and “professional observers of the presidency,” C-SPAN explained, adding that the team represented 50% increase since 2017, as well as one “reflecting new diversity in race, gender, age and philosophy.”

“C-SPAN’s success in assembling a truly diverse group of historians and professional observers of the presidency only strengthens an already strong poll,” said Amity Shlaes, chairman of the Calvin Coolidge Foundation.

The presidents who ranked below Trump were Franklin Pierce, who signed the Kansas-Nebraska Act that led to Bleeding Kansas; Andrew Johnson, who was impeached; and James Buchanan, whose feeble leadership is considered by many to be a leading factor in the Civil War.

      1. Just like the know who these Historians are exactly. This could be just C-Span employees. This article is so obviously a hit piece and even easier to laugh at. Flakey FAKE NEWS just like Flakey FAKE Polls, now we have Flakey FAKE Historians rating presidents. Bozo really whined lately wanting some Fake News to say he beat Trump at something. C-Span in the dumper for sure!

      2. I’m thinking # 2. Harris will be # 5.
        Also wondering who these elite academicians are. Maybe they work for the government but identify as historians.

    1. I disagree with the so called historians. I believe president Trump will be one of our greatest presidents. Obama, come on, certainly not even in top 25.

    2. This is bullshit by the C-span must be a liberal ass.!!! Barack was a failed president wasn’t even born in this country.!!! The worst fake president in America’s history.!!! Maybe it was
      his color again they considered.!!! His second term for sure was rigged by the demonRATS.!!! They have a bad reputation when it comes to cheat, lie, steal and commit crimes without accountability.!!!

      1. i know it was fake from the frist word every body should turn off all the news mongers that does this crap stop watching thei
        r channel an watch them go broke

        1. I have stopped watching this slop since 2014, Got fed up listening to the FAKE NEWS saying Hillary was gonna win 2016. And then got sick of the Flakey FAKE NEWS making mountains out of nothing since that date. When everything is a lie there are not even kernels of truth to pick out from their stuff anymore. Defeats them as sources of news and real information forever more.
          I can’t imagine conservatives are the only people in the country coming to that conclusion. Apparently the owners of the Flakey Fake News Sources have deep pockets because their businesses spreading this BS certainly can’t be in the black zone of finance. Red, flaming red, is the color in accounting of losses and that has to be on the bottom line of the purveyors of this crap today!
          Now if we can only get congress in hand to vote their first amendment rights away if they only peddle propaganda for a political party!

    1. Are they truly dumb…or just eager to take wads of money for spewing such idiocy? Any fool can see how everything Trump did was better not only for Americans but for people in other countries as well. Blacks did better under Trump than under Obozo. Thousands of innocent Iraqis were slaughtered because of Obozo’s stupidity. Trump was responsible for slaughtering the evil ones. These “historians” obviously aren’t very keen on history, recent history at that!

    1. Helen has it right!
      Another waste liberal poll.
      Country needs a Trump more than ever 👊🇺🇸👍

  1. These historians are ALL wack job LIBTURDS.
    I’m not worried at all. President Trump BEST PRESIDENT OF MY LIFETIME!
    Deal with that historians.

  2. Fake news. President Trump is the best president in our history. He is honest where most democrat politicians are compulsive liars and evil.

  3. Seriously.!? As far as racial divide and morality… The Obama administration handed the Trump administration a mess. And the Biden administration has made it worse.

  4. So sick of these so called “elites” that think that they can decide what the real American people think and feel…they can go to hell! Everyone, including them, knows that President Trump is the best President this country has ever had and probably will ever have…and Obama? Please….what a joke! The day is coming when their demise will be shown for all the world to see and I can’t wait for that day…Elites, my ass! Bottom feeders is more like it! Scum!

  5. This another of the ELITE putting the screws to an AMERICAN tht workd for the PEOPLE and never caved to their doctrines of always SELF, SELF and more SELF GREED and self proclaimed power.
    President Trump was ALWAYS about and looking out for AMERICA FIRST and that didn’t sit well with the Leftist Elitists agendas.
    This is nothing but a bunch of bratty children being mean, disrespecful to a man of GREAT Morals and just flat-out Rude.
    The AMERICAN PEOPLE ALL KNOW KNOW THE TRUTH and that’s what used to matter. The Media just left the people behind and lost track of right from wrong along their miserable way.

  6. The worst President was responsible for the deaths of 600,000 to 650,000 Americans. He suspended Habeus Corpus for the duration of the war, refused negotiate for a peaceful settlement, blockaded southern ports, allowed his generals to commit heinous war crimes, and so much more. Abraham Lincoln. Trump was one of the best. Obama, certainly near the bottom, along with FDR. Teddy Roosevelt expanded the executive power and I would put him near the bottom. Near the top, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Grover Cleveland, Calvin Coolidge. Not sure about others, but Eisenhower, Reagan, Jackson and Kennedy would be close.

  7. This is fake NEWS and absolute BS Must be run by Rhinos it do this!!! I will unsubscribe for this so Called NEWS site I suggest you all do the same

  8. Of course, we know this is just more BS from the Lying Lame Stream Media..!! Polls mean nothing…!! Political activists/operatives who are biased against President Trump mean nothing..!! The only thing that matters is the number of LEGAL VOTES that President Trump received when he WON the election…!! Voter Fraud is against the law and Joe Biden is NOT the president..!! Happy 4th of July…..God Bless America…!!

  9. These SAME lying “Presidential Historians” are attempting to rewrite, erase, cancel American History..!! LYING LEFTISTS don’t get to rewrite, erase or cancel our American History..!! They should SHUT UP and STOP SPEWING their LIES…!!

  10. Since I lived through the Jimmy Carter debacle I can attest, for sure, he was the worst president till Joe Biden came along. Carter did the damage by accident. Biden is destroying America with intent. He has sold his soul to Socialist, Marxist, Communist agendas for money. A Billionaire Judas for sure. I judge a president by what they did for our country and President Trump, was by far, the most caring, hard working, unselfish and productive president of the last two centuries. The left wing socialist know President Trump stands alone, a warrior, fighting for the survival of America. They will stop at nothing to destroy him. Is he bombastic at times? Yes. However he tells it like it is, no lies, no cover up. AMERICA FIRST ! .

  11. That’s a joke at best. Historians today are mostly Liberal. They judge Trump by personality not accomplishments.

    1. What was wrong with President Trump’s personality? I happened to love President Trump’s personality. Bombastic my ass. People, this is what “push-back” looks like. When dealing with the Left, there is no playing nice. If that makes you “bombastic”, then so be it. Trump was bare knuckles, gloves off-just like the other side treats us. You have to stand up to bullies and give them a taste of their own medicine. And if that makes you ‘bombastic’ in the eyes of the media, then you’re doing something right.

      1. I don’t like liars and phonies and that seems to be what we get from Washington with the exception of a few Conservative Republicans and some moderates. I like President Trump’s strong personality, unfortunately that rubs the corrupt evil people who have a specific agenda to dismantle America the wrong way.

  12. This report is the biggest pile of crap I’ve heard in a long time. What a bunch of hooey!
    Only an America-hating Communist would say something that bad about Donald Trump.

  13. And now we have another smidgen of evidence that democrat propaganda is aimed at destruction of the U.S. Constitution and indeed the nation itself. Such slop belongs as drippings from democrat leadership and every democrat voter. Clearly, this nation needs to privatize education, install term limits and revert to the system of having state legislators select U.S. Senators.

  14. Liberal pieces of trash. Reagan was awesome. Trump a close 2nd in my lifetime! They put America 1st. Obama was a piece of shit and Biden is continuing Obama’s infamy! Bunch of liberals that forgot America 1st is the reason we became a country to begin with. They are the ones that would put a statue of George Floyd on the WH lawn!

  15. Tell’s ya everything you need to know about ‘so-called, historians’ these days…why do you think all these a-hole-lib-turds…are so desperately trying to “re-write history” tear-down monuments and “shout-down” anyone else, as a racist, when you don’t think like them❓Same thing happened in Germany when the Nazis took over, and, also, in Russia & China, during the socialist/communist overthrow of these countries in history❗️

  16. This is clearly a total lie. If anything President Trump has gained far more support from voters in addition to the 75 million who voted for him. Socialist/communist Dems headed by Joe Biden and the rest of his gang I’ve been on a mission to destroy the United States and the freedoms and rights of the American people. Everything that President Trump did for the go to this nation and the American people by to make sure he completes an executive order is literally destroyed it and taking it away and he’s put this whole nation and the American people in Shepherd he and has no conscience at all about it. People have had enough of the socialist/communist corrupt dems like Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of their treasonous gang and they are so arrogant they refuse to even consider that they’re committing political suicide. Enough is enough. Term limits now!

  17. More dumercrat bull s..t When you elect fox to guard the hen house you just got rid of all hens.

    1. Very, very rich!!!
      I’m sure Michael is in the kitchen preparing all their meals. YEAH, RIGHT.
      Annnnnd, who do they hang out with????

    2. Obama pretended to be a Christian to deceive people, and get elected, but his heart is far from Jesus Christ the Lord of Lords and the Prince of Peace by his actions Obama does the opposite of what Jesus wanted for all mankind, dividing, creating wars among the brethren, and turning man against his brother.

  18. Let’s get this ‘new group of diverse observers’ to get their opinion on BLM, ANTIFA, cities burning, lockdowns and Joe Biden. I bet they’ll rate them the best, most successful social engineers in history. Then, survey the citizens on how they are enjoying their fear, poverty and oppression.

  19. What difference does this BS poll make . They make heroes out of criminals and drug addicts and make statues of them and then tear down statues that document history. Sad for our country that our academia and journalist are so politicized, corrupt and lacking in intelligence to have a feeble old man as president and all ready to lick his shoes, even if on wrong feet, and let him sniff their hair

  20. Consider Obama created more debt than all of the previous presidents combined!! Obama helped create the worse race relations we’ve ever had. Obamacare spiked health insurance costs, Americans lost their doctors, and record Democrats lost seats because of this. Obama failed miserably in fighting ISIS, Trump quickly defeated them.

  21. This is really BS. Trump is the best and was the best president and will be again. He belongs back in the white house not the so called crazy man that is there now.. Trump all the way.. He will make America great again. ( Those nuts know nothing about a GREAT PRESIDENT)

  22. I’m sorry – Who gives a damn about what the historians think. I suppose they think brain dead Biden is a great president. How ridiculous is this story. Junk news!!!!!

  23. That is BS! Must be a liberal writing this! The muslim fake president Obomb almost destroyed this country & he’s still trying through senile Joe! Trump was the best president ever & always will be !

  24. Who in their right senses would even give this a blink from a known propaganda machine like C Span.

  25. President Trump is the best president to hold the office. In one month he will be back to take this country to the greatest heights that it has ever seen. Cspan is a communist organization it has no standing……

  26. Fake News feeding their liberal socialists audience. Real history will write the true story!
    The world knows better, and so does God Almighty!

  27. The Historians must all be partisan Comunist dems. As the American people if poles would rank him among the best. And I believe that in time history will beare that out. He created the best economy accrossed the board that Americans had had in decades. Could have accomplished so much more, had he not had to spend so much time fighting against Comunist dems trying to distroy him. The same ones who stole the election and are now trying even harder to distroy this great Nation.
    Obama is one trying to distroy this nation and all the good it stands for. The bottom 4 should be Obama, Biden, Carter and Clinton. You choose the order.

    1. Actually Clinton wasn’t that bad as far as Dem presidents go. But the only reason he got elected was because Bush the elder was such a lying sack of dung that many Repubs either didn’t vote at all or voted for Clinton as their personal kick to 41’s crotch.

  28. Just another example of how Democrats say just the opposite of what’s true. But they are bound and determined to bastardize history, so we’ll probably see more of this outlandish B.S.

  29. Not surprised since they, schools are trying to force critical race theory policies on all our schools and President Trump is fighting this. They want their liberal ways to be the policy and Barack Obama goes right along with them. President Trump fights for the American people. He is in favor of 1776 that keeps our history truths about our Nation. He is a battler and is fighting these elite so called professors.

  30. It’s coming from academia. They are all most registered Democrats who despise President Trump. As well these are the same who are indoctrinating our kids into only one way to think and that is their way. They despise differing views and free thinkers.

  31. Bwahahahahaha. This is the most absurd listing I have seen. I’m surprised it didn’t mention John Wayne Gacy as an honorable mention for most admired man in America. How could a collectivist agitator like Barack be on this list? What exactly did this D-bag accomplish in his 8 years besides dividing the country into self interested tribes? Disgusting more than funny I think.

  32. What? Please consider the SOURCE. Ivory tower academicians are contaminated today by the progressive virus of communism. Mr. Trump is right up there, far above Obama the abominable.

  33. I like to know by name how they rank our President, because this is Bull-shs. TRUMP should rank inthe top5 while OBAMA is rank as the lows #45 and Biden #46

  34. So…. they have fallen under the influence of the ‘Woke’ crowd…. what a pity that they cannot be truthful! I’m sure they can see that President Trump did more to help our country than most other Presidents before him! I wonder what our Father God thinks about their falsehoods? Oh, yes… I forgot… they don’t believe in GOD. Well, someday they will find out !!

  35. It just goes to show the stupidity of the so-called Presidential historians! They have such a ridiculous hatred or Pres. Trump that they are unable to see or think intelligently! A more intelligent group would have had the sense to elect a man who has done more for America than most other Presidents before him!

  36. Pres. Trump is one of the best Presidents that America has ever had! One can only hope that he remains as Pres for as long as is possible!

  37. What a laugh! These, so called, “presidential historians” are a bunch of losers. I often wondered what morons do for a living. Now I know, they become presidential historians.

  38. Their opinions matter about as much as the opinions of the MSM…less than zero. Anyone with half a brain knows President Trump ranks in the top five.

  39. I. Find. That. Report of. History. Of. Us. Presidents. BS. Obama. Was. The. Worst. Ever. And. He. Started. The. Mess. We. Are. In. Now. the. History books. Are. Pure. Liberal not. Accurate. Before. No. One. Ever. Kneel down. To. The. Flag. And. No one. Ever. Accused. Of. Such. Hatred.
    All. This. Was. Started. By. A. Racist. President. Scumbag. Is. Rated. The. Worst. I. Do. Not. Support. Liberalism and. I. Do. Not. Believe in them. Neither the history books. Are. Totally. Dead. Wrong

  40. Let me guess! Either establishment via the liberal colleges or management of public education, liberal loons, dim wits, confirmed Trump haters as historians of the politics in education today are the “Presidential Historians” who did the voting for this “Honor”! And HAND PICKED does not do this hatchet job justice! Especially one where Bozo is honored along side of Lincoln, etc.and Trump is in the dregs.
    No one will believe this was not set up and it has failed to convince. What an insult to the citizens of this country today. Just how dumb do these morons of news think we of this nation are? Pure BS and we all know it.
    The article says as quoted verbatum, “annual list compiled by historians ahead of Independence Day is a “cross-section of presidential historians and professional observers of the presidency”, care to elaborate on who the people were exactly? My bet is still mainly on the Liars Club via the C-span fake news. What a waste of time. No one but the lemmings of the dim wits will believe this FAKE “Honor”.
    I am sick of the fake news playing this oh so obvious lying game still. It is like the now joke of blaming the crime in the dim wit enclaves on Trump! Or blaming the Jan 6 trouble in DC at the white house and congress on Trump as well. The Liars Club and Fake News has said it was so. Therefore, it must be so. Just pure disgust for these idiots is all this sort of biased lying evaluation is generating.
    Creeps me out, it this happening for real in the US? Are these fascist for real and truly believe the nation is with them and believes their BS? This is like the fake polls these groups generate. It is so obviously designed for low level thinking lemmings. Feed em BS like a mushroom to keep them in the dark and they are happy!


  42. That is a bunch of Bull…

    Obama is the 2nd Worst president this country has ever had…. only because it only took Biden 4 months to beat him out of the #1 spot…… Trump has done more GOOD for this Country and its Citizens than the Last 4 Presidents combined…..

  43. Sounds like a survey donw among a bunch of liberal leftist morons and idiots who would sniff obama’s outgassing.

  44. Of course, all these so-called “historians” are pathetic leftists, guided more by TDS and visceral hatred than anything approaching commonsense and TRUTH!! And, to underscore the insanity of this “report” is the fact that these fools rank Obozo as a GREAT President. We truly DO live in alternative universes!!

  45. Please, Don’t make me barf, I would never believe this screwed up poll. President Trump is the best, most productive, most America oriented President in History since Ronald Reagan, we saw and experienced his policies and loved them! Hurray for our Pro-American Presidents, we will always cherish them.

  46. This poem is from the Omen, but amazingly accurate about all that is happening according to the scriptures and Matthew 3, The signs of the End of the Age.
    When the Jews return to Zion, And a comet rips the sky, And the Holy Roman Empire rises, Then you and I must die. From the eternal sea he rises, Creating armies on either shore, Turning man against his brother, “Until man exists no more.” All this is setting the stage for what the Bible predicts. It appears that events that are necessary to prepare the world for the final drama of ages is converging right before our eyes, and the rise of the Antichrist. Every nation is in distress with perplexity, with no solution in sight. “Here is the wisdom, Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty six.
    Revelation 13:18. Just look at the depravity of men who are lovers of themselves and care not about people, only greed and power.

  47. This is exactly what’s wrong with America today, It’s our Universities and their system ! Bad professors, and university presidents…I have 2 degrees, and an IQ north of 170 and I would not send my kids to any university today unless they were majoring in Engineering, Math, Medicine, Chemistry or Physics, most of the other degrees are nonsense…these majors are less political and have substance…an education degree is one of the easiest degrees to get in college! nad don’t let anyone tell you any different! Most people don’t realize that teachers have one of the lowest IQ ratings of the workforce. Anyone who thinks Obama is one of the top 10 presidents in history and Trump is one of the worst presidents in history is an IDIOT and a FOOL and surely doesn’t have an IQ over 100… I certainly don’t know who the best and worst presidents were in history…but I do know who the best and worst were in my life time of 80 some odd years…Trump was by far the best followed by Reagan, and Obama and Carter were by far the worst…and I’ve been a registered democrat!!!

  48. What is Obama’s legacy? He successfully captured and killed Bin-Laden, and he created Obamacare– which has had mixed results at best. Did he help race relations? Did he stop immigration surges at the border? Help black people? Improve schools? Defeat Al-Qaeda? Get us out of Afghanistan? What exactly is he remembered for that places him in the top 10? And remember he was in office for eight years.

  49. Biden should NOT be on the list as he was not elected to POTUS 2020, but usurped the Office b y way of massive election FRAUD, along with Kamala Harris.
    Obama should NOT even be in the list, because he usurped the Office in 2008 and 2012 when he knew that he is NOT eligible for POTUS as he is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, and Pelosi knew it, and Clintons knew it….Hawaii Legislators, media, every one knew it. Even his relatives in Kenya, Africa, knew he was born in Kenya, and celebrated it.. Also his father was not a US Citizen. Obama was NEVER POTUS, just a criminal Usurper and Islamic Jihadist infiltrating USA to divide and destroy our Christian Constitutional Republic Nation.
    Pretty much the same goes now for Kamala Harris as she is NOT eligible for VP or POTUS because she is NOT a NBC, just an anchor baby for her alien parents who were on student VISA in USA when she was born, then moved to Canada. Was she even officially Naturalized by Immigration procedures?

  50. So biased leftist Historians call Donald Trump the worst and biased leftist historians call Obama the best? It’s the oldconsider the source thing – fudge packers support fudge packers – no news here

  51. If you believe this garbage, you’ve lost your mind. We saw first hand how beneficial President Trump’s policies were for America. Thats whats wrong with the world….they want an American President that sucks up to their global agenda and America just blends into the rest of the socialist countries.

  52. False News hits again with THEIR surveys.
    These so called academic historians are all brainwashed from their liberal taught college years.

  53. More lies and fake news; obviously a communist democrat slanted “poll”.
    So tell me c-span — just who are these “presidential historians”?
    What historians would ever rate obama as a president – the US Constitution which is the “Supreme Law of the USA” states that to qualify for President Requires the candidate to be a Natural Born Citizen. That means that at the time of birth, the parents must have been Citizens of the USA. It is proven, and obama has himself stated, that the “father” was a Kenyan citizen, which at the time was a British subject.
    Therefore, obama can not even qualify as president at all, let alone as one of the top 44.
    President Trump, for all he had to overcome, is the Second Best President of all time… just behind President George Washington.

  54. These Presidential Historians must have been in Special Education when in school. No, they were too low functioning. Allegedly their mothers were too unfit to do a good job at teaching them how to tell the truth. They must be a part of the democratic communist party.


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