Biden’s New Vaccine Push Will Go Door-To-Door

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President Joe Biden announced that the administration will launch a door-to-door campaign to promote vaccination on Tuesday.

After failing to meet his Fourth of July goal to get 70% of adults vaccinated by nearly 33%, he says they’re going to start knocking on doors to get Americans immunized. 

“Now we need to go to community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and often times door to door— literally knocking on doors to get help to the remaining people, protected from the virus,” he said.

“Look, equity, equality, it remains at the heart of our responsibility of ensuring the communities that have been hardest hit by the virus, have the information and the access to get vaccinated,” he went on. “So, as we shift from these centralized mass vaccination sites, we’re doing thousands of people a day, we’re going to access close to your community, close to home, conveniently, and location you’re already familiar with.” 

White House press secretary Jen Psaki outlined the administration’s five-point agenda to push past the mark of 160 million fully vaccinated adults.  

“One: targeted, community-by-community, door-to-door outreach to get remaining Americans vaccinated by ensuring they have the information they need on how both safe and accessible the vaccine is,” she said.

Point two involves getting vaccines directly to primary care physicians and three will push vaccines towards pediatricians so that children 12-18 can get inoculated during their back-to-school checkups. 

Alarmingly, the fourth phase will move to set up vaccination clinics at workplaces and get employees time off to get their shots. 

The final step is seemingly the most ominous and refers directly back to the first: “Expanding our mobile clinic efforts, meeting people where they are, and making sure we’re taking the vaccine to communities,” Psaki concluded.  

“Meeting people where they are” sounds an awful lot like vaccinating people at their homes, and critics were quick to voice their dissatisfaction with the plan.  

“Sending Joe Biden’s Gestapo door-to-door to check up on non-vaccinated Americans is really a recipe for disaster,” accused Lavern Spicer, a Florida Republican congressional candidate. 

“Ummm… wait a minute… the federal government is keeping track of who is vaccinated and who is not (or will be via asking door to door)?” Said former Acting Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli. ”I thought this was happening through healthcare facilities… you know, that keep medical history private?”

“FYI: To any of Biden’s missionaries who feel moved to knock on my door to push me to get the jab, I’ll kindly invite you in, tell you about Jesus and make you listen to Ronald Reagan speeches until dinner,” Fox News commentator and country star John Rich threatened. “If you’re still here, we’ll have a slow, full reading of the Constitution,” 

“You’re not my parents. You’re the government. Make the vaccine available, and let people be free to choose,” Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw suggested.

  1. Idea: When they knock and ask… Lets tell them everyone in the house is fully vaccinated. When the reports show 100% vaccinated they can’t do this “BS” anymore!

    1. Won’t work. They are getting your medical records to prove you either did or did not get the jab. They know who you are if you did not get the jab.

          1. It violates the IV amendment, the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall be issued, but upon probable cause. Another overreach by the left.

        1. I would answer the door, tell them it’s none of their damn business, then inform them that they are trespassing, kick them off my property and call the police. Yes we still have and support our police.

    2. Then they will ask for your receipt and where you got it… But one other thing how do they know you had a vaccine are the looking at medical records that a hip violation big time either way this is very bad idea folks could get hurt or worse this government has not been working for us and people don’t trust other hate it as they as corrupt as corrupt can be

      1. This is the democrats and the laws are made to be broken if it suits their agenda. Obama proved that they can get what they want even if it is against the law. So why should they stop now. Joe is already looking at people through their emails now.

        1. CANCEL Obama. The very WORST thing Obama. aka Barry Soetoro did, was usurp the Office of POTUS, two times, to which he was not eligible as a foreign agent ISLAMIC Jihadist infiltrator, and admitted Enemy of our Constitution FOR the USA, and seething with hatred of White AMERICANS.

      2. Its not a HIPPA violation to look at you’re records to check compliance with a national vaccine mandated for a international pandemic.

        1. Mandated by people who lied about the virus, where it came from, locked people down, and took away their civil rights. Sorry, this government is totally mistrusted.

    3. Why not just tell them that you understand that whether or not you get vaccinated isn’t any business of the Federal government? Then, goodbye.

  2. Unless he wants trouble, he will comply to our rights and back off! I will not allow those criminals to inject this poison in me or my family! Now he’s using their Nazi playbook! This is a direct violation of our constitutional rights! We better stick together and start pushing back!

  3. Are they going to force unvaccinated people to wear stars and then round them up for concentration camps? Democrats are the real Nazis.I wont answer my door. Who do these morons think they are?

  4. Do not comply! No other path is open to us with the exception of the FEMA Camps. Never give in!

  5. It will be best if a liberal doesn’t knock on my door. That’s private property and I have the full right to shoot the sons of bitches!

  6. You come to my door and try and force me to take the SHOT, you just might get one yourself

    1. Amen to that I will not take the poison they are trying to give. They better not trespass. These are very evil tyrannical people we are dealing with I am NO Guinea pig or lab rat. It is the people’s right to choose not the corrupt government/politicians.

  7. They better have all 3 vaccines available. All you need to do is ask which one they have and reject that one. They have 2 reject both.

  8. So another way our tax dollars are beins misused – door-to-door just being the least of them; taxpayer funding of killing tiny humans; paying for illegals to be placed anywhere in OUR country, etc. Good luck trying to get me to have the jab that uses aborted baby humans. Plus, there is no proof about what the long-term affects are, and it is not even approved by the FDA. Biden and the other idiots in the “administration” are nothing but dictators who want to turn a free country into a socialist one. I won’t be a part of it.

  9. This vaccine is still experimental, and these clowns ain’t experimenting on me. Besides, I’ve already caught the Chinese Weaponized virus and according to “them” I’ve got the antibodies.
    since when did sniffy joe become the lord high sheriff?
    I’ve got this tickle in the back of my brain housing group that at some point this will all backfire on these idiots. And when it does, their is gonna be all hell to pay. They call every death COVID related even if the poor soul died from one of the many other causes. If the person tested positive and died from something else they put it down as Covid-19. So, something fishy is going on. And the dr. Fouci (or ever how u spell it) has lost all credibility, he is responsible for the damn thing anyway. And the demonrats somehow try to put the blame on President Donald Trump. Tell a lie enough times I guess and it becomes the truth.
    like I’ve said before “ when the brain is washed, you can fold it anyway you want”

  10. If they come on your property with out being invited call the Sherriff’s office and have them arrested for trespassing. Our Sherriff is more than happy to pick them up and house them with the illegals that he is holding.

  11. Hidin’ Biden, good luck with your gestapo plan of trying to poke everyone with your evil untested, unproven, and completely unnecessary inoculations! With a recovery rate of 99.7%, there is little to no point in getting the shot.

        1. That’s because they can’t feel the protein now working in their system to create excess antibodies which, after a year or two, will result in auto-immune disease of one kind or another. The experimental jab didn’t have an off switch and will continue to make antibodies that will eventually have no virus or bugs to attack, but need something to destroy, which will be their organs. This mRNA experimental treatment has not been tested to find adverse effects after months or years, so your friends are the test subjects.

  12. Maybe someday someone will take Traitor Joe out behind the Gym and explain things to him.

  13. The jab is very bad especially for those who have had the covid. They will not know if you have had covid unless you were admitted to the hospital. Most were never admitted.

  14. They want everyone to get it to control all of us. There’s more to these shots then meets the eye of the devil is what they are satans minions

  15. Apparently, Mr. Biden had forgotten that people have choices and that, in a free society, government does not have the authority to make personal choices for the citizens. Rather than focus on vaccines, Mr. Biden should focus more on the out-of-control increase of crime, taxes, gasoline, and food prices.

    1. It appears that this new democrat party doesn’t respect the law or democracy or the “free” society Americans used to know. That’s the point. They are taking the authority and destroying the Constitution as the foundation of the US. Time to wake up people. Even though the Nuremburg Laws forbid government forced medisal treatment like these shots, if the law is being broken by the govt, only a civil war can stop it. This might be another “shot heard round the world”.

  16. Come to my door and you might not like the reception you would receive; Free rat shot
    for bottom feeders available.

  17. Tell them, When ALL the ILLEGAL ALIENS have been Vaccinated
    Then you can come back. But until then Go Fly A Kite.
    They won’t be back.
    You might be labeled, Whatever.
    Come get me. and Good Luck !


  19. They come to my door and I’ll try to sell them some skidmark stained jockeys I have. Two for one!

  20. Notice how he is targeting young people. That’s because the vaccine is designed to sterilize you!!! And if this vaccine doesn’t do it, there will be more on the way. Biden is Adolf Hitler back from the grave. We must stop him NOW!! And never mind the poisonous DNA altering material also in the vaccine. This is horrific!

  21. I have never seen so many people discussing Fauci’s ultimatum to get the vaccine, and send out people to try and persuade you. Get over it huh? Well its my life, not yours and if there are risks with this vaccine, and we already had Covid, we the people have a right to refuse it! You are the one playing politics sir.

  22. I will absolutely not be forced in to getting their un-researched, un-tested, experiential potentially debilitating and life threatening vaccine. Joe Biden and his horde of communist thugs can go to hell. I will be putting up no-trespassing signage on my property and will I enforce it. If they try to get my employer to force me into getting the vaccine I will quite work. I drive commercial truck in the food industry and transportation companies are desperate for drivers. I guess when the drivers park their trucks and refuse to drive and the shelves get empty and no medicines are delivered then we will see how committed Bozo Biden is to enforcing his communist agenda.

  23. So, if you’ve chosen not to get the vaccine because you’re under 20 and have determined that the risk of taking the vaccine out weighs the risk of contracting the virus, and this yahoo at your door convinces you other wise and you then suffer severe reactions or death from this experimental vaccine, you should sue the person who convinced you to take the vaccine. I wouldn’t want to be the one convincing otherwise healthy people to take an experimental unapproved vaccine. Especially given the recent revelation of young people suffering heart damage as a result of the experimental vaccine. Good luck trying to find people who are willing to put themselves at risk of being sued.

  24. So a vaccine rushed to market, with no track record of long term safety, ( birth defects?) is going to be forced onto billions of child bearing age people. Who if infected can take can take an inexpensive treatment while they face little risk from this virus. They are in no more danger than the common cold. Crime Family Boss Beijing Biden should be hanged for treason.

  25. Taking a vaccine or not is a very personal choice to made by an individual and or in consultation with their doctor based on personal risk factors and medical conditions. Keep the government out of my personal decisions.

  26. Biden is 1000 times worse than Trump. He is not even a president but a true Trump hater. All his and democrats bravado about democracy at least their version of it is entirely BS. He doesn’t deserve to be called an American. All he has done his entire life is leach off the American people with his positions in government. He needs to be recalled.

  27. the government has no right to know whether I was vaccinated or not…..I am an adult with the right to decide about my body, my choice of what chemicals I put in it….

  28. The government is not my parents. Someone needs to clue the dumbocraps into the fact they are there to serve not to rule. This administration and its supporters are the very reason we have the second. This is not a vaccine it is an excuse to invade our lives and axtest on how far they can go. F#$@joe you are the not the president , nor mine. You are lier and crimminal. I will no longer adhere nor reconize the laws or policies put forth by anyone supporting or a member of the left wing, both federal or local. The left are nazis and i don’t care what they say they are nazis. Sic semper tyrannis. Bring low joe but you do the knocking. You and like you foot soldiers the BLM, and ANTIFA are frigging cowards. #iwillnotreconizetheleft.

  29. the COVID vaccine is NOT one size fits all and children should be off limits (check out the Children’s Health Defense site). The media is censoring the side effects of this vaccine that isn’t even FDA approved causing further division in America


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