The Battle for Truth: These Battles Showcase The Woke vs. Anti-Woke War

2020/05/29 BlackLivesMatter GeorgeFloyd Protest Oakland, California via Wikimedia Commons

Across the country the woke and the sane are going to war.

Critical Race Theory and wokeness have wormed their way into almost every major American institution, company, and government agency. Companies are bending the knee to political activists for seemingly no gain and now that everyday people are learning about all this they are not happy.

These are the major battles in the woke vs. anti-woke war that show you all need to know about the ongoing conflict in America:

  1. Today we find ourselves in the midst of a battle for the soul of our country!
    This is a battle between good and evil!
    We must stay strong and fight to the end.
    To quote our great President Trump:
    “They’re not coming for me, they’re coming after you” No truer words have been spoken.

    1. EXACTLY – tho – “WE the (real) People” – are outliers for OUR “Faith in Christ + the Scriptures” like the brilliant Founders……along with commonsense Conservatism…!

      1. I just had a site blocked advertising a book about exactly what you are saying. I could not order it, I could not send word back to the site that it was blocked! This is getting BAD!

    2. The left achieves their objective by indoctrination and intimidation, Science has been dethroned. People must never be silent or give up on the truth! Our assignment is even greater today in a wicked society that is rapidly deteriorating.

  2. Whether it’s possible or not, I’m suggesting that those who are NOT woke go ahead with business as usual! There’s nothing more irritating than a group of people lacking common sense trying to run a country!
    However, the Reps, in particular, have a great deal of knowledge as to how their country should be run and therefore are in a good position to ensure that the country IS run as it should be!
    I suspect that the reps will do just fine despite the nonsense of the Dems!!

  3. Stupidity reigns in the heart and souls of those who consider themselves “WOKE” — A non-sequitur if ever there was one! Fortunately, the country is still in good hands and fully functioning!! The WOKE cohort isn’t likely to last long, as their “wokeness” won’t keep them in thrall for long to a rather ignorant group!
    i expect a relativily early demise!

  4. Just remember the “woke” are a small minority and remember the saying ” EMPTY BARRELS MAKE THE MOST NOISE” So true. Ignore MSM and TV and trust in God. The heartland of America is still solid. Dont be swayed by the woke “noise” Once the true Bossman comes back, they will all be dealt with

  5. Your freedoms and civil liberties are being hijacked. Remember Satan’s approach and methods have been used to derail entire nations and people groups from God’s intended plan. He does not work alone, he has dark forces who seek to carry out his purposes in the domain of darkness. This government is using everything at its disposal to push people to accept a worldwide vaccine passport by coordinating government agencies, private businesses, and international groups that decides whether you have permission to leave your house, shop, dine, attend church, or other social activities, we are all being tracked. Just the fact that they have to use coercion, bribery, seasonal ball tickets, cigarrettes, alcohol, and other methods to get people to take the vaccine, should send up a red flag!

  6. Coke changed their name to Woke. I quit buying coke. Big business should realize that being “Woke can get them broke!”

  7. Today, everything we fundamentally know about human life is being systematically altered. It doesn’t matter to the left that revered scientific method proves biological sex and gender are one and the same. The feelings of the heart outweigh any question, research, hypothesis or test out there. At the Core of the Gender Revolution is a rejection of God’s plan and purpose for our lives. Genesis 1:27. In the beginning God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness,” We are His children. He created Adam and Eve….male and female only. This physical, spiritual, and cultural truth accepted by humans down through the ages. Even societies that rejected God, acknowledge only TWO sexes and treated transgenderism as a perversion of the natural order. Satan can never let God’s truth stand, and he has tried to destroy the family in the Garden of Eden, and is working to destroy it today.


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