Dems Have An Uphill Battle in ’22, Here’s Why

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The Democrats are not shoe-ins for this upcoming midterm election, they are facing some major issues but not all of these issues are apparent. Some of the issues Democrats are facing are just the ongoing politics of the modern era, but other issues are far more serious and the Democrats only have themselves to blame. 

These are the major issues Democrats are facing in 2022:

    1. The people are on to the DEMONKRAPS antics. I honestly don’t think it’s going to be that easy to cheat next time. Governors are waking up and trying to protect the voting process. I went through the list, and I believe all the things listed are important to most Americans.
      I also believe people are catching up to the fact that joe is NOT WELL!
      I’m hoping and praying that I’m right.

      1. Possibly, hopefully, and prayerfully true! But we have to be very vigilant with the Old Style Mayor Daley Chicago MOB Seditionist Socialist Democrat Plantation Political Machine.

      2. It is imperative that we conservatives get highly involved in selecting our election committees and selecting and voting for conservative candidates to run for city, school boards, county, sheriff, judicial, DA, and State (Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Representatives and Senators). These local and state elections are just or more important than federal elections.
        We must elect people who will enact honest, fair, transparent, election reform laws that will ensure fair and honest elections:

        •Legal Citizenship Registration Only
        •Voter ID REQUIRED to vote at polling stations
        •Voter rolls updated and verified
        •No mail-in ballots except requested absentee ballots that must be signature verified against voter registration
        •Absentee Ballot Request Verification
        •All absentee ballots MUST be received prior to Election Day to be counted
        •Signatures required on all paper ballots as well as the voters printed name
        •Name and address of voter required on ballot envelope. Name on envelope must match printed name and signature on ballot
        •All ballot envelopes must be kept with their ballots for audit purposes
        •Provisional ballots must be signed and signature verified against voter registration rolls
        •Absolutely NO fixing of paper ballots
        •Bipartisan chain of custody required for all paper ballots for entire process
        •Paper ballots may begin being processed by the counting centers before the polls close, but no data results may be made public until the respective poll is closed. All paper ballots must be processed before the counting center is closed for the night; no ballots are to be left uncounted and processed the following day or later in the week
        •No ballot drop boxes period
        •Bipartisan chain of custody required for all machines for the entire process
        •Machines to be stored in secure warehouse with 24/7 cameras and system monitoring
        •Bipartisan machine set up at warehouse and/polling centers
        •No Voter Machinery with WiFi or internet connection for entire process
        •It should be illegal for any voter data to be sent outside the USA to be processed or stored
        •Bipartisan poll watchers MUST be allowed by law at each counting station, any counting center worker who prevents bipartisan monitoring will be removed from the center and prosecuted
        •ALL counting stations at counting centers MUST have bipartisan poll watchers whenever ballots are being processed
        •All election results for each state MUST be audited prior to state certification and electoral college delegates designated

        If these reforms were passed as laws by all 50 state legislatures and then REQUIRED by law to be enforced by governors, secretaries of states; we would have fair, honest, and transparent elections.

      3. but heels up Kamala the true communist is in line when Buck Fiden drops off. even worse than a Castro. she takes orders from the central committee = AOC and the scum squad.

    2. GOOD point! While not guaranteed, it’s a formidable weapon in the Democrats’ traditional arsenal. Chicago Mayor Daley of “Vote Early, Vote Often” fame, would’ve been proud of them.

      However, their fantasy of absolute (tyrannical) control isn’t yet a reality. It’s especially true if conservative CONSTITUTIONALIST Republicans can get their messages out, particularly to minorities about the benefits of true freedom. Of course there’s the issue of the liberal MSM and internet companies censoring their messages. How far the DNC’s Pravda will go is indeed worrisome, especially with WH connivance.

      Also, and there’s no other way to put it, but what really scares the living hell out of me is that IF the seditionist socialist/fascist Democrats pass HR1 and SR1, eliminate the Filibuster, pack the SCOTUS, and admit either or both DC and PR as States, it’ll be the end what once was or intended to be a democratic (VERY small d) REPUBLIC with an exegetically interpreted Constitution and a true free market capitalist economy with real contract law protections.

      Thanks and a thumbs up!

    1. Time for Biden, Pelosi, Harris, Schumer, Soros, Obama to meet face to face with Lucifer since they live so close to a ‘Chute to Hell’ right underneath their feet! Let’s make it happen in 2022 & 2024! Get everything they wish for and leave mother earth!

  1. Even with their vote stealing, the GOP is wise to their tactics, and Legislature after Legislature is taking steps to make that more difficult. They should lose big in 2022, and President Trump will win his third election in 2024.

  2. We are going to find out exactly HOW STUPID the people who call themselves Democrats really are. It would take a complete moron to vote for the Democrats if someone has been paying attention.

      1. And a lot of that is due to the DNC’s Pravda and its biased reporting and our public schools lack of honest teaching.

  3. Dems lost white house and congress last election but they are in there. Same thing will happen again if we don’t stop them from cheating again.

  4. The Biden/Harris ticket along with the likes of Pelosi, Durban, Cortez, Waters and Schumer are the gifts to the GOP that keep on giving. 

  5. the past 6 months show that people are tired and will not tolerate their agendas they are attempting to force down our throats….all the RINOs, democrats need to start working on their resumes….the 2022, 2024 elections will prove it to them….

  6. I don’t turn pages because every page downloads new ads and slows my computer. Please start an article and end it without changing the page. I would love to know why the Dems are in trouble.

  7. With all of the crimes these asses have COMMITED against the American citizens none not one should remain in politics that means all rhinos every member of the swamp HILLARY I ama PEEELOUSI Schumer Sanders FBI CIA NSA every government agency has to be cleaned out completely. There more crooks LIERS CHEATERS and THEIVES in our country’s offices of power than there is in the prison systems in this country. If the people don’t stand up for them selves you will lose EVERTHING YOU HOLD DEAR. EVERYTHING !!! And this is no damn joke. We are headed for hell in a handmade. WAKE UP GET OFF OF YOUR HUH AND GET BUSY YOU CALL EVERY REPRESENTATIVE YOU CAN FIND A PHONE NUMBER FOR EVERY GOVENOR OF EVERY STATE AND STAND UP FOR THE COUNTRY OUR MILITARY FAUGHT AND DIED FOR . YOUR / OUR CONSTITUTION AND RIGHTS ARE BEING VIOLATED EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY.

  8. our President is Trump, but he is not sitting in the white house because of the election fraud so hopefully people will stand up and take note of the socialist anarchy the dems are promoting and restore integrity and honesty to our elections before it is to late

    1. The problem is everyone Knows that the Demo RATS do nothing but steal, PERIOD! Whether it is elections or money! The people who need to be standing up to the low life pieces of crap are instead kissing the lower part of the backs of them! The military needs to tell the Biden Administration that they are in control of the Budget but are not in any control at all of military training and exercises, etc.

  9. I have to correct the author on the this piece “Although Trump lost in 2020….” No trump did not lose. He actually won, it’s just that the dems cheated for Robinette to take the WH illegally. Biden is NOT the president in my book. He’s terrible and his numbers show. If joe is so popular then why do I see a whole bunch of “Trump 2024” signs on people’s porches? Dear Lord bring back the Don asap

    1. You said it ppl pray and the lord almighty will come. Pray from your hearts. We are in thee end times and that is the truth. We are set to have the biggest intergalactic war ever if we don’t do something soon. Children are being used . Babies for their blood young women being raped drugs are pouring into the country and every kind of disease you can think of. It’s what they want chaos food gas water everything will be hard to get soon.

  10. Does anyone else find it annoying that we have to keep moving to the next page to completely read an article, that would easily fit on the same page??? I suppose it’s all about getting their ads in our faces over and over again. But I usually skip them! 🙁

  11. Whoever wrote this article is not addressing the #1 reason the dems will not only stay in power but most likely gain seats in the house and senate. That reason is DOMINION VOTING MACHINES AND ELECTRONIC VOTING. Unless and until such time as elections are returned to paper ballots that are hand counted the elections will be rigged just like in 2020. You can run the ballots through an electronic tabulator but that result must be verified by a hand count of the ballots. If Canada & Germany can do it this way so can the states do it this way. Maybe they need to send teams to these countries to find out how they do it RIGHT.


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