Top Trump Lawyer Announces Departure from GOP

President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at an "An Address to Young Americans" event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

Top Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis has announced he is leaving the Republican Party. The move comes after an email from the Republican National Committee, chaired by Ronna McDaniel, was released that was criticizing Ellis’s legal efforts to challenge the 2020 election results.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“I am leaving the Republican Party until the Republican Party comes back home to conservatives,” she said during an follow-up appearance on Newsmax, on which she is a contributor.

A November email reported by the Washington Postshowed Justin Riemer, chief counsel for the RNC, discouraging a staffer from posting about ballot fraud claims made by Trump’s team. He called the legal endeavor led by Rudy Giuliani and Ellis “a joke” that was misleading millions of people.

“I led the RNC legal team in over 55 lawsuits on behalf of the President’s reelection, winning a majority of them, including the only successful post-election lawsuit. Any suggestion that I did not support President Trump or do everything in my power to support the RNC’s efforts to reelect President Trump is false,” Riemer said in a statement reported by the outlet. “I will say publicly now what I then said privately: I take issue with individuals who brought lawsuits that did not serve President Trump well and did not give him the best chance in court.”

Ellis also tweeted Sunday evening it “is true” Giuliani told Riemer to resign from his post as RNC chief counsel in November after he questioned Trump’s election fraud claims, according to an account in a new book by Michael Wolff. However, an RNC spokesperson said the story was “simply false.”

So far, the RNC nor former President Trump have commented on Ellis’s departure from the Republican Party.

  1. This is exactly why I left the party. I SUPPORT CONSERVATIVES!… be they republican or demorat. Of course… There is the obvious too… you have a better chance of finding a “Unicorn on the moon”… than a true conservative in the ranks of the dem’s.

    1. I will not fund the Republican party till they divest the party of the RINOS and hangers on who drag the party down. Romney, Sass, Kinzinger and Mercowskie, to name a few.. If you can’t abide by the principals of the party and you must become a shill for the Democrats then go join them or live in limbo. President Trump stood for ‘Promises made and promises kept. ‘. It will be an almost insurmountable task to undo the damage the ‘pretender’ has forced on America in just a few short months. roof that this was their plan all along. . The broken treaties, the loss of jobs, the invasion of the Republic by a million illegals. Education reform gone and pride. America was a happy place except for the humorless, complaining strident Democrats. If anyone can undo this damage and restore order it will be President Trump and whoever he chooses to join the task.

      1. Don’t forget Susan Collins, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Liz Cheney, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise and Ronna McDaniels. ALL are traitors who sought to undercut President Trump. And Paul Ryan, former Speaker.

        1. And Rino Jamie Herrera Beutler from Washington State. When she campaigned against Trump my neighbor didn’t take her signs out of his yard. He just put a black X across them. They’re still up.

        2. Lindsey Graham and Kevin McCarthy were part of the dissident and disloyal old Republican party but have come to accept and recognize the new and current Republican party led by President Trump with rising dstatrs in the Govs of FL and SD. The others on the list are in fact traitors, RINO’s or both and need to be removed or neutered.

      2. Grace
        Now as a life long Republican, joined right out of college in 1959, this is not the Republican party I joined and will be an Independent until Trumpism is gone. Now having 3 years of Constitutional law while in College, Trump has violated the Constitution in every way one could think of. This Constitution is designed where the majority rule the country and every President is suppose to do what the majority wants, and most every other President has negotiated with the opposing party to make sure that all got some of what they wanted, but not Trump, he wanted to be King or an Autocratic ruler, where no one but him made any decisions, that is not Democracy in any way.
        Now what broken treaties are there and the low employment came with the job do to the pandemic, Now here is a prime example of Trump violating the laws of this USA on immigration, which are now being followed to the letter. No President has the authority to do what Trump did on the Southern Border, while ignoring the Northern Border where White Europeans mainly Russians come into this USA illegally.

        1. Grace, you sound like a rino to me. Trump is the only President in my life time that did exactly what he promised. And you should have learned in school that the US is a constitutional republic and not a democracy. The mob do not rule.

          1. Did you mean that response to robert6391 as indicated? Because Grace sounds like anything but a “rino” in the comments she has made.

          2. I just read her comment, and she not a RINO.
            I know sometimes people interpret it wrong, and there goes the thumbs down.
            I found out a couple of days ago, where I posted a 3 word post, and got those down turn thumbs, when I had meant something opposite of what the folks thought.

          3. Thanks for the confirmation! 🙂 I think that’s one of the biggest problems between people — it’s very easy to misinterpret the written word in social media venues where most communications take place today. If we could ever sit down and actually talk with each other, we may have a totally different result and even come together on some issues. Anyway, I can’t imagine anybody giving you a thumbs down, because your comments are always right on the mark! 🙂

          4. How do you misinterpret opening wide the borders and allowing in drug traffickers, human traffickers, and all kinds of gangs and militant men? I mean really, how is letting in people with criminal backgrounds a positive thing for America?????

          5. She is ignoring the excesses of numerous Democrats the latest being Obama and Biden and accusing Trump of excesses. She is probably not even a republican and certainly not a conservative. Just posting here to make people think that “orange man bad”. Regurgitating the leftist taking points failed to impress me.

          6. I goofed “she” should be HE (robert6391). I got my wires crossed. I just get a little fed up with Democrats/leftists/commies and run off the rails. Comes from their giving aid and comfort to the people trying to kill me in Vietnam. Yeah, I have documentation. Picked up on patrol in late 1970. Its not the only one and yes he and the other one were democrats.

        2. Please, on behalf of all that is sacred, You were NEVER a Republican in any way, shape or form. You’re on the Dem payroll, and you know it.

        3. Grace, sorry to say your diploma is a worthless piece of paper as you learned NOTHING! The TOTALITARIAN KING is BIDEN and a puppet wth no brains left., for obama jarrett and rice are behind him running this mess and TRUMP is Full lledge AMERICAN >LOVING anti COMMUNIST! BETTER go back to school. How much money did you waste? the more I read your post the more moronic you sound.

          1. Did you intend that response for Grace or Robert as indicated? Because Grace’s comments show very clearly that she’s a supporter of President Trump — not the White House “squatter.”

        4. Robert…I couldn’t help but laugh at your your response to Grace in your comments above…I doubt very serious you were ever a republican and you had 3 years of Constitutional law in college by your statements…Number one the Constitution was designed to resent a Republic and not as a true Democracy where the majority of the people rule, as you stated…It was designed so that the people of each State had an equal voice in government for the people, by the people…thus, the reason why we have the electoral college to make sure all states have an equal voice, so that the states with larger populations don’t dictate and govern over states with smaller populations, therefore, making the system fair for all!!! Our forefathers who wrote our great Constitution where much smarter than most of the morons that are trying to run our country today…people like you are clueless…Not sure why you claimed you had 3 years of Constitutional Law, now I know why you don’t practice law…because you certainly don’t have a clue or an understanding, about the Constitution… I have been a democrat all my life and Trump has been the best president in my lifetime, and I’m as old as you…I just change my affiliation from Democrat to Republican last week…and now I’m a proud Republican!!! You are certainly no Republican!!! In the old days there wasn’t a Nickle worst of difference between the 2 parties, except for the democrats had big Unions backing them…and that’s something you should know… the big differences started to show after the Communist Party change their name from the Communist Party to the Progressive Party and Calcussed with the Democrat Party… I may not have liked Trumps personality but his policies were dead on and America and it’s people had respect around the world and it’s people enjoyed low gas prices, brought home businesses that had moved out of the US…got rid of NAFTA, lowest unemployment rate for Blacks and Hispanics,and so much more… we were living the good life in America…IF you think times are better under Biden and the democrats…You are a total Idiot and moron and certainly don’t deserve to live in this great country…Please tell me one positive that Biden has accomplished in the last 6 months, and I’m not talking about having to pay over a$ 1.00 more for gas, higher taxes, losing all the jobs shutting down the pipe line, CRT, higher cost of living…crisis at the southern border, etc…Also, Please tell me one single violation of the Constitution Trump violated!!! He was a proud American and loved the American People and made America Great Again !!!! Your nonsense has no room here!!!

          1. I am probably older than you but I bet you had “Eighth Grade Civics” at least. Back in the day you either learned what was being taught or you didn’t pass. Those rules do not apply anymore.

        5. You arenot and never were a Republican. Nice try. You just rambled off the dem talking point. Work with the other party ya right! Obama care! Hr1! The infrastructure bill! And ending the filibuster! Ya that’s working with the other side. How about you put up or shut up and actually name something in the constitution that trump actually broke. Not just the bull sh!t accusations the dems just throw out. Oh by the way everything they accused him of Biden actually did!

        6. What Constitutional laws did Trump break? What evidence that he wanted to be an “king”? You are just full of excrement and please shut the f up.

          1. TO Robert 6391. Here are the Constitutional laws obama broke:
            Using the IRS for political purposes against conservatives.
            Making secret deals and treaty with the enemy and not getting the treaty approved by the US Senate (read the constitution moron)
            Not protecting our borders and allowing an invasion by illegal aliens (just like what is going on now)
            Reducing and destroying our military capacity closed entire bases Grand Forks and in the case of the 564th SMS in Montana he not only deactivated the squadron he destroyed all the silos and LC’s. While obama reduced our nuclear capacity by 50%, Russia and China modernized their nuclear arsenals and started increasing both their numbers of missiles and warheads. obama failed to protect our country, our people, our borders, our elections, and the US Constitution.

            FLASH TO AMERICA: Reduction of military capacity to allow funding for liberal programs and using military spending for transgenders and CRT has consequences. The next ‘cuban missile crisis” and their will be one under biden whether it is in Cuba, Lebanon, Taiwan, etc. it will not be the Russians and China who back down it will be the US. Russia and China will continue to try to destroy our economy and society using the left from within our country in an attempt to avoid the destruction they will incur in a war to destroy us, but if their plans to undermine the US are unsuccessful and it looks like Trump will be re-elected in 2024, then they will use their military to dethron the US as a world super power under biden or harris, before President Trump or some other conservative Patriot can be re-elected.
            I have lots more about the crimes of obama, pelosi, biden, hunter, the woke military, the criminal FBI, the radical left, BLM, antifa, school brainwashing, etc. Bobby, do you need more facts?

        7. Oh my God, you are so delusional. The Democrat party has become the Communist party, everything they do screams dishonesty and unlawfulness, especially open borders and the destruction of sovereignty. This nation, our businesses, jobs, security, and fair trade was thriving under President Trump and the One World globalists couldn’t stand it. They had to cheat, lie, and steal to gain their unsanctioned power, and not by the will of the American people.

        8. What about Obama? Anyone that disagreed with him, a self-proclaimed socialist who both his Grandmother and half brother said was born in Kenya, was immediately labeled a racist. He routinely violated the Constitution and federal law and if anyone complained they were “racist”. And the “news media”, 95% percent of it or more constantly fawned over him. Then Clinton, Johnson, all the way back to probably Wilson as least. FDR SHREDDED the Constitution and bullied the SCOTUS to agree with him. Look it up. The only Democrat in my lifetime that actually seemed to love America was JFK. You are simply babbling the leftist talking points. How many Russians have come in illegally from Canada? Give us some numbers. There are MANY Russian born American citizens in Alaska. Quite a number around Delta Jct, AK and some running fishing boats in places like Kenai. Have you been THROUGH the Northern Border recently? Or ever? Just asking. I used to go through pretty often until about 2018. You sound like one of the leftist seminar callers that used to call Rush Limbaugh. So you are an expert on immigration laws? Where in the Constitution does it say we have to let in anyone that wants to come across? Why is Texas so upset with how Biden/Harris is dealing with the illegals? By 1959 colleges were already infiltrated with leftist new world order types. If you want some evidence of this google the long video of the Norman Dodd interview. It runs about an hour.

        9. So how do you explain the invasion going on NOW on the SOUTHERN BORDER, and the transport of illegal aliens with CRIMINAL BACKGROUNDS to every state in the UNION that is being allowed by Biden and destroying America’s sovereignty, SECURITY, and prosperity? Do you think every country should be invaded by illegal aliens so that they no longer have a CULTURE, or a LAWFUL society? It appears that you didn’t want President Trump to do his duty as the PRESIDENT to protect AMERICANS FIRST.

      3. I couldn’t agree with you more… no foundation in true conservatism? … NO MONEY! … if lack of funds doesn’t wake up the party… the party is doomed anyway.

      4. I would second that for sure ! The rino Secretary of state in Washington State was caught flooding votes to Democrats in six counties! Why has she not been charged or at the very least stripped of her powers? Cause half the republicans are Democrats! That only vote with Democrats and the party needs to be purged before they start a civil war.

        1. democrats and traitor RHINO’s from the old republican party are doing the same thing Barr did. Say you support Trump and then back stab him as you had intended all along. They are taking a page from obama and the democrats and it is called lying. Say you will do something or support a person or policy and then at the last minute Thumbs Down! Old republicans Romney, Bush Barr, McCain, etc are ALL globalists and have the same economic and political agenda as the democrats. The only reason they do not want to join or support the democratic party is they do not support the liberal agenda on social issues but they will get in bed with them to destroy Trump and the true Patriots and Nationalists in order to get back into power. Politics is all about power and self serving agendas, They don’t care about the people or principles as they claim. It does not matter if it is socalism or capitalism, democrats or republicans, the reason these parties, ideologies and institutions don’t work and fail us is because of rampant and unbridled CORRUPTION. Racism is not systemic and institutionalized, corruption is!

      5. You cannot EVER vote for a Democrat. They will sooner or later (usually sooner) be forced to vote for the commie agenda. I am not happy with many in the Republican party. Too many are RINOs. But Democrats are still worse.

    2. Me, too! No thanks to the obsequious, pandering RNC “leaders” — their behavior reminds me of all the typical politicians out there. Mostly the demented Democrats, but several so-called Republicans, too. If you support conservative values, you support them with all your heart. President Trump does — RNC does not!! 🙁

      1. True !!!!
        This is the reason why the so called democrats
        ( which really must be called marxists), always manage to push their communist agenda down our throats, because the RINOs are just a bunch of two faced morons and traitors!!!!!

        1. Lot of cowards also, That includes some of our so called conservative supreme court justices. Too scared to follow the law; too scared to serve as justices.

    3. Please tell me the name of a Democrat you consider conservative, I think they all died back in the eighties.

  2. I will continue to read what the RNC has to say but refuse to finance any so called conservative group that doesn’t support Trump. I will not renew my membership either. They let us down by not giving the true President the assist he deserved.
    President Trump is the best President for our country that we have had in the last century as well as this century. His main objective has always been for the good of the citizens of the USA, not his own pocket or power. He has proven that over and over.

    1. I agree completely! This woman almost sounds like a never Trumper??? Many times I worried about the people representing the President.
      I always felt that they could turn on a dime.
      And, here’s this woman needing her 5 minutes of fame.

    2. Agreed Nancy, I refuse to support ANY Republican group that wants my $$. Until the RINO’s leave the RNC, the party is compromised.

      1. Get involved in LOCAL politics! Take back the party from the ground up and support ONLY those with Constitutional principles!

  3. Seems the RNC needs to look at what they’re doing. Just so they know and let their top attorney Justin Reimer know, there are millions of people out here in our little part of the world who believe the 2020 election was rigged so let ol’ joe’ would win. President Trump is still president in my eyes. RNC better open theirs.

  4. There are NO CONSERVATIVES in the Dem party. I have a couple of friends who tell me that they don’t vote on party line, but for the best candidate. I say, then your values waffle???
    Personally, I could NOT EVER pull the lever for a DEMONKRAP.

      1. And, liers and cheaters.
        Only way they can win!
        Why are they so against voter ID, when over 80% of the country wants safe and truthful elections??? Tells you everything anyone needs to know about the KKKRAKAS.

  5. All politicians are nothing but a bunch of political, corrupt,worthless,lying hacks for the american people, they don’t care a dam thing about. Vote them all out of office.

    1. Brilliant. Then, what do you do, Sparky? Have your own French Revolution? Think, before you post, okay?

    2. Your condemnation is a bit ‘wholesale.’ Consider the model of the late great Herman Cain, who entered politics for the sake of his grandchildren. He said: The politicians are subject to the 1/3 rule: a third of them are good, dedicated men and women, One third of them are evil, in the game only for themselves and their own private interests (‘on the gravy train,’ if you will). The remaining third hang their flag opportunistically according to the prevailing winds.Or words to this effect.

    3. Your comments are right on target. Precision is important in communications so I personally would use the word “most” or the “vast majority” instead of “all”. But other than that I agree with you 100% Well said.

  6. When President Trump announced to us to not donate to the RNC because they fund RINOS, I listened to him. I only donate to him, the JPAC. It is part of WINRED but a split off only for President Trump’s campaign. I’ve been unsubscribing to the RNC. They are still using his name, and RINOS keep asking for $. We have to run on a Republican ticket, if the vote splits we won’t win. Just stick with President Trump. MAGA all the way!

    1. Right on! I will only give money to a specific candidate. Not the RNC. Use your common sense like Trump!🇺🇸✝️

  7. demorats are marxist
    communist socialist immoral freaks…republicans ae a mixture…since i am not of the former or a part time later, i never identify with the gop party..I am a traditional family valued original intent founding and a Christian…therefore, my political party is independent and votes for the most conservative….none can be found in todays democrat party

    1. Just for the record: I saw the picture and she looks like a she to me, however the article does refer to her as a he. In the screwed up society of the liberals who really knows what gender somebody is or claims to be? Maybe she, he, it is one of those new 13 pronouns?

  8. Sounds to me like Justin Riemer and Ronna McDaniels are the liberals who need to be fired NOT Jenna Ellis. The election WAS rigged and those two fools stood by, thumb in bum, brain in neutral and did nothing. 

    1. John, sounds that way to me also. Ronna is related to Romney. I don’t know why Trump is supporting her. It is either part of a “plan” (keep your friends close and your enemies closer) or he has some weak advisors who are failing him badly. Weak advisors is one of the weaknesses that hampered the Trump Presidency. Being a true outsider he did not know people who were experienced in government or DC He had to rely on old republicans from the Bush administration many of whom are globalists and most loyal to the Bush’s who hate Trump and did what they could to undermine him. people serving in the Regan administration were very old and retired or dead. He tried to bring in outsiders,like his first Sec of State an accomplished executive and businessman, but he was lost in government and at the mercy and completely controlled and manipulated by the liberal Deep State bureaucracy in Washington Hopefully, with experience under his belt he has a better pool of people to appoint and hire to help him drain the cespool in his next term

  9. Attention seeking/Unnecessary action by Ellis! The Republican Parry is fully behind Trump! So why?

    1. If the Repub. party (parry?) is fully behind Trump, then why did Mike Pence, Repub. VP, renege on his duties, also Bill Barr and others? If they were “fully behind” Trump, he would be in office now.

      1. There are too many betrayers of Trump within the Republican Party, we have to TEST ALL WATERS…….they put their needs and greed over Trump and the American people.

  10. You don’t leave the Party! Dems never leave their party but they reform it from within! She’s attention seeking! Trump is overwhelmingly supported by Republicans!

    1. The Dems reform their party from within, all right. Bring in the media and put out their fake news. Do you approve of the “reforms” they are making now? Really????? The border invasion, tax increases, supporting crime such as Hunter Biden’s……..etc. Or are you just a troll?

  11. Few Republicans have ever fought for the values I cherish or live up to their oath of office! Besides presidents Trump & Reagan very few showed any moral courage and were more apt to “go along to get along”. What a bunch of ‘Girly Men & Women”.

    1. I want to know what the RNC was doing when all the irregularities were going on, and stopping the voting in the middle of the night to pull the reset button for Biden. Where were their lawyers???? Clearly, Dominion employees should have to give access to the routers and IP addresses. Maricopa County can’t validate or verify their system, and the EMS password was shared by multiple people which is a clear avenue for fraud. Maricopa said they used paper that wouldn’t bleed through, so why was there bleed through on the ballots which could have led to over counts. So who printed the ballots then?

  12. I Don’t blame her, RNC never backed her or President Trump. I’m not happy with the way GOP has been running things but I would rather change the people in office than jump parties. Libertarian’s keep running candidates on their own ticket but IMO that takes away votes from GOP. They should run a Libertarian as a Republican and build their party up that way. Look at how many democrats are actually with the socialist party. If they ran as socialist’s, they would never get elected. Weekend at comrade Bernie’s has been doing this his whole life.

  13. “Leaving the Party” doesn’t help ONE DAMNED BIT! Ever heard of throwing the baby out with the bathwater? Stay WITH the Party, and transform it from within. Trump began that process…it’s time to continue it. NEVER GIVE UP!!

  14. Do not listen to what they say look at what they do people get caught up in the rhetoric these people that run must be vetted by we the people not the status quo and again we need term limits state and federal to boot

  15. I’m not sure why, but ever post I write, usually takes 24 hrs to approve, on this site…this is like FaceBook and Twitter…what ever happened to our First Amendment with these people!

  16. “I am leaving the Republican Party until the Republican Party comes back home to conservatives,” 

    President Trump has been one of the MOST Conservative Presidents in my lifetime…… WHO is she going to follow …. somebody like that RINO Romney ??

  17. Rona McDaniels Mitt Romney niece needs to be booted OUT, I gave money to the RNC, I received a 2020 calendar in which you can see in the Dec picture, TRUMP and Melania”s back walking out in a room, seems like they were not aware of the picture or were doubles as the faces are not clear, why in the Dec photo the RNC run by McDaniel place a picture like that no Christmas no Trump or Melania face near a Christmas decoration…they were in on the Coup d’état putrid swampies.

  18. I watched Jenna announce her departure. The Republican Party has left Conservatives because they don’t care about true values and honesty anymore. Ronald Reagan said he didn’t leave the Democrat party, they left him. This is the same kind of failure of a party to stand on principles, honor, and Pro-American values. The Left has abandoned all reason.

  19. Can someone help me here please…so who is the bad guy here: Jenna Ellis or Justin Riemer? I can’t, from the story, figure who to exclude from my Christmas Card list.


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