Dr Fauci: ‘No Doubt’ Unvaccinated 3-Year-Old Should Wear Masks


Dr. Anthony Fauci says that children as young as three years old should be wearing masks. The so-called Coronavirus expert told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC that he has “no doubt” that unvaccinated children over two should be wearing masks.

According to The Daily Wire:

Mitchell asked, “You know that children under the age of 12 who are not eligible for vaccines generally do not get sick, don’t get COVID, or don’t get as  ill with it. But what does this spread of the Delta variant mean for them, for the children under the age of 12, and what’s the timeline for when they might become eligible?”

“Well, a couple of questions, and the answers are, the children who are not able to get vaccinated because of their age should follow — their parents should follow with them — the guidelines of the CDC, that unvaccinated children at a certain age, greater than two years old, should be wearing masks,” Fauci answered. “No doubt about that; that’s the way to protect them from getting infected because if they do, they can then spread the infection to someone else.”

“So the CDC guidelines for unvaccinated people, including children, are not changed at all,” he continued. “We are currently doing — ‘we’ being the federal government together in collaboration with the pharmaceutical companies — age de-escalation studies. Namely, looking at the safety and the immunogenicity of vaccines in children from 12 to nine years old and from nine to six and from six to two years old and then ultimately from six months to two years old. Those data will likely be available by the end of the year and then it will be up to the FDA to decide when they would make a recommendation that in fact this could be done in the sense of vaccinating children of that age.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines state, “If you are not fully vaccinated and aged 2 or older, you should wear a mask in indoor public places.” They also state, “People age 2 and older should wear masks in public settings and when around people who don’t live in their household.”​

  1. How long are you going drag this out Fauci? Every week it’s something new and different. We all know about the boy who cried wolf too many times. You are no boy but you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I hope we find out someday that this pandemic was caused by you and the lowlifes in DC. The gallows will be HUGE. Nuff’said.

      1. Arizona audit has proven that the democrats committed massive voter fraud. Every democrat in public office is now illegitimate

        Hang them all for treason

      1. I can’t stand lying cheats but I almost have to give Bill a pass, being married to that witch has to be a nightmare!

        1. he’s immune already with his chi-com serum so he can play out his scheme and get pay if he survive long enough from the self-inflicted poison vaccine.

      1. And it has actually cured every other cause of death so its actually a miracle! No deaths by any other cause anymore, get hit by a bus….covid, shot….covid, suicide….covid and it completely got rid of the flu!

      2. When they started with the wear a cloth mask….well I’m no dr or scientist but could understand that was complete bs!

    1. Well he has been the lead dr on a vaccine or cure for AIDS since 1980, so given his track record I’d say at least 40 more years! Guess working for the government means no time limit and no results!

  2. He is such a fraud. He wants to maintain his power. I can’t even thing of enough bad things to call him. Ranking him with an ex husband I would not walk across a street if he were on fire to spit on him.

      1. The Arizona audit has proven that the democrats committed massive voter fraud.

        All democrats are now illigetimately in office.

        Fauci is part of that illegitimate criminal clan

        1. Dr. Anthony Fauci. =. FRAUD
          FRAUD voids all contracts. Fire Fauci, and demand he return all the millions$$$ he was paid.

    1. C’mon man, don’t sugar-coat it, tell us what you really think of him. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be an Anthony Fauci.

  3. Pathetic Lying Bureaucrat piece of Obama (opps I meant to write Sh_t )
    We are a nation of fools …. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, …. really!!!
    God Help Us and God Bless America

  4. The only reason that he keeps getting interviewed by the lamestream media is that they know the mass media has all but lost its following. They wish to try to appear relevant and informative, so they bring along someone whom everyone already knows is just as worthless as the media is to try to inject a bit of controversy, drama, and conversation into a dead subject. In other words, they are trying to stir the pot and get some of the BS settled at the bottom to try to rise up once more.
    I hate to say it, CNN and newspaper fools, but your tricks just aren’t working. The smart and wise right-wingers have seen through your malarkey for far too long to be fooled today. The lefties are finally waking up to what we have known all along as evidenced by the fact that newspapers are dying even more than they have been for the past several years and CNN itself losing viewership repeatedly month after month. (What is their viewership now? Just high enough to match the number of their employees???) Give it up while you are only this much behind and save yourself further embarrassment. Quit the business or realize that you need to quit touting lies and deceit and start putting out real news so as to rejoin the industry of journalism: the delivery of unbiased fact regarding the newsworthy events of the day.

  5. How is this mask hoax still going on when Faucis own emails him and other “doctors ” discussed how masks do NOTHING they are all for show? When is this crap going to end?

  6. Have you ever tried to get a 3 year old to do anything for more than 5 minutes at a time? Besides the fact that as toddlers their auto immune system is working overtime to catch up with the world. Sounds like more Democrat smoke and mirrors like wearing a mask while you’re jogging in the park.

    1. Now we know how frustrating it must be for Jill Biden to try and stop Joe for more than five minutes, from saying all of the stupid crap that he says and does.

  7. The only thing I can figure is that Fauci must have bought a bunch of stock in a Communist Chinese Party Surgical Mask Company, to go along with his investments in the CCP Virus Lab.

  8. fauci is a QUACK, and a demo-communist and need to be fired and he need to have his mouth gagged and duct tape closed, feed him with a straw and do not tape over his nose, let him breath just have him J.S.T.F.U. tired of listening to his BULL ST LIES

    1. And where did this oaf go to school? Ronald McDonald University? Does he not know that viruses are so infinitesimally small that they can only be seen under an electron microscope?

      Here’s a newsflash for him: a porous mask will not stop the virus. It will go right through it. The adage is true: Wearing a mask to stop a virus is tantamount to erecting a chain link fence to keep out mosquitoes.

      These people are insipid.

      1. That is exactly what he said at the onset of the pandemic and said that masks only provided the wearer with a false sense of protection.
        During an Instagram interview, Matt McConaughey asked Fauci if he had millions invested in a vaccine. Fauci laughed. ” Matthew, no. I got zero! I’m a government worker. I have a government salary.” A salary of over $400,000/year.

  9. Fauci is a murder, I realize the criminal democrats are protecting the murderous fauci, but why is anyone listening to him

    Fsuci, Obama, biden, soros, and Dismal funded, planned, developed and released covid.

    Democrats are criminals committing treasonous voter fraud and murder

  10. Fauci is a POS, gluteus maximus, and gubment sycophant. This is all designed to oppress and suppress the world population. Big Brother is watching you.

  11. Fauci the troll knows zero- changes his tune daily about Covid controls- clueless. He should be swinging from the gallows. He’s a pathological liar and a snake! People need to wake up as he is the train conductor of the locomotive that is slowly rolling over those of us who don’t volunteer to get on the rail boxcars. Stop the madness!

  12. Fauci is a troll who needs to be thrown off a bridge. Liar and snake- clueless about following science.

  13. So all the emails where he admits masks do ZERO against the spreading the media ignores….thanks media, thanks corrupt politicians, there is a special placeinhell for all of you

  14. This has nothing to do with the manmade virus that fauci was involved in and gave millions for its development. It is about power and control. This is NOT communist China.

  15. Seems like most people I see wearing a mask are pulling them up constant or adjusting them so fit snug around their nose, so how does a mask supposed to keep you safe when people have spit saliva and snot on their masks and then get it on their hands, then they handle your food or your debit card with contaminated hands from adjusting their mask. Seems like a great way to pass Covid germs around or whatever sickness a person may have. Just sayin

  16. Fauci lost ALL credibility months ago. There is NO reason children should be forced to wear masks. That is what the science actually says!

  17. Comrad Fauci funneled money to Chinese lab. Fauci is a traitor. He refuses to talk about his role in the spread of the pandemic.

  18. Don’t believe in vaccines,and .I do believe they trying to manipulate people and make a socialism in this country and around the world,like CUBA and VENEZUELA

  19. There is a disease being spread by Fauci’s mouth. He needs to maxi glue that mouth shut. It’s for everyone’s good.

  20. Funny, isn’t it, how Fraudci ‘flip flops’ on this issue? A recent study published by the National Institute of Health (NIH) proves that face masks have been useless all along.  A Stanford University study, conducted by Stanford University’s Baruch Vainshelboim, who cited 67 scholars, doctors, scientists and a number of medical studies to support his scientific conclusions, has finally proven that face masks have absolutely zero chance of preventing the spread of the virus. You’d think this would be wildly reported by all those “trust the science” liberals in the mainstream media.  From the very beginning of the pandemic, politicians in both parties have looked for ways to take more power.  And if there were still any doubts left that the government’s response to COVID has been anything but a naked power-grab, this new scientific report puts those to rest. 

  21. They should send Dr.Fraud-chi to check on the ‘vaccination-status’ of all those hoes in NYC…instead of picking on kids to market his vaccines❗️

  22. dr faukci, i dare you to cross my black cat path. if you do you will be zapped without a trace to the unknown orbit in your fake world.you will be dunk into the Potomac river as did to the witch of Salem in1600. you have no credence to tell anyone how to survive.

  23. Someone shut this old fool up ! I can’t wait for America to realize that we ruined our country over a normal harmless flu ! Masks on kids is CHILD ABUSE

  24. Mr Fauci is a dishonest corrupt individual who should be in prison for a variety of crimes related to the creation of the COVID-19 virus in violation of US laws. And wearing the masks do not stop the spread of the virus or do anything real. This is a scam about controlling people. Remember, the seasonal flu is more deadly than the COVID-19 virus.

  25. The white House is void of leadership, the oval office has turned into an old man’s home, hey, let’s fly somewhere and get dome ice cream. Thank You Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas threatens to arrest the democrats who deserted their post, neglected their sworn duty, think we should return to the days of Judge Roy Beam who loved Texas, honored the law and it’s responsibilities, not like big mouth democrats who are only interested in self-indulgement of communism/socialism. Those who fled Texas never would never be the type to stand and fight like the hero’s of the Alamo. The hypocrite democrats want open borders in Texas, yet closed borders for Cubans, they won’t vote for communism, like the illegals, coming in from our southern border right. Time for change 2022 clear the house and senate of all democrats and get our Country back.

  26. What in the world are we trying to do to our children? Let them alone, if they get COVID, they will just self vaccinate, some thing called Herd Immunity. Unless the world is now turning in a new direction, children have almost no chance of dying because of COVID. The reports out of some Nations that vaccinate children indicate there is a greater risk for children by taking the vaccine.


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