Let’s Compare Biden and Trump’s First Six Months in the White House

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Today marks six months since President Biden was officially sworn into the White House. The geriatric senior ran on campaign promises of helping reunite America, restore the economy to pre-pandemic highs and be a moderate Democrat willing to work across the aisle. So far that’s proven to be nothing but malarkey. Let’s compare the first six months between President Biden and President Trump.

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  1. .There is no comparison, President Trump, is the first real President we have had since President Regan. This is a full communist we have in our White House now!

    1. I agree with you 100% that there is no comparison. The corrupt dementia imbecile Biden we now have in the White House ever since the day he was sworn into office this great Country has gone down the drain.

      Biden was Vice-President for 8 years when that other imbecile Obama was in office for 8 failed years and Obama was another loser who did nothing for this great Country. All Obama accomplished was put in a failed health care system called, “Obamacare” and most people who were on it said it was the worst health care plan they ever were on.

      Biden is still in bed with the Country of China and still making millions of dollars with illegal deals and other international criminal activities. Sooner or later it will catch up with him and I hope they arrest, prosecute him to the fullest extent of Federal law and convict and sentence him to life in a Federal maximum security prison for the rest of his worthless life.

      Just take a good look at what has been happening at our Southern Border ever since this Biden character has become U.S. President! Only a complete idiot and imbecile would have stopped all of the work on “The Wall” that U.S. President had started and was almost completed before he left office. The amounts of illegal drugs coming across our Southern Border now is at alarming levels and neither Biden or his sidekick “legs up in the air” Harris is doing anything about it. All Harris is good for is when she is on the news she laughs and snickers at everything like a Hyena.

      U.S. President Trump was the best U.S. President ever since we had U.S. President Ronald Reagan. The only cure and remedy to solve all of these problems and issues is to have U.S. President Trump run in 2024 and “Save America Again”…!

  2. Biden isn’t a communist, he’s just a money-grabbing idiot willing to sell out America to the communists.

    1. He is a stove, but he really is an empty suit paid for and by the deep state stand up in front of big tech and all the other lefty idiots who want socialist America in position to our founders values, and more importantly they’re ignoring the sacrifice and blood should by or brave men and women who fought and died protecting our precious freedoms!

  3. Trump is a shining star compared to many of the past presidents from 1960 to 2020 December
    after that 2021
    then crap came out faster than an edema

  4. So my advice to my fellow Republicans is this; as hard as it might be, just grin and bare it, for come Election Day in 2022, and especially the Presidential election in 2024, my fellow Patriots can sit and watch the Democrat’s power disappear, as they become irrelevant in any real way! I’m definitely a Trump man, but I believe that any Republican who wins the nomination can easily beat any candidate (Communist, Socialist, etc) put up by the Democratic Party! Just think of the fun we will have watching them fall!

    1. But always point out the real facts and real history, as well as the lies that are being promoted. Get people to think and be aware of what will happen to them in the end.

    2. Democrats would lose in a perfect world. But if they refine their deceptive cheating practices in time for the next election you may be promising the same thing in 2023. They could never win in a fair election. They’re going to have millions of new voters that they brought up through the southern border

  5. Trump could have done far more BUT damn battles with Dems, media & RINOs & “moles” hurt his first 6 months, otherwise on Mission day 1 vs Biden

  6. Biden has done nothing positive since he has been if office, all show and no go, his socialist push, is running our Country into the ground, who are the Biden’s loyal too? It’s not the American citizen, think Biden’s get their orders, from China/Russia, they certainly got their money from them, want more proof check Hunter’s computer or ask any Cuban. The border is not in crisis, Hunter art is not more pay to play corruption, the illegals and democrats are not spreading the virus.What a great contribution to our society has a sitting US Senator, worth every penny that is is getting paid, what can I say idle mind is the devils workshop? are the entire Biden family just natural born liars? or is it just democrats across the board? The “battle cry” for the past year and longer “DEFUND THE POLICE” now they act like they really did not say it or do it. Guess Biden got a phone call from Russia an China telling him not to help the Cubans. This guy won the election? don’t think so, not sure what statement is more dangerous, no crisis on the southern border, my son Hunters art is not more corruption, the democrats an illegals are not spreading the virus.

  7. Biden’s a real bad joke, sad we put up with all the cheating and except that, we are as bad as he is, truth hurts to the bone, well, we can’t say we didn’t know, reap what we sow.

  8. Mr Biden should NEVER be referred to as President, even if the vote fraud had not occurred. Kamala Harris is not a natural born citizen of the US, and based upon what is known about her birth conditions is not even a US citizen, unless she was naturalized. Amendment 12 involves the election of the President and Vice-President as a team, and requires the Vice-President to meet the requirements of being President. Kamala Harris invalidates their selection.

  9. We need to shut down Facebook and Google. Everyone reading this, start to use Duck Duck Go instead of Google. They do not track you, do not sell your info to everyone on the planet willing to pay for it, and for God’s sake, stay away from Facebook. These two entities are forcing Fortune 500 companies to go along with the Woke crap, and if they don’t, will get cancelled through rankings when searched, costing them millions. They have to be restructured, broken up like the baby bells, and scrutinized constantly. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Need to reign in Amazon as well and break it up as well.

  10. I find Biden to be one of the most corrupt, arrogant, polorized, nasty person I have ever seen in any form of political life. I would believe he has no influences with policy, and when he speaks, it is directly from his handlers. I would love to find out where the money is coming from Biden.


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