Rep. Swalwell Spent Big Campaign Bucks On Booze, Limos And Luxury Hotels

JD Lasica from Pleasanton, CA, US, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell spent more than half a million in campaign funds in a single quarter, and big ticket items included pricey restaurants, limos, and liquor. 

Despite not being an election year, the Swalwell For Congress campaign reported $513,842.96 in expenses to the Federal Election Commission for the second quarter of 2021.  

Swalwell spent over $26,000 on high-end hotels, with six different transactions in April totaling $21,200.75 dropped at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, California, where his wife Brittney was the director of sales for four years. 

The House Intelligence committee member ate his way through more than $7,000 of fine dining at Charlie Palmer’s steakhouse in Washington D.C., STK Steakhouse in New York City, and The Battery in San Francisco, and paid over $16,000 for catering during the three month period. 

Swalwell also has a penchant for spending campaign dollars on booze. He rang up more than a grand on seven separate transactions at Capitol Hill Wine & Spirits and over $550 on the alcohol delivery service Drizly. He also spent nearly $3,300 on “catering” from a California Vineyard in June.

The Homeland Security Committee member likes to drive around in style, he spent more than $10k on limousines and luxury car services.  

Swalwell enraged critics earlier in the month when he was spotted riding a camel shirtless with fellow democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego, while on a trip with his wife and three other House members in Qatar. The trip’s enormous $84,621.59 cost was entirely covered by the US-Qatar Business Council.

“It brings up the question of what are we electing these people to do?” Project on Government Oversight government-affairs manager Dylan Hedtler-Gaudette remarked. “It is probably not in the mind of the average person who casts a ballot that their representative will spend their time in Miami or LA or New York, schmoozing with national activist and donor types.”

  1. And sleeping around with Fang Fang on taxpayer $$’s. Californians – get rid of this guy.

    1. It’s hard to get rid of a slug that’s Nancy Pelosi’s prat boy.. Super intelligent he’s not. She keeps him in the Intelligence Committee as ‘in you face’ to President Trump because Swalwell was so virulent and loud in his contempt for the president and got a lot of liberal air time on liberal stations to do it. It would be nice to see him tossed out of the Intelligence committee and fined for his greed but it won’t happen. Not till till the electorate on both sides wise up to the liberal agenda. However if the Republicans get their act together, get rid of the RINO’s and and make sure the 2022 is not compromised we might make some headway.

    2. This creep is only one of the many corrupt California politicians! They need to do a total sweep and start all over again to clean out the sewer much of the State has dropped into these past few years.

    1. An old military associate of mind had a saying, “Another walking, talking, turd with eyes. God Save the Republic.

  2. Swalwell doesn’t need to be “UNELECTED”………He needs to be imprisoned. He should go to jail for this level of negligence.


    Cali is my birth state and I have watched these “USERS & ABUSER DEMONRATS” physically destroy that state! I no longer live there because soon Cali will not be recoverable, but destroyed. Swalwell’s favorite T shirt says “What Me Worry?”

    #2). SWINE SWALWELL ID A DEMONIC DEMONRAT…period. That group of people have become the most evil driven, ignoramouses in our Nation! Not only do they spend money like an eighth grader with their first allowance, but those expenditures are ALWAYS A FORM OF COMFORT AND PHYSICAL PLEASURE FOR THEMSELVES! They never spend $$ to make anyone needing help get the help they need! Dems are big talkers (actually “ConMen”) who promise everything then forget their promises…look at the Black Race who has been repeatedly promised the moon and conveniently forgotten that promise. Blacks are just tools to be used.

    But in SWINE SWALWELL’s case, how can he look at the millions of homeless camping everywhere in Cali asking for handouts, etc. OR all the illegals standing in huge numbers on the corners trying to figure out how to get food and lodging? OR here’s the BIGGEST SLAP IN SWALWELL and NEWSOME’s UGLY FACES: the number of Native Californians leaving Cali to live someplace else has risen so high that Calif lost a House Seat population wise — and the EXODUS keeps flowing!

    Cali’s government is a CANCER GROWING faster and faster. It needs to be chemoed and annihilated with a fresh start over after removing the cancer spreaders like Swalwell! If not, California is dead…

    1. We dislike it when ALL Californians are dumped in the DEMs swamp. Th Cali shore is blue. The rest of Cali is RED. We are now trying to unseat the dictator Newsom. That is for starters.

  4. Ok those controlling us have many powerful communist amongst them, they created open borders on purpose to get millions here on welfare to vote democrat, thus they gave up our sovereignty for open borders. They before our eyes rigged the elections, and now they force upon innocent children communist indoctrination without our consent, they sold us out to our enemies who control the United Nations. The squad openly speaks of treasonous acts against our people. Turned cowardly top brass, now running our military with forced Marxist indoctrination. Look they made rigged elections an accepted norm. Democrats say voter ID is suppression of votes of minorities, which defies common sense. There is nothing we can do why? The most criminalized legal agency on earth, the Obama created Dept of Injustices illegally arrest enemies of the illegal government, while protecting enemies of the republic hidden their favored party. The people no longer trust them if seeking justice, since Obama made them a personal weapon for a one party system. Our real heroes in state, county, city, and municipal law enforcement who were defunded and shamed, plus betrayed by the same leftest now running America. Look even if they allowed us fair elections again, the same cancer hiding with in the federal cabinet agencies will remain as sleeper cells. The entire federal branch despite who is president, is like a broken toilet that must be flushed out legally. If we even can expect to have an honest legal government to protect our constitution, ( not say they do then violate it),and serve the citizens. The DOJ and FBI must become honest again, win our love and respect again, protect us again, so the pure evil that rules today cannot never return again.

  5. He is a member of THE UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPERESENTATIVES. The UNITED STATES. Not of just California. So why shouldn’t WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO SUE THESE CROOKS They have stolen our money from us, scandalized their office, their offices have been infiltrated by foreign spies, dirty deals behind closed doors, and dereliction of duty and probably 101 other crimes. When you have so many crooks in Washington, they sure as hell are not going to do anything, why can’t we, the people who pay for all their pleasures, sue them for above charges. Is this what we pay our taxes for So they can have expensive dinners treating 10 or more of their best friends, Riding in chauffer driven cars, expensive wines and cigars and Ladies of the evening or Men of the night. Yes, Swalwell is laughing at us, knowing that there is nothing we can do about it. When do we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! .

  6. These politicians think that hard working tax payers dollars are their personal SLUSH FUND…BS on them

  7. This man and people like him are the ones ruining our country. Lord please remove these people from our midst.


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