‘Sorry If That Doesn’t Fit Your Favorite Narrative’ Liberal Reporter Sides with Sen. Paul Over Fauci

Michael Fleischhacker, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Fans of Dr. Fauci are dropping like flies as more and more information about COVID-19 and its origin becomes public knowledge. Even Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin is siding with Sen. Rand Paul over the expert virologist who’s repeatedly been wrong about responding to the virus.

After Dr. Fauci and Sen. Paul had another heated exchange over allegations NIH helped fund dangerous gain-of-function research with the Wuhan Institute WaPo’s Josh Rogin took to Twitter to clear some things up.

Fox News reports:

In May, in response to the Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman, an NIAID spokesman adamantly denied again that the agency had funded gain-of-function but also acknowledged it wasn’t sure what the Wuhan Institute of Virology was up to at all times.

“WIV is a Chinese institution which we assume has multiple sources of funding,” the spokesman said. “It is impossible for us to be aware of nor can we account for all of their activities. We anticipate that those activities will be further investigated as stated by [the World Health Organization]. We can only speak to our relationship with them. As stated, at no time did NIAID fund gain-of-function research to be conducted at WIV.”

Rogin blasted science journalists and other media members in May for their about-face on the lab-leak theory in the past few months, saying they were engaging in “bulls–t naval-gazing.”

In an appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast in April, Rogin said Fauci may have reinstated gain-of-function research after the Obama administration put a pause on the risky research in 2014. Rogin also reported on U.S. State Department cables in 2018 raising security concerns about the Wuhan lab.

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Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has tried to tiptoe around allegations NIH gave any money to fund gain-of-function research in Wuhan by twisting the definition.

  1. Bring charges to Fauci he knew more about this pandemic an was not honest to America people of what he knew.

    1. Hasn’t been honest from day one, and continues to spread his untruths. Talk about “misinformation” the liberals like to throw around so much? Falsey invented it!! 🙁

  2. When “Gain of Function” research is enacted, on a disease, what is the function that is trying to be gained? Usually a gain of function is in the direction of a better use, a wider use,or an added out come, for the better.
    Sure seems like the only Function gained was a broader use of a bio-weapon.

    1. Why do they need to create dangerous viruses PERIOD, (these bioweapons used on innocent people?) Its all about population control. Don’t be surprised if there isn’t more dangerous viruses unleashed as population control on the world.

    2. They were researching the virus in the US and they moved it to Wuhan and Fauci was involved from the start.
      Money was sent to Wuhan during the Obama admin and Hillary was aware of the danger. Part of the reason to hide emails on the server.

  3. Fauci is hiding no doubt it by not admitting funding and trying to redefine Gain of Function research but he and his cohorts are hiding more than just that, it involves a lot of powerful people, pharmaceutical companies, agencies, political people. This is just one thing but it is more devious than this. Is it conspiracy, it definitely is and it’s not theoretical and can’t be shamed. Imagine these profiting by it, determined to rid a President with a narrative of blame and fault, in order to gain power. They are sick and to the regular American citizens that became victims, it means nothing to them.

    1. not to mention the lies that hydroxycholiquine & ivermectin don’t work as a treatment (horse chips) so big pharma & those invested like Gates ,Faucci and other could make millions $$$ and expierimental biological agent that my family will Never take.

  4. Fauci is a piece of shit should be shot for treason but look 👀 at all the Demashits who get away with murder and nothing happens to them I’m fed up an hope and pray 🙏 that the Lord comes back very soon Amen

  5. Fauci is as trustworthy as a rat in your pantry! He has made some really bad and ignorant moves that have cost millions of people all around this earth to die. THAT is on his shoulders BIG TIME!

    Don’t you think that all the Nations who have mega numbers of Covid deaths due to Fauci’s funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology, should decide the fate of Fauci? Yes! He screwed all the countries — not just the U.S. — and all the countries must be allowed to demand his fate!

    My guess — it’s not going to be pretty what happens to that scumbag, but he did this to himself!

    If nothing highly detrimental to his life happens, I’m sure the multiple millions of Covid dead people’s Spirits will be seeking ole Fauci’s nightmares and day dreams until he finally goes insane…

  6. The Big question is WHY has he not been charged…. We all know by now if your not living under rock that this fool is responsible for this covid shit… We all know by now the black rock and one other own everything along with the people we faces we Soros Punji of google Bill gates the Rockefellers Rothchild’s big cooperation’s wall mart amazon and are working to destroy this country and enslave the dam world why is no one doing any dam thing

    1. Why? Because all the vacuous Democrats and their supporters are complicit and working hand-in-hand with him in order to alter elections and gain total control and power over us!! 🙁

  7. Dr.Fraudci is a lying, liberal,traitor, he told us about a virus, that Trump would have to deal with months before anyone knew about it. He is a fraudster that belongs locked up.

    1. That prophesy Falsey made should have set off all sort of alarms at the time he made it! At this point, he thinks he’s untouchable — and as long as the Democrats are in control, he likely will be. Just as they are all. 🙁

  8. Why do we need to “invent” a virus when enough naturally occur and harm us. Do we have any idea what all they attached to this coronavirus that may haunt us for decades?
    So far we have four new variants: Alpha first detected in the UK in December of 2020, Beta found in South Africa also in December of 2020, Gamma identified in traveler from Brazil and now, Delta identified in December 2020 but found in the US in March 2021.
    What little surprises may be lurking in the Wuhan virus that we have yet to discover?

  9. Fauci knew what he was doing. He’s up to his neck in this. Liar, liar pants on fire. The truth will come out. It always does. More scumbags. If you start this mask B sht I will not wear one.

    1. I’m with you there, George! I’ve been making choices for myself and my two kids (as a single Mom) for many decades. And I certainly don’t need people with no common sense or rational thinking abilities telling me how to manage my life at this point!! The State of Virginia where I live, in which the Democrats and liberalism/socialism reign right now very sad to say, has ordered school districts to create and implement masking mandates for kids returning to school in the fall!! So are just not going to let it be over. After all, we have another important election coming up at the end of the year!! 🙁

  10. But we all knew it and yet our media sat around protecting this guy and bashing Trump for 12 months, that is why the media is considered the enemy of the people, they shouldn’t be but they are because this is how they perform their jobs!

  11. Mr Falsey hasn’t told the truth about this panicdemic from the first time he stepped into that limelight he lusts after so much, to look down his nose at his minions! And he, and those “willfully blind” people who bow down to him are doing all they can to drag it out and maintain control of us! And they are responsible for all the destruction that has resulted from it. Like most other liberals, he would need to use a dictionary to even know the meaning of the word, truth. Even then, as they all do, he would toss it aside and say — for thee, not for me!! Time for them all to pay the price for their evil doings. 🙁

  12. Demo crap lackey was funding the virus research as part of their many Pronged election cheating scheme. He said in 2017, somewhat gleefully, that Trump would face a pandemic before his term was over. Hmmmmm. What a sorry excuse for a man.

  13. Man made paid for with our money to bring America down to its knees plain and simple now a new virus from China and the ppl in China don’t even have it maybe 60 of them in the whole city of millions. Explain that will ya. It’s them it’s us ppl and their is a lot more of us. Use your vote to rid these satanistic ppl


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