These Pro-Impeachment Republicans Out-raised Their MAGA Challengers

Michael Vadon via Wikimedia Commons

Several House Republicans who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump for fueling false election claims, ultimately leading to the Capitol riot, are outraising their primary challengers.


Bottom line: these MAGA candidates haven’t done as well in the money game. Though cash isn’t necessarily the end-all in congressional races—money does enable campaigns to reach voters. 


To be sure, many, if not most, of these Republican incumbents likely face an uphill battle, but that doesn’t mean they’re weak candidates. Here are the pro-impeachment House Republicans whose fundraising hauls might surprise you.

  1. Ahhhh Ha… I would like to know where and who sent those vile RINO’s that money?
    You can bet it wasn’t grass root donations…

    1. Soros probably did….he, or someone who works for him, is promoting the fact that he just gave 1 million to a racist group

      1. Why is a thug like Soros allowed to exist on American soil. The other half of his citizenship won’t allow him to meddle in their politics. This Hungarian Jew is a menace to the world. He climbed over the dead bodies of his family after he exposed them to the Nazis and worked for the Reich cataloging treasures stolen from Jewish families who were sent to the camps.

      1. Soros being #1….front page of has an article boasting about him giving a million…

  2. You state “false election claims” as if these claims of fraud and crimes were not true. In my opinion, which appears to be different than yours, President Trump’s claims may very well be proven true even more than they have been. You also state that these claims from Trump lead to the Capitol riot. I disagree again. We all heard his words and entering the capitol building was not there. Expounding on that – the few who did enter were mostly waved in by Capitol Police or not stopped in any way. Those who misbehaved were arrested and charged, unlike BLM and Antifa rioters. The ONLY dead person was an unarmed Veteran protester who was murdered by a Capitol Policeman who the Democrats refuse to name, let alone charge. I’m afraid you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing by the words you choose. Luckily we are both in the U.S.A. and allowed to speak or write our opinions – so far.

    1. Exactly!
      Democrats and rinos are more corrupt than ever!
      Trump won and it’s going to be great when we see the results of all this.

    2. Jan, the Chief of the Capitol Police was Steven Sund who resigned after the Jan. 6th incident. Also Paul Irving was the former sergeant-at-arms who resigned at the same time.whom it is said, was informed by Nancy Pelosi NOT to allow in the Nat’l Guard when they KNEW that some bad boys from BLM and ANTIFA would be there, because it would ‘look bad’!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, a lot of people who attended the Trump Rally, most of whom were good American citizens have been sitting in jails..and isolated!!! Why isolated???

  3. Sold out Establishment Elite RINOs outraising Grass Root Patriots, what a surprise?
    Give your money and support to MAGA candidates not the GOPe.

  4. Who, will show up for Hunter’s meeting on his art ? Mexican cartel representatives? Chinese fentanyl warlord representatives? anyone seeking political influence, an in general any one of the many pay to play buyers. All keep in secret because Hunter is above our Country’s laws as is his father. Biden’s idea of Nation security use the DOJ as a political arm of the democrat party. The Biden crime family has managed to have criminals avoid bail, avoid petty thief prosecution, like Hunter avoid federal arrest for lying on federal gun applications, attack the legal gun ownership Keep our southern borders open in violation of our Country laws. Biden crime family profits again..

    1. That these crooks from the Biden Crime Family are even allowed room in my white House is an abomination. Has the whole Democratic party become a Marxist tool? Only in Marxist, Communist and socialist countries has the law been displaced by in your face criminality. Are there any Americans on any side of the isle that look on this blatant art escapade as legal, moral or ethical?

    2. No one will show up for that meeting. It will all be purchased under the table. The money will go to the Biden Crime Family and the sales information will be destroyed along with Hunters scribbles.
      How long does it take for spit on canvas to deteriorate after its funneled through a drug contaminated nose? I’m sure spit, through a straw on canvas doesn’t have a long shelf life. .

  5. liz chaney, she is in office cause of her dad, hahahahah you are outa there even with the dirty money you are receiving we will be watching and counting every vote to make sure you are Gone

  6. But WHERE is the money coming from? It doesn’t matter if the money is all coming from out of State because only the people who live there can actually vote!!! So I would rather have small donation from all my constituents than have big donations from people across the country! It’s probably coming from the likes of George Soros (BOOO!).

  7. Liz Cheney could be collecting half of Bezos’ fortune and it wouldn’t matter. She will never be reelected to congress.

  8. I really don’t think that it’s going to be a big deal about these RINOS raising more money than the real Conservatives- Republicans . Hell we KNOW WHO THESE RINOS ARE AND WE DAMN SURE WONT VOTE FOR THEM IN THE PRIMARIES !!!!!!!

  9. What’s up with all the ” no evidence of election fraud” bs? There’s plenty of evidence of fraud. Look at the evidence coming from the audits in Maricopa County, AZ and Fulton County, GA

    1. Also, the signed affidavits, that no one would even look at. It is part of the conversation that “we don’t have evidence”. Well its because you didn’ look for it. I listened to hours of people testifying of what they say and how they were treated at these polling places, even the courts wimped out

  10. They can get tons of money, but what counts are the votes. People aren’t stupid…they see what is happening with these RINOS!

  11. I don’t vote based on campaign contributions. I vote on actions and they can’t hide their Rino actions.

  12. 133 million registered USA voters and over 155 million votes. Obvious fraudulent votes with over 100% voting. Even the best presidential voting years were 66% of total registered voters. The voting stopped for two hours so the corrupt Globalist Democrats could cheat with fraudulent votes. This should be treason and all who participated should be prosecuted and convicted for the maximum punishment. These corrupt Nazis are fighting for their lives and obviously fighting against the best interest of the USA citizens.

  13. Don’t believe nothing unless you hear it right from trump’s mouth. Anything demonRATS say are nothing but lies. That’s there mo and to send fear to the AMERICAN TAXPAYING PATRIOTS. DON’T GET INTIMIDATED BY THE RAT’S LIES.

  14. Campaign money is for their bank account, if you Republicans don’t wake up and smell the roses and stop being Mr. & Mrs Santa Clause, you will lose again, you have to be just as crooked as the Dems, that’s what they know, HOW TO BE CROOKED. It’s best you start playing their games also.

  15. Are these the RINOs that Kevin McCarthy sponsored fundraisers for? What does that say about McCarthy and his possible performance for Trump as House Speaker if election laws are successful in achieving corruption-free elections?

  16. who cares if they out raised MAGA supporters or not….what happens in 2022, 2024 election will be the deciding factor….

    1. Soros probably did….he or someone who works for him is promoting the fact that he just gave 1 million to a racist group

  17. Soros, Clinton, Obuma & ELITIST Liberal Hoolywooders & Democrap Party, Big Media. They have to WIN by Hook or By Crook.

  18. This is the cancer eating away at the GOP. You do NOT have a united front, nor will you have one, as long as “non-conservatives” are receiving large donations from mysterious sources. The flip-side of your problem is an adherence to a personality cult, rather than a “cult of values” based on our founding documents. The first group is willing to sell its’ collective soul, just to get re-elected and keep returning to D.C. (hopefully as a minority party so they will not actually have to rule) and the second group is willing to burn the house down to support their guy – not exactly a helpful position to maintain when looking to re-assert control and attempt to save our country. After 50 yrs., I can no longer support the GOP or its’ candidates. Good Luck — you’ll need lots of it!

  19. They also get money from the RNC. Only donate specifically to your intended person of choice. Don’t be fooled to donate to the DNC

  20. from Ted, Sorry. I meant RNC. Don’t be fooled into donating to the RNC. It is where the RINOS get a good chunk of their money.

  21. democRATs may contribute to a RINO but democRATs cannot vote in a Republican primary. democRATs CAN vote for a RINO in the general election. democRATs voting for a RINO is more powerful than a democRAT voting for a democRAT. .

  22. One of the RINOS (Lisa murkowski) owes her election to democrats, fake news media and suspicious campaigning.
    She lost the first time and was persuaded by shady circumstances to run as a write-in which she won.

  23. Doesn’t matter how much money they raise. They will lose their primaries. Republicans won’t vote for anyone who voted to impeach Trump.

    1. I agree with you 100%. I have been saying for years we needed a Brilliant Business Man or Woman to run this country. I was right, President Donald J. Trump blew it out of the park. The only way to stop this madness is for Term Limits. Check out Convention of States. They have been working on Term limits for years. They have 16 States that are on board and need 2/3 of the States to place an Amendment to the Constitution for Term limits. it is our only chance. Pass this on!!!!

  24. Soros , Obama Clinton Oprah Bahar and many more sent money to these stupid , dumb-a Republicans.. That’s Ok Everytime they pull this crap they lose and thank God they waste their F-king money on Stupidity

  25. But the reason they may have outraised their MAGA challengers, is they are getting money from outsiders and “establishment” Republicans! Not real voters!!!

  26. I fear we are hovering very close to the event horizon of a civil war. Just like in Ancient Rome, the Republic has a limited lifetime. Here comes the dictatorship of which they falsely accused Mr. Trump. It is supported by the unholy alliance of Mega Government, Technocracy and complicit propagandic Media.

  27. More than likely it was the liberal/progressives anti-American socialist/communist Dems, lying fake news media, those in big tech, Soros and all those who are out to destroy the United States and take away the rights and freedoms of the American people who contributed to the RINOS. Just as clearly these RINOS are the puppets of the socialist/communist anti-American treasonous Democrats. They jump when they’re told to jump by the Democrats, do everything the Democrats tell them to do regardless of how detrimental it is to the United States and the American people and continuously betray their constituents, the US and the American people because that’s all they do with no conscience at all.

  28. They get their money from dirtbags with the same blood on their hands As them! They will not rule over us, God has a different plan and is not on their side!


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