Carl Bernstein Calls Trump an ‘American War Criminal’

President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at an "An Address to Young Americans" event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

Investigative journalist and CNN political commentator Carl Bernstein called Trump a “war criminal” to CNN’s Brian Stelter. The characterization was enough to even shock the anti-Trump media figure who asked Bernstein to clarify his remark.

According to Townhall:

“I think we need to calmly step back and maybe look at Trump in a different context. He is America’s — our own American war criminal of a kind we’ve never experienced before,” Bernstein said.

“You just said war criminal. What do you mean, war criminal?” Stelter asked.

“I did. Well, in international law, there had been, quote, crimes against humanity. I think what we’re talking about, Trump’s crimes as an American war criminal, in his own country, that he has perpetrated upon our people, including the tens of thousands of people who died because of his homicidal negligence in the pandemic, putting his own electoral interests above the health of our people as they were slaughtered in this pandemic,” Bernstein replied.

“Looking at his actions in terms of fomenting a coup to hold onto office in which the head of the American military, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has now compared Trump — not the press, not reporters comparing Trump to Hitler, but rather the head of the American military comparing him and his movement to brown shirts, to the Reichstag fire,” he continued.

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  1. Where does CNN find these idiots? I just want to say to him “Do you hear yourself when you talk?” Because they sound so moronic it is pathetic.

    1. you idiots the support Trump are the idiots. Trump’s arrogance and incompetence KILLED 607,000 Americans when he completely ignored Covid19.

      1. AND puppet president biden is on his way to allowing a MILLION ILLEGALS into our Country this year. President Trump got the vaccine to the population in about six months – A RECORD!

      2. And, currently Bidden is infecting us with China Virus cases from south of the border to the tune of thousands a day. Un-vaccinated and COVID postive Illegal aliens by the thousands per day.

  2. Bernstein. Somebody should put you out to pasture. He listened to Liar Fauci. The Dems governor’s did their best make Trump look bad with their insane response to the pandemic. If anyone is a war criminal it’s them. And don’t even get me started on the Dems in the House and Senate. Ps Carl. The Chinese unleashed the pandemic on the world. Just go home and shut up you old fool. Go hang out with O’Biden. Between the two of you is not even one half assed brain. Nuff’said.

  3. You’ve got to be kidding. Where does this shit come from. What asshole sits at his or her desk an thinks up this nonsense.

    1. The A-holes who accepted ,monmey from Zuckerburg, Soros or from the PRC those are wrters who make this stuff up

  4. this from a-man who had one story in his career.His partner had the good sense to fade away. I guess this is his best effort to say relevant to slim like CNN.

  5. Bernstein and Woodward have shown themselves over time to be insufferable leftist activist dummy hacks who would not know the truth if it hit them over the head. Now, ask yourself, what really did Nixon do wrong? Don’t say obstruction of justice (which Nixon denied) without saying how. Then ask yourself: were Bernstein and Woodward good guys back then? Nooooo.

    1. Now we know the Nixon thing was a setup. We no longer believe he was a criminal or guilty. Damned DNC.

  6. definitely unhinged and should be called out by his colleagues…but that won’t happen because they are too cowardly…I guess the American people cannot read or think for themselves and are therefore dependent on a president (who like the rest of his cabinet, colleagues, etc., were all not sure what was happening for a time, including fakey fauci) for all of their issues. and, even though at this point I don’t agree that the vaccine is the only answer, he did come up with a plan to get it out immediately. unfortunately, biden and his people messed that up-along with letting thousands of covid positive immigrants cross our border and go to cities and towns across America! Now that is criminal!!

    1. Biden should leave the White House while he is able to walk away. This man is a disgrace to our Country along with almost all the democrats in Congress and the Senate. How can our Country allow Ilhan Omar to be in Congress. She lied to get into our Country and shouldn’t be going into congress with her do-Rag on her head. She is anti-Israeli and had transferred almot $1,000,000 from her campaign money to her husband in the form of a Consultation fee. I just by chance happened to hear on Radio the S.C. Public Radio station Said that President Trump had incited rioters when he sent in Federal Troops to protect the Federal Buildings from the Rioting and Burning by those supposedly peaceful demonstrators who have bee rioting for 80 days prior to his sending in the troops.

  7. Carl Bernstein is a demoncrat who will never accept a Republican in office. President Trump bent over backwards during the pandemic to get us through the crisis. Look at how he helped Cuomo, especially with all his demands. Trump provided hospital beds, a hospital ship, ventilators, etc. Cuomo was grateful then…until the pandemic subsided and he remembered he had to hate Trump!! And as far as silly Milley is concerned, he hates Trump. Too bad people don’t see all the good Trump did for this nation. Look at it now…opening the border to illegal aliens with Covid, fentanyl, MS-13. Putting us further and further into debt. Causing a rise in inflation. Wow, these Dims really know how to screw up a country!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Carl, never had a brain, Berstein, not a has been, actually a never was. I would accuse him of trying to remain relevant but that would assume he once was.

  9. Bernstein has lost his marbles. Now he sees Trump as a what” A Nazi, A Communist? Is he delusional? Is he attempting to recreate his days of glory when he helped take down Richard Nixon over what was a misdemeanor by today’s standards, except where Trump is concerned?   I noticed he never said a word about the goings on of either of the Clintons, Bill’s dalliance with anything in skirts, Hillary’s Benghazi statements or white washed servers. Obama’s  apology tour and his affordable care act that people need subsidies to afford, or the mindless babble that flows from Joe Biden.
    Carl, Hang up your typewriter or whatever you use currently; You’ve had your 15 minutes of shame. 

  10. Wow, time for this guy to be put out to pasture. Is he suggesting that Trump is also responsible for the millions of Covid deaths worldwide too? Sorry Carl, if anyone should be tried and convicted of war crimes for foisting the Wuhan virus on the WORLD it’s Xi Jinping. What a nasty vindictive fool Bernstein has proved himself to be. Maybe Trump should get the Nobel prize for orchestrating Operation Warp Speed that produced a vaccine in record time that has tamed the virus and saved millions of lives.

  11. I cannot believe how hypocritical these Demoncrats are! They’re pointing fingers at everyone, and have three pointing back at thenmselves. War Criminal? What the Hale is this psycho talking about? It makes no sense, but we all know that Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. DNC has, as their platform, Abortion on Demand! If they were the CCP they’d have forced Abortions. Time to take to the streets and show them a real PROTEST!

  12. This article is hilarious. The headline should be; “Mr. Magoo tells Humpty Dumpty another story.”

  13. Bernstein seems to be confusing Trump with the Genocides created by the Governors or Michigan and New York, and Biden’s DOJ aiding the murderers by refusing to investigate the Crimes behind the unnecessary deaths and that the Governors deliberately placed the victims in harms way

  14. What is that old piece of trash talking about? Without Trump we wouldn’t even have a vaccine. What a donkey.

  15. Mr careless brainless imbecile is a dumb ass idiot like the rest of the devils spawn. When it comes down to it really ppl it’s Satan against God and all we have to do is pray from your heart. Then and only than will they take care of themselves.

  16. A washed up old has been, who couldn’t get a lob on a high school news paper, used by Dems to take down a Republican President and his associates 50 years ago and that was his only real journalistic accomplishment. And he is on a network which is beaten in the ratings by 50’s and 60’s cartoon reruns on Boomerang.

  17. Bernstein is still trying to be relevant. He’s always been a leftist reporter who lies and his only claim to fame is destroying another Republican president. Trump is a better man than Bernstein could ever hope to be.

  18. Where did this old white head come from, maybe from the bottom of Iraq. He reminds me of a man call Biden, cannot remember what he had for breakfast. Carl Bernstein, go and stand in line with the rest of the idiots like SHAKY Nancy Pelosi and GOGGLE EYES Ocasio-Cortez. You will fit in place with them and all the other idiots who thinks that the best President America ever had is a war criminal. Eat your heart out you OLD WHITE HEAD GOAT.

  19. And this senile old fool calls TRUMP a war criminal? Does he know who’s in the White House today? Biden has made the White House the Shite House.

  20. Bernstein spoke the TRUTH. Trumptards are too stupid to believe the truth. Trump is directly responsible for Jan 6th insurrection and the deaths of 607,000 American DEATHS due to his arrogance and incompetence in handling Covid.

  21. Bernstein lucked into a story once and has been a BS shoveler ever since. His mention of a general citing the Reichstag fire to use against President Trump repeated a reversal of the correct analogy. Jan. 6 has been used by Trump’s opponents as its Reichstag fire, just as the original was used in Germany against communists.

  22. The only thing Trump did that was a problem was to let Fauci anywhere near this CCP Virus episode. Fauci just needed to go to jail for actually bring part and parcel of the creation of that birus.

  23. ANOTHER EXAMPLE: Of how these people are COMPLETELY disconnected from reality. If I were still in debate class in college, and given the lefts podium, I couldn’t have presented this argument and still kept from laughing hysterically. LOL…LOL

  24. Bernstein is scheduled for INCINERATION IN HELL for his actions! Well deserved by the way!!! Just in case you haven’t figured it out – he’s a LIAR, just like every other LIEberal!!

  25. WOW…! you would think (by now) the morons of the communist (democrat) lunatic “party” would have run out of idiots.

  26. Then he must think my governor Mario Cuomo is an American Hero for dispatching 14,000 elderly to their deaths!

  27. Carl Bernstein is a first class corrupt so called journalist. Just give the “washed up” 2 bit hack a paycheck, and he will say ANYTHING you want. His middleman is scumbag_

  28. Wow! Take a few steps back, Carl and look at what dear, darling president biden is doing at our border! Opened the floodgates to cartels, criminals coming across the border and not only allowed free passage, but are transported around the country by government planes surreptitiously. They are dropped off in various – mostly blue – states without any notification to those states. ‘sAnd a high percentage of them have been tested at the border and found to be sick with Covid. Now let’s Talk about a War Criminal! This puppet president is ignoring our Federal immigration laws, laws he swore to uphold on January 20! IMPEACH NOW

  29. If only the media would not have demonized Hydroxychloroquine, almost half of those who died of COVID could have been saved.

  30. dude, your just another paid off idiot. The brown shits are antifa, the killers in the cover hoax is the dems that released the virus and of course the obvious dem governors that put sick people in nursing homes (you know NY, Michigan, New Jersy, etc.) and then of course you as an pobvious liar. You all need to be treated just like the nazi war criminals and hung. Can I watch please, hell let me be the hanger… you are a waste of air and dumber than a rock, oh sorry to rocks as I hate to compare this waste of breath and worthless what ever to a rock that does have a purpose.


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