Gavin Newsom Hurls Unhinged Insults at Unvaccinated Americans

Charlie Nguyen from Berkeley, CA, United States of America [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

California Governor Gavin Newsom likened unvaccinated people to drunk drivers during his announcement that any health care and state workers who haven’t received the jab will be required to submit to regular COVID-19 testing.

‘You don’t have a choice to go out and drink and drive and put everybody else’s lives at risk. That’s the equivalent of this moment with the deadliness & efficiency of the Delta variant,’ he said at a Monday press conference.

State employees who decline to get vaccinated will be forced to get a coronavirus test once a week, while healthcare workers will be required to get tested twice a week. The deadline to submit proof of vaccination for state employees is August 2, while healthcare workers have until August 23.

“As the state’s largest employer, we are leading by example and requiring all state and health care workers to show proof of vaccination or be tested regularly, and we are encouraging local governments and businesses to do the same,” Newsom commented.

The first-in-the-nation mandate will affect 238,000 state employees, and around 1.7 million healthcare workers based on total healthcare employment records from May 2020.

“Vaccines are safe – they protect our family, those who truly can’t get vaccinated, our children and our economy,” he continued. “Vaccines are the way we end this pandemic.”

While speaking to MSNBC about the new mandate, Newsom attributed the 25% of remaining vaccine holdouts in California to the “overwhelming majority of misinformation” by right-wing pundits.

“Time to be a little bit more specific, the Ron Johnsons of the world. The Marjorie Taylor Greenes of the world, the Tucker Carlsons of the world,” he remarked.

“I watch them,” Newsom went on. “I listen, I pay attention. They’re misinforming people. They’re literally putting people’s lives at risk. People are dying because of the misinformation, either knowingly or unknowingly, regardless, time to call it out.”

  1. How strange. TODAY, the SAME DAY as this story came out, a study was released (analysis provided by the “Bay Area News Group” which provides analysis and similar services to media companies) noting that the counties in California with the HIGHEST vaccination rates/percentages have MORE COVID infections and an INCREASING INFECTION RATE, while the California counties with the lowest vaccination rates/percentages, have the LOWEST number of COVID infections and a DECREASING infection rate? Why does California, with ALL of Gov. Newsom’s fantastic policies and tireless efforts have a higher infection rate than any other state? Why is this guy still in office?

    1. He is running a sanctuary state – importing illegal aliens and he has no idea if they are infected (studies show 77% are infected) or vaccinated (most are not). Additionally, they are bringing other undetected diseases into the US and CA. No idea if they have criminal or mental issues in their past. Child molesters, rapists, murders, etc. entering the country illegally and being transported to an area “near you” and paid for with “your” tax dollars.

  2. Coming from a Guy that allows illegals to crawl across the Border with all kinds of Coronavirus and other diseases. Please tell us one more time how you care so much, Newsom

    1. Yeah – his followers that elected him – the snowflakes and sheep that he will drag over the cliff while he keeps that %$%&^**((&* smile on his face.

  3. I have no plans on getting vaccinated but if others think that’s what’s best for them I think they should. I don’t think it’s safe and I also want to know why some of the most vaccinated countries they say have the highest cases of the Delta variant. I have never gotten the flu vaccine either and I have never had the flu. I don’t think anyone on the fence about the vaccine would listen to Newsom who is a liar and a loser.

    1. I want to know..if you get the Vax and you get C-19..who pays for your HealthCare? Most insurance companies are not willing to pay for C-19 hospitalization, if you have received the Vax.

      1. Just an FYI, OSHA rules says if an employer mandates the vaccine, anything that happens to you (Covid related) is work comp!…Check it, it is a fact. So all these Fed employees that are mandated, then get sick with covid are then able to SUE work comp AND possible go on disability for the rest of their lives if they find the right doctor.

        1. Yes, and the shortage of Allied Health Care employees is critical already, especially in Commiefornia. Watch that 1.7 million figure nosedive.

        2. And we taxpayers pay for it…there ain’t nothing free in this world! Nice to know what these buffoons in government think of the people that actually work, produce things, and pay bills.

    2. Me too. I got the flu shot 2 years in a row and got the flu both times. Haven’t gotten one since and haven’t gotten the flu either. Go figure.

      1. No worries, the CDC wiped out the flu, didn’t you hear…There were absolutely no flu cases in 2020, just like this year there will be no common colds (Delta Variant)

    3. There is absolutely NO TEST FOR THE DELTA VARIANT! So “they” are LIARS!
      Anyone that claims an uptick in cases is FEAR MONGERING.

    4. You’re right Lisa! People and kids are dying from their poison, but you won’t hear that from the media! What saddens me is all these moms getting their kids vaccinated! If they only knew what I know. But for the folks who trusted and believed that pile of fecal matter, are definitely ‘ wise ‘ to follow the lies of the media!

  4. I did decide to get the vaccine myself, but only after the earlier mad scramble was over and drugstores begged us to come in for the jab. Having said that, I completely understand why some continue to decline the vaccine. And politicians who exhort, scold and shame these Americans certainly will not change any minds or behaviors. In fact, it will probably only encourage the unvaccinated to continue declining—-at least it would affect me that way.

  5. He is giving out misinformation. The conservatives are not in the largest groups of unvaccinated people, it’s in blue states and blue cities, people who mostly have never listened to those named in his speech. Demonizing your opponents with half truths or outright lies is a well-practiced and developed skill of Marxists and leftists. It often precedes outright persecution. Listen to them talk, you can see their hatred for those who believe in individual lIberty and responsibility for oneself rather than the nanny state.

  6. Wait, “Vaccines are safe”? Hey, Gabbling Newscum, what about the THOUSANDS who have died from that “safe” vaccine that are now going unreported by your media mouthpieces? Haven’t seen a number in months but it was up to 6,000 and climbing before they buried it all. What about the many many more thousands who have been maimed by this UNTESTED chemical soup?

    Care to give those people the same speech? “Safe”, eh?

  7. He knows damn good and well that the VACCINATED are as infected as the un-vaccinated…and WE know damn good and well it is all bull.

    1. You have a brain between your ears. The voters of California do not, or they would not have hired this idiot.

  8. recall that old “saw”..”you CAN fool a LOT of people ,BUT, you will NEVER convince them they HAVE been fooled !!

  9. Let us see. In roundabout figures that is 2 million or so that now SHOULD vote to recall this pile of crap. If not you will only have yourself to blame. Get rid of this part of the palozi family and you will never regret doing it.

  10. Strange response to information concerning current tests methods used being recalled because they can’t distinguish between COV-19 and Influenzas’

  11. I had the vaccination because I was in a very high risk group. But why are we forcing others to do so as if they’re CRIMINALS? After all, we arrest drunks. Well, we used to.

    If the emergency unapproved vaccination is so safe, there’s a simple solution to a lot of this. Make the government LIABLE for ANY adverse affects. That should include long term disability and death.

  12. Really Gavin – you hypocrite! Why do you NOT take measures to stop COVID and its varients by fighting to close the border where the true number are coming from illegals entering our country and being bused across the US? Do something good for America for a change or Foff!

  13. and that is why continuing to vote for a party that wants more and more government control of your lives is a bad decision, because in the end the government that big will employ a whole lot of people and will be able to dictate any policy they want to those employees. This is coming from the same Governor that instituted lockdowns for his state and then proceeded to break his own rules he put in place to go out to dinner unmasked and sent his kids off to their private school unmasked while everyone else was forced to follow his rules! Not to mention his Aunt, Nancy Pelosi, who broke the same rules to go to her hairdresser.

    I am wondering how long it will take the irrational supporters of the left to realize this folly before they jump ship into the reality sea???

  14. Gruesome Newsome is a power hungry ignorant fool. Places that defied his lock down orders did not disappear nor did the people all become deathly ill.
    By the way what happened to flu season?
    These dem liars counted the flu as covid, just to get the special money allocated for covid not the flu.
    Now this stupid jack ass is allowing covid illegal aliens into california to contaminate the rest of the population for a reason to continue mask and begin covid shot mandates for law abiding Americans.
    Newsome is just another mental case polluted with Marxist communism ideology.
    Once he is recalled, he should take the Mayors job in Cuba!

  15. Gavin Newsom – what a joke. It is clear that his hair is pulled back too tight and it is affecting his pea brain.

  16. All these idiots talk about all the misinformation from conservatives, but never mention what that misinformation is. I guess they are afraid we will investigate that, and find out is is NOT misinformation.

  17. It’s all OK, Gruesome newsom! Your big boss is getting your new office ready! Dress light, it’s pretty hot where you’re going!

  18. Newsom; who listens to him anyway? The only time he gets off of his knees is when there’s a camera around. Another califognia joke.

  19. vaxx’ are safe – that is why anywhere’s from 45000-00000 people have died from heart /lung/blot clot problems post getting jabbed!


  21. Awww I’m hurt !!!! F him and California I would hate to see a tidal wave hit and wash all the LibShits out to sea


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