These Cities Are Ignoring the Science and Making Students Wear Masks in School

Child masked via Pixabay

Despite the data saying otherwise many schools are opting to force children to wear face coverings when they return to school in the fall. While science shows that children have little-to-no chance of being hospitalized from the virus and a majority of Americans have received the vaccine that just isn’t enough anymore.

The CDC is also walking back guidelines issues in May for vaccinated Americans. Now, as concerns over the Delta variant drive people into another round of Covid hysteria the CDC is recommending some vaccinated Americans return to wearing masks indoors.

These cities and states have already bought into the hysteria and will make children wear masks in school:

  1. Just watched a commercial with kids in school, wearing masks and the teacher as well.
    You can thank Biden for allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens coming across our border without ANY health screening. Now we are are seeing an increase of Covid.
    It is NOT the unvaccinated causing the problem, as the MSM would have you believe, but rather the invasion of immigrants.
    Biden knows this.
    The left knows this.
    How else can they control you? Keep you fighting one another? Keep you divided instead of united?
    A pandemic with a 98% survival rate.
    Unbelievable …

    1. Well said im waiting for these so called covid crews going door to door to stop buy my house im gonna tell them tell biden to go to the boarder and tell them instead of tax payers

      1. The Left opened the borders and allowed thousands and thousands of illegals to come in from other countries without being vaccinated or screened for Covid, that tells me their claims of forcing vaccinations, and mask wearing on the American people is bogus. Nobody is going to comply with this double standard of rules based on the government’s so called facts from the experts….What experts…..they say what their itching ears want to hear to gain control.

    2. Thank you for your well written comment. I am 100% right with you on this. I’ve thought for a good while that the immigrants crossing the border are carrying the virus. Actually, I read an article where the border patrol was very concerned but the administration just poo-pooed their concerns and kept up shifting these people to cities all over the U.S. My thought and I believe this to be the ‘Dick and Jane’ of it is this: Before the immigrants cross the border they have got get the vaccine. Actually think they should not be pouring into the U,S. in tens of thousands but this admin. is behind the move. We should have vaccine centers on the Southern Borders and enforce the use.

      1. No Covid-19 Vaccine has been FDA approved. Both the Moderna and Pfizer Highly Experimental Drugs being tested on Americans as Covid19 treatment and for Prophylactic effects are NOT vaccines and have been authorized by the FDA for emergency Use ONLY! In a few years women will wonder why they are unable to have children. Look up Prophylactic effects. It is critical for every potential vaccine recipient to understand that neither the Pfizer nor the Moderna injections are vaccines; rather, both of these are ‘mRNA vaccines and are actually experimental gene therapy drugs that contain untested synthetic mRNA. DON’T TAKE THE SO-CALLED VACCINE!

  2. You assholes can’t even run your own party !!!!!
    What makes you think that you are qualified to run mine ?????
    Fuck You……….and anyone who looks like you 😡😡😡😡😡

  3. It’s ridiculous to make students wear masks in school! Those who are doing this are doing the students no favours as the masks are totally unnecessary! Just a check as to how many students have been affected by the virus and you’ll clearly know whether or not these students are better off without masks!

    1. Many people including Democrats had no idea our government would be ruled by Communism like Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China, and other Communist countries.

  4. We are experiencing cultural marxism because the left captured the media, educational, system, and law with no Judeo Christian values, or no obligation to have a moral responsible government. The radical left puts their own in all government positions and offices, and they are trying to break up the family and degrade society. Carl Marx doled out most of his hatred for Christianity and anyone who wanted to live a prosperous free life based on hard work and values. People don’t want government intervention into every aspect of life.

  5. If you think they are doing this to help Americans, you’re a complete dumb ass they are. It’s for control and power.
    Marxist think they know what’s best for everyone.

  6. When you are foolish enough to elect lying liberals, you must pay the price. Sooner or later they shed their sheep’s clothing to reveal the ravening totalitarian wolves they REALLY are and they will try to show you who’s boss. At YOUR peril and at your expense…


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