Pro-Impeachment Republican Slams Pelosi’s ‘Partisan Committee’

AFGE, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

No matter how hard she tries nobody is believing Nancy Pelosi’s farce that her Jan. 6 committee is actually credible. Even pro-impeachment Republican Sen. Susan Collins revealed she doesn’t have faith in the credibility of Pelosi’s “partisan committee.”

According to Townhall:

Tapper asked if Collins “do you have faith in” what he referred to as “this bipartisan committee,” stressing that Reps. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) were on the committee. When Tapper tried to push back against her referring to the committee as “Speaker Pelosi’s partisan committee that she has set up” Collins explained her reasoning:

S. COLLINS: I respect both of them, but I do not think it was right for the speaker to decide which Republicans should be on the committee.

Normally, if you have a select committee, the minority leader and the speaker get to pick the members.

TAPPER: Yes, I mean, just a — the reason she did that is because at least two of the members McCarthy picked to be on the committee are election liars, one of whom, Jim Jordan, is possibly even a material witness. He spoke with Trump that day.

Republicans have been fierce critics of Pelosi’s committee accusing her of simply trying to push a political witch hunt against Donald Trump.

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Barney Fife
Barney Fife
1 year ago

Taphead has balls to call Rep Jordan and Banks liars? What an arse!

The Donald
The Donald
1 year ago

Demokkkrats are common criminals, representing other criminals, and fighting for criminality and a third world America.

Idiot Trump Supporters
Idiot Trump Supporters
1 year ago

Look at all the idiotic KKK I mean Republican news

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