Sarah Palin Reportedly Considering Challenging Sen. Murkowski

Gage Skidmore Flickr

Former Governor of Alaska and 2008 vice-presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin is reportedly considering challenging Senator Lisa Murkowski next year. Palin hasn’t made any official declarations yet but says she is praying over the possibility.

Palin made comments about her political future while speaking at a leadership conference co-sponsored by Harvest International Ministry and the Latino Coalition for Israel.

According to The Hill:

“I do need prayer about whether I should or not,” she said, later adding: “If God wants me to do it, I will.”

Former President Trump, who won Alaska by 10 points has already endorsed Murkowski’s primary challenger, Kelly Tshibaka who Palin seemed to reference in her remarks.

“There’s a female Republican who’s already jumped in the race,” Palin said. “Kind of the scary thing about it is I’ve been in politics, seems like all of my life up there in Alaska and I’ve never heard of her, so that kind of made me hesitant.”

Palin did not rule out a run for Senate next year.

“I would say you guys better be there for me this time, because a lot of people were not there for me last time,” Palin said.

  1. Sarah please do it. Obama tried to stop you before, don’t let him do it again. Call President Trump.

  2. We need more people in government office that represent honesty, decency, values, and laws, that represent LIFE, LIBERTY, AND FREEDOM…. Those who aren’t in politics for THEIR OWN greed and power but set themselves to standards that are Godly. Sarah should run for this Senate seat.

  3. Ms. Palin as a former Alaskan resident and current Indiana resident please run against RINO Murkowski for the US Senate. Alaska and our nation needs your patriotic conservatism. I will not only support you in prayer but should you run for office I will contribute to your campaign financially. May God bless you abundantly and surround you with protection. Go Sarah go!!!

  4. Ilan Omar should be removed from Congress! She is not at all suitable for congress as she is an anti-semite, which immediately removes her from Congress. She won’t be missed if she’s removed!

    1. I agree with you, but what does THAT have to do with the conversation at hand? Don’t be a troll. Stick with the subject.

  5. So is she planning a run for the Senate or the governorship…like her, though, a straight-talker, not a god-damned, swamp-critter-RINO❗️

  6. This is great news. I have been hoping
    Palin would run for the Senate in 2022. That
    RINO Murkowski has got to go!

  7. I’d be very happy if any of the women beat Lisa Murkowski. But i’m afraid that they do not have any chance to beat the Alaska RINO who is supported by big money of her relatives. I doubt Trump support of Kelly Tshibaka would help her to win, and her last name will also work against her. If Sarah Palin stands against Murkowski and win, it will be a real miracle. May Got help her, because nobody else can do it for her victory.

  8. Calvin Klein, in 1981 I left the Soviet Union (the country has disappeared in 1990). For time the socialist and communist ruled this country from 1917 to 1990, they destroyed the best and most talented people in the civil and second world wars, in mass repression and in an artificial famine. Stalin and Hitler were building socialism in their countries. And now the Ultra-Left Americans want to build socialism in America. They do not know history, and will lead America to the same result that the socialists and communists of Russia came to. I hope there are normal and smart people in America who will stop these builders of socialism and return our country to a capitalist economy, which will save America from this absurd path to socialism.


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