These Republican-Led Cities are Leading the Country in Job Recovery

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As the country continues to try and pull itself out of a Covid-induced tailspin some cities and states seem to be on a better track than others. Last year as the country went into lockdown countless Americans lost their jobs and have struggled to regain footing as the country rebounds. Some cities have opted to keep accepting increased unemployment benefits from the federal government many other cities and states have ended the benefits early because of increased job opportunities. However, there seems to be a correlation between the cities that are succeeding in getting citizens back to work and others that have struggled, the cities seeing success are led by Republicans.

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  1. This data doesn’t surprise me! Republican led cities/states have their heads on straight and make the right decisions.

    1. Sure doesn’t surprise me, either, jjjjj. Those Republican leaders employ common sense and rational thinking skills, which liberals don’t even know the meaning of!!

  2. Republican cities are being managed with common sense which is anything but “common” among Democrats. They are behaving like a bunch of chickens when a fox invades the coop. (For the Dems on the two coasts, you may need to get someone to explain this analogy to you!)

      1. They cheat to gain control, theres no honesty in these Democrats. They do what ought not to be done, suppressing everything that is common sense and rational.

  3. Very simple communist welfare Blue States will go into the Sh%t house.The people that stay there will be sh%t bumbs.

  4. Sadly, I’ve got a Red State mindset and I live in a Blue State of constant drama and dole-outs. As much as I’d like to leave the state, my roots are here – five generations. I just pray the Recall Vote next month isn’t sabotaged by the leftist lunatics.

    1. I’m in the same boat, Deb. Controlled by vacuous Democrats — control being their ultimate goal, of course. I live in Virginia, and sadly, Northern Virginia has been invaded by high tech and other large companies that attract the liberal millennials! And I my prayers go up for honest elections, too. 🙁

    2. Same here. NYS. My roots are here too. Cuomo’s last day is today, but what we are getting is a lot WORSE!! 2022 can’t come soon enough.

  5. The Red states are definitely conducive to growth and prosperity, and families enjoy their children’s sports and living their lives growing up….. and these red states aren’t forcing these vaccine and mask mandates either. Look at the left’s forced mandates and lockdowns, putting people out of business and keeping children out of school. The country should tell these liberal states they are on their own….you want to live under overbearing government regulation do so at your own peril! Its. a no brainer.

  6. We find in Ecclesiastes 10: 1-2. “The heart of the wise man inclines to the right. The heart of the fool to the left and as the fool walks along he shows how stupid he is”. God is always right. We are seeing the unfolding of Prophesy. From the riots to wokeness to perversion and the falling away from God along with climate change. Unfortunately things are only going to get worse for we are also told Satan will rule the world for a thousand years. We are in the rule of Satan and we Christians are at risk.

    1. It is the saddest when one lives in a RED state where the Metro areas. like the major man-swarms in CA, NY, OR and WA, are turning BLUE. When the state is turning PURPLE and the legislators are turning BLUE, what can you do? SD is way too cold, but maybe we should move to NE?

    2. So true, the Fool has no wisdom . May I add Ecclesiastes 10:3-5. Even as fools walk along the road, they lack sense and show everyone how stupid they are. If a ruler’s anger rises against you, do not leave your post; calmness can lay great offenses to rest. There is an evil I have seen under the sun, the sort of error that arises from a ruler. The radicals want the Christians gone just like they tried to eliminate the Jews.


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