Former Obama Official Says Unvaccinated Americans Should Be On ‘No-Fly’ List

Center for American Progress Action Fund from Washington, DC, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

A former Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security to President Obama says that unvaccinated Americans should be placed on a federal no-fly list. In an article published by The Atlantic Juliette Kayyem likened Americans choosing not to get the Coronavirus vaccine to dangerous terrorists monitored by the federal government.

Fox News reports:

“The White House has rejected a nationwide vaccine mandate—a sweeping suggestion that the Biden administration could not easily enact if it wanted to—but a no-fly list for unvaccinated adults is an obvious step that the federal government should take,” former Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security Juliette Kayyem wrote in an op-ed for The Atlantic this week.

In the piece, originally titled “Unvaccinated people belong on the no-fly list” and then updated to say “Unvaccinated People Need to Bear the Burden,” Kayyem argued that existing TSA regulations already set the precedent that rules can be enforced to determine who flies.

“When you go to the airport, you see two kinds of security rules. Some apply equally to everyone; no one can carry weapons through the TSA checkpoint,” Kayyem wrote. “But other protocols divide passengers into categories according to how much of a threat the government thinks they pose. If you submit to heightened scrutiny in advance, TSA PreCheck lets you go through security without taking off your shoes; a no-fly list keeps certain people off the plane entirely. Not everyone poses an equal threat. Rifling through the bags of every business traveler and patting down every preschooler and octogenarian would waste the TSA’s time and needlessly burden many passengers.”

“For the privilege of flying, Americans already give up a lot: We disclose our personal information, toss our water bottles, extinguish our cigarette butts, and lock our guns in checked luggage. For vaccinated people, having to show proof of vaccination when flying would be a minor inconvenience,” she wrote.

Kayyem’s article comes as the Biden administration continues to push Americans to get the vaccine. So far a number of states and cities have also implemented new mandates, New York City now requires proof of vaccination in order to enter restaurants and gyms, and Washington, D.C. reimposed its mask requirement.

      1. True, but it’s OBUMMER’s administration in charge. His wish list is being fulfilled.
        Just look at joe’s cabinet…… all from the muzzie administration. Can’t wait till 2022.
        Let’s out all the corruption.

        1. Sent before completing statement. Biden was VP of Obozo’s #44. Therefore, #46 is simply an extension of #44.

  1. Other Than RAPE… I can’t think of anything more intrusive than to force an individual to inject a chemical (an UNAPPROVED chemical) into ones body… with no regard to one particular medical condition… or without a consultation with thier own personal physician. Hey my doctor called… He said BUTT OUT… BUTT HEAD!

  2. Until Biden stops spreading COVED carrying illegals throughout America I will do what I think is best for my family. The pretender and liar in chief carries no weight in my household. .

      1. I saw a video of the Australian “task force” running people down in the streets and forcibly giving them the vaccine. The Ausies gave up their guns several years ago. BIG mistake!

      1. I always thought that Australia was a common sense country. Well, I guess that’s changed?
        Used to really enjoy their news clips on Utube. They now have been banned.
        This is our country now.
        The great Rush Limbaugh said it well last year. If joe gets elected, it will be the beaurecrats running the country. People most of us don’t know, people who were not elected by the country. I believe he was right.

  3. Democrats with absolute power, a scary scenario that just might become a reality if Christian, conservative, Americans continue to sit on their collective hands, and wish away the satin worshiping, power mad
    invaders that are infesting the White House and hallowed halls of Congress who call themselves democrats,(notice the small “d”)
    THINKING Americans, are their really any left? Should rally around Christian,Conservative,Republican candidates and in such numbers that they overwhelm the freedom hating satin worshiping democrats so they never again step foot in a government position.
    at every turn, these human filth, show what their plans are for anyone who doesn’t “toe their line”
    “don’t do as I do, do as I say” or you’ll find yourself banned from your choice of freedoms.
    one example after another shows you how far these socialists are willing to go to squeeze freedom loving Americans. Next they’ll ban you from voting if you don’t follow their rules.
    Don’t let your Liberty be stolen from you at the voting place. Fight back now. Support your Christian Conservative candidates. I know money is tight , but if you can’t set aside $5 or &10 to support your freedoms, then I don’t think you deserve them.

    1. Christians are NOT, “sitting on their hands”, why do you think this, are you among the sitters??

    2. GOD says that he is going to sit this one out and leave it to us in Zachariah 2:7-9. He doesn’t say that he will not give us his guidance in this matter. In my opinion, He would like to see us pull together as a people in the most blessed nation in the history of the world! He might want to see the Redneck in us that started at Lexington Green, carried on through the Alamo and too many other events to list, but continues on today! True power comes from our hearts, and in The American, Blood runs the Redneck Cristian spirit. I am NOT a sheeple, but an OLD LION, like you I won’t be bullied or controlled, especially by a bunch of thieving sissy scum! There’s a song out by New Breed called , Welcome to my House, they nail it, the American spirit! It’s clear to me that ALL of us must stand together as a nation and do what we are able in this fight for our freedom,our lives and our children and country! GOD, richly bless you all , your brother in Christ.


  5. Good Morning when are we going to take back America this has gone on long enough time has come we have to Stop ✋the Bullshit obumma is the biggest A-Hole next to his friend in the white house republicans grow some Ba–‘s and get a Back Bone

  6. You are so concerned with AMERICANS who have not
    had their shots, while all the illegals, who have tested positive
    are allowed to come into our beautiful country, and dispersed
    into our country (who knows where). Its about time our so-called
    President and so-called VP actually do something.

      1. you WISH “they are clueless” – they know EXACTLY what they’re doing and they are succeeding – to DESTROY this country!!

    1. They won’t, unfortunately.
      They’re doing this to all of us Americans as a means of controlling us and every aspect of our lives! It’s just that simple.
      They know exactly what they’re doing. It’s us who are still going along to get along.
      A rise up is very much needed.

    2. Donald – – they ARE doing something! They are destroying America piece by piece and selling ot even giving it to China.

    3. Actually I wish they would stop doing anything. Every move they make creates more crises. They are both communist/dims.

    1. I can understand why obozo is doing it – he is an anti-america and anti west; how can anyone, like this suposidly so smart AMERICAN, support these deliberate destructive efforts??????

  7. I would be happy to be put on a no-fly-list if the Obamas, Bidens , Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer, the Squad, and all the other progressive radical Democommies agree to move permanently to their idea of utopian paradise such as Cuba or Nort Korea. I think this would be a fair trade.

  8. Ok, someone from the Trump train needs to come here and specifically say WHY ARE COMMENTS HELD???? When you notify me that my comment is approved, a couple of days have passed.
    I’ve responded to your E-mail, but of course it was rejected. You are COWARDS!!!
    If you don’t believe in FREE SPEECH, SHUT YOUR IDIOT SITE DOWN.

  9. How sad is it for many of the leaders in the U.S. to totally freak out over Covid vaccinations because they didn’t convince the intelligent portion of the U,S. to get jabbed! Why won’t the SMART people get that nasty, dangerous chemical milkshake put inside their bodies?


    And NOW an autopsy was done on a Covid vaccinated 86 year old man who got the jab once and died within a week. The Coroner fount SPIKE PROTEINS IN EVERY ORGAN IN HIS BODY FROM THHE COVID VACCINATION…every frigggin organ in his body! So it looks like those “nanobots” over did their job of distributing the mRNA to kill the virus! They took the mRNA to every organ in his body. Did that kill him? Who knows? But the nanobots distribution method sounds flawed if it goes to every organ in our bodies! What happens in the future to those bodies that have mRNA in every organ? Time will tell — another reason to NOT GET THE JAB…EVER!

    1. Yes, I’ve read something about what you’re posting. Can’t remember where. Written by a Dr, PhD, who spoke exactly of this situation.
      He actually said that he was completely dumbfounded that Drs would recommend this to their patients. This push is to scare and control us all. I fear for the side effects in young people a few years from now.

  10. Well, if the Marxist Admin does this they will be labeled RACIST because 65% of the Black and Brown communities are not Vaxed, nor will they get it. They believed the msmbs media and the D’Marxists telling them not to take the Trump Vaccine when Trump was still Prez.

  11. After watching the parade of Liberal Dems around the country disobeying the Covid mandates they enacted. They don’t even try to hide it. Obama was having a 500 guest birthday party at his mansion this weekend and then cancelled when it became public. If they can’t walk the walk, don’t talk the talk. Hypocrites!

    1. Good for me, but not for thee.
      Michael is sure living the good life. After all, she’s been so oppressed. NOT!

  12. Again, demoncrap desire proof of vaccination but voter ID condemned. I again wonder how ANY decent person can remain demo and support that traitorous party agenda.

  13. So ridiculous when vaccinated are shedding Delta and infecting people. Vaccinated or not you can get or spread. Best option is to treat immediately with alternative available drugs and let everyone get natural immunity. Give me one really good reason why government is pushing so hard to vaccinate every single living person in the world to the point that they will pay you to get the shot and all this against the will of many???

    1. Control, control and control of us, the citizens.
      Look how they took over health care. Now they’re paying people to stay home and not work.
      We’re von our way for control of people’s assets, i.e., not owning your own home, etc., etc.
      This vaccine will lead to mandatory annual boosters. Wonder where this is all going???
      One of joe’s nominees, the one in charge of land, BLM, I believe it’s bureau of land management.
      She wants depopulation so bears can have more room. Sounds crazy, but true!

  14. Why would I want to hear anything this terrorist says, he is the one that started this fiasco in the first place. He was trying to divide Americans. I don’t give a shit what anyone says obumma is an enemy of this country and so is every stinking democrat out there that follows this sea slug.

    1. Your comment is 100% correct.
      I’m still madder than a hornet’s nest at all the fools who voted for the molato, not once but twice. He would have never seen the WH if not for the white vote. We have all those idiots to thank for that. We’re in this mass because he won. What’s happening now was all started by him and his commie administration. Now he’s in his third term to finish what he started.
      Hope all the FOOLS are enjoying everything that’s happening and is yet to come.

  15. Unvaccinated Can’t go here or there . Pretty soon we won’t be able to go to the Bank or get groceries . Everyone Must take the Vaccine in order to take part in Society . Does this sound like the 2021 version of the ” Mark ” ?

  16. This country is SHOT!! Transhuman, technocrats, oligarchs, captive government, corrupt CDC, FBI, CIA, NIH, rigged elections, Biden regime going after all who oppose, THIS COUNTRY IS SHOT!!

  17. You know the majority of this country has common sense, are lawful, loving, compassionate, and family oriented. These goons that have taken over the government and branches of government are radical who neither obey the constitution, the laws, or love God with all their heart, mind, and soul. They are poor examples for any honorable people to recognize as a stable government.

  18. Why not just make them wear a star with the “NV” label on it (for “UnVaccinated”)? It worked in a930 and 1940 Germany! What could go wrong?

  19. all of bidens cabinet should be gone. If I was them I would fear for my life. americans are getting upset with the way biden is running our country

  20. There may yet be a ray of hope.  Quoth Tolkien’s King Theoden: ‘Oft evil will shall evil mar.’ The DemonCrats may wish to implant a whole new generation of DemonCrat voters. But the illegals may yet wind up in Hispanic communities who have turned toward the Republican cause. Evidence the last election where Hispanics have turned Republican. I have friends from the Near East who paid in blood to become Americans and they resent the irresponsible new freeloaders who gained American residence or citizenship without lifting a finger and received free benefits, to boot.  These soundly support the Republican cause. May the Republicans awaken and swing into action before it is too late. Given the self-aggrandizing and conciliatory GOP response (like that of McConnell) , let us hope it is nor too late.

  21. Pulleeese! Stop putting this guys Mug on your articles. I’m still tying to scrape him off the bottom of my shoes!

  22. Are we still under a constitutional republic? How can people be forced to take part of a drug experiment. Are we following the old Nazi Germany plan. If those vaccines work as the government claims they do, then those vaccinated should not concern themselves with the decisions of those unvaccinated.

  23. just now


    Impeached joKe bidet for election fraud all counting machines were indeed connected to the internet and breached oath of office. 
    Election 2020 null and void 




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