Women Plead Guilty to Hate Crime After Attacking Trump Supporters

Ryan Johnson via Wikipedia Commons

Two women have pleaded guilty to hate crime charges after attacking a Trump support at the Democratic National Convention. Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy were caught on video destroying Trump signs and then stealing a red Make America Great Again hat before the altercation got violent.

Fox News reports:

The footage, which was viewed more than 5 million times, was posted on Twitter by Students for Trump. Cops in Wilmington reportedly tracked down Winslow and Amy shortly after watching the clip.

“Are you destroying my property?” an unidentified woman asks in the clip as Winslow and Amy tear up her Trump signs. The pair then turn their attention to a MAGA hat on the ground, the footage shows.

The woman’s son protests, saying “That’s somebody else’s hat!” as the women walk away, setting off a confrontation that included with a possible relative who is punched when he tried to get the cap back.

Winslow and Amy double back to confront the boy’s mom, with Amy hitting her, the two-minute clip shows.

The two Delaware women will be sentenced in September. Prosecutors will not seek prison time and their attorneys said they agreed that probation is the “appropriate sentence.”

Watch the video below.

[jwplayer apNcsbl1-lzmB6GEw]

*Disclaimer: the video includes graphic language*

  1. Of course it is they are demorats why would we expect anything different you can go around hitting innocent people your a dumbo crat and get away with it

  2. That’s odd. I just read another article that stated these two bozo Bozo supporters got off with probation.

  3. Probation is not punishment. It’s a slap on the wrist with a warning don’t do it again. Big deal!! Just like antifa and blm no time in jail or a hefty fine. They will do what they damn please.

    1. Having had probation, while it is better than jail time, it is no walk in the park either. I had good probation officers, but I have also experienced ones that were in your face, rude and bother you night and day. You have to justify everyone you are associated with and report every thing you are doing.

  4. Wouldn’t call that “Dropping the Hammer”…a wrist slap at best! Had it been a DemocRAT being attacked in exactly the same fashion…there would have been some jail time!

  5. So is the hate crime a felony, or are these two sub-human pigs just going to carry a misdemeanor on their records for life?

  6. Probation is justice served for a hate crime? What would these two women have had to do to go to jail where they belong? We have no justice system anymore in this country.and it’s a sad day.

  7. Those two Socialist/Communist Dem women were merely showing their true ‘feelings’ toward patriotic Americans; you didn’t expect them to be nice did you??

  8. If the situation were reversed, the Trump supporter would get a prison term. Such is “justice” under The Senile One.

  9. While we Trump people wish them well when we hear aout an illness, an accident, or any tragedy befallen on them., they treat us with contempt and hate.
    Where is their empathy or compassion or simple their humanity?????

  10. Assault, bodily harm, theft, child abuse… Probation? Holy mackerel, aren’t there any conservatives (preferably women) who could avenge this colossal, public, in-your-face insult? If a conservative had done this to a lefty, you’d have seen it above the fold in most big media. Perhaps when the passion fades, some courageous conservative will sneak up on their cars in the dead of night and let the air out of their tires.  

  11. So prosecutor thinks probation is.fine punishment for getting attacked. Hope karma sends him a message. Moron.

  12. That is Pure BS…..if it had been a Trump supporter doin that to a Biden Supporter , there would have been JAIL time involved.

  13. The judge sent the wrong message. These two Democrats appointed themselves as judge and jury in a situation that was none of their business and the judge slapped their hands rather then giving them jail time, which they deserved. Typical Leftist who make up their own rules. This will stop when the penalty fits the crime and not before.

  14. It’s hard to believe that a group of women actually went out to destroy Pres. Trump! Whoever these women were, they were doing nothing at all positive or even rational! Why they chose to something so ugly and hateful is known only to them but the fact is that they actually did this! I don’t know what reprimand or sentence they’ll be given but one can be certain that their reputations — if nothing else! — will be thoroughly destroyed!

  15. They got yo be kidding, probation? Where is justice here? Like where is justice to keep 600 people in prison is DC and let go BLM with nothing, where is a justice to President Trump? where is a justice for all summer violence and distraction of US cities, where is a justice for luding stores, biting people. Unless you Antifa BLM or other butt kisser you are screwed. Where is Justice for DemRats like Clinton (52 dead conveniently) and they both are free, Justice for WHOM???????????????????. Sorry little boy you learn “Justice” First Hand.

  16. Time to bring back the type of punishment meted outed out in early America. Put them in stocks and whip them in front of the courthouse for public display. Like court proceedings, punishment in colonial America was a public event intended to discourage other individuals from committing crimes against the social order. Whipping, the most common form of punishment, generally attracted an audience. Whipping posts were located next to the courthouse so punishment could be carried out quickly following the trial. The goal was repentance of the convicted along with swift lessons for the whole audience. Sounds good to me.


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