Senate Passes $1T Infrastructure Deal

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*This story is breaking and will be updated as more information becomes available.

On Tuesday the Senate passed the roughly $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal, giving President Biden a major win.

The Hill reports:

The bipartisan deal includes roughly $550 bill in new funding, making it substantially smaller than the $2.6 trillion proposed by Biden earlier this year.

It includes money for new investments for infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, broadband, water and rail. According to a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis, the bill would add $256 billion to the deficit, though negotiators argue that “hard” infrastructure projects pay for themselves over time and that CBO didn’t give them full credit for their work.

“The new spending under the bill is offset through a combination of new revenue and savings, some of which is reflected in the formal CBO score and some of which is reflected in other savings and additional revenue identified in estimates, as CBO is limited in what it can include in its formal score,” Sinema and Portman said in a joint statement on the analysis.

The Senate’s passage of the bill tees up Senate Democrats to turn to their $3.5 trillion plan, which they will try to pass through the Senate without GOP support.

The bill faces an uncertain future in the House as Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the House wants to vote on Biden’s spending plan first.

  1. Really sad for America we have no one fighting back to stop these azzholes from Destroying America. I refuse to donate one more Dollar, unless it goes straight to Trump

    1. I stopped all general Republican donations before the White House “squatter” moved into the White House! But will donate to President Trump any and every day of the week! I pray daily that we will get him back in his rightful place so he can undo the utter destruction the demented, socialist/communist Democrats are raining down on America!

    1. Go to Arizona State senator Wendy Rogers Twitter page and sign to decertify the 2020 presidential election. It’s the only way we are going to save this country. Upon proof of enough fraudulent votes and other methods of fraud that would have changed the outcome of the election we must demand that it be decertified and President Trump reinstated to his rightful office.

      1. I would but I got a lifetime ban from twitter and facebook for telling the TRUTH a long time ago! The truth I told was that Mark Henry of WWF/WWE wrestling fame has never been the worlds strongest anything I humiliated him Dec. 6th 1991 in a 1 on 1 weightlifting competition 1,200 lbs 10 times and I was ordered to stop on the bench press compared to Mark Henry’s very week 550 lbs 1 time for his maximum! He then lied his way into the 1992 Olympics with his lie of a WSM claim and placed 10th!

        1. At least you’re in good company with President Trump and the other truth-speaking Patriots who have been banished. I have never signed up for Twitter, nor will I ever, and while I have a Facebook account I visit it about every two weeks to look at friend notifications I’ve received.

      2. General Mccolaczek fired Mark Henry from his job of civilian Official ARMY Weightlifter after I humiliated him because Mark Henry refused a direct order to stop calling himself the Worlds Strongest Man! General Mccolaczek said it was personal stolen valor to me which is against Federal Law H.R.258!

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    2. Pretty much. The people on our side that voted for this, some are retiring, others may not get reelected. The damage is done!
      How many of you called your people in WA?
      I did. My senators and others on that committee.
      Welcome everything bad for us and good for the lunatics. Congratulations America!

  2. What did Trump do for us, exactly?? I voted for him then saw his administration oversee an alleged election steal. I saw Trump gloat over how he got us this vaccine fast tracked. Drain the swamp…. LOL. What did he do? This is why we always lose, too many low minded people in our camp. Trump’s is all blow and no show. Get behind Desantis or watch us sink even deeper.

    1. Old Joe is busy undoing all Trump’s success and setting the country on track for a crash. A financial person sees more than you understand Robert. He kept the economy on an even keel despite the dim wits and rinos trying to undermine. Gas prices, food prices, shut down all our foreign enemies including the pretend developing nation of China, etc. Everything to run the economy stayed low and available until the chinese unleashed the fake pandemic which was the excuse for the mail in voting disaster. There was voter fraud to the tune of over 40 million votes overall which is what it took in fraud to beat Trump.

      So better do a little more investigating as Trump had a great grip on the economics and the economy. De Santis is good but Trump is much better. They would make an awesome team but the establishment and dim wits and rinos sunk the whole country and are continuing after their massive fraud of 2020 unabated by the dirty dealing rinos who have no backbone whatsoever. So 2022 and replacing Nanc and Schmucky can’t happen soon enough. And rino McConnell needs a recall along with some other rino senators.

      And if you doubt the fraud and believe old senile Joe beat Trump in 2020 legally then I have a bridge in NJ to sell you cheap.

    2. Do you really have to ask how much Trump did for this country? You sound like a rino, fairweather patriot.

      1. If DeSantis is on the ballot, I would certainly vote for him — he’s a great guy. But my first preference is President Trump. I would love to see him finish what he set out to do before the White House “squatter’s” puppeteers bamboozled their way into the White House!

    3. I understand being tired of Trump’s endless rhetoric, and your preference for Desantis, but to deny Trump’s accomplishments does not persuade people to your preferred candidate. Desantis would not have won office without Trump’s campaigning and support– that’s a fact. Trump was controlling the border that is now out of control. Trump ended our deal with Iran and brought them to their knees. Trump pushed back hard on China. Trump grew the economy, created record employment for all sectors, and he reduced the welfare rolls by millions of people… and the rest of the list of positives is long and extraordinary.

      1. And frankly, Carl, if I a have to endure a little rhetoric (which didn’t bother me one bit, and in fact I enjoyed some of it because it annoyed the liberals so much :-)) along with all the accomplishments, I’ll take it any day of the week! P.S. Great job of summarizing the accomplishments! 🙂

    4. If you can’t see the statistical facts about the good things President Trump did for America, Robert, you are just as “willfully blind” as the liberals seem to be. While I love and will definitely get behind DeSantis should he be on the ballot, President Trump will always be my first choice. I will always be on the side of President Trump!! P.S. Does that mean you wish the queen Hillary had won instead President Trump??

  3. Gee-I wonder WHY the so called republicans even bother to act like they are republicans-why not just come out with the truth? Commies have the fraudulent control they wanted for so long. Just go ahead and tell all conservatives that you are really on board with satan. Everyone go to Arizona senator Wendy Rogers Twitter page and sign up to decertify the 2020 presidential election. This is the only way we are going to save this country. Upon proof of enough fraudulent votes that would have changed the outcome of the election we must demand that the election be decertified and President Trump be reinstated to his rightful office. The biggest con job ever has been perpetrated on the American people and if we sit back and allow it it will be too late. Mike Lindel‘s cyber symposium is airing live now and you can link to it through Right Side Broadcasting or They are attempting to hack it so don’t give up, I have been watching it this morning. The left does not want this information coming out anymore than they want the results of the audits coming out, but the truth will and must come out.

  4. Definitely won’t be voting for those who voted for this loser bill! What morons 😡. Do people not any guts, morals or beliefs any more? They want to go along with liars, thugs & those wanting to tear this Country down. Good luck with your next employer.

    1. The problem is, that all the lawsuits and criminal charges they fake, cost folks more than their worth, so it becomes horrendous to fight them, unless you are really wealthy.

    2. Obviously Demcorats dressed in Republican clothing! Could almost guarantee it won’t garner a lot of favor from those who voted for them. And like you, hope they have a new employer in the near future. I personally wouldn’t want to work for any company though, who hired people who have publicly demonstrated their disloyalty and traitorous tendencies.

  5. It is unfortunate that we have only a one political party in our country and it is comprised of both democrats and RINOs. To be honest that party should be called the liberal party. There a few conservatives in politics but their voices and power are of little value because the RINOs control the so called republican party.

    1. There are more Conservatives, Republicans, and Independents than you know. The problem is the media, big tech, Soros, and all the crooked politicians have raked in so much money with corruption, it becomes almost impossible for the other side to win. Trump was getting us there , and that is why the radicals obstructed Trump, defamed him, and cheated to win 2020 election.

  6. These senators need to be voted out and replaced by those who actually represent and support the citizens and the Constitution. They are not there to milk the country for their own money.

  7. Complete disgust to those that call themselves republicans that voted for this and to think they may or may not needed for voting for the bigger 3.5 Trillion expense coming next. Not only are they a waste of good air, they are a waste of tax payers money paying their salaries.

  8. Republicans didn’t cave. RINOs showed their true characters. Conservatives must remove them in the next primary elections. We have the list.

  9. I feel the same way – however – HOW DO WE KNOW it’s going to DJT? so many emails/texts come thru… the jerks use his name but then cave ….

  10. The GOP is pretty much finished thanks to these feckless RINOs. They were tripping all over themselves to see how big a smooch they could place on Schumer and China Joe’s butt. They probably don’t even care that they just committed political suicide. Just so long as they get invited to the dem Washington DC cocktail parties and guest appearances on the leftist Sunday shows.
    I’ll never donate another penny to the GOP and won’t shed a tear when they fade into the dustbin of history like the Whig party. The biggest sellout, Lindsay Graham is just a smoke blowing traitor even though Trump went to bat for him in the last election.

  11. Politicians make me sick – and that includes Republican politicians. None of these bastards are looking out for the American people. They are looking out for their own pocketbook.

    Ninety-Nine percent of their effort goes into enriching themselves. They would sell their own mother if they thought they could make some money. Washington DC needs to be blown up and make sure it is done when Congress is in session.

  12. Seriously, did we expect anything different????
    How many RINOS were on the committee?
    So, so happy and eager to support corrupt joe.
    They thought it was bipartisanship at work.
    Then, they got screwed and in turn screwed all their constituents. Did anyone contact their senators and told them not to vote for this monster of a bill, which won’t hardly fix any real INFRASTRUCTURE???
    This is the GREEN NEW DEAL.

  13. You’re back to holding my comments.
    STOP IT!!!

    1. I’m with You. Almost everything I post is labeled “awaiting moderation”. I think the truth sometimes scares them.

  14. Why can’t our elected officials do what is right for the nation, what is right for the American people? Instead they cave to special interests. They think how can we give things to people so we can stay in power. We are not a representative government anymore.

  15. My grandchildren and their children and their children are financially screwed – enslaved. Thank God I’m in the generation of baby boomers to depart this world next for my eternal home.

    1. Paul, the turds receiving all the goodies from joe that you and I are paying for dearly, DON’T care where the money comes from. They just want free stuff. From cradle to grave.
      Unfortunately, the young people of today don’t care either. They claim they want equality.
      It’s sad, but a true fact.

      1. Most young people think socialism and communism are cool, and most of them view AOC, Obama, and Cori Bush as hero’s and places like Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea as workers paradises.
        The brainwashing sure seems like it took.

        1. Unfortunately I agree with you.
          Maybe we should send them all there to see what they think and if they survive???
          After they come back, I want to interview them. I’m sure they’ll be crying and apologizing.

  16. We all should feel bad about the profligate waste of money $$$$$. But what frightens me are the little tidbits of the Green New Deal and genuflecting to a New World Order that are hidden deep within the 2,700 page bill that nobody had time to read, much less scrutinize.

    1. The damage is done. We just have to wait patiently and see how it’s going to affect all of us.
      That is if by then we’re not all in reeducation camps. Thanks to all the children whose parents were to busy to actually parent their children, and all the old folks who thought joe was the great uniter. But, the big thank you goes to the grand wizard BHO who is fulfilling his agenda on his third term, and all the people with white guilt who voted for him, not once but twice.
      He started all of this.

      1. In addition to the fame, celebrity, and wealth it would give him and his Mrs, that was their ultimate goal for moving into the White House — to divide our country, begin the great racial divide, and move us on the path to communism. Seems like he achieved all his goals, doesn’t it? I, for one, would sure love to smack that ever-present arrogant smirk from his face!

    2. Did you hear about the one hidden in there that says they are going to start tracking number of miles we drive each day, and likely tax us accordingly?? These people are absolutely, no doubt about it, bat-thit crazy!! God help and save us from them!

  17. Are the republicans any better than democrats on spending? They talk tough, but always cave. Two million illegals will pour into this country and be routed to red states in order to turn them blue, and two million more will enter next year, and the year after that. The republicans make a few speeches, and a handful of chest beaters go on Fox to complain, but why aren’t they all screaming as a group? Protesting? Organizing marches? Because they just want the issue to raise money, they don’t want to solve it– it’s pathetic. Turn Texas blue and it’s permanently over for republications.

  18. the retard in chief can win all he (and his handlers, of course) wants! The ONLY thing these DEMONICrats will get IS BURNING IN HELL FOR ETERNITY!

  19. Epoch News reported last week that a sneaky part of this bill was supposed to allow the government to tax EVERY SINGLE MILE WE DRIVE THAT ARE NOT ELECTRIC! I pray that part didn’t go through! Can you imagine a tax on every mile you drive every single day. They reported that the Transportation Dept wasn’t getting the revenue because more electric cars will be on the roads. REALLY? I don’t see people spending loads of money to buy electric cars because they are more expensive! I also want to know, if they are not getting enough revenue from gas cars, the why have gas prices soaring through the roof!!!!! The American people should stand up to this and not accept this stupidity!!!

    1. It’s the law of unintended consequences; the higher they raise gas prices, the less people drive and the less gas they buy. Then the gubmint’s tax haul is reduced. Politicians are a lot of things, but smart is not one of them.

  20. This is exactly why the republicans are always losers. They don’t stand their ground and fight for what is right. They run like a bunch of scared puppies. Shame on all of them


    1. Your post is fantastic and all true!
      Today was a very sad day for our country and its citizenry. By the way, it was 19 Republicans that voted for this. A couple are retiring, so they don’t care what damage they’re doing.
      Unfortunately, I think many are still sleeping, others are still hurt the President lost.
      I get it, but we need to concentrate on the damage at hand. It’s so much, hard to keep up.
      The corrupt party wants this chaos thinking we’re not on top of it. By the election of 2022, we may very well not have a country left.

      1. I just posted that. They decided to hold my post. The Senate is 50/50.
        This bill passed with 19 Republicans
        I actually think Manchin didn’t vote. I didn’t see his name on the no vote list.
        He’s a complete coward. Hopefully the people of WV called and gave him a piece of their mind.

    1. Portman is retiring. So he has nothing to worry about. He’s a complete traitor to his country and his constituents.

  22. The Senate decision was completely unnecessary and passing it gave Biden a major win, which is not something that will be either useful or helpful for the country!

  23. Every single RepRat needs to recall or impeached no retirement no seeking reelection. You can expect DemRat screwing this country left and right, but these 19 goons so call Senators belong in no less than dungeons prison is to good for these sellouts.


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