Texas Supreme Court Denies Dem’s Request to Restore Funding After Fleeing State

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The Texas Supreme Court handed Governor Greg Abbott a win when it denied Democrat lawmakers’ request to restore funding to the state legislature. Governor Abbott initially vetoed funding for the state legislature in June to withhold paychecks from the Democrats that fled the state to block the legislature from voting on a new elections bill.

The Daily Wire reports:

Soon after Abbott cut funding to the legislature, Democrats petitioned the Texas Supreme Court to intervene and overturn the governor’s veto of state funding. The court denied the request, saying that the fight Democrats asked the court to resolve is not between two coequal branches of government, but within one branch, namely the legislature, and outside of the court’s purview.

“While in the District of Columbia, Democratic House members have met with members of the Biden administration and Congress to urge passage of federal legislation on voting and have held public meetings to draw attention to their cause,” the court wrote. “They have publicly stated that the importance of defeating the Republican-supported elections bill justified their departure from Texas and breaking quorum even though it also prevented the Texas House from restoring Article X funding. They have not returned to the House to allow it to continue business. The Republican House members, for their part, have insisted that the House pass the elections bill and perhaps other legislative priorities before addressing Article X funding. The special session expired on August 6.”

“These public statements and events make it clear that the subject of the petition for writ of mandamus — the lack of Article X funding for the Legislature — continues to exist not because of a dispute between the Governor and the Legislature, nor even because of one between the Governor and a minority of House members. Rather, the principal dispute is among the members of the Legislature,” the court continued.

“Although the Governor certainly seeks to advance legislation he favors, the majority of the members of the Legislature support the same legislation. Relator House members oppose that legislation and have broken quorum to further their opposition,” the court said. “It appears from the record of the special session that they could have restored Article X funding for the Legislature had they been present to vote to do so. They have chosen to continue to absent themselves in order to prevent passage of voting legislation. The legislative majority could have chosen to restore Article X funding before taking up the legislation the Governor favors. They have chosen not to do so.”

So far, the Texas Democrats have yet to return to the Lone Star state after weeks of hiding out in Washington, D.C.

  1. Who doesn’t show up for work and expects hard working taxpayers to pay them?These idiots shouldn’t be in government.They are scum.

  2. Let that worthless bunch stay in Washington. Hold a special election and vote in people who want to do the job of representing the people.

  3. Left wing nut jobs have to go,Impeachment Time, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, should not be confused with government overreach, these are direct attacks on the Sovereignty of our Country led by Biden and his far left agenda, time for impeachment talks, time for investigations into actual treason, defending our Country from all enemies both domestic and foreign, our southern border is under attack from virus ridden illegals and elected government officials are turning their back, on their oath of office, sure sounds like their sworn duty is being avoided. Congressional oversight must be the beginning to look into this treason and 2022 will be hold them accountable.

    1. I feel your passion but, when we have comrade Pelosi running the Politburo for comrade Joseph Vladimir Biden it’s pretty hard to get any impeachment talks going.

  4. Dumbocrap cowards,plain and simple.what a bunch of pathetic losers. Vote all these worthless,politicians out of office, there all incompetent.

  5. So what don’t the Democrats not understand about those famous words uttered “Elections Have Consequences”. Why wouldn’t Gov Abbott want to advance legislation he favors. That’s why we voted him into office.

  6. If they stop getting paid and they have to cover all their own expense, it probably won’t be long before they start returning.

  7. What are the job abandonment laws in Texas. If they refuse to return to work,
    they have basically quit.

  8. I just hope our Constitution and Bill of Rights LAST until the next Election. It’s time for some “Tough Love”. The kids that were not taught the dangers of Socialism are the children of MY generation and were in school during and after the Obama ERA so they have no REAL knowledge of the World, They also have no math skills so that they won’t understand you can’t have free everything with no money coming in. MY GENERATION MUST CUT THESE KIDS OFF AND LET THEM LEARN ABOUT THE WORLD THE HARD WAY.

  9. So if the Democrats have decided to live in another state and in most states if you live there more than thirty days you need to get a change of address and new driver’s license. Which would place the as non Texas residents that are not eligible to hold office and a election should be held to fill those seats.


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