‘This is Lunacy’ Shocking Footage Emerges of Massive Overcrowding at Indoor Border Facility

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

New footage reportedly captured by fed up border patrol agents shows migrants being kept in overcrowded facilities near the border as the Biden administration continues to downplay the obvious crisis. The shocking footage shows hundreds of people crammed together in tight conditions as the country continues to grapple with the easily transmitted Coronavirus and now, the more transmissible delta variant.

Townhall reports:

Video taken this week by a source in the Rio Grande Valley Sector shows immigrants in a holding facility packed in tightly, with some not wearing masks. This has lead to Border Patrol having to take people apprehended elsewhere in the sector to the temporary holding site underneath the Anzalduas International Bridge in Mission, Texas, where outside temperatures reach above 100 degrees on a daily basis.

“They are way past capacity – so aliens sit outside because where do you take them?  Logistically it’s a nightmare – people want to go to the bathroom, need to eat, women need to breastfeed, and the list goes on…  This has surpassed the point of sustainability – this is lunacy,” the source said.

Former Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan ripped the Biden administration for repeatedly “lying” to the American people about the border crisis.

“Early on when they were saying, ‘Hey, nothing to see here, everything is under control,’ they were talking about unaccompanied minors. They left out what was happening with single adults and families, conveniently, and I believe, again, they were doing that intentionally to misdirect and lie to the American people,” Morgan said, adding the moving of unaccompanied minors to the Department of Health and Human Services shelters was a “shell game” because some of those sites have also experienced poor conditions due to the rapid set up after the crisis kicked off in February.

“Look at the damn pictures…Border Patrol is getting fed up and [agents] are sending out pictures,” to show what is really happening, Morgan said.

See the shocking footage here to get an inside look at what the Biden administration doesn’t want to show Americans about the border.

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  1. This pos, worthless,corrupt,lying,braindead president needs to be removed, he isn’t fit for the job, he has stage 3 dementia, and doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing, This clown needs to be gone for total incompetence.

    1. after the 2022 elections. Then with Republican control of congress and the RINO’s that didn’t get re-elected gone impeachment. The charges refusal to enforce immigration laws. Since Camel Hair is the “border tzar” and is complicit she’s impeached with him. Kevin McCarthy becomes POTUS.

        1. Right now that is correct. After the 2022 election and R’s gain control of congress, she will no longer be speaker, thus no longer third in command.

      1. Right, no doubt Hillary is enjoying being president behind the scenes, Obama is getting his 3rd term illegally through Biden, their puppet and Bernie Sanders is throwing in his 2 cents worth behind the scenes which is why we are embracing so much undesired socialism – the next step to communism.


      1. Right, over and above Hillary, Bernie, and Obama is George Soros who wants America run like Communist China.

  2. Isn’t this a crime? Shouldn’t someone bring charges against Biden for Child Abuse? Then kick him out of the White House?

  3. With the proof of fraud as to the election, it is time to round up all the criminals and charging them. Once the first few are found guilty and sentenced to the death penalty as required by federal law, I will bet that they will be crawling all over themselves to make a deal.
    No wonder the dems are fighting so hard to cover up that they had no right to the Presidency and everything done since January Six is illegal.

    1. I heard the Wisconsin and Pennsylvania voting machines have been wiped clean, negating the possibility of auditing the ballots in those states.

  4. Where’s the loudmouth socialist/communist Bronx Bimbo AOC? She doesn’t even have to fake her disgust with Biden’s border crisis like her photo op showed her to be while hanging onto a chain link fence but not showing that she was looking at an empty parking lot.

  5. Bozo Biden, Hag Harris, Piglosi, and Shifty Schumer all need to be impeached out of office; then criminally charged, tried, convicted and sentenced for crimes against humanity and for violating federal and state laws.

  6. They should be used to the temps. It took days if not a month or more to travel to get to the US border depending upon where they started. Nobody promised them an airconditioned 4 star hotel with free room service. You can tell how concerned Biden is with the COVID.

  7. Like the Afghan debacle this too is Trump’s fault. Joe says that Trump should never have let the Democrats steal the election.

  8. Can any of you picture what the media would do if President Trump was in office?
    This would be on a news wheel 24/7 so the UNINFORMED could sympathize with the inhumane ways at the border????
    Well, the media is silent. Just this morning a NIH Doc said the rising in cases has nothing to do with the border. What a joke!
    Ok, you suburban yoga pants liberals.
    This crap is coming to your towns/cities and into your kids schools. By the way, they’re bringing other diseases. Deal with it beeaches.

  9. He needs to be impeached…He is ruining this country, putting us in danger around the world and he’s in hiding most of the time…Put him and Hunter in a room with some woke hookers and toss the key….

    1. Don’t worry. Biden won’t be in office much longer and neither will Kamala. Trump will be back shortly. God prophesied during the events of 09-11-01 that He was going to give America a two-term president out of the towers of NYC. Can you say “Trump towers?” He’s already had one term and the second one is coming.

  10. President Trump had this problem, but fixed it, and secured our southern borders in doing so, as his policies and agendas worked very well, but because they were from President Trump, Joe Biden repealed them all, causing these human disasters of suffering and deaths, and bringing in many large doses of the Covid-19 virus and it’s variants, putting the American people at medical health risks, and putting millions of illegal immigrants on our welfare and food stamp roles, causing our national debt to grow by leaps and bounds, which is deflating our dollars and contributing to the extremely high inflation.

  11. This is not the Border agents backstabbing Biden. This is the result of Biden and DNC Backstabbing the entire country.. Now People will maybe understand the pictures as it seems many do not understand words.

  12. Well, look at the bright side. The new ‘immigrants’ arrived with stars in their eyes about ‘dear beneficent Biden’ who invited them to USA. And then once they are here, look what a Black Hole of Calcutta awaited them! If they have long memories, just perhaps they will come to recognize and remember which political party kept them in a hellhole without end; or in concentration camps. And surely they will palaver with their American Hispanic brethren, who are turning increasingly Republican! The Democratic permanent underclass of proletarian Democrats evaporates right before their glazed eyes…

    1. We can only hope and pray as these illegals may be so grateful just to get in by any and all means nefarious that they may overlook the inconveniences and vote ignorantly for Democrats. We need a patriotic organization at the border handing out treats, copies of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, along with a brief overview of American history to help educate the illegals and get them to vote other than Democrat.

      1. Yeah, and the goons at the border would arrest the patriotic organization operatives as ‘violent extremists,’ I shouldn’t wonder… But you are right, spot on.

  13. 50 years of incompetence….
    Where else but as an American politician could this goofball become a multi-millionaire?????
    And where else but in Amerika???
    And where else but Amerika would you find people stupid enough to keep electing him!!!!

    1. I find it so fascinating and hypocritical how everything the democrats charged against Trump and republicans they are doing themselves and overlooking conveniently. They are willfully blind.

  14. Crazy Joe is worthless, yes, and always has been a joke. If he goes then Laughing Girl takes the reins and while she doesn’t have his infirmities her handicap is vacuousness.

  15. Our coprolitic Imbecile-in-Chief actually is proud that he got away with taking a huge dump smack in the middle of the nation most of us love. He sent his illegal alien czar to where the aliens aren’t. She said she’d been to the border but not Europe. Now she’s headed for Singapore. There’s something seriously wrong with these germs.

  16. Strange that we didn’t have all of the current problems at our southern border which we are now having when we had our elected president directing our country.

  17. Put them on busses an drive them
    Back into Mexico Not to neighborhoods all around our country spreading this virus. We had it under control until that idiot ass opened up the border to thousands an the covid spread. What the HELL is that old fart doing. We all know he isn’t thinking. Because he CANT think

    1. I doubt he is working when he has Hillary, Obama and Bernie behind the scenes supported by evil Soros helping fill in for him. Biden is just a puppet.

  18. These people need to be kicked right back across the border. We are creating our own crises. Unless would be illegals know they will be immediately ejected, this madness will continue.

  19. How convenient that the video didn’t load, Facebook. You are an accomplish to this disaster of an administration.

    1. Per an explosive report by the Washington Examiner, 18 out of the 20 Facebook officials tasked with fact-checking news are linked to Soros-funded organizations. The discovery came just days after President Donald Trump called out Facebook for showing “flagrant bias” against Conservatives. Soros has invested over $32 billion in his Open Society Foundations, an umbrella group that supports hundreds of left-wing organizations around the world – and 90% of Facebook’s “independent” fact-checkers are linked to those organizations;  Communist Chinese nationals write censorship algorithms for Facebook, per ex-insider; with 3 Billion users, Facebook is now more powerful than many countries and wrongly considers itself to be a ‘sovereign state’ with their own ‘Supreme Court.’ Human Trafficking Institute CEO Victor Boutros said on CBSN: “Facebook overwhelmingly is used by traffickers to recruit victims in active sex trafficking cases.” Facebook will become a small company in the future, per one prophetic word.

  20. I believe it is passed time for the senate to raise a impeachment on Biden. He has broken far more than six points that calls for impeachment. It should have been done months ago because there will be a fight with the dumb congress people. Our country in the meantime is going on a downward journey at a fast pace. They need to open their damn mouths and speak up.

  21. Never forget – this travesty is courtesy of democrats who welcome and allow this inhumanity for the greed of getting new voters. In other words, bring them in, don’t bother giving them good treatment – as long as they don’t complain – these illegals are so grateful just to get in that they will vote as democrats in the next election.

  22. y’all can thank the democrat “voters” (and the fraud machine biden bragged about BEFORE the election) If “we” do not get rid of dominion and ALL democrat poll workers ,there will NEVER be another honest election..We ARE getting close to the need for armed revolution..These lunatics NEED to go,by ANY and ALL means!

  23. Does the incompetence and ineptness of the democrat Biden administration reflect the incompetence and ineptness of America’s young white wokesters….and publicly educated young people in general???
    I SAY YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!

  24. I’ve talked to probably a dozen tenured professors from 2 universities and 1 college.
    All of them are ecstatic with what dementia joe did.
    And they said they are going to be “teaching” this to their students as a brilliant diplomatic success that could only have been accomplished by a socialist President and government.
    I’m sure ALL Universities, colleges, and PUBLIC school districts will be doing the same.
    Remember, vote YES on your next school levy!!!!! lol lol

  25. The uptick in covid cases is NOT due to the UNVACCINATED it is due to the 2.5 million illegal trespassers who are covid +. The real # of illegals is estimated to be over 5 million. Use your brain and common sense. Get the dems the hell out of office.


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