Texas Senate Passes New Voting Bill After Runaway Dems Futile Attempt to Block It Results Arrest Warrants

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The Texas state Senate has passed a new elections bill after state Democrats fled the state weeks ago in an attempt to block the legislation. However, the state Senate still didn’t pass the bill without protest as one state Democrat filibustered for 15 hours in a futile attempt to withhold a vote on the bill. The Texas upper House passed the bill 18-11.

Newsmax reports:

Democrat Carol Alvarado began speaking shortly before 6 p.m. Wednesday even though she acknowledged that the filibuster would not block the legislation. She was required to remain standing and speaking, was prohibited from taking bathroom breaks and wore running shoes on the Senate floor, just as former Texas legislator Wendy Davis did in 2013 when she filibustered a sweeping anti-abortion bill.

She hugged her Democrat colleagues after finally putting down the microphone. Minutes later, the bill passed 18-11 in the Senate, although the measure is now once again stalled since Democrats continue to stay away from the state House of Representatives in a standoff that has now entered a 32nd day.

But after sergeants-at-arms finished making the rounds inside the Texas Capitol — dropping off copies of the warrants at Democrats’ offices, and politely asking staff to tell their bosses to return — there were few signs the stalemate that began when Democrats fled to Washington, D.C., in July in order to grind the statehouse to a halt was any closer to a resolution.

The latest escalation threw the Texas Legislature into uncommon territory with neither side showing any certainty over what comes next, or how far Republicans could take their determination to secure a quorum of 100 present lawmakers — a threshold they were just four members shy of reaching.

More than 30 Texas Democrats have remained in Washington, D.C. for more than a month.

        1. And how many Republicans voted for this bill? They don’t even know whats in it…..Heard that one before…..”We have to pass the bill to know whats in it.”

        1. Beto joined Willie Nelson in a concert to help pay these “BROKE” weirdos way to DC. I tossed all the CDs I had of Nelson’s in the garbage can. I don’t like people who slap America in the face.

      1. The tax payers! We are! They are probably all millionaires but the middle and poor class of America are paying for all this hog wash! Plus they are getting a $200.00 day per diem!!!!!

    1. They also are not fulfilling thier aworn duty too the state and the people. Not only impeach them but I beleiev there are criminal charges that can be brought against them. We have let these politicians do what they want to do with no consequences and this has gone on for too long. It is a shame we do this. They disobey court orders. If I was in charge the first court order they diaobeied (disobeyed) I would have the state police on thier door step to arrest, have the state police go get what ever these officials didn’t give according to the state order and to take anything else related, all of course in a warrant from the judge that rendered the ruling in the first place. In fact that is on the judge for letting them get away with these obviously illegal activities.

  1. If I were the Texas Repub party chairman, I would be all over this thru every state media available. “Is this what you voted for?” … “Your representative has decided to move the goal post in the 4th quarter! ” … “If the situation was reversed, would this be acceptable from Repub’s?”

      1. I thought of another… If you did this at your job, and your boss knew it for a fact, what would happen to you?” Mine would fire me in a New York minute. … So why don’t you fire them?

  2. Democrats had their chance to vote on the ‘Bill’ and they choose to remain absent. They neglected to do their jobs! The “BILL” should pass!
    Why are Democrats “filibustering” anyway? They are AGAINST IT!

  3. Thats good news. We are going to have to stand up for our rights or they will be thrown away by those who want this Republic to be a Socialist nation without a constitution, bill of rights, or equality and fairness for all.

  4. They abandoned their jobs. If I did that, I would be “fired on the spot”. Strip them of their pay, benefits and privilege’s, and require re-imbursement for pay and benefits while they were in Washington!!!

  5. STOP Fascist

    Go to frankspeech today

    Impeached joKe bidet for election fraud all counting machines were indeed connected to the internet and breached oath of office.

    Election 2020 null and void .

      1. If people actually knew all the things that Joe Biden has done since he was a Senator, and then look at the terribly embarrassing life his son has lived on drugs, DUIs, sexual orgies, and ties, as well as connections and business dealings with China, and Burisma. These are the people who are running the Government….Talk about mental depravity and national security threats.

  6. On a federal level, our so called Rhino’s punted on the BS pork bill because they go extra money as bribery to do so in their states. DO NOT VOTE THEM BACK IN – Roy Blunt (MO), Richard Burr (NC), Shelley Moore Capito (WV), Bill Cassidy (LA), Susan Collins (ME), Kevin Cramer (ND), Mike Crapo (ID), Deb Fischer (NE), Lindsey Graham (SC), John Hoeven (ND), Mitch McConnell (KY), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Rob Portman (OH), James Risch (ID), Mitt Romney (UT), Dan Sullivan (AK), Thom Tillis (NC), and Roger Wicker (MS).

    1. I am one Utahn with a big mouth and a strong dislike for Mit the Twit.
      There are many more like me as well, I don’t think he will survive the primaries in ’24.
      He will be packing his sorry azz up and heading back to whoosachussets where his Dumb-O-Crapper azz belongs .
      Barry Age 76
      PO1 USN RET
      Vietnam 3x (Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club)

      1. unfortunately ’24 is THREE years away – how much damage can he do in this time?? we need to get them out NOW!

        1. 2022 is the BIG number. If we take back the House and Senate we will control the Executive Branch or at least vote DOWN all of Biden’s jackazz policies. Just make sure we vote all the RINOs possible OUT!

  7. They should be docked fore every hour and fined three months pay and any sick live they might get and vacation time they might get revoked . So much fore the voters who voted fore them to set their own salary and rules .

  8. They need to come back sooner than later, then arrest the worthless,incompetent,cry=baby dumbocraps, they aren’t fit to serve, so we need to vote them out.

  9. there needs to be ”abandonment of position” available for senate to circumvent quorum requirements. this must not stand

  10. If democrats couldn’t lie, cheat, extort, obstruct or steal they couldn’t exist. They are a blight on this great nation.

    Back in 2013, Joe and Hunter Biden flew on Air Force Two to China. Ten days later, Hunter Biden, a dropout with no business experience, landed a $1.5 billion deal with a Communist Chinese Government’s Bank of China subsidiary.  Marxism, Communism, Socialism, should not be confused with government overreach, these are direct attacks on the Sovereignty of our Country led by Biden and his far left agenda, time for impeachment talks, time for investigations into actual treason, defending our Country from all enemies both domestic and foreign, our southern border is under attack from virus ridden illegals and elected government officials are turning their back, on their oath of office, sure sounds like their sworn duty is being avoided. Congressional oversight must be the beginning to look into this treason and 2022 will be hold them accountable. Violating his Oath of Office… No more nuts, no more democrat, time to clean house. Wanted for crimes against the United States, those who allowed invasion of our southern borders, against the laws of the United States, Wanted also those involved in transporting illegal aliens around the United States by plane, bus or other commercial carriers, against established State and Federal laws, Wanted those involved in the spread of the covid virus through out the United States in Lew of International laws, ignoring Home land security safety laws an National CDC prevention laws to protect against the spread of the any virus,Wanted those who appropriated an allowed misuse of government funds not authorized by congress to help spread any virus with the infected illegal aliens, within the United States, against all established laws. Any one involved in these unlawful activities are subject to criminal charges not only now, but in the future.

  12. If they abandoned their jobs does that mean they no longer work there . Where are laws for lawmakers or are they above the law .When I was working years ago if I left jobsite without permission I was fired or if I had a great reason I would not be fired . There is no reasons at all for all of them to have abandoned the workplace . Also if I abandoned something it was no longer mine


  14. AS someone that took an oath of office to faithfully execute their duties, when such duties are neglected, that legislator has abandoned their office and therefore should be removed from office and the office declared vacant. Governor should then appoint someone to replace them and take a vote.

  15. Don’t pay them. Put them in jail for as many days as they are away. They need to be taught a grown up lesson. They truly acted like spoiled children. This isn’t funny. The end of this kind of nonsense could drag us into a civil war. Ps. The real Americans will only put up with this petty B____sht!

  16. Well, thankfully, that legislation has passed; sadly those adult-children have shown only that they are in need of serious disciplining. They accomplished nothing, other than running up an unconscionable bill for Texans, including their constituents, & making fools of themselves & those who voted for them

  17. If they are making $200.00 a day per diem; levy a fine of $500.00 per day they are away from their duties. Enough is enough!

  18. The time has come, to strip these democrats of their State Representative titles and hold a special election to replace them for abandoning their post and job and immediately stop all per diem! The House Chair needs to draft a bill or law suit stating that any State Representative or Senator failing to show up for over 30 days, without written permission from the governor or the house/senate chairs or have an legit medical reasons, confirmed by a doctor and if any group of these legislator’s leave town for over 30 day to prevent a quorum for voting on a bill…a quorum will not be required…How about doing something now in order to prevent this from happening again!

  19. Will they take any ordinary citizens to fill in the spots for the cowardly democrats? There has to be something in the constitution that will permit citizens to do that? Appoint other local government afficials to fill those seat temporarily.

  20. Remember the smiling faces of the fleeing democrats on the plane as they ran to party in WashingtonDC? Wonder what their faces look like on the plane as they return for jail duty in Texas after they hold a vote on issues?

  21. In the future there must be a provision for tarring tand feathering them (literally or figuratively) for dereliction of duty. Since the bass turds did it in an organized, premeditated conspiracy, it constitutes a mutiny in the military sense and needs to be dealt with as such.

  22. No average person would get paid for abandoning their job, especially when they are duty bound as elected officials. The Left lives by a double standard, they are lawless and have no integrity to do what is lawful or what is right, which takes real character, its really sickening.

  23. This is a copycat routine that Wisconsin’s Democrat representatives did when they fled to Illinois to prevent action on a bill that would require teachers to pay into their State funded retirement plans…a mere 5%.

  24. When are we going to put a stop to all this insane behavior on the Democrats part?? I’m sick to death, as most people are, of this blatant.. in your face hypocrisy!! The universe is going to get them sooner or later. There is a price to pay for EVERYTHING. I can’t wait to see them crumble… the whole lot of them!

  25. RECALL! They come back to campaign and they get arrested. They don’t come back and they lose the recall election. Win-Win.


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