These States Are Forcing Govt. Workers to Get Vaccinated

Photo of someone receiving a vaccine. Photo from Pixabay.

As America careens towards another possible lockdown some states have already begun buying into the Covid hysteria. Despite the fact a majority of Americans have been vaccinated against the virus Democrat-led states have already begun implementing new Covid mandates. While Democrats claim showing an ID to vote is racist they’re practically jumping for joy to force Americans to show a vaccine ID to enter their favorite restaurant and now, multiple states are forcing their government workers to either get the jab or hit the bricks.

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  1. There is no Delta variant! How can there be a variant of a virus that they cannot even produce! It has never been isolated! It’s all BS! The CDC admits on their own website that the PCR tests must be changed because they do not distinguish between Covid and Influenza ! Well duuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. !!!!????! It’s the freaking flu that has killed the vulnerable… just one every other year! Stop this madness NOW! Wake the hell ip sheeple!!! Or learn to speak Chinese!

      1. Canada is the second nation to Myth bust #CoronaSCAM2020! The court ordered Canada to give a sample of Coronavirus to a litigant for independent lab analysis the judge gave Canada 30 days to comply, Canada immediately called the US Government for help and at the end of the 30 days not 1 single cell of Coronavirus was able to be turned over! The first to Myth bust #CoronaSCAM2020 was New Zealand who claimed that Coronavirus was a Propaganda Campaign designed to help steal an election!

    1. Exactly. If one can remember back to mid-2020, the so called “experts” were dumbfounded because the annual seasonal flu had all but disappeared. There were only a handful, less than 100, flu cases reported nationwide for the entire year. Then a couple of months ago, the idiots at the CDC had to admit that the PCR test was the same test that was used for the flu for several years prior. Quite coincidentally, nearly every positive test result was automatically diagnosed as Covid. It didn’t matter to medical facilities and nursing homes because they got a nice payment from the feds for every Covid case diagnosed and $35,000 for every Covid-related death that occurred in their facilities. Note I said Covid-related; someone could be admitted for a gun shot wound or auto accident, etc and if they died and had Covid in their system, viola! it was a Covid death. The taxpayers got the shaft again.

      1. You cannot possibly believe the flu had EVER all but disappeared. The 2017–2018 flu season was severe for all US populations and resulted in an estimated 959,000 hospitalizations and 61,099 deaths. Bloomberg reported that influenza in the United States was killing up to 4,000 Americans a week, likely to far outstrip the rate of deaths in the 2009–2010 season.  The 2018 – 2019 flu season had an estimated 34,000 deaths. As for the second half of your allegations, poppycock, pure unadulterated poppycock. For starters, the government did not pay any medical facility for COVID deaths above and beyond the normal insurance payment allotments. Although it is true that each and every person who died who had been vaccinated were entered into the VAERS system even if they had a bullet between their eyeballs, those numbers were quickly extinguished once the CDC investigators did their job. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) was open for input by anybody and everybody including parents, siblings, neighbors, medical teams, etc. as the information entry form is on their website. The purpose of VAERS is to detect possible signals of adverse events associated with vaccines. VAERS collects and analyzes information from reports of adverse events (possible side effects) that occur after the administration of US licensed vaccines regardless of who submits the report. If 14 different people submitted a report on the same decedent, then 14 less Covid deaths would be listed post investigation which is why the number of deaths can be reduced by 60,000 between Friday and Monday as has been the case as previously reported all over the ill informed Internet. Covid is real and I’ve lost quite a few friends and relatives who absolutely refused to get vaxed. At the same time right now some friends are home with Covid having been released from the hospital as they were both vaxed. The husband, Van, was on a ventilator for 2 days. He lost his brother 2 weeks ago and his 2 teenage nieces are still in ICU.

      2. The great thing about the internet is that you can search around and find things that prove that what you want to believe is true is true.
        I was even able to find out that Trump actually won 423 Electoral College votes.
        He topped Reagan.
        It is the God’s honest truth.
        So help me God!!!!

      3. They didn’t even have to have the China Virus, they only had to be around somebody who might have been around somebody who……

    2. I’m certainly no expert but I had heard the same thing — that there no ‘quick’ test to ‘confirm’ and variant and that the present test is positive for BOTH flu and COVID. Me thinks there is MORE politics here than science :^)

    3. 100% false. Quit reading conspiracy websites.

      I daily see people like you die from covid due to not being vaccinated.

      Wake up and stop spreading BS.

      From the CDC:
      The CDC Influenza SARS-CoV-2 (Flu SC2) Multiplex Assay is a real-time reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test that detects and differentiates RNA from SARS-CoV-2, influenza A virus, and influenza B virus in upper or lower respiratory specimens. The assay provides a sensitive, nucleic-acid-based diagnostic tool for evaluation of specimens from patients in the acute phase of infection.

      1. This virus is a gain-of-function developed in the Wuhan lab, virus mutates like it’s designed to do!! This is the plandemics, scamdemic courtesy of the CCP & PLA, and dr. Frankenstein Fauci!!

    4. I did a thorough myth bust on #CoronaSCAM2020 when the New York Times claimed that New York City was the Epicenter of the Coronavirus! They claimed over 6,000 people died in the previous 2 weeks of Coronavirus on the front page, but interestingly in the obituaries it claimed that only 2 had died in New York City in the previous 2 weeks 1 in Queens and 1 in the Bronx and neither of Coronavirus! Then I spanned out my search and started looking into America’s leading Coffin Manufacturer who was in a huge sales slump rather than a huge spike in sales, after all every dead human body is federally mandated to be disposed of in a coffin! Within 2 months of my myth bust FEMA began having plastic coffins made for the first time in the USA’s history! At that point they had all been made out of wood or metal! There were 6 hospitals that went bankrupt due to the fear people had that they might catch the virus if they went to the hospital! But Ironically at that time the Hospital was the only place you could be tested all while the media was hyping absolutely impossible numbers of new infections, the impossible death rates were so bad that even a 2 year old could tell that the media was lying! There would be so much heavy equipment digging so many graves and thousands of semi trailers waiting for the furnace to empty for cremation after all it takes 8 full hours to cremate 1 dead human body!

    5. You are absolutely right it is just another flu.
      Nothing to worry about.
      Just 660,000 in 2020-2020.
      There were all of 22,000 in 2019-2020.
      It is only killing off the vulnerable.
      The unvaccinated, the people who have accepted Donald Trump as their personal savior.

  2. This is against everything we have believed in. You cannot force us to do this so stop this insanity,

      1. The inventor of the rDNA vaccine said should only be used on the elderly and those with serious illnesses and auto-immune problems. He advises using the therapeutics for viruses in the 1st stages of the illness.

        1. It’s all a big fat Lie so Government Could sucker American People Into a Frenzy and Become Rich while Controlling everyone and Destroying our Country Thanks to the Far Left

    1. No one is forcing anyone to take the vaccine.
      Not even the the military is forced to take any vaccine.
      If you want to stay in the military you have to take at least 8.
      Unless you want to be dishonorably discharged for disobeying orders.

  3. Being vaccinated does NOT prevent you from acquiring and transmitting the virus. Being unvaccinated carries the same risk. The vaccine does NOTHING to prevent the spread of COVID or any other micro-organism. This is all just pure stupidity and ignorance. Not sure which is worse.

    1. The vaccine reduces the severity of the infection, most often down to none.
      Nothing is perfect.
      The vaccination does cause the the death of most of the virus, but not all.
      Less virus less spread.
      Nothing is perfect.
      I f you are Veteran you have been vaccinated.
      Time and time again.
      Have you refused to allow your children to take any vaccines?

  4. I’m glad my state Governor signed into law a couple weeks ago NO vaccine mandate at all, even by the feds. It’s unconstitutional!

  5. Time to hang these governors and all health agency leaders that support forced vaccination!! Especially with this fake pandemic!! Just like the revolution with forced taxation!!

  6. 700,000 dead Americans is not hysteria. It is a crime against humanity. We have the right to require things like vacations to promote the general welfare and defend the American people. I for one have heard enough about civil rights and how masks and vacations violate those rights. I want to see people fulfilling their civil responsibilities. Freedom allows us to choose for oursekves but it does not allow us to endanger others by our behavior. I got vacinated to protect myself, family and fellow citizens. I wear a mask to protect others from the possibility of my infecting soneone else if I become an asymptomatic virus carrier.

    1. You, by Marxist Definition, are a USEFUL IDIOT!! You have been Propagandized by the Communist/Socialist DemonKKKraps with ludicrous medical DYSinformation into accepting a KILLER NONVaccine to protect against a NONKiller Flu-like Illness only dangerous to the Elderly with Near Death Medical Conditions! Make your amends, pray for forgiveness, prepare to meet your Maker!

      1. Dr. Fauci would like to keep the ‘science’ all under wraps, so he is not being incriminated for being ‘complicit”! Think about this?

      2. Ph–k the phony science….WHERES THE TRUTH…CDC has admitted they are liars…the WHO has been silent, AND THE AMA is as corrupt as the FBI, Justice Dept and CIA!! It is way past time for some major house cleaning imo

    2. I would like to point out a few things to you. First off the 700,000 you say have died is no were near the true number of deaths. The death certificates of a large number of people who died in the last 1 1/2 years says it was from covet even though that is not what they actually died from. Two examples are a guy was killed in a motorcycle accident & since he tested positive for covet the Dr was forced to put the cause of death as covert & the same thing with a guy who was shot to death, the Dr said he did not die from covet it was the three bullets that killed him. I have seen interviews & read articles from DR’s who said the number may be as low as 20 – 25 % of that 700,000 who actually died from covet & a large percentage of those were elderly or had other health issues. On average 65,000 people die every year from the common flu. I’ll bet if you check you will not be able to find anyone whose death is listed as from the flu in the last 1 1/2 years. As far as the masks go there have been multiple studies including the latest from Finland & the US Marines that says masks have little effect in preventing the spread of the virus especially the cloth & cheap ones that everyone uses, read the label on most of the packaging for these masks & it will say that they will not protect against the virus. Don’t you think that if these politicians & so called experts who keep telling us we have to wear masks thought it was really a matter of life or death they would mandate that you had to wear a N95 mask & they would not continually to be caught out & about on airplanes at weddings, birthday parties ballgames & other large crowd social events not wearing a mask. As far as the vaccine goes it is not yet FDA approved & therefore it is an experimental drug that is the only vaccine that alters your genes so can you guarantee me what the long term effect is going to be in 1,3 or 5 years?

      1. What is the name of the Doctor and the person who forced him to lie on a death certificate?
        Details matter.
        The common flu average for the last ten years is actually 39,000 the max is 61,000.
        Science is nothing more than a bunch guesses that need to be proven out, or not.
        We know a whole lot more about more about Covid -19 than we did 18 mont6hs ago.
        When you go into an Emergency Room all smashed up the operating room team goes right to work on you.
        They don’t wait until they have done a though physical examination, reviewed you medical history and conferred with their colleagues?
        They stop the bleeding.
        They all wear masks.
        In hindsight they almost would have done something differently, particulary when the patient dies.
        It is a tough job.
        You need to stay current, the FDA approved the vaccine two weeks ago.
        We all know what the long term effect of death is going to be in 1, 3, and 5 years.

        Where did you find the research that proves the vaccine alters your genes?
        How does it alter them?.
        We are now getting to the really fun part of the pandemic, the anti- vaxers dieing off in droves.
        Most amusing is the six, and counting, Right Wing radio talk show hosts who have died horrid Covid deaths.
        I am starting to bruise my knee.
        Has you family started a Go Fund Me page for you final expenses?

      2. Talking about N95 masks I use to buy them at home depot not anymore. What is going on with that they have had what a year and a half to Amp up production. If they are so concerned about masks and our health.

    3. You know… the rest of us are really sick and tired too. Especially of people who want to force us to do things against our will. Vaccinated or not.. sir, you can STILL SHARE THE VIRUS AND KILL SOMEONE. IT DOES NOT MATTER whether you get it or not! How do you know you haven’t already infected someone who ultimately died? YOU DON’T!! It could have been some stranger in a store you walked by. The vaccinated are just as culpable if that is what you are hinting at!! Guess we should accuse people with the flu that they are killing people too. That crime you speak of originated solely with people whose sole purpose was to get rid of Donald Trump and who STILL want to destroy him. That is why we have to deal with this virus in a way that protects our way of life. Good old BIDEN is allowing illegal immigrants to cross our borders now…KNOWING FULL WELL THAT THE VIRUS THEY ARE BRINGING IN WILL KILL AMERICANS!! This would not even be an issue right now, if Biden had just closed the border or rather, left it closed. Trump did. He cared and he acted accordingly! How about you start blaming the person that can actually do something to impact the virus in this country rather than people who are just living their lives. That crime you accused people of is getting ready to happen again with the same guy leading the charge. The next round of Americans will also die because of the Democratic Socialist agenda that is filling our country with Communists and criminals. They will be worse than the virus. Stay home if you are so afraid. You are blaming the wrong people! At some point you are going to figure out you are being played and choose to live instead. Sadly, if you don’t, you will one day wake up in a country you no longer recognize if this agenda is not stopped. The rest of us choose to live without that fear you have. America is a prized trophy for our enemies… and people like you do nothing but feed their agenda. You are exactly what they want. They are using you and others like you who are willing to give up freedoms and choices you will NEVER GET BACK!! Look at what happened to our privacy after 9/11. We cannot allow fear to stop us from doing what is right! Think about all those men and women who died in wars to maintain these very freedoms you seem to want to just give away out of fear and WITHOUT A FIGHT!! I guarantee those who stood up against OUR enemies and died, did so in SPITE of their fear. Choose not to live in fear or it will be all you are left with. My body…my choice, sir. You made yours… and it won’t make a bit of difference. Let me make mine.

      1. “That crime you speak of originated solely with people whose sole purpose was to get rid of Donald Trump and who STILL want to destroy him”

        Agreed totally. Greed and politics caused a huge number of deaths. A covid vaccine would have been developed eventually, but Greed by Big Pharma would not let them wait a few years to rake in billions – hence the squashing of any information highlighting the effectiveness of HCQ and Ivermectin as preventatives/therapeutics so they could go straight to rushed vaccine development while infected persons were not treated.

        The Dems and complicit members of the medical community played right along. The Dems were desperate to get Trump out of the White House but offered only a gaggle of inept morons as potential candidates – they needed something huge to blame on Trump. They needed casualties and colluded with their Big Pharma bedmates to ensure the pandemic continued to rage through the election.

        Dedicated doctors who are interested in helping sick people have developed effective protocols for the prevention and treatment of Covid. Those whose goals were obscene medical profits and political power sacrificed thousands of lives to get what they wanted.

    4. What are they hiding about the real numbers?! How many people died of the Wuhan virus OR complications mixed with ones other ailments! The truth is about as many as the yearly flu… 250,000 give or take. AND… cloth masks don’t work… only N95.


      1. Gates is into eugenics to rid the world of the so-called “undesirables” and reduce overall global population. Now think for a minute, who else in the last century had a similar agenda?

        1. Check out all the Democrats not wearing masks antelling usto mask up Obama birthday party Newsome in California dinning out when everybody else was shut down or Pigloci going to the theater no mask no. one believes a dam thing. What you so called experts have to say The media is running cover for are COURUPT COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT AN AMERICA IS BEING PLAYED I’M NOT GOING TO WEAR THE FACE DIAPER SO GO F YOURSELF


    6. The “crime against humanity” was the collusion by big Pharma, government, and certain segments of the medical community to sell development of a vaccine as the only viable solution to the pandemic, while suppressing and demonizing therapeutics that were effective when used in a timely manner by many doctors who were actually treating patients and (unlike those named above) did not stand to profit hugely from the plandemic.

      I am by no means an anti-vaxxer – I think development of a vaccine is an appropriate response to a disease like Covid, if proper procedures and protocols are followed and potential recipients are given full disclosure rather than shrieking demonization when they ask questions.

      I can even accept an accelerated development process for a vaccine under certain circumstances. What I cannot accept is the refusal to treat infected persons with remedies such as HCQ and Ivermectin to prevent them from being recognized as therapeutics, which would have short circuited the Emergency Use Authorization and liability waiver. The vaccine still would have been developed, but Big Pharma would have had to wait a couple of years to start raking in billions, and would have had to accept liability for damages done by their product.

      As it was infected persons were not treated, sent home, and told to go to the hospital if (when) they got worse. Of course the hospitals got a healthy bonus for inpatient Covid treatment , and by that time the early interventions not effective – patients were given intravenous remdesivir (another excessively expensive but ineffective Big Pharma boondoggle), intubated, and in many cases died.

      We will never know exactly how many deaths could have been prevented by freely implementing the successful protocols developed by Front Line Doctors, but it certainly would have saved a number of those who were treated by the “go to the hospital if you get worse” protocol.

      That was the true “crime against humanity.”

    7. Then IF your Vaccinated You have Nothing to Worry about,
      You Feel Safe, Right ! And Your Mind is at Ease.

      For Those of Us, for Whatever Reason whom DO NOT want
      this Concoction Flowing Throughout our Veins Within our Bodies ,
      We Are Safe And Our Mind Is At Ease.


      This is What is Called FREEDOM !
      Say it slow,
      F R E E D O M………………………….

      1. Exactly. Useful idiot Karens like this just make you want to smack them in the face. It’s none of their dammed bid’ness.

    8. Do the math. 700,00 of “claimed Covid deaths” of 331+ MILLION people is 0.2114%. And the demographic is the same group of people who typically die from the flu and pneumonia, and those numbers have dropped dramatically (being replaced by COVID stats). The PCR tests have been shown to NOT be able to differentiate between the the flu and the China virus. All the statistics are on the website, if you want to actually spend the time doing some valid research. Why is the jab being shoved down people’s throats based on such a low death rate? Ask the intelligent questions, try some independent thinking, and turn off the leftist-run news media! Examine the longitudinal studies being conducted overseas. This virus has been politicised and funded by the leftist globalists. The fear-mongering is a TOOL.

      1. The jab is the biggest money maker big pharma could have ever hoped for; especially since they’ve been given immunity from lawsuits when the unknown side effects start kicking in. Also, one has to wonder what the kick backs are to corrupt government employees.

    9. If you continue to comply you will be living in Natzi, Germany in no time. This isn’t just about the vaccine, it’s about fear and following orders. Take a look at what is going on in Australia right now. Vaccinated people are only allowed out of their homes for 1 hour a day. If your not vaccinated your being put in a internment camp….like the Jews!!! If you want to wear a mask to protect yourself go ahead. Get the vaccine too!! Then you are protected and you don’t have to worry about me!!

    10. Mask weakens your immune system and does not stop you from getting anything from a person with a cold or sick etc… so the longer you wear a mask the easier you will get sick in the future from anything.

    11. Good for you! We feel that we are doing the same by not taking it! Don’t you think it off that as the number of people receiving the vaccination rises so does the cases of variant strain? Those vaccines destroy your antibodies (immunity system necessity) and they cause the red and white cells to misshapen and clump together!
      soooo you do whatever you feel comfortable with and leave us alone!
      The worst form of tyranny is when people give up their rights or freedom for the good of the victims.

  7. This vaccine will not stop you from getting the virus, many got the virus again even after being vaccinated, this is about pharmaceuticals making money, and the government tracking and controlling you.

    1. Yep… getting the vaccine will lesson the severity of the Wuhan virus. I got my 2 shots due to being high risk and 69. But no boosters for me. God can take me when he is ready.✝️🇺🇸

      1. There are other things you could have done besides taking an experimental biological agent injection. You don’t know what this injection could possible do to you or those around you.

        1. *Yes but WE do know that if he gets COVID, with advancing age and co-morbid diseases, his chances are not good for survival. He is at peace with his maker. BTW, if you were to die tonight, do you know where you might go? Confess the Lord Jesus as your personal Savior, and you too will be SAVED!

  8. I truly hope those polls are wrong . I would hate to think there are so many stupid people in this country. that mean there would be so many people to stupid to pour PISS out of their boots before they stuck their foot in it. classic sign of CRAINIEL RECTAL INVERSION.
    better known as head in ass desaise .


  9. Numbers of deceased are massively inflated by laughable hospital documentation [If you had the virus in your system: stamp! You died of COVID even if you got creamed by a garbage truck] and a complicit, lying media. The Virus per CDC is >99% survivable. What is happening now is that the Chinks are cackling with glee because our nation has been reduced to a multitude of cowardly, hysterical gibbering fools. They are thinking: ‘Just wait till we hit them with the NEXT pandemic!’. Thus and in other ways they are setting us up for destruction. And we are helping them.

    1. Joe Biden is the “helper in Chief” and clearly in bed with the CCP? Why he even left $83 billion in weaponry for which the Taliban has already sold some to the CCP. Hmmm, wonder what their plans are? If we were to interfere in Taiwan, Israel, South China Sea and a few other world ‘hot spots’, we might see those weapons and much worse pointed directly at us! May God help and Bless the USA!

  10. Interesting how nearly all these states mentioned are blue. The people living there are going to be miserable. Btw mandating vaxx under an EUA is illegal. That’s not freedom to FORCE ppl to do things. That’s tyranny. “Ooh but you’re endangering others by not getting vaxxed.” HEY IDIOT, I don’t want heart inflammation either that comes with the vaxx. I don’t want to be part of the 12,000 that died so far from the vaxx. Matter of fact even when vaxxed you STILL can get covid??!! (Reba Mcentire & Lindsay Graham anyone) btw how is it there’s all of a sudden a new variant barely two months since we fully opened in the middle of SUMMER when viruses and sicknesses are virtually weak during that time period? #plandemic #novaxxthankyou

    1. The vax is going to create massive job openings and massive amounts of people no longer living to fill those vacancies. That’s when people will get imported from other countries to fill the positions — think; China and Islamic countries – that’s what it’s all about.

      1. Oh wait? What about those soon to be 2 million passing thru our Southern borders? Maybe Joe knew something we all didn’t know about needing so many ‘cheap’ workers? He was just “pandemic proofing’……..such a thoughtful guy! NOT!

  11. this vaccine is not ‘one shot fits all’ and should follow the guidelines of ‘My Body My Choice’. ‘Government has no business dictating our medical issues or any other personal issue. Does Hitler come to anyone’s mind here??????

  12. Hawaii says if you don’t get the vaccine, you will have your face terminated. Yikes! – How does that work???

  13. This Covid Was Being Under Control Unto Joe Biden , Kamala Harris And Obama Started Letting Illegals Into The USA . I BLAME ALL THESE DEMOCRATS For This Covid Spreading Again . illegals Have Know right To Even Come Into The USA Of America , All These Democrats Want Is People They Can Control

  14. Put The Blame Where It Belongs Joe BIden- Kamala Harris – Obama For Letting Illegals Cross The USA Boarders . This Covid Was Being Under Control In The USA Unto These democrats Started Helping Illegals Come Into The USA . They Just Want Illegals In The USA So They Can Control Them Like Robots


  15. In the United States of America, no citizen should be allowed to be forced into any social commitment by any government agency. This sort of thing is what Communist nations and dictatorships do; not a supposedly free Constitutional Republic like the U.S.
    Once government is allowed to get away with forcing US to do anything, fascist minded politicians and government employees will be able to force US to do much more.

  16. Its insane that garbage like this is being spread. I would love to take any of you on rounds and witness the death from covid 1st hand.

    Be smart, get the vaccine.

    1. No poison into my veins are you kidding ask yourself why do you think this corrupt government is shoving this jab down our throats it’s not because they love us no way it’s because they hate the AMERICAN PEOPLE and are going to try to destroy us even if it’s suckering people into believing COVID and having to take the Jab Tgink about it Bill Gates And Fauci are the ones who own this along with the CORRUPT Biden Administration they’re trying to kill off most of the population and start it over in their Evil And Corrupt ways And Train Them all the new Communist America way so Everyone Please Wake up and Smell the very strong black Coffee and Pray To God For Wisdom and take off the blunders off your eyes and then youll see what’s really going on and it’s not a very Pretty Picture

  17. It is ALL bullshyt..this is just the flu that comes every year, but the lying thieving, Medical Crime Syndicates figured out how to make billions off of ignorant ‘SHEEP’ Now the same ignorant a.h.’s want to do away with the electoral college so that the bastards won’t have fix the election….only the most populated would be able to vote…STUPIDITY AND IGNORANCE ARE RAMPANT IN THIS COUNTRY…I AM ASHAMED!!!

  18. Doc FALSEY will be found guilty of lies and spending taxed money and using it against the American ppl. That is treasonous acts! Look up who his wife is. Yep you will figure this one out quick..

  19. Watching the AntiVaxers die is a real knee slapper.
    Mine are all Black and blue.
    I jump for joy when it’s a Right Wing Radio Talk Show Host.
    All of that intense pleasure concentrated at the center of my of my soil.
    I was hoping that Covid would take down The RushBo but alas the booze and pain killers took him down first.
    So very very sad.

    1. All States are run by at least 30% Communist Democrats.
      At least 30% of all States voted for Biden.
      30% of the people in your blood line.
      The really fun part is how Trump has split apart families and the nation.

  20. Only a bad FLU like the Spanish Flu with bug resistance development
    Look at history and the lineage of pandemonium
    they did not have vaxx and no CDC lab was there cooking up the bugs during that era nor any other era
    the pandemic attacks in humanity’s history has a purpose
    the real purpose of the pandemic is…WAKE UP, climate fear-mongers!!!!
    this is nature’s way of population control!
    Guess y’ll forgot where God is in the picture

  21. I don’t understand why everyone (mostly in government??) is so wrought up over the ‘vaccine’…many have already contracted covid and have therefore developed a significant immunity-if you have friends or relatives who would be more susceptible or younger children (who are less unlikely to get bad symptoms, but being a mom, I understand the fear) and, if the vaccine is so protective, why are those who are vaccinated so adamant about those who are not? I would understand the medical profession’s dismay, since they have to treat the very sick and it is a great burden-however, most of them deny the effectiveness of Hydroxy, ivermectin and other drugs which many have taken and successfully beat the virus. there are many, many prestigious doctors out there who do not go along with all of the ‘hype’ of being vaccinated…and many who see the disastrous effects of the vaccine on many-including death in some cases. I know a friend’s son who contracted the virus and got very sick, very quickly-they took him to an E.R. who refused to admit him. Somehow they found an older ‘country doc’ who had no problem prescribing one of these meds (which have all been shown to be very safe-contrary to ‘popular’ opinion) and the young man recuperated quickly and fully-the doc even made a follow up house call (which also brings up the Hippocratic oath-maybe too many docs confuse it with the ‘hypocritic oath’) I also had a friend who is 80 with a history of leukemia (now cured by stem cells) who got covid, was hospitalized and on oxygen, given one of the mentioned medications and is now fine, take your vit D, zinc, C, exercise, lose excess weight and, if you get sick…contact America’s Frontline Doctors for help


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