Biden WORST Nominees Exposed

David Chipman via YouTube


The Biden administration has chosen a bizarre set of nominees, some are clueless about the kinds of things they are regulating while others have direct connections to acts of domestic terrorism or extremist movements. 

Biden certainly has a “type” when it comes to his nominees, this “type” being whoever is vouched for by large social and lobbying movements. 

David Chipman, hand-picked by the gun control crowd. Chipman was a longtime lobbyist in DC who vouched for gun control of any kind.

Carlton Waterhouse was a prominent voice for the Black Lives Matter movement and is now looking to dictate some of the EPA’s policies. 

Most of Biden’s nominees are loaded with controversies we have written about extensively but here are the highlights, the 7 worst controversies from Biden’s nominees:

  1. The worst president in American history used to be Jimmy “Peanuts” Carter. He has lost that distinction. Joe Biden is, WITHOUT QUESTION, the worst president in American history and it is not even close. He is not only the worst president he is the most incompetent president who ever existed. He is truly a complete idiotic fool.

    1. #2 is Obama but then again Biden is taking his leads by following his ‘buddy’… maybe it should be a tie in this race….

    2. An elected official could NEVER be a competent leader with only HALF A BRAIN! And in Biden’s case, even half a brain isn’t working!

  2. So who are the Americans who voted for this senile goof with a 50 year track record of making the WRONG decisions???
    I want to see them
    I want to see what they look like
    I want to see their baby boomer parents
    Is there a common physical feature shared by them?
    Is there a common personality disorder shared by all of them?
    What is their common shared trait that makes them vote for the crap we are all enduring now?????

    1. Their main characteristic is that they BELIEVE the lies that have been told by the Congressional Democrats and the FAKE NEWS for the past 5 years. They have been told, as one of those lies, not to believe anything that Republicans may say. That makes them very IGNORANT, so they vote Democrat and think they are doing the right thing. Biden picked Mayorkas to run Homeland Security, which made it into NOLAND SECURITY. Mayorkas stated repeatedly that “The Border is Closed” when record numbers of illegals were crossing. He had no trouble with that obvious LIE, as he kept repeating it. Practically every one of the Democrat Members of Congress has lied repeatedly, and none of them can be trusted to do the right thing for the nation.

      1. Socialism keeps telling the big lie over and over and knowing that eventually the naive and misguided will fall for their deception. Their promises are hollow and never yield good fruit.

    2. You know it was fixed no one in their right mind will vote for a cellar dweller who was a puppet for Obummer whom was the worst president ever till Obiteme took over

  3. You shouldn’t make fun of the mentally challenged. You should just lock them away when they are this bad. 50 years in government and he has done zero, nada, nothing except hang around. Funny on a senators salary how he could become a multi-millionaire? Guess he just saved his quarters.

  4. I judge a President by how he governs, his knowledge on business, and foreign affairs, and uses common sense when making decisions for his nation. (Are their rights destroyed?). Does he do the things that help his country, his people, keep them secure, make sure their rights are not abused, make sure that the government is not running on corruption and division. The Branches of Government are supposed to work together for the GOOD OF THE PEOPLE….not THEIR OWN GREED AND OBSESSION FOR POWER. Obama and Biden fulfill none of these positive traits, they actually represent depravity, dishonesty, and very bad policies that are destroying a once blessed nation that thrived. The nonsense and craziness that is happening is shunned. The people of this country know they are being lied to, mislead, and intimidated by a radical bunch of globalists who want our demise and to have total control.

  5. No President in history has done so much damage to this nation in such a short time as Biden the Sock Puppet in Chief. I see the hands of Obama,who was raised by card carrying members of the Communist Party Grandparents and Soros , infamous Nazi Sympathizer and nation wrecker in all of this anticonstitutional, Un-American activity. Both of these men hate the freedoms and GOD given rights we have.


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