Justice Amy Coney Barrett Sides With Government Over Students

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Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett refused to grant relief to Indiana University students who were fighting against the school requirement that all students be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

According to MSN:

Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Thursday rejected a plea from a group of Indiana University students to stop the university’s requirement that all students be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Barrett, who received the request because she is the Supreme Court justice tasked with emergency petitions from that region of the country, did not give a reason. It appears she made the decision on her own, as she did not mention referring the matter to the other justices.

It was the first case about vaccination requirements to reach the Supreme Court. Both a federal district judge and a unanimous panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit had previously rejected the request that the university’s requirement be put on hold while the issue was further litigated.

“Each university may decide what is necessary to keep other students safe in a congregate setting,” Judge Frank Easterbrook wrote in the 7th Circuit opinion supporting the school. “Vaccinations protect not only the vaccinated persons but also those who come in contact with them, and at a university close contact is inevitable.”

If there is a religious exemption received those students must wear masks and be subject to regular testing.

        1. Pray and make sure you have accepted Christ as your Savior! Then your salvation is given to you by grace through Him. This world is almost done and you will live with Christ in Heaven. We are in the End Times. Pray.

          1. It is for those who have put their trust and faith in Christ. Until then, no is qualified, for all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. But praise God that Jesus took our sin upon Himself and once again, those who put their trust and faith in Him will see an eternal destination with Him.

          2. Maybe qualified is not the best adjective. Perhaps eligible. We are made eligible by what Jesus did and our response to what Jesus did for us

          3. Enjoy your “afterlife” in the pits of hell Joe. The good news for you is that you will have company so you won’t be lonely. I just hope that you like being around democrats.

          4. I just hope he can stand the mood set & the pain. The demand that one suffer continuously will be difficult to tolerate, but hey sounds like he’s a tough guy, ehh?

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          7. Christian,

            We are living in the end times. The Tribulation is upon us.

            Godspeed to you and yours.

        2. it will happen if you don’t stand up and fight instead of talking about it on here . how many hot lead throwers do you have . ?? are ready to use it or them . you do mot comply to these damn communist demands
          stand up against them or go to bed and do nothing . are you a chicken or a American ??? get up grow a pair and fight

        3. Don’t ever give up hope in God. Military have all the Blockchain figures. As soon as they have “Cleaned house” President trump will return Officially and remove all these traitors. His life was in jeopardy, Thats why they had to keep him well protected. Remember when Kennedy tried to launch NESARA he was assasinated, now President Trump is launching NESARA and then GESARA Pray and keep the Faith <3

    1. YEAH! How did THAT happen??? Cavanaugh and Roberts are the other two! They lie they’re conserves in order to be chosen??? 😡

  1. President Trump made three mistakes during his tenure in the office. And all three of them are on the supreme court (yes, I didn’t capitalize those two words, and for good reason).

    1. Well I think Gorsch is a good guy. ACB rents her two adopted children out to others like her. Kavanaugh is a total disgrace.

  2. Wow – Mr Freedom Loving Immigrant from Austria who came to America looking for a better life –
    You OBVIOUSLY have completely forgotten where you came from and have FALLEN into the Vice of today’s MENTICIDE – The loss of control of your own mind controlled by Totalitarianism Propaganda.
    You have become the Exact Robot you Portray –

  3. They refuse to admit the mRNA “vaccine” failed with high “breakthrough” infection and spreading contagious COVID…

    Passports, mandates for individuals fools others into thinking they are safe, although the CDC recommends “vaccinated” parents wear masks around there own chilled, because they’ll NEVER KNOW if they are infected…

    Now up to 3rd “booster” of mRNA “vaccine”…

    Obviously those vaccinated with mRNA should be required to have test and stamps DAILY…

    1. Yearly injection like with the plain flu is the goal. Paid for by tax money paid to the government by the poor and given to the rich big pharma. The rich get richer and the poor get harrumphed.

      1. Glenn, good try – but it’s even worse than you think. Read Agenda 21. The Vaccine is the first step in global sterilization to reduce the population to 500K, which is their goal.

      1. Buckeye,
        I may be a God fearing christian. But when the grubberment idiots come to take my guns away they will have to get past my Dobermans and my Glocks. I am ready to meet my maker and explain myself. I am also ready to take as many of them with me when I go.

  4. “Vaccinations protect not only the vaccinated persons but also those who come in contact with them, and at a university close contact is inevitable.”

    That is NOT what I have been hearing from uncensored news. First most of those being hospitalized with the virus HAVE been vaccinated, second, I have seen valid sources say people have been becoming ill just by being near those who have had the jab.

    1. And last I heard anywhere from 45000-100000 people that have been jabbed have died from complications from the jab – nice shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. I contracted the “C-19” virus in Jan. 2020. My doctor had no clue what I had. Personally I think we might be 80,000,000 people less in a couple of years. Why do you think they are letting illegals flood in? DERP!

  5. Not much of a legal issue here. Here, students have a right to refuse the Trump vaccine. They don’t have a right to attend the university while doing so unless religious grounds are legitimately asserted.

    It’s best not to confuse political issues with legal issues — unless you are a Democrat for whom all issues are political issues

    1. I agree Hombre, students do not have to attend or give their money to Indiana or any other university that mandates the use of experimental drugs… Once the school is unable to pay the tenured professors because students choose to go elsewhere, maybe then the elitist will come to their senses… NOT!!!

  6. And democrats want to stack the court even more!!!
    No need to, half of the republican appointees end up being liberal judges anyway…..
    Goes to show what happens to your brain when you live in a protected bubble….. far, far away from the violent mayhem that the rest of us poor suckers have to endure here in today’s Amerika.

  7. Except there is no such thing as a vaccine for covid, because SARS-COV-2 DOES NOT EXIST in the real world.

    1. MediaMike,

      I wish that I could agree with you. But there is a virus that was created in a BSL-4 Lab in Wuhan (about half a mile from the wet market). It was unleashed by Beijing as planned by the globalist plans to steal an election, overthrow our freedoms and start the process of Agenda 21 Depopulation.

      1. “WRONG”… per a consortium of scientists- > what came out of the Wuhan Wet Market was not a virus, but a bacterium

  8. Amy. you were voted in by the best President you ever had. What the hell is wrong with you. We thought you stood up for the American people. You turned your back on the American people who wants to do right. LOOSER

  9. That was a sorry ass act of Amy Coney. It’s a shame to all of the American people. Mr. President Trump staned up for her ans let him down too. We can’t trust our picks because we don’t know who’s going to sellmus out to Socaliest. This sucks to the highest level. I’m asamed of all who do. Now like in Obama days it’s worse than it was. I hate there back stabing acts. We have to stand out ground until hell fereezes over and not waver. Pray and seek the Loed with all of your heart and soul to save us from them.

  10. This vaccine BS, is a battle I don’t believe we’re going to win. Myself, I’ve managed to keep from getting it. 3 family members not so much.
    Companies are truly now showing their true colors and pretty much demanding that employees have to be jabbed.
    I’m so angry, but I’m exhausted too.

  11. I used to think Justice Barrett had a good head on her shoulders but lately her choices have been bizarre and disappointing! What is up with that?

    Making a decision “OFF THE CUFF” without relating the decision to previous laws, forms a huge question! WHO REALLY IS JUSTICE AMY BARRETT AND WHY IS SHE BEHAVING SO STRANGELY?

    Perhaps it is time for her to be “SCHOOLED” by some of the long time justices as to what protocols she should be following? Definitely needs to happen!

    Tsk tsk Barrett. DO NOT LET THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DOWN — too many in our federal government already has been the biggest disappointment EVER!

    1. If you watched any of her testimony before Congress, she continuously said that she wouldn’t touch precedent. In this regard, I think she’s obviously pro vax. She has been a great disappointment for sure.

    2. Gee, could it possibly be she has been “pressured” , to put it mildly, as we know happens in the swamp if you are not careful.

  12. It’s time TRUE CHRISTIANS STAND UP—and let the WORLD know—-GOD decides if, when and HOW we leave this earth! Not mask wearers, vaccine givers or GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Exactly. This shows her true colors. Only Leftists worry about the repercussions. A well balanced Judge rules on facts, NOT on feelings or what the repercussions might be!

  13. Everyone should watch two movies to understand what is happening. The movies are “Avengers : Infinity War” and “Avengers : End Game” . Watch both and You will understand what is being done to the World , De-population on a global scale .

      1. Because Satan is the master of deception and chaos. Look around you Corrine. That’s what we have now.

    1. Watch “Mass Psychosis” a 20 min. video on you tube. I know you tube sucks but that is the only place I found it. It was produced by After Skool I believe. No link, Sorry.

  14. Well, it seems the people who have decided to reject the progressive left’s “vax hacks” edicts can’t count on the justices of the Supreme Court to stand by their oaths to defend and protect the Constitution and thereby, the rights of the individual. So, it may come down to those unvaccinated folks defending their own individual rights by banding together and filing class action lawsuits against any party, government or otherwise, who attempts to violate their 4th amendment rights by forcing them to accept an unwanted/unwarranted medical procedure. To use a favored mantra of the progressive socialist Democrats, “Our bodies, our choice.”

    1. Yep. They love to build Enormous and Extravagant living spaces, hotels, condos, … what ever you call them they are built by Catholics for Illegals. No regard for the U.S.A. Flooding the states with illegals to replace those that die from the JAB!

  15. She’s a sellout just like Roberts. They all say they follow the Constitution but when push comes to shove, they turn out to be liars.

  16. A major test will come for ACB in the autumn when SCOTUS hears the abortion case, will she vote to overturn Roe v Wade or will she side with the baby murdering Democrats and their friends in Planned Parenthood.

  17. Judge Barrett is of course a newbie and some of her liberal slimeball colleagues have likely found a way to intimidate her into conformity. But we shall see…

  18. Students have no one to protect them now that shes proven shes a coward and a pawn-something she said during her confirmation she would not be. She’s obligated the court to kiss up to proponents of dubious science. Subjecting young people to this vaccine, which clearly has serious adverse effects especially when the vaccines appear to bestow very short lived immunity, is a very sad and ominous. Is she gonna require those who, on grounds of religious belief, do not get usual childhood vaccines????? Personally, I have more faith in natural immunity from having had disease than a vaccine with great specificity. Protect at risk groups. Members of at risk groups can take mitigation measures such as the vaccine or masks or social distancing and they can then be responsible for their decisions. Making a low risk group take a vaccine to protect at risk people who don’t take vaccines or other mitigation measures seems irrational. Covid can be a serious virus and cause serious disease. Wonder why we haven’t put more effort in therapeutics to help Covid patients? Vaccine more profitable?

  19. So the Indiana University students feel they have the right to come to school sick, and to drive drunk. IT’S THEIR RIGHT ! YEAAAH!

    1. Apparently if you come out as a leftist or gay or tranny you are enabled to do anything! OK mods. Go ahead and CENSOR my FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

  20. When push comes to shove the Courts normally show good sense. they need not make a mask mandate, or shot mandate, just mandate that every business must not let people in who have not had their shots or will not wear masks, mainly because it is for the protection of their customers, along with that make the shot cards just like federal ID card when they are extremely difficult to forge.

  21. She is a total disappointment! The parents should pull them out of that school before they can poison them! It’s time for a supreme court shakeup!

  22. The truth is, the Constitution does not confer free college, ie take your money elsewhere or skip college. Likewise it doesn’t confer “free rent.” Coney-Barrett is another embarrassment to the Constitution.

  23. She is probably using the SCOTUS decision in 1905 regarding the smallpox vaccine.
    problem here is THAT vaccine was fully-tested. Also, there were about 10,000 out of 30,000 patients affected at that time. I had hoped she might be along the lines of the late Antonin Scalia but I was wrong.

  24. This reporter needs to do a better job of investigation. ACB refused to hear the case because the university had already agreed that the students had the right to refuse. It was a moot point!

  25. A dissapointment…freedom of choice, that includes abortion currently, which takes a life, that of the baby, and freedon not to be injected would seem relative under current law.
    It appears some of our Supreme Court Justices are more politically bent than they are willing to admit at the time of their selection and interviews!

  26. I am a true conservative. Judge Barrett was right in rejecting this. The university has a right to require vaccines. The students have a right to go somewhere else. If people attending start dying while attending the school are you willing to give the university immunity against lawsuits?
    You know that’s what’s going to happen.

    1. So on that line of thinking the Government has the right to require vaccines? OK. PAPERS PLEASE! Think man for the love of GOD and Country THINK!

  27. Justice Barrett, you did not think this request through well enough. There, as proven a few people who should not be forced to have the immunization. Those who have chronic medical conditions and those who have built up an immunity post getting over the Corona (Chinese) virus.You should have presented this request to all justices.Many people are disappointed! You; will have many decisions to make soon, I feel. one being Amendment Two to the Constitution. I wonder now how you will vote – to allow citizens to defend their lives with the appropriate firearms ( meaning not banning those the Biden Administration plans on), or support a number of the anti-2A movements the radicals desire? I (we) hope you will make the right decision in this issue as well as others as they make their way to the SCOTUS. One Justice who was not expected to, has previously disappointed many of us conservatives. I fear for our nation and what is happening to it. We are at a crossroad now and our Supreme Court must be cautious in making decisions.

  28. She is a real disappointment to America and where did she come from – who gave President Trump her name — the demorats must been laughing all the time when they were fighting to keep Trump from naming another justice — another Anti-American

  29. And to think of hoops of fire that Trump had to leap thru to get that witch into the SCOTUS. She’s a kunt like the rest of them.

  30. Well folks, unfortunately fear has sank into the S. Court and they are not going to take a stand for freedom!
    Can you imagine if Jesus didn’t take a stand for freedom, there would not be America!
    She claims to be some sort of religious person but apparently she has not studied the Gospel Of John.
    I suppose she also supports all the illegal covid positive aliens invading America to keep this B.S. fear mongering in place, so the Dem Marxist can destroy this wonderful country with there covid race baiting ideology.
    What a turn coat, maybe she and others should stand in line with benedict Arnold!

  31. Audits, Audits, Audits, and make sure they are FORENSIC AUDITS. Until the elections in this country are secure nothing will change for the better.

  32. Ah, yes! Another “Conservative Justice” pulls out her knife, waits until our backs are turns, then plunges it deep. She should run for Congress now as a Republican. She’d be a shoo-in. IT IS ILLEGAL TO FORCE ANYONE TO TAKE PART IN MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS. This chemical soup they call a vaccine is experimental, untested, and in MANY cases – LETHAL. So where does ACB get off FORCING students to take it or else???

    Another TRUMP nominee turns? Or perhaps she never was a “Conservative”?

    Face it. There is NOBODY in government you can trust. I know, I’ve had to deal with them of late.


    And most certainly – DO NOT PUT ANY FAITH IN THE GOP OR ANYONE IN IT. They turned on us in the Obama years and went steadily downhill from there.

  33. There is no proof that the vaccines really work. There are many examples of vaccinated people coming down with COVID-19. There are also examples of ten of thousands of people who have been killed by the vaccine and hundreds of thousands of people who have been disabled by the vaccines. This is the largest human trial test of a vaccine in history with an experimental medication. This is legalized medical mal-practice. It also completely unnecessary because there are therapeutics, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, that have been used in multiple countries that have saved countless lives. There is absolutely no need for theses experimental vaccines. One of the creators of these mRNA vaccines has recently spoken out about the potential long term negative side effects of these vaccines and has warned that the recipients immune system may adversely react to future viral respiratory infections. He indicated that there had not been adequate trial testing and suggested that ONLY very high risk populations take the vaccines at THEIR discretion. THIS FROM THE CREATOR OF THE DAMN VACCINE!!!!!

  34. The students must demand that the school give classies over the internet, especially making campus obsolete, no more indoctrination, stay home .

  35. I could be wrong, but the simple explanation is this. The university is a STATE entity. As such, the school has no national bearing, and all complaints and adversity is a STATE matter. Additionally, STATE universities can legally establish conditions for being accepted and attendance, even IF the university rules and regulations contradict state government. It is therefore up to the parent STATE to make the final determination.

    In MY humble opinion, Justice Barrett correctly refused to “hear” the case because it has no NATIONAL bearing.

  36. Well she is from N O La. and they do seem to be pretty much like chicargo and then there is the money talk thing and dem do own most of the money I think most judges are now bought off are threaten to vote the way they are TOLD to

  37. While I agree that this a disappointing result I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt: she relies on precedent not objective scientific inquiry. In today’s hyper politicized and censored environment that presentation has not been made. eg., Justice Blackmun, “today we need not decide the important question of when life begins…” — Such flawed logic can only be corrected when we regain a balance of scientific inquiry and information.

    The religious exemption is grasping at straws: we need to go on offense, attacking the root cause. What the article and the decision fail to mention this is NOT a vaccine. Everyone is missing the point here and the root problem: This is an EXPERIMENTAL DRUG that is being force-fed to the public by misinformation & suppression of scientific inquiry under the color of law (see USC 18 section 242). Perhaps the best analogy for how this is being implemented and its lethal results is MK ultra (do your research!). This is a CRIMINAL INVASION OF YOUR RIGHTS by the government and by its convenient proxies and accomplices, the media, big pharma, and the gutless lap dog corporations that go along to get along. Opposing this half baked “vaccine” is not selfish, it is your duty as a citizen.

  38. I would not ware a mask or do testing either one . I would tell them where to stick both. and the communist pushing this crap. and if the school is pushing CRT IBWOULD MOT GO THERE EITHER AND MY CHILDREN K- 12 IS MOT GOING TO SCHOOL EITHER . IF THEIR SCHOOL IS TEACHING SHIT LIKE THIS .

  39. Easy solution. Just make available the counterfeit Chinese forms printed up to substantiate getting vaccinated. As the Democrats do it, comply with bad rules one way or another.

  40. Amy Barrett is a traitor, a socialist in disguise. Now she has the front legs in the trough for life and she can enjoy being liberal with the pals.

  41. What a disgrace! I’m so disappointed in Amy!!! A mom of 7 and she wants her kids masked up?! I highly doubt it… the wolves in sheeps clothing are coming out in the open!!! And President Trump thought she was on his side… ok?! How people can fool so many BUT GOD… knows and sees the heart.

  42. Coercion is legal for experimental drugs? Did not the Nuremberg Code outlaw such practices for Hitler and his goons???

  43. There is something about her that puzzles me. She has a strange look in her eyes, like she knows a huge secret? I cant make her out? Why would she reject the students plea? She is supposed to be a Mother?

  44. OMG. She sided with Obama whom it just came out that Obamas birth certificate was absolutely proven to be falsified and Obama became president under false pretenses. No library should ever be in his honor. He is a disgrace and on top of that he is about to be arrested for treason. Maybe Amy Comey Barrett should also be arrested. She did not do her homework. I will never be able to trust he again!


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