Former Reagan Official Gives Grim Prediction After Biden’s Speech

Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Bing West speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. via Gage Skidmore Flickr

A former defense secretary to President Ronald Reagan was left unimpressed by President Biden’s “disingenuous” speech on the current crisis in Afghanistan. During an interview with Fox News, Francis “Bing” West slammed President Biden’s speech and his defense of the decision to withdraw troops from the country and said that he’s confident Al Qaeda will return.

West criticized Biden’s speech saying it struck him how defensive the president was in claiming he is right.

“He’s not in the right and he didn’t tell the truth,” West said to Fox News.

Fox News reports:

“We could continue this indefinitely and keep the terrorists from taking power in Afghanistan,” West told Fox News, noting that Afghan forces were doing the fighting prior to the U.S. withdrawal.

“Al Qaeda  will again show its viper head, and I have no doubt that within six months, we will be striking targets inside Afghanistan,” West said. “No matter what the president is saying today, that’s going to happen.”

“I’m afraid that President Biden has made a terrible mistake that’s going to come back to bite us,” he continued.

West also criticized top Pentagon officials for not having an evacuation plan and called out Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin for not addressing the troops and veterans that served in Afghanistan. There have been widespread media reports noting the frustration and mental health struggles veterans have struggled with while watching the Taliban sweep through a nation they fought to protect.

West said that the lack of planning was a “failure” by the U.S. military.

  1. Biden has gone from a career criminal grifter, to a mindless waste of skin. Wandering around clueless to reality. Unbelievable at best that this mush brained fool is not pulled section 8.

    1. My new name for him is “Cut-and-Run.” What a worthless “press conference” yesterday. Embarrassment. I have NO CONFIDENCE in this POSs ability to govern this country.

  2. Thanks to the Democrats and Joe Biden this will bring America down to its end. All because Democrats and everyone possible cheated to put Joe Biden in White House so they could screw the American people over and America because they want to usher in the NWO.

  3. Biden “felt” that it was the right time and right way to go. We all know that “feelings” trump logic and reason and planning.

  4. Washington Post 19 hours ago… You have to give President Biden credit for consistency. Unfortunately, he has been consistently wrong. As Robert Gates, former defense secretary in the Obama administration, once put it, Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

  5. Lets see, we’ve given up our constitutional rights because of covid, and are letting in more covid to infect us, allowed a fraudulent election with every kind of fraud, opened our borders and allowed for the collapse of America and every illegal aliens to live off American taxpayers, shunned God, advocated for every immoral sin under God, and tried to divide the family unit. When you start coddling your enemies and deny your own people….yes, its looking pretty grim.

    1. By “puppet master” I assume you mean either Barack Hussein Obama or George Soros.

      I don’t think it is Obama because he is not very smart and whoever is directing Dementia Joe has some intelligence (albeit evil intelligence). George Soros is the winner. The evil slime bag Soros has admitted that he gets his jollies off destroying entire countries. If you doubt that you can look it up. Soros would prize destroying the United States and this evil scum sucker will do everything in his power to make that happen. I hope that if someone gets the chance they OFF Mr. Soros.

    2. It doesn’t matter if Biden goes or not, he’s never been the one in charge, and whoever they put in place will not be the actual one running our government, or country. Do you not see the hate for Donald Trump promoted by the democratic party & their gullible followers thinking they will get something for nothing. Surprise, surprise, higher gas prices, and everything else you purchase. I have never realized there were so many mean, hateful, greedy people in our country, so sad, to see what they are doing to our USA. God Bless You All.

      1. You forgot lazy dumb and think they are owed it for doing nothing. But will be the first ones to run and hide and cry for God to save them

  6. Of course this man is correct. I do not know if President Trump would have done the withdrawal of troops correctly, but I know it would have been done with more honor than Bozo-in-Chief has done. I think we are in a lot worse shape in the last 8 months than we ever were with Trump in Washington. While I agree with Darlene below, it is not only Dems that are a problem. The lack of courage shown by many Republicans have me worried about the military future of this country. So far I can back my (Oklahoma) Senators (Imhoff and Lankford) but I feel my “representative” Bice is missing in action. My former state (Louisiana) has Scalise and Kennedy of whom I am proud, but Cassidy has to go. Unfortunately the way that elections work, I can vote to out people like Chaney and Romney. So, again, with those type of Republicans in Washington, I do not feel confident about my safety.

    1. All of them must go. Everyone will vote these satanistic ppl out of office. They’ll get caught cheating cuz it will be well over whelming. It really was with Trump.

  7. It’s obvious that Biden is not fit to be the president this is the results of putting someone illegally into office. Not the real president of the United States everyone knows this.

    1. I refer to him as the White House “squatter” — a squatter being one who takes up illegal residency someplace! And he does nothing! All decisions and actions are taken by the puppeteers who pull his strings. I’m surprised he even has the mental capacity to read his scripts!! He and all the Democrats are a disgrace to our nation, and it is beyond me how anyone — and I mean anyone with a half grain of sense — could ever have voted for him or continue to support the Democrats’ socialist/communist agenda!! 🙁

      1. You are so right cashgirl. This is a disgrace to our nation, and every time I see him talking to the American people, I keep thinking is this the best that America could elect as a leader. Considering the fact that he told people what he would do if he was elected, I don’t understand 80m people voting for him. I cannot find anybody that admits to voting for him now, so what happened to all the proud voters?

  8. LISTEN UP….The U.S. MILITARY Kept the TERRORISTS at BAY for 20YRS. S OME of the MILITARY Should Have STAYED in AFGHAN as a BARRICADE. GOD Can Bring GOOD fro m the EVIL THINGS SATAN Does. ALL is NOT LOST. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  9. Biden is not capable to run our Country, his mental state is too far gone to do anything constructive. He needs to go home and let his ego wife take care of him……,,

  10. It is downright TREASONOUS on the part of Biden, Defense Sec. Austin, and especially Joint Chief of Staff Gen. Milley. The General needs to reisgn his command and his commission immediately…he is an absolute disgrace to the uniform! Bozo Joe Joe the Sock Puppet is a Liar and a failed President of the highest order…needs to be removed from office. And where’s Kameltoe (aka Willie Browns Ho) they say she’s busy working the phones???? Time to end this $hit Show folks…it’s a failed experiment in futility.

  11. A thought came to mind regarding the latest fiasco committed by this President, VP, Congress and the Supremes….How to destroy a country”
    1 Devalue their currency
    2 Defund the police
    3 Cut the military budget.
    4 Make everyone wear masks
    5 Order MSM & Social Media to activate PSy-Ops mind control.
    6 Foment racial tensions and divide.
    7 Lower respect and trust of the USA around the world.
    8 Position judges and politicians into office by implementing fraud.
    9 Appoint as President a person who is controlled by our adversary.

    Good job Joe… Do you really think you are going to get away with this?
    Vietnam Vet. We NEVER forget, NEVER forgive.

  12. Think people.
    Economic policy – DISASTER.
    Spending plan – DISASTER
    Immigration policy – DISASTER.
    Foreign policy – DISASTER.

    People who voted for Biden have this blood on their hands.

    1. Except the reality is that MANY more people voted for Trump than Biden. Absent the MASSIVE election fraud, the GOP would hold the presidency, the senate, and the house.

  13. Let’s all thank Quisling Mike Pence who was smugly ‘proud’ that he allowed this slime mold to assume the office of the Presidency. Certifications have consequences, Mr. President of Vice.

  14. Biden once again demonstrated that a democracy that has lost its moral beacons are on the high road to decadence and eventually, self-destruction.

  15. Biden – “The buck stops here.” Sound Familiar? Used many times by Obama every time he pulled a fast one or screwed up. . This is how they avoid accountability, and it usually works. Hopefully not this time. This Biden-Guy is as clueless and crooked as they come. He is killing this nation while his crime family continue to rape our treasury for their benefit. Where are all the Patriot politicians who are so quick to bloviate yet stop short of any meaningful action. WHERE ARE THE IMPEACHMENT PAPERS!???

    1. Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers Twitter page-please go there and sign to decertify the election.Thats our only hope to save this country.Dems will never allow the impeachment to progress and in 3+ years we won’t have a country left.The taliban released all the prisoners in Afghanistan and our border is wide open.Democrats tried to put through their “election integrity” ( what a joke) bill in the middle of the night a week or so ago and the only thing stopping them was Senator Cruz. Dems are coming back from break in the fall to try again and if they succeed we will never have another fair election.Democrats or their supporters will control us FOREVER.

  16. I’m afraid the explanation for this is simply that Bidumb and the Handlers wanted to reverse another Trump policy ahead of Trump’s deadline. Absolutely pathetic.

  17. It is a sad day for America all the Patriots who risked and lost their lives working hard to protect the Afgans from their true enemies and ours. The Taliban and Al Qaeda will be back plotting new ways to destroy America. We cannot be so passive to forget about 9/11. Biden needs to be impeached and sent back home, the bad thing about that there is no one to replace him that is capable in leading our embarrassed and incompetent government. We the American people are in serious trouble and very vulnerable at this point.

    1. It will be so easy to do-the taliban released all the prisoners in Afghanistan and our border is wide open.The taliban leader was freed in a 2014 swap by Obama.I read that Obama was informed that he was dangerous and was asked to reconsider but Obama swapped him anyway.Gee-I wonder why???

  18. BIDEN HAS TO RESIGN. Biden Blames Trump, Basement Joe, to all the American people, I’ve returned, The buck stops with me,,, or Hunter, as far as Afghan is concerned that’s all Trump’s fault, no questions, because we have no answers, surprise, surprise surprise, as you can tell by the photo taken at Camp David “we decided to take this action”, where are the others?

  19. Of course he thinks he is right. He has dementia and people with dementia think they are always right. On top of that he is a Democrat Politician who thinks he can do not wrong.

  20. Who came up with the plan to withdraw. Was military intel to blame. Was the secretary of defense to blame or the top military generals at the pentagon. If it was then people should resign or be demoted. If the intel was not what they gave the president and he did something different, then it is his fault.

  21. The people who voted in this incompetent administration have blood on their hands as well as the partisan media……….and what is coming next?

  22. Is there either a prison or an asylum, anywhere–which is designed for severely-profoundly semi-sentient fools? what? No? Okay, then, impeach Mumbles.

  23. We all know he has to go. My question is when. Why isn’t someone organizing a complete take over of this sham admin.


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