CNN Refutes White House Claims Kabul Airport Now Under Control

By Ken Lund (Flickr: CNN Center, Atlanta, Georgia) [CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

If Joe Biden says “jump” CNN is usually the first in line to ask “how high” but the network seems to have finally found its limit to how far it will go to try and make the administration look good. Despite the White House claiming the Kabul airport is under control and Americans are slowly but surely being evacuated CNN’s coverage paints a drastically different and likely more accurate story.

According to The Daily Wire:

CNN reporter Clarissa Ward, who has been covering the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan from outside the relative safety of Kabul airport’s military sector, called the situation Wednesday “mayhem” and “nuts,” despite White House assurances that the airport is secure and evacuations are proceeding.

The White House said Wednesday that the United States military is in full control of Kabul airport and that flights are up and running, with a plan to evacuate as many American citizens and Afghan nationals with visas as possible before the U.S. withdrawals completely at the end of August.

But the situation outside the Kabul airport gates appears to be very different from the scenes inside, according to CNN’s Ward — and it is more in line with State Department statements made Tuesday afternoon that the U.S. government could not guarantee the safety of Americans traveling to Kabul’s airport, and statements made by Biden administration officials indicating that there are no official plans to rescue Americans located outside of Kabul.

“It’s definitely chaotic,” Ward told CNN’s Brianne Keilar in a morning report from Kabul. “It’s definitely dangerous.”

Ward’s reporting has taken a sharp turn since earlier in the week when she said that pro-Taliban protesters chanting “death to America” seemed “friendly.”

  1. Is this another example of the Democrats’ New Normal? Retreat, chaos, shame and failure?

    I guess this is what happens when candidates are elected by computer programmers, felons, the dead and millions of illegals.

      1. No one was ever home, so of course the castle is still empty – it needs a king of and for the people – not a circus clown that is never home.

    1. That is because she doesn’t want to be tortured and beheaded by the “friendly” taliban fighters! Hey does anyone else’s spell check want you to capitalize the word taliban? Heck no I am not capitalizing a terrorist organization that would sooner kill us in our sleep!

    2. I can understand that. A woman wearing western clothes in Kabul, makes her stand out. She may as well paste a bullseye on her front and back. By wearing a burka she can blend in and attract less attention.

  2. Somebody tell me again how people chanting “DEATH TO AMERICA” can be friendly to anyone, especially Americans.

  3. If you voted for Biden, you’re getting exactly what you voted for. The enemy knows who’s a strong American President and who’s not. This would never have happened under a Trump Administration.

    1. Trump let the taliban know if they made a single move against Americans they would be hit like nothing they have ever seen. Or something like that. Anyway it was a death threat and they knew he meant.

  4. Afghanistan is a perennial disaster. Now that our Imbecile-In-Chief has royally effed up this nation again, we need to allow it to have it’s civil war. And in a few days when the Taliban dominates and a majority reveals sufficient mettle, a coalition of free nations might be assembled. Hopefully, the U.S. will be limited to encouragement and military assets on a level with other coalition members. I’d expect no more from China and Russia. Afghans will need to step up and kick butt or live as subjects under Muslim despotism.


  5. To quote a dog of a former SoS: “At this point, what difference does it make?” CNN flacked for Senile Joe and repeatedly lied about Trump for FIVE years. We’re stuck with this imbecile (or more likely the hoe) until January 20, 2025!

      1. Remember Obama released five of these freaks from Guantanamo? One of them is now head of the taliban. Strange but in one of Obama’s books he said … if the winds change I will side with the Muslims. Think it was “Dreams of My Father”.

  6. I haven’t seen any sign of Biden today. After all his lies were exposed I’m wondering if he has decided to flee America like the Afghan President fled when the Taliban took over Kabul?

  7. So what is the scam here? CNN didn’t suddenly become anti-Democrat. There is a plan behind all this.

  8. My my and not a peep from the Biden voters about Afghanistan. They’re blowing up their fbook feed with Jan 6 events (which antifa and blm were involved in). Now it’s like they’ve ghosted. Well all I have to say is, they’ve brought this upon themselves. All the ppl who worked feverishly to deny the Don his rightfully earned 2nd term and install the current PINO Robinette, I sincerely hope you feel nothing but pain, regret and unquenchable shame for what happened in Afghanistan. I hope they lose sleep for all of this

  9. I’m sure CNN would like nothing more than to see Joe soon replaced with the ever more dangerous Horseface Harris.

  10. Biden was a BIG mistake for the Democrats and for the liberal media. Biden gained the Presidency by unsavory means, fraud, cyber hacks, and cover ups by state officials on how the 2020 election was stollen. …. On a scale of 1 to 10 this is a 10 as far as a disaster and in addition to the collapse of Afghanistan and the security of the world being threatened. There are dark forces getting ready to create a boiling pot of terrorism!

  11. Communist Narrative Network will soon snap out of it, no worries. Now that they cannot attack Trump, they must recalim their ratings. Soon they will be sucking up to the taliban for a Kabul news bureau. Their anchor-babes will parade and broadcast unseen behind burkhas with eye slits.

  12. We all knew from the beginning thy didn’t want Bidumb in office, he was just used by the DemonRatz to get control of the Waist House so the real person thy want can move in and start the destruction of America so don’t act shocked it’s all part of the evil plan folks

  13. Biden’s foreign policy and actions in Afghanistan are a MAJOR screwup. NO, You will not be heroes by sending in commercial airlines into the hell hole of Kabul Afghanistan to get Americans costing taxpayers and airlines millions of dollars! Heres where we go into Ecclesiastes 10:2. The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. Even as fools walk along the road they lack sense and show everyone how stupid they are,


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