Pelosi Reveals Top Biden Officials Will be Called to Testify

U.S. Department of State from United States, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Nancy Pelosi has revealed that top Biden officials will be called to testify about the debacle in Afghanistan.

The two big names who will be testifying are Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

Austin, who was then a commander of Central Command, was responsible for underestimating ISIS. [Secretary of Defense not New to Underestimating the Enemy]

Mediaite reported Pelosi’s remarks:

During a lengthy interview with San Francisco CBS affiliate KPIX, co-anchor Juliette Goodrich told Pelosi that “even if ending the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan was the right decision, as President Biden insists, many are still questioning how it was carried out,” and asked, on behalf of a viewer, “Will there be a congressional investigation into the withdrawal from Afghanistan?”

“The chair of our Foreign Affairs Committee has announced today, to our caucus that there would, next week, early next week, be a hearing on this subject with the highest level of officials in the Biden administration,” Speaker Pelosi said.

Pelosi said it is Congress’s role to provide oversight. The quick move to review the situation could be because of a multitude of situations but it is clear that the military industrial complex has a lot of influence in Washington.

        1. They will give him a prize. Not a Noble peace prize but a cereal box price as Joe can’t tell the difference anyways.

  1. Who in the world would trust this idiot of a woman to do the kind of investigation really needed? I suppose the O’Biden decision was so idiotic that she feels she has to act like she’s doing something about i.

  2. Pelosi is a joke. She is no better than Dementia Joe, or Camel toe Harris. Our country is being led by a gaggle of incompetent fools.

    1. Exactly. As long as they all checked the boxes demanded by the crazies of the left, it’s all good.
      Especially black who hates America
      Totally unqualified
      People never heard of before, i.e. Secretary of state Blinken
      Must be an ACTIVIST. Especially if trying to be confirmed for federal judges
      The list is endless.
      Anyone got a problem with this????

        1. She is delusional and not completely coherent. She tells a lie then forgets what lies he told so she tells another one. She commended Joe on the wonderful job he did getting us out then says we needed an investigation. She will ofcourse exhoronrate him completely. What a waste of space.

    2. I agree with your statement…but then why are there even bigger fools on their security details…and why haven’t they been defunded? Joe, Harris, and Pelosi don’t deserve security details…lets defund them ASAP!!!

  3. This is the most outrageous thing to happen to the United States in modern history. This idiot, so-called leader, is giving away our country! I am literally sick to my stomach to see what is happening. We are in REAL trouble folks. We must rise up as a country and demand Biden be impeached! NOW – before he causes any more damage!

    1. And he is giving away our supplies, ammo, military clothes, reported today that taliban are wearing our military clothes, pictures looked like millions of dollars worth of supplies of all sorts, sickening

    2. Not only do we need to impeach Biden but most of the Democratic Party who are trying their best to undermine our Country from within. We need several Million of Trump supporters to march PEACEFULLY ON Washington to tell These Politicians to do their Job in keeping us all safe and our Sovereignty intact. Return to the stay in Mexico for illegal immigrants seeking entry. Also every time Biden signs an executive order to reverse what President Trump has done to keep us safe and energy independent and self sufficient first. Biden has opened up our Borders to illegal immigrants of which a percentage of them are of bad Character and are Covid infected yet they have more right than legal American Citizens have. Our war on drugs is totally going in the wrong direction. We as a Nation who have lost many American lives due to Phentinol overdoses should demand Mexico to shut down the drug Cartels or allow us to enter Mexico to totally take out the Cartells even as far as killing all of them and seizing the assets to include their mansions or better still just burn them down to the ground. Leave them Penniless and homeless instead of allowing them to continue their Illegal drug trafficking causing many Ameican’s to die. They are committing these Criminal acts in our Country and not being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Rule of law. Apparently all the Politicians are using lots of Rhetoric and not using any actions to get things done. “We The People, By The People, For The People” in my mind means these Politicians work for us and not for themselves especially when most think of how they can enrich their wealth while in Office. Its time that We The People stand up to all the Corruption we have in our Federal Government.

    1. “we put in the White House” – I did NOT, did you??? “cost us all our jobs” – THAT is the least of our concerns – they will cost us our COUNTRY!

  4. The best thing to do is for Pelosi to form the Pelosi Expeditionary Force for Afghanistan, consisting of all the Woke Socialist/Liberal/Demwits as well as all Squat Members to go to that country and teach the Taliban sophisticated manners so they can join the Community of Nation!

    1. True, the squad needs to go and talk to the taliban in person to determine the cause of their problems and help to fix everything in their lives so they will be happy and nice to everyone.

      1. The Taliban will degrade the squad and marry them off to their fighters to use as they wish. They will not have jobs under Sharia Law which maybe then they can appreciate the freedom they have here and they disrespect our Country.

    2. Yeah man! Send Nasty Pelovsky (Hero of the Soviet Union) to lead her crack Squaw Squad of America-bashers to vanquish the foe! They will all end up as sex slaves in burkhas, if anyone would would want that gaggle of homely skags…

  5. War is too important a matter to be left in the hands of politicians. Do these educated idiots have the training of those who attended West Point, V.M.I., Annapolis, Colorado Springs or the National War College???? In W.W. II F.D.R. and Churchill trusted in their Generals. In Korea and Viet Nam Politicians Monday Morning Quarterbacked the Wars. Look where we ended up with those last two confrontations. Now the demented old sock puppet in chief or whoever is pulling his strings failed to follow the playbook drawn up by the experts and look where we are now. This is a combination of the Fall of Saigon and Benghazi on steroids. It will go down in history as the greatest diplomatic and strategic lash up ever.

    1. “failed to follow the playbook” – you had it right on benghazi – they did not fail to follow, this is OBAMination’s DELIBERATE play, to destroy this country, the blame will go to demented old joe.

  6. All according to schedule, then harris takes office, screws up worse than biden, gets impeached, then pelosi gets into our White House.
    Great plan, Nancy you dillusional loser lib.

  7. Most that could reason knew Biden was the worst possible choice for a president.
    They were so intent on destroying Trump they chose to destroy the country instead. Now Pelosi has to cover her butt.because of such a horrible decision.

  8. Heck Bidden more than likely went behind everyone’s back and ordered this just as he has with any other things he’s done–REMOVE HIM IMMEDIATELY

  9. Tony Blinken, you really have to search hard to find someone that dumb to be your Secretary of State, but when you are the boss and that much of a dim bulb you have to surround yourself with more inferior people!

  10. Why couldn’t all those humvees, drons and all the other weapons left in Afghanistan be destoried? All these people need to be IMPEACHED!! Biden and his clowns are killing AMERICA.

  11. Biden, the only person responsible for giving Afghanistan to our enemies, can’t be called to testify due to his mental disability… Also, it would take months for him to find the legislative chamber where he once worked for over 150 years!

  12. Who is kidding who, “a multitude of situations but it is clear that the military industrial complex has a lot of influence in Washington.” INFLUENCE???? They run Washington – Ask Al Gore and the Cheneys.

  13. WAIT JUST A MINUTE! Isn’t removing our Military something the Pentagon is responsible to do? Why are a bunch of clueless democrat civilians making decisions that the Pentagon should be making? This makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE TO ME!

    Yes Biden is supposed to be the Commander-in-Chief over our Military, BUT he should be following the Pentagon’s suggestions/Recommendations — NOT A BUNCH OF LAME IDIOT DEMOCRATS THAT DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

    Guess what? That’s how this mess in Afghanistan happened — CLUELESS democrat civilians who know nothing about Military maneuvers decided to pull all our Military IMMEDIATELY OUT OF AFGHANISTAN! Wow! It doesn’t take a genius to see how fast and efficient the Taliban came swooping on in and taking over Afghanistan!!

    Question: Did anyone even think about finding out how close the Taliban was to making an aggressive move? Did anyone find out the proximity and size of the Taliban terrorist group or infiltrate its ranks to find out its plans? My guess is “NO” on both questions!

    Biden and his CREW OF CLOWNS just pulled every U.S. Military out and left the Afghani people vulnerable to Taliban attacks — and there will be plenty because that is what the Taliban likes the most — beating up people, cutting off heads, and raping young teen girls! Welcome to “TALIBANISTAN”!

    IMPEACH BIDEN AND HIS CREW OF CLOWNS — N-O-W!! This is the most pathetic President and administration the U.S. has ever had! If I were a democrat I’d be hiding my face or jumping the fence to the Conservatives instead of supporting a feebleminded, INCOMPETENT OLD FART that just caused a Country we were responsible for to be overrun and controlled by the Taliban. Shame shame on you biddyboy Biden! You are the poorest excuse of a President we’ve ever had and must be IMPEACHED AND REMOVED FROM OFFICE!

    1. Well, general milley was to busy implementing CRT in the military trenches. On his free time, he was trying to figure out white rage.
      So you see, he was wayyyy to busy to bother and advise a clueless fool.
      That pretty much explains it all.

  14. Is that before or after that ‘investigation’ into that ‘insurrection’ on Jan 6th, Piglosi & these losers, just doesn’t know when to quit…and, exactly, who want’s to know what that Blinken-idiot has to say❓

  15. Afraid of communism ?. Don’t be. It is already here. Marx said they will take over the USA and never fire a shot. They will do it from within Rhino GOP helped it along.

  16. Blinken-idiot & that, four-star clown-@$$ ‘Milley-Vanilli’ will advise the swamp-critters, under Pig-losi in Congress, to “ramp-up” regulations’ & legislation on CRT-training in the military…❓

  17. Just creating more problems.These As-holes are the scum of the earth.They will cause WW3.Only thing they can do is hand out more money to the communists that do this BS.

  18. HA! bs-there will never be any true oversight on their own. Corrupt to the core, and dong everything they can to destroy Americans – because we let them. Demand all of their resignations – we have done so in writing sent to senators in four states I do business in: putting American lives directly in harms way, making our own country less safe with Afghanistan decisions, defunding the police, the southern border crisis and allowing BLM and ANTIFA to destroy our country and kill our citizens freely. This promotes the same within our own derelict citizens. Impeach them now senators.

  19. Biden to trapped americans in Kabul….You are on your own and the only reason you got trapped is because you are a Trump supporter…..

  20. Anybody really think PIG PELOSI, AOC and her squad are really going to investigate Biden and his surrender after 20+ years in Afghanistan?

    Biden to trapped americans in Kabul….You are on your own and the only reason you got trapped is because you are a Trump supporter…..


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