Biden’s Approval Crashes Below 50 Percent

President Biden home alone as he discusses his Afghan crisis in Camp David's situation room. Official White House photo.

He wouldn’t be able to hide in the basement and be shielded by the media forever.

Biden’s incompetence has exposed him and now the American people have caught on as even the media is turning on him.

President Biden’s approval rating has dipped below 50 percent for the first time.

According to The Daily Wire:

President Joe Biden’s job approval rating took a five-point hit and his net approval shrank even further after chaos erupted in Afghanistan as the U.S. pulled out troops, according to a Daily Wire/SurveyMonkey poll.

The Daily Wire commissioned SurveyMonkey to conduct the national poll of 1,066 Americans taken August 17-18, following the collapse of the Afghan government and the Taliban’s takeover of the country’s capital, Kabul.

The poll pegged Biden’s job approval rating at 47%, just two points higher than his disapproval rating. In mid-July, Biden was averaging a job approval rating of 52% with 43% disapproving, according to RealClearPolitics. Biden’s nine-point advantage has shrunk to just two points in a matter of weeks.

A closer look at Americans’ views on Biden’s performance across major issues underscores his declining popularity with negative ratings on foreign policy, immigration, and crime. Biden is treading slightly ahead, but within the margin of error, on the economy and receives positive ratings on his management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the numbers that jump out 32% approve of his foreign policy, 33% approve of his immigration approach, while 55% approve of his handling of the pandemic.

    1. Sad sack situation alright! Dementia Biden does not know the difference between himself and his wife OR his sister and his wife! BWAH HAH HAH! IT “don’t” get any sweeter than that! 😃
      If he wasn’t such a marxist dirtbag incompetent nincompoop he might be fodder for pity! Do I feel sorry for Joe? Hell no!

  1. This man USA disgrace to America. The American people are going to suffer because the democrats would do anything not to have Trump in office. Joe must go!

    1. Trump had four years to get the US out of Afaganistan.
      Biden will get the job done in less than a year.

      The Republicans would do anything to remove all Democrats from power.
      The Republican’s are powerless.
      No White House,, no Senate, no House.

    1. Yes yes he did! Rudolph Albert Hess…..I see you escaped from prison……hmmm….. nothing good ever lasts forever, in your case that’s too bad!

  2. 55% approved of his handling of pandemic? I’d say then that these numbers are much lower than shown. He’s probably ten points lower in every direction.

  3. The only turds approving of his job performance are the ones sitting at home waiting for a check and refusing to go back to work.
    These polls always over sample Dems.
    Shame on you if you voted for this disaster of an administration. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  4. When do we call the actions of Domestic Enemies of the USA (i.e.- Democrats), those who hate the country and most of its peoples; who sabotage the country and its resources, when do we brand them traitors and mete out appropriate consequences?


  5. 47%……………..47%……………What did they do, only survey Democrats? I realize there are some Americans who can be categorized as “stupid”……………..but 47%?

  6. I seriously doubt that half this country honestly thinks Biden is doing a good job. I’d believe maybe 33%. Fake polling!

  7. The problem with the Democrats is they want to control but can’t lead. We have nobody in the White House running the show but those that hate America and its people. It is more than time enough to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Vote them out at all costs and dig deep in your pockets before they take it all, to the Republican Party. Those not cutting it need to go in all parties. We the people need to step it up and vote strong and hard for those that deserve our loyalty.

  8. America’s media are NOT turning on our Imbecile-In-Chief. They’re just covering their collective ass. Fact is they’re corrupt but not stupid.

  9. Honestly, We don’t have a real President that works for the United States and the American people. This is some stranger that lives in a different world, one that does not care about humanity.


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