Marjorie Taylor Greene Loses it on Joe Biden

It was an honor to be sworn into the 117th Congress yesterday. I’m ready to FIGHT for the people of Northwest Georgia! via Office of Marjorie Taylor Greene

Joe Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal caused Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga) to launch an expletive at him. Most of you will likely agree.

According to Vice:

Marjorie Taylor Greene called President Joe Biden “a piece of shit” in a video she posted on the far-right Twitter alternative, Gettr.

The video, which was not posted to Greene’s other social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter or even Telegram, shows the Republican lawmaker in what appears to be a gym, possibly fresh off one of the weights sessions that she loves to boast about.

“Joe Biden, you are not a president, you are a piece of shit,” Greene says, before adding: “Thousands of Americans are stuck over there in Afghanistan and you are letting the Taliban kick your ass, while you are lecturing governors about masks and vaccines. Do your job, bring these Americans home.”

Greene, one of just 16 GOP lawmakers who last month voted against increasing the number of visas for Afghans who helped U.S. troops, posted the video on Gettr, a site operated by Jason Miller, a former aide to former president Donald Trump. Gettr has failed to gain much attention in the month since it launched and analysis this week shows its growth has already stalled.

WATCH: Warning Graphic Content:

[jwplayer zsUFCY8N-lzmB6GEw]

Greene has been the left’s boogeyman for some time now and they keep giving her the spotlight.

  1. I am a republican and I find this embarrassing. It doesn’t persuade, it demeans. And it makes people leaning toward leaving the Democratic party stay. A colossal mistake. When you are winning on the merits stick to the facts. Point out why what he is doing is wrong and offer a solution– that’s enough. The back and forth name calling achieves nothing and only appeals to dogmatic simpletons.

    1. Can you take the truth , cause you think She is wrong . All She said was true . Stop acting like a republican cause you are not what you portray yourselve to be but a wanna be . I am a republican and will not leave because you think I should . Do not bother to respond , I do not respond o idiots just think what you posted.

      1. carla is only a libby snow flake female sheep that globalist media ordered to “imagine” she is a libby snow flake male sheep .

    2. I used to feel the same way that you feel now but after seeing what has happened the last 12 years has made me take the gloves off. You have to fight fire with fire. People will not get behind you and help unless they feel that you are serious. You’ll be surprised how many Democrats will switch over to Republican party once they see that the Republicans are serious and aren’t taking this sitting down anymore. And by the way I do not believe it is a colossal mistake. And as far as you saying stick to the facts I believe what she said is completely factual. And calling people dogmatic simpletons is hypocrisy on your part. You just said back-and-forth name-calling achieves nothing but you just called me a dogmatic simpleton.

    3. You don’t seem to understand. We can’t be the nice party anymore. We have to be just as down and dirty and as vicious as the Democrats. We are in this to win. Not to play nice with a party who are Evil to the core.

      1. Playing nice hasn’t gotten us anywhere. Look at the rhino Republicans that helped pass the democraps wish list. Should never have happened!

    4. Carl.
      You are correct. Name calling achieves nothing.
      Unfortunately, neither does facts. We are dealing with a huge evil that seeks the destruction of all of us. This is also a fact. You and I will never win this battle “on merits”. We are in a battle of life or death. The sooner you realize this, the better. Dems, along with their cronies in Antifa and BLM, must die; or, you and your children soon will. We might actually be a minority. Even so, I will fight them to the death for liberty and freedom.

      1. I don’t think Conservatives (Republicans AND Independents) are in the minority. If you consider the fact that Yale/MIT did a report that figured there were 22 – 33 MILLION illegal aliens in America and now another MILLION, thanks to Biden, of which a good portion VOTE in our elections yes we do have a problem. The DEMS are all for it. If the Republicans win in 2022 they should run an audit against the 2010 Census for EVERY VOTE cast. If you are not on that list you are probably not an American or you came to America AFTER the Census was polled. Unfortunately our Supreme Court decided not to have the citizen/non-citizen check point on the Census even though it is on voting registration signups. Another thing that should be a law is that every person running for a public office should be required to take an IQ test AND a basic test on the Constitution.

        1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ would give their globalist puppets; demonrat criminal party and rino criminal party the answers to the test .

    5. I guess your saying its OK for Biden to not help the 15,000 Americans stranded in Afghanistan who maybe be killed or held hostage. IDIOT

      1. globalist puppet chester biden is loading the planes up with taliban terrorists and transporting them here to collect welfare .

    6. Oh drop dead she said what a coward like you would not ever say—- get with program—- women are being murdered along with their children- listen up La Fong you sound like a far childish left liberal. Enough of your nonsense

      1. libby snow flake female sheep like carla abuse planned parenthood criminal organisation and murder their children .

    7. It might help if more pubs grew a pair and pushed the SCUM PARTY back!! Too many RHINO’s in the party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. taking the high road with DemSoComms does not work ..we tried that for years and look where it got us ..we asked them to leave us alone and they didn’t ..they just keep pushing step aside and cover your ears and eyes ..this won’t be pretty

    9. You are an embarrassment to criticize MJT, You are just another RINO disguising yourself as a conservative. You are what is wrong with the Rep. Party-NO GUTS just go along with the corruption in DC. which is why I left it to be an Independent. MJT is a refreshing voice in the middle of a bunch of whimpy, lets be nice to the dems. You are sickening.

      1. The only thing worse than globalist puppet, demonrat criminal party is globalist puppet, rino criminal party .

    10. Dogmatic simpletons that eat tidepods or dogmatic simpletons that snort used condoms or dogmatic simpletons that “imagine’ they are 1,000 different genders or dogmatic simpletons that “imagine” they are unicorns or dogmatic simpletons that expect everything for free, dogmatic simpletons . . . . .

  2. Vulgar , that’s actually pretty tame considering how Biden has dragged this country down is the past seven months . Unfortunately for Joe , she is one hundred percent right . In fact to be more specific about it Joe is worse that s**t ,he is low , lower than a whale turd in the bottom of the Marianas Trench !

    1. Big Amen, Rosco! It’s a shame that only one woman among all those so-called men in D.C. has guts enough to call Biden what he really is. You nailed it.

  3. There is no acceptable explanation! Biden’s ineptness has gotten people tortured and killed! He nneds to stand trial for treason!

    1. Well at least chester biden is loading his planes with his taliban terrorists and bringing them here to collect welfare and terrorize the country . . . . .

  4. Joe Biden should NEVER have been encouraged or prodded to run for office! I followed his candidacy closely for a year before the election in Nov. 2020, and I KNEW he was already suffering from cognitive disability. And I firmly believe that one of the people who prodded him to run for office wasn’t Obama….it was Jill Biden! She strikes me as a pushy wife who seems to enjoy spending money, so who better to give it to her than her husband…the PRESIDENT! Being married to a president would also give her something to brag about!

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more, Sue! I think mister Biden’s mrs has lusted to be first lady since she was second lady to mister Obama’s mrs! As far as I’m concerned, she should be charged with elder abuse for doing this. Not to mention how far our country has fallen — about the same rate as mister Biden’s mental demise! Pathetic people the vacuous Democrats — insidious, demented, and evil!! 🙁

    2. Indeed, Ladies. Leave it to a woman to fathom and understand the heart of another woman. They can do it better than we can. I would like to ask the Dr. Worst Lady what malevolent demon induced her to offer up her precious husband, given the demonstrated lapse of his cognition, and allow THEM to drag him into the snake pit arena of politics. And the White House I’m sure is much deadlier than most.

  5. Just wondering why these THOUSANDS of Military Age Men are leaving Afghanistan to the terrorists Taliban. Why should we have the burden of support for them when they aren’t willing to fight for their own country. We spent precious Americans Lives Trying to teach them how to keep their country and they stood back and let their country be taken away from them AGAIN.. I personally don’t think America should be helping THOUSANDS of men to abandon their country. Maybe some women, girls and kids, but no one else.

  6. The woman speaks truth, that is what he is, and worse. He is a man with lots of blood on his hand and conscience, but wait, he has no conscience.

  7. You want the facts… this administration will go in the history books as THE worst in the history of the US… hands down.

  8. We love Marjorie Taylor Greene, she truly represents the people and she is a true Patriot!
    She simply told Biden the truth: He is not the President and he is a piece of shit!
    So accurate and timely! What he did to the Americans in Afghanistan is not only unforgivable, but should absolutely be Impeachable. Further, he has made backdoor deals with the Taliban, and likely some cabinet members have done so as well. To me, that is treason, pure and simple and charges should be forthcoming. If the Republicans don’t finally act (other than Rep. Greene), then we know we have a bigger problem than we ever imagined.

  9. Is that “LaFong: capital L small a, capital F, small o, small n, small g.”
    Thought you were gone, your pal Bill Fields (still lookin for a loophole)

  10. At least she is one of the very few Americans that have more guts than any of you!!! And i’m standing right with her because she is so pissed off as I’ am about Joe Biden pathetic!!! leadership what he has already caused and causing with his pathetic!! Leadership he better resign before the world collapse!!! Or we will impeach sooner than later!!! Before it’s too late!!

  11. Sometimes it takes a few “choice” words to
    get the message across. I am sure many of
    us have used a few of them during the last
    few months. I know I have!


  13. WOW.!! talk about speaking the truth !! Ms. Greene !! Now ,if only we had some other TRUE American conservative republicans speaking the truth right to that corrupt,demented,bag of trash’s face ! Thank you Ms. Greene !

  14. Wish all republicans were fighting against all corruption in congress and senate?
    Greene she is what is needed to fight.
    Here are the republicans who let democrats steal 2020 election from 75 million plus
    Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, FBI director Wray and all agents, CIA director and all agents, DOJ Barr, Mitch McConnell, Linsey Graham, and all GOP leadership in senate & congress.
    All working for US Chamber of Commerce, Brush family Globalist , Soro’s and Communist China money!!!
    Why isn’t every GOP senator or congress men fighting for true and honest investigation into totally corrupted votes in 5 swing states!!
    Primary’s are coming vote out rhinos and worthless GOP who are afraid to fight?

  15. I’m glad she let Biden have it! He deserves an ass whooping! How dare he leave our people over there! Why the hell did he remove the troops before the Americans?? He totally didn’t care that’s why! Americans to the Biden Admin are expendable. They are nothing but collateral damage to Biden! This is the worst disaster since 9/11!


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