Joe Biden’s Most Wild Statements About the Afghanistan Crisis

The Biden Administration has managed to completely bungle the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Billions in equipment was left behind, thousands of Americans are trapped behind enemy lines, and the Taliban are refusing to negotiate. 

Amid the chaos the administration has tried very hard to quell the political fires back here in Washington. It’s clear though that this effort has backfired in a major way, President Biden’s many statements have left the American public dazed and confused. 

Here is what Biden is saying amid the crisis in Kabul: 

    1. globalists and their puppet $oro$ hand picked globalist puppet, chester the molester biden and all thier stupid deplorable slimy left wing demonrats .

    2. I will never forgive those bastards for pulling our boys out of Afaganistan.
      How will they earn their medals?
      How will their mom’s earn their Gold Stars?
      How can we know who to be proud of?
      The end of war is hell.

  1. Hidenbiden,dementia,joe, u lying,corrupt,racist,sexualpervert,senile,frail,old,sockpuppet,fool,installed by the deep state, has made the biggest blunder in history. U have armed the terrorists,AlQueda and Isis, with our weapons to start slaughtering Americans and Allies. How are u going to get Americans/allies being hunted kept safe, what u have done is treason, u and all your minions need to be held accountable, if Americans die u all should be arrested, and executed for total betrayal,and incompetence.

      1. The biggest loser is you, Albert. When life is so miserable the only entertainment you can vision is butting into the conversation of those who have mostly decided to just ignore you , you are obviously at the bottom rung of relevancy. For every idiot who has bothered to reproach you at one time or another, there are a hundred who have cancelled you out as the flea you are and to them, you no longer exist. The green line just rolls right by your posts. Do I stop? Once in a while to find out if you are having, or have had, help.

        1. Why is is that I get so many thumbs up votes?
          I seek out your posts for their intellectual depth.
          Where did you sit for your advanced degrees?

    1. globalists would not have use every form of voter fraud to appoint their puppets if they were not the biggest pieces of schitt .


    1. Trump gave Afaganistan to the Taliban.
      He would not even deal with the Afgan government.
      The Art of the Deal came home to roost.
      Just one of Trump’s many bankrupt deals.
      Just like the casinos, hotels, football teams, airlines, universities, wineries, and meat packing houses.

    2. Biden had the balls to bring our troops home in seven months.
      According to Ann Colture Trump has no balls.
      Just a shriveled moldy sac.

    3. Biden never had Afaganistan.
      Nor Trump, Obama or Bush.
      Biden did what they did not.
      60 of our troops died on Trump’s watch.
      Nothing changed.
      13 died on the pull out.
      Who is the better Commander and Chief?

    1. Civil War II = AMERICANS vs globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and demonrat and rino and fbi CRIMINAL organisation and pentagon CRIMINAL organisation and globalist media and libby snow flake sheep .

  3. One cannot be THAT stupid and incompetent on such numerous fronts. This latest debacle is most likely intentional and is part of a greater agenda. We may very well have reached the stage of the great deception intended to bring about the great reset. 2021/08/24. Ontario, Canada.

    1. Everything this corrupt administration does is with a greater intention to harm its citizenry.
      If you’re from Canada, how’s your little terrorist prime minister doing?

  4. “I don’t think there is a way to leave without chaos”? … Ah, could we start with the troops being the last ones to leave? … and we’re suppose to call you the Commander and Chief?
    Pray for your fellow Americans!

      1. God is not blessing…. Because of our sins,, He is allowing this to happen,, hoping this country will turn from its evil ways…. Ya know,, if we jump off a cliff,,, what do ya suppose will happen? You will hit bottom sometime,, pretty hard

        1. Speak for yourself, I have never sinnined.
          I have never had backdoor intercourse with a call girl with the street name of Stormy.
          Just my daughter but she was really little.
          Why does she hate me?

  5. Biden’s Presidency is a total catastrophe to America, our allies and the rest of the world. Imagine jeopardizing the lives of so many in Afghanistan and Americans as well. Not only that, Biden has enabled the terrorists to take over our high tech military equipment and now it is reported that the Taliban now have charge of our biometric surveillance. That enables them to hunt down and terrorize those left behind. Bringing so many refugees into America and other countries, is creating a health crisis and increased spread of COVID, as are the illegals coming from the border. Biden is paying an additional 3.3 billion to rebuild Afghanistan for the terrorists, after we already paid 1 trillion to rebuild the country. With open borders, criminals, human traffickers and drug dealers are entering the US increasing crime and endangering Americans. He is promising all types of freebies for illegals and refugees, forcing hard working Americans to pay for them. Inflation has gone wild and he has destroyed our oil independence. Everything he touches is further ruination of our beloved America. Are allies are disgusted with the US, and Americans cannot believe the hatred and division in America and the downfall of America that worsens each and every day. It is not just Biden….it is this whole administration and handlers that are destroying America with their takeover.

    1. Great post, and you are spot on.
      May I add that this is all intentional. One has to ask a few things:
      Why are the borders still open???
      All the while they’re forcing us ALL to get vaxxed?
      These people are increasing the spread of this virus, plus other diseases.
      Notice how joe didn’t help the people of Cuba?
      It’s intentional, because they hate COMMUNISM. I don’t like conspiracies. However, one would have to be living under a rock since this empty suite took office not to see and understand what’s really going on.
      We have a SHADOW GOVERNMENT. This current/corrupt administration is NOT in charge of anything. They’re clueless and are just for optics. OBUMMER is in charge, period!
      This is everything he wanted to do, but didn’t complete it in 8 years. Here we are today!

      1. 9 Island Girl, you are 90% correct. Just to make it 100% you need to add:Obama and helpers (we know who you are), and the leaders of the pack, the Deep State-which is world wide. Their ultimate goal is to take over the world. No folks, I am not crazy,this is real. At this point in time there is only one way to get our Country back. I think we all know what it is…can it be done, I do not know. All I have to say is GOD help us all, GOD BLESS America and GOD BLESS us all.

      2. I’m waiting for the great reset that will get rid of all the evil and bring out all the truth and keep it that way. I predict it is coming. You don’t even see anyone going to the White House anymore. They are scared real scared

      3. This was ABSOLUTELY by design…all of it….starting with the CCP’s action of intended global biological warfare (orchestrated release of COVID)….and Pfizer was working on a ‘so called’ vaccine prior….al paid for via $oro$, Gates foundation, Harvard, Vanguard group primary shareholders and social media ie. Zuckerberg paying the CDC, etc……follow the money

      4. Good post Nine Island Girl. I do have one disagreement with you. Obama is not the “shot caller”. Obama is actually pretty dumb. If you ever hear him (Obama) talk extemporaneously he sounds like a moron. I would suggest that George Soros is the man behind the curtain. Of course, Soros always keeps himself at least two people removed from the proverbial “scene of the crime”.

      5. They hate your kind.
        Should Biden have encouraged the Cuban people to flee.
        Fly who ever wants to leave out of Gitmo to the nearest airport to you?
        Have you been taking the Spanish Language Learner classes in your local high school night classes?
        That God Damn Joe Biden denied us all that brown skin we love.

    1. God has plans for Muslims. Revelation 20:4 “I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony for Jesus and because of the word of God.” That prophecy was made 600 years before there was an Islam religion.

  6. All American, please pause a second, listen to me please, what happened in Afghanistan right now not accidents, not because of mistakes but well planed by Biden administration, can you see it happen exactly like what happened to BENGHAZI, they let that happened over night time & in the morning no one in the government deal with the problem but go on with their day life like not thing important from the WH, Pentagon to Congress to Senator, 8 months Biden in the WH all he does is destruction to America & do harms to American, we need a real revolution to turn this whole Biden’s administration OUT, we have enough of this piece of S@#$ we need to protect our country & our lives

  7. Wow! What a delusional person. Makes me wonder if he goes in and out of these delusional moments…..or is he completely non-cognitive all the time.

    I also wonder WHO it is that is feeding this moron information. Obama??? $oro$??? Pelosi??? Jill??? Who is it that this fool listens to???

  8. Somebody forgot poor old Joe Blow’s most ridiculous statement ever:’I am President of the United States.’

  9. Why are the spineless Republican cowards not screaming impeachment?????? If this was Trump they would!!!!!! , this is a freakin joke and it should show every Republican voter what the real truth is WTF is wrong with people

    1. Republicans are spineless because they lost the House.
      Was it because of votor fraud.
      Bill WTF is wrong with you?
      You are so God Damn stupid that you have no idea how people are impeached.
      Being a screaming asshole does impeach.
      Anymore than smearing what comes out your asshole about the Capitol.
      That was a class act.
      Trump Class

  10. a big thank you for your service and prayers for the families of Marines Staff Sgt. Darin T. Hoover, Sgt. Johanny Rosariopichardo, Sgt. Nicole L. Gee, Cpl. Hunter Lopez, Cpl. Daegan W. Page, Cpl. Humberto A. Sanchez, Lance Cpl. David L. Espinoza, Lance Cpl. Jared Schmitz, Lance Cp. Rylee J. McCollum, Lance Cpl. Dylan R. Merola, Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, Navy Hospitalman Max Soviak, and Army Staff Sgt. Ryan Knauss….YOUR SERVICE TO THIS COUNTRY WAS NOT IN VAIN, YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN…

    1. They will never be forgotten.
      Just as the last 13 troops lost in Vietnam.
      Surely you have not forgotten their names.
      Or ranks.
      Or middle initials.
      What about Branch?
      Where they are buried?
      Were they cremated?
      Are they all Christans?

  11. globalist puppet, chester the molester biden says all that globalists write on their notes and write on their teleprompter and say in his ear piece .

  12. It took real balls to bring our troops home.
    Ann Colture says Trump has no balls.
    How would she know?
    Did he teabag her?
    Did she gag.

    1. The joke is that we are out of Afaganistan.
      What is the real knee slapper is that 13 US soliders died on Biden’s watch.
      60 on Trump’s.
      Trump is the best

  13. He and his CHEATER criminal Democrat Party Mob leadership think that all “American people are dumb and stupid morons that will believe any BIG FAT LIE they and the liberal news media tell us today”!!!! Just look in the mirror to see the real “BIG FAT DUMB AND STUPID MORONS IN AMERICA TODAY”!!!!! This truth will set us all free as the American people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Trump is fat.
      Biden is not.
      When Danny Boy looks in the miror he sees is a big fat stupid moron.
      Just like every American.

      1. Mr. HESS, we all know that you are a Democrat and getting paid for by them for your ridiculous comments. I really feel sorry for you that anyone can stoop that low. Poor thing….

  14. Wild, outlandish statements….
    Sounds just like the goofballs employed at cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, nbc, npr, etc.
    No wonder they love dementia joe….he’s just like they are.


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