Kamala Harris Has ‘Unprecedented’ Negative Approval Rating

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris speaking with attendees at the 2019 National Forum on Wages and Working People hosted by the Center for the American Progress Action Fund and the SEIU at the Enclave in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gage Skidmore flickr.

Kamala Harris is making history but not how she expected. Despite being the first female Vice President it seems the country just can’t seem to warm up to her. However, her laughter at inappropriate topics such as visiting the Southern border, the crisis in Afghanistan, reports of toxic workplace behavior, and her ineffective leadership skills could be clues as to why America views her in such a negative light.

However, new approval ratings are enough to shock any Kamala critic. Her approval rating put her among the worst Vice Presidents in American history.

The Washington Examiner reports:

In the latest survey, pollster Bill McInturff pointed out her low positive rating, at 37%, and tweeted this morning, “VP Harris has lowest feeling thermometer of any first year VP going back to Gore in 1993 with an unprecedented ‘very negative’ rating on @NBCNews survey tracking.”

The survey put her positive rating below former Vice Presidents Al Gore, Dick Cheney, Joe Biden, and Mike Pence.

She also has the largest “total positive” versus “total negative” gap at negative 9 points. For comparison, Cheney’s gap was a positive 23 points.

And McInturff also highlighted the vice president’s “very positive” versus “very negative” rating to rank her thermometer reading and found that gap at a whopping negative 17 points, nearly tripling the next worst, Biden’s negative 6 points in his first year of the Obama administration.

It if wasn’t clear before, the Biden administration is going down in flames.

  1. Kamala could care less. She has the title, will be in the history books as first woman VP. That’s all she cares about. She is a very lazy woman. Does not want to do any kind of work. Pitiful situation.

  2. She will just laugh and blame it on Trump supporters. She is one MESSED UP pserson. We in California know how she has gotten ahead…She is either on her knees or her back…Otherwise she is useless…

    1. Hope you guys get out in force and vote your corrupt governor out.
      Please vote for Larry Elder, and make sure to read the ballot well. I understand it’s tricky on purpose.

      1. They try to be subtle with their devious attempts to skew voting their way, but hopefully people are on to them now. And agree about Larry Elder. Wish I could vote for him, but am so happy I don’t live there to do it!!

      2. 300 recall election ballots found in a vehicle where a felon was found passed out with drugs, a loaded firearm and multiple driver’s licenses one week ago. It is not we have to get the people to vote, it is we got to get the voting to be fare.

  3. This woman almost as big a nightmare as Biden, maybe bigger. This administration is as big a train wreck as it gets. People die with their stupid decisions.

    1. She has done absolutely nothing — nothing — since she and the White House “squatter” were coronated. Of course, despite her stupidity and lack of qualifications for this job (probably not even qualified to be a bartender like Alexandria claims she was), they were able to check off a couple of boxes on their “equity” list like every single one of the others in his “administration” — you know, the one where nothing matters except that you’re a minority? And lucky them they were able to check off race and gender for her! Such a disgrace, and the laughing stock they have made of our country is appalling and heart-breaking to watch and very dangerous. 🙁

  4. Well I hope all the Idiots that voted for Biden and the giggling Witch are happy? How can people be so stupid, you don’t need to worry about other countries destroying America the people that voted will be the cause, and the Republicans that don’t speak up about the stolen election, WTF

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m much more concerned about the morons who voted for this disaster.
      Politicians can and will be voted out!

      1. Most of them are absolutely paid off — with all the free stuff they currently receive and want to keep coming, and what has been promised to them in the future. Disgusting politicians represent disgusting people!! 🙁

  5. In all my years I have never seen a more corrupt, inept and totally anti-American administration. Conservatives not squishy republicans, need to be elected and take back the house and the senate. Then let the impeachments begin.

    1. Absolutely. Can’t wait for the next election (s)
      This administration is absolutely, without a doubt the ENEMY from within.

      1. Truth notice how they dummy up so fast. I mean how much of an idiotic moron can you be to vote leftists. I’m really it’s like cutting your own nose off despite your face. Or being speech therapist and cutting your own tongue out. I mean how freak n stupid can you be. DUH!!!

      1. And don’t forget Chuckie, and Waters, and the little wide-eyed emoji Schiffless, and the little dough boy Nadler and on and on and on — and we can throw in Mitt, too!

  6. Resignation time for the CIIC (Coprolitic-Imbecile-In-Chief). C’mon maaaan, everyone knew it was coming. Heck it was known before he was (ahem) elected. His new moniker now is “Time To Go Joe.”

    1. Love “Time to Go Joe!” Reminds of the big billboard that I saw on a highway in Utah when I was there last October that says, “Hey Mitt — Just Quit!” 🙂

  7. This WH needs to be fumigated and everyone go home. Let the adults take charge.
    This should scare everyone to the core. Our brave men and women in the military in harm’s way, our American citizens abandoned with terrorists taking over, the list is endless.
    And this bafoon wants to promote a 3+ trillion dollar bill that we can’t afford and will change our country and our lives for ever. In every single way. Without majorities in the house and Senate, I’m not sure what can be done. Please pressure the moderate dems, if there’s any not to go along with this. God have mercy on us, our country, our allies and especially our BRAVE TROOPS.

      1. Somehow the Muslims got our helicopters 88 billion weapons everything an army needs. Now you tell me who’s plan that was! Bet you can guess in one word

  8. That’s funny. I kept saying how in the world did this happen? How did Biden ever get to be Pres. along with that V.P.? It will never last. I’m just surprised it lasted this long. It’s a matter of time. Then what? Still over 3 years to go but, with who? Gee, I can’t image? That horrible Speaker of The House?

    1. “A false witness will NOT GO UNPUNISHED And A Liar will be DESTROYED. ” (Proverbs 19:9) These words of ALMIGHTY GOD are Decreed and Released throughout the DncDemocrats, Hunter Joe Biden-Harris Pelosi Schumer Soros Obama Rice Nadler Schiff Clintons Omar Waters Blinken Sullivan Mayorgas-Regime, globalists and EVERYONE who’s connected-partnered with these INCREDIBLE CORRUPT deeds. I Decree in JESUS NAME.

  9. Going down in flames, for sure, but not nearly soon enough! The destruction and mayhem they’re inflicting on America will take years to recover from. Hopefully with the help of our good President Trump!!

  10. I was wonder what “approval” rating ex Mrs Brown will give her like -100? just wonder. She was terrible SF DA even more terrible State DA, Horrible lair so call senator. Looks like she only succeeded on the knees and with legs up. DemRats did not care at all who they vote, so now they have pervert and HoHo together and country reach bare bottom. History repeats itself.


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