Rachel Maddow is Leaving MSNBC

Terry Ballard from Merrick, New York, USA, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Rachel Maddow’s weeknight show is officially coming to an end. After reports began to spread that Maddow is considering leaving MSNBC its finally been confirmed that the liberal political commentator will not be renewing her contract with the network.

Newsmax reports:

The eleven people, speaking on the condition of anonymity with CNN, said the move is a “significant challenge” that will leave MSNBC looking for a new plan for the 9 p.m. slot, which is the network’s most profitable hour.

“She’s our Oprah,” one senior staffer said. Maddow is the network’s highest-rated host, sometimes coming in at double the viewers in key demographics that other shows on the network attract.

Sources said that big changes to the network have been in the works and Maddow may only be the first on the chopping block.

None of the sources, however, said they were surprised about Maddow wanting a change of pace. After leaving her long-term agent, Jean Sage, Maddow signed up with the huge talent agency Endeavor, and that was seen internally as a signal that her career was shifting.

“You don’t hire (Endeavor CEO) Ari Emanuel just to renew your deal at MSNBC,” an unnamed MSNBC anchor said.

Now, MSNBC must decide who will fill the 9 p.m. time slot previously held by Maddow. However, the network could be losing more than one of its hosts as some reports say that Brian Williams is also considering leaving the network once his contract expires.

  1. Oh boy, Maddow was the one that the liberals followed. She finally started telling the truth which is what makes journalists popular. Too bad liberal fake news outlets don’t want their viewers to see the truth.. Bye Bye to ratings,

  2. This is one STUPID PERSON anyways…I turned her off a LONG TIME AGO….Go spread your communists bull someplace else

    1. Exactly. That one has gone completely woke crazy. Ofra has turned into an ufly human being. Outside, and much more on the inside.
      Slowly but surely the dominoes are falling.
      NEVER watched this turd, and NEVER WOULD.

  3. Inquiring minds want to know.
    What was “Rachel’s” real name before the sex change ?
    Doesn’t matter, when friends get together for cards and beer, we still play the Madcow clip of crying on election night when Hillary lost to Trump… It is the gift that keeps giving… satisfaction.
    We can hardly wait till the Vote Fraud Military Tribunal Trials start at GITMO. Hope they are televised live for all to see, along with the executions.
    Maybe we can subcontract the executions to taliban, they like that kind of work, and they know their way to GITMO… after all. Biden gave them plenty of weapons, so why not use them to clean house.

    1. MY favorite video is the compilation video of celebrities and politicians saying,”there will never be a PRESIDENT Trump”!

      1. Hahaha, that’s a good one.
        Took me a split second to get it. Maybe not enough coffee this morning.

  4. They both took jobs with the HELL Network, since they are lying cheating Anti-American communists. Great news!!!!

  5. IF YOU ARE TRULY AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, WHY QUAIL OVER THE END OF HER CAREER AT MSNBC? SHE IS A TREASONOUS TROLL LIKE ALL OF THE LEFTIST LIBERAL/ COMMUNIST/ NEW WORLD ORDER , U.N. AGENDA 21 advocatihg reptiles who have screwed this country upo so badly it may NEVER recover! Good riddance to garbage and I hope she NEVER finds significant ways to further contaminate the already diseased minds of our children after exposure to the failed and failing further UNIONIZED Public Educational System which teaches not at all and INDOCTRINATES, in a mosr Marxist manner of Pavlovian conditioning ALL of our kids and why like Sgt. Scultz from the old seres Hogan s Heroes , KNOW NOOOOOTHING!

  6. That will be a little less toxic poison polluting the airwaves. Perhaps 🤔 it’s part of the ‘climate change’ initiative!?

  7. I heard he was going to work at McDonalds. Will be responsible for the late night drive-in window…. He can lie to the customers about what’s really in the meat. After all lying is his specialty…

  8. Rachel Mad-Cow is a complete lying nitwit who doesn’t have the ability to distinguish if something is the truth or not. She was perfect for MSNBC because all they report is BS.

  9. Culling queers and the boring is a good start. Replace with the Kevin sorbo power hour. The heterosexual domain is another good idea!

  10. I think special Ed from crank yankers fame would be a great fit for their network. He’s 100 times more intelligent, interesting, and truthful. I don’t think their viewers would even notice that it’s not Rachel madcow

  11. Well Since Biden became President and it really didn’t make much sense to keep bashing Trump for an hour, she and her network have nothing to talk about of any interest.

  12. I don’t watch CNN or MSNBC, but I have been reading how both of the networks have lost substantial ratings since Joe Biden illegally entered the white house. What a shame that they no longer have President Trump to blame for everything. If enough of these channels suffer financially, maybe they will actually go back to reporting real news again. I say, clean house of all of the rubbish, then start fresh with some real journalists who know how to report the news instead of just pushing leftwing, CCP propaganda.


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