Report: Major Attack at Kabul Airport

Afghans climb a luggage slide in a desperate bid to escape Kabul International Airport. Photo: Nicola Careem via Twitter.

This report is developing and will be updated as more information become available.

Update: The Pentagon has confirmed 11 Marines and one Navy medic were killed in the suicide bombings.

Update: At least 10 U.S. Marines were killed in Thursday’s attacks.

Update: The Wall Street Journal has reported that four U.S. Maries were killed in the Kabul airport explosion. Washington Post reporter tweets remaining planned evacuations have been canceled, leaving U.S. citizens and allies trapped in Afghanistan.

The U.S. ambassador in Kabul has told staff there that four U.S. Marines were killed in an explosion at the city’s airport and three wounded, a U.S. official with knowledge of the briefing said. Two explosions ripped through crowds of Afghans trying to enter the airport on Thursday.

At least three U.S. troops were injured, a U.S. official said. Witnesses reported multiple fatalities among the Afghans, many of whom were trying to enter the airport because they had assisted U.S.-led coalition efforts and feared persecution by the Taliban.

Update: The Pentagon has confirmed a second explosion and confirmed U.S. casualties, so far it’s unclear the exact number of injuries and fatalities from the pair of attacks.

UPDATE: There has been a report of a second explosion:

The Pentagon has confirmed a major explosion at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan. So far there are no reports of possible casualties from the explosion. The explosion comes hours after threats of an attack prompted shutdowns at the airport forcing fleeing Americans and Afghans to leave. In days since the Taliban’s takeover, massive crowds have swarmed the airport with people trying to leave the country, reports have confirmed the Taliban has set up check points around the airport making it more difficult and dangerous to access.

According to reports by CNN, the explosion has been confirmed and President Biden has been briefed on the situation. A Pentagon briefing is scheduled to take place within the hour.

So far, it’s unclear how this will affect evacuations from the airport as the August 31 deadline swiftly approaches. CNN has speculated that terrorist groups ISIS or Al Qaeda could be behind the attack by using a suicide bomber.

CNN’s Chief White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins tweeted about the explosion.

Afghanistan reporter Bilal Sarway tweeted that there are multiple casualties and fatalities but this has not yet been confirmed.

ABC reporter James Gordon Meek also tweeted that there are multiple fatalities in the area resulting from the blast.


      1. Just as soon as the three Trump appointed justices start doing their job.
        You fool.
        There is no fool like a Trump fool.

    1. With CONgress have a demoscum majority, Groper Joe Bribedem could show up in a diaper with a drool cup, babbling senselessly (like he does now) and they will refuse to do anything. Besides, the even worse alternative is the Frisco Ho, Kammie Hairyazz.

      1. Why do the Dems have a majority in the House and Senate?
        Voter fraud?
        Whenever my kid loses a basketball ball game it is due to scorer fraud.
        I have proof!
        I have video of scorers writing in the score book when the kids are not even on court.
        I am demanding that all of games that he played in that he lost be replayed.
        And the scorers be put in jail..

        1. your comments are not only very ignorant of actual facts from reputable people and therefore also very sad.

      1. well, we do know they are in the husband had an interesting point re: the evil mess they created in afghanistan…when obama’s administration was going to go after bin laden…he asked for a vote from his security counsel/advisors…biden is the only one who voted against it. not giving biden a pass…but I wonder if he is definitely too incompetent for these positions-senator and pres??

          1. Marshall law requires the military.
            Trump has no respect for the military.
            If he did they would put him in the White House.

          2. trump has no respect for the military?? where were you when he regularly visited the military hospital where all the injured soldiers were-where were you when he regularly stood and silently paid homage to the dead soldiers in their caskets returning home for burial…where were you when he honored soldiers on a regular basis on live t.v….often giving medals-where were you when he regularly called the families to offer his support and consolation??

          3. Albert Hess you may not even be a real person just another Democratic propaganda machine. President Trump kept all of our adversaries at bay. True he made the arrangement with Taliban but he also set conditions to how the Pullout would proceed. He told the Taliban that if any U.S. Troops or U.S. Citizens along with the Afghani SIV’s we promised to get out of Afghani were harmed in any way they would be dealt with all the military power to destroy them. And the Taliban feared him but when Biden changed the conditions of the evacuation plans the Taliban started to take over Afghani Provinces in May, June, And July until They had the entire country under their control. This was Biden’s fault and his alone. He apparently is suffering from some form of Cognitive issues. When the Taliban started taking over the Country that should have been the signal to start an immediate evacuation. End of Story.

      1. yeah, good luck with that one-and, pelosi would be next in line for vp! we need to pray for God’s guidance to deal with these times and pray for His mercy and guidance.

        1. Trump did not want to leave the White House.
          His choice was to leave on his own or be escorted out.
          Escorted out, kicked out, same thing, ask any bar room bouncer.

          Do you have a list of the authorities?
          Are Matt Gatz and that nice Margie girl on it?

          Marshall law requires the participation of the military.
          That ain’t gonna happen.
          Trump has spent the last six years disrespecting our military.

          1. I hope you will read my reply from your text 4 hrs ago…I am truly sorry for you that you are so full of ill will…there has only been one perfect ‘person’ in history-Jesus Christ-the rest of us need to accept his offer of eternal life. written with concern and love.

      1. the third try when all the VERIFIED (but denied by the ‘regular’ media) cheating was brought out to light. btw…recently came out that 15 millions ballots are still missing-hmmm?!

      1. Marshal law requires the participation of the military.
        Marshall law ends due process.
        Marshall law limits personal freedoms.
        The military will decide who may and who may not have a gun.
        In secret.
        Conservatives are none to smart.

  1. As we used to say in the Army, “”P*ss-poor prior planning is better than no planning at all” Joe never got to the level of P*ss-poor.

      1. Enough is enough!
        Twenty years of the seven P’s, including the USMC.
        Like Nixon, Joe will do what Kennedy, Johnson, Bush, Obama and Trump failed to do.
        Bring our troops home from forever unwinnable wars.
        No more USMC bullet sponges.
        Or any other branch.

        1. Fool, Trump prevented war. Trump had the plan in place to leave Afgh. and Biden didn’t follow the plan, Biden takes out the troops before the people. How stupid to leave all those arms for the enemy to esculate the war. you can’t read can you, so read to understand that Biden is a filthy criminal Family Mafia leader? Go for Marshall Law ?

          1. Trump said he was going to pull out our troops, Biden is.

            ..before the people – by that do you mean Afgans?
            America First, the towelheads can burn in their own hell.

            I read.
            I read that Trump is a thin skinned braggadocios bore.
            What is the truth?

    1. Joe’s plan is to remove our proud patriotic troops from a country where they are essentially universally hated.
      Joe will succeed.
      Trump, Obama and Bush failed.

      Americans killed in excess of 120,000 Afganis.
      So yeah at least two million of their closest relatives really hate US.

    1. Trump already fixed it, fast.
      He made a deal with Pakistan to release the current head of the Taliban.
      Trump then invited him to Camp David to work out a peace deal with out the Afgani government. on September 11.
      All is going to The Art Of The Deal.
      There is no Afgani government.
      The Taliban control the whole country.
      They will let most of Americans and some of the Afgani traitors go.

      Hey Mister Taliban tally me banana
      The war is over and I wanna go home…..

      1. I’m willing to bet Barry is behind this fiasco. Have you ever seen a liberal politician make the right decision?

    1. I can’t measure the height of the visceral hate I feel for the socialist, liberal, marxist Democrats who voted this monster crook into office.

          1. Trump started a fight he can not win.
            He has had nothing but defeats since Nov. 3.
            There is no way that he is tired of winning.
            This 8th grade fool wanted Trump to go down in flames.
            This 8th grade fool is tired of winning.

          1. Yes honest weak people get cheated.
            The strong do not.
            Trump comes up short on both honest and strong
            Honest Abe is so ashamed of Trump that he changed his voter registration to Independent

          2. Nothing to say go to scat.
            Smear it in the Capitol.
            The smell is die for.
            But only if it is your own.
            Or a close friend.

      1. They feel the same way about you.
        So what.
        Who started with the hate.
        Is hate the only enduring Conservative value?

      2. Hating is so Trumpian.
        Do you hate RINOs too.
        There are more and RINOs every day.
        They are now the majority of the Republican Party..
        People like the Bush’s and Chaney’s.
        Solid multigenerational real Conservative Republicans.
        Not Donny come lately Republicans who have advocated for abortion rights.

    2. He is a piece of shit who needs to be court marshaled treason along with the rest of his adm. He is working for the enemy

        1. Joe has everybody protecting him, including the MSM. And where were you, breaking windows and shooting Ashli Babbit?

          1. If Ashli Babbit was trying to crawl through a broken window at my House with an angry mob behind her I would stand my ground..
            I wouldn’t put just one bullet in her brain.
            I would make her face unrecognizable by emptying the full clip.
            And maybe a second.
            The N cop who blew that Babbbit Bia Atch deserves, appropriately enough, the Congressional Medal of Honnor
            If Trump’s Thugs had managed to get their hands on Pelosi would she be anymore alive than Ashli the AH.

            If Trump’s Thugs had managed to hang Mike Pence would Trump be in the White House today.
            Or in jail?
            Lock him up!!! Lock him up!!!

          2. Her family will be filthy rich in Civil Court, fool. She was not armed, she was not commanded to stop, she did not break the window, The killer is black and Pelosi is protecting him because he is black. The Capitol stood back and invited everyone in? Mike Leroy Byrd is guilty of second or third degree murder

    3. The most inept admin ever is bringing our troops homes.
      No more of our kids being killed where they are so hated.

  2. Send Biden to Kabul, quickly. He can help. And, send all those that voted for him to help their savior. #Mr.SweetTweets

    1. I cannot control my ANGER at all the IDIOTS who voted for this. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS, OUR COUNTRY AND ALL STRANDED IN HARM’S WAY!

      1. God bless our troops.
        God bless Biden for succeeding where Trump failed.
        No more dead American kids in the poppy fields of Afaganistan.

      2. God bless Biden for bringing our troops home.
        God bless Biden for bringing thousands and thousands of freedom loving Afgans to there new homes in freedom loving America.
        Is the house nextdoor to yours on the market?
        They won’t be bringing camels, just a few goats, absolutely no pigs!!!

      1. She meant, BIden’s votes were all printed accept for the few dozens of his family and friends. Note, his votes were never folded, which means, they were never put in envelopes

  3. Do we have any adults in the room. There are thousands of lives at stake and the firggin idiot the Democrats cheated into leadership is meeting with AMAZON ! anything to avoid the subject ! Is he crazy? Are we crazy for not court marshaling him and throwing him out of our White House.Can anything worse happen? Yes, stay tuned. We can wake up tomorrow and witness the slaughter of the innocents in Kabul and Giggles Harris could be the president. Unbelievable that the greatest country in the world could be defeated by camel drivers in a sand pit and an idiot in the White House.

      1. By people smart enough to beat the US military for two decades.
        What is the IQ of losers?

        The pos splits his time between NJ and FL.
        He is universally loved.

      1. Thanks, I missed it.
        I thought he meant the Marshall Plan.
        That great plan of what to do when you win a war.
        That is the same plan that Trump was going to use in Afaganistan.
        He didn’t know we lost.
        Even his most trusted advisors would tell him.
        The good news gang.

    1. Yes there is an adult in the room.
      He has the guts to pull our kids out of a country where they are essentially universally hated, like we were in Vietnam.
      When will they ever learn……

    2. The adult is ending the war that the child could not.

      At least camel drivers are step above the subsistence rice paddy farmers in Vietnam.
      Vietnam cost us 50,000 dead.
      We got out of Afaganistan cheap.

  4. All I’m going to say is:
    I don’t care how, but it needs to be IMMEDIATELY!!!

    1. Are you ready to rock roll on another Jan. 6?
      Only this time with high capacity magazine long guns (absolutely no assault rifles).
      None of that girly pepper spray.
      Bring at least ten pounds of your own fecal matter to smear around the Capitol.
      Your feces are like Kryptonite to the Dems.

  5. Does the phrase “KILL ALL THE INFIDELS” ring a bell? … the level of incompetency here is of the freaking chart!

    1. Removing our troops from Afaganistan is the most incompetent thing a person can do.
      For twenty years I have been collecting the warm tributes to our proud brave fallen heros in Afaganistan.
      Now what am I going to do?
      Should I spend my time going to Trump victory rallies?

  6. Hidenbiden, milley,austin,sullivan,and all other incompetent, minions, that orchistrated, this totally failed exit, of afghanistan, need to be removed from office, and courtmartialed,for this total disaster, that has our people/allies hostages, behind enemy lines,with no way out.All these incompetent,politicians,generals, and dummycraps need to be removed for total incompetence.

    1. How many Americans died in Afaganistan on Trump’s watch?
      Do you really care how many Afganis die?
      I don’t.
      They are nothing but low IQ opium eaters.
      We should have nuked the whole country on September 12.
      Problem solved.

    1. Yay Martha, you go and bring all your family and friends with you. Vote that piece of garbage out.
      Californians deserve better. How I hate to see my home state in such shambles.

      1. I remember when California was great.
        Reagan was an actor, a union boss and a Democrat.
        I remember when America was great.
        Trump was developing subsidized housing and was a Democrat.
        Those damn Dem’s

        1. It is a Black and White case.
          Too much baggage.
          Not to mention a fractured field.
          They will claw each other to death.
          It’s a Conservative thing.

  7. Be watchful everyone, thousands of unvetted Afghans are flying into multiple states. Last I heard were, California, Texas, Wisconsin, Georgia, Delaware. Reported today that our southern neighbor, Mexico just took about 125.

      1. The Red States damn well deserve them.
        They are the one’s who think you solve problems by kicking butt
        That is how they won the Vietnam War.

        1. We were in Vietnam to protect the off shore oil and the Railroads owned and built by Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford was a Socialist who was the first in the West to have business in Russia, by selling tractors. We will get the Marshall Plan in place or a new Civil War II will begin. We have more weapons than you, and we have the military ?

          1. Henry Ford had been dead two decades before Vietnam produced it’s drop of oil.
            The Ford Motor has never had any significant history in the oil industry, certainly not in Vietnam.

            Ford had no presence in Vietnam until 1995, and never in railroads, or oil.

            Please do not lie, it is disgusting behaviour.

    1. Should Biden leave our Afgan allies behind to be butchered by the Taliban?
      If not where should they go?

    2. Notice that none are staying in Washington DC, Virginia, Martha’s Vinyard, New York or the other locations were the filthy criminal Democrats live. Get the Marshall Plan in place ?

    3. Should we allow in those Afgans who helped us win the war?
      Or just leave them behind to be butchered?
      America First!!!!

  8. These goons are cockroaches who crawl into caves to hide and emerge when the exterminator is gone. What did poor old Joe Blow think would happen? Was he ready to sit around the campfire with them over tea and sing kum-ba-yah?

    1. Trump made a deal with Pakistan to release the Taliban leader.

      Joe is not stupid.
      Pulling out in defeat is always a messy bit of busisness.
      Think Nixon and Vietnam.

      Are you going to miss the weekly US casualty reports?

      Biden had the guts to get us out.
      Trump has no guts.

      1. Yes, you always pull the troops out before you remove or destroy the remaining fantastic war materials, even before you remove the other American’s who are supporting the peace effort, and the in country personnel who supported the USA peace effort, Roughly 100,000 people should have been removed before mindless, filthy, criminal, treasonist, Biden removed the troops. He left, literally in the middle of the night w/o notice. The CIA left in April and warned Joey, the feeler of women, in April May, July, about the Taliban taking the country. He gave up Bagram Airbase with, 200 plus aircraft, 600,000 M16’s, 75,000. vehicles, our secret drones. Mind you, ALL MILITARY said no to this……..Biden has no mind, he does not know where his asshole is, and when he finds it, Joey will not know what it is for??????? Your comedy is a laugh. Did you ever make it out of the 8th grade. I bet you did because you got to big to sit in the desk ???????? Give me more shithead ?

        1. Where did you want the 100,000 to go?
          Your town?
          Would the camels and goats improve the odor?

          When you lose a war you lose war materials, think Vietnam.
          How many soldiers would have died destroying our war materials?
          We know how to destroy the 200 plus aircraft anytime we want.
          The Taliban know it too.
          Should we now destroy them.

          The Army has not issued M16s for over two decades.
          The Taliban don’t want them anyway they prefer the superior AK-47.

          The military is not the decider when it comes to the military.
          Our Founding Fathers thought that was awful idea..

          Don the Con had four years to get our our troops out.
          Senile old Joe will do it in one.

        2. America First
          Get our troops out.
          As to the hundred thousand goat humping rag heads I really don’t care, do you?
          As to the American “contractors” taking $20,000 a month in US taxpayer money and an equal amount from their Afgan co-conspritors, may they rot in hell.

    2. The powers that be and the democrat politicians who own war making products companies have been wanting a war, and Trump refused, as we know, using his business development ability? Biden wants to start another war, and his entire family will get involved for money, AGAIN, and he is doing so by arming this terrorist group with the latest arms, that will help make them a much better terrorist and war maker. Under Biden, his handlers, his real brains, will not let Joel flex his arms, unless he wants to assault another female on his staff ? Get the Marshall Plan in place ?

  9. While the Taliban has our people crammed up in a horde, their pals in Al Queda blow them up. Senile Joe, AKA Pansy in Chief, allows this to go on. Get the people out NOW! If that involves attacking the scum, DO IT!

    1. Why didn’t Trump get our people out?
      He was afraid that it would be a messy bit of business like it was for Nixon in Vietnam.
      Nixon and Biden have guts.
      Trump, Obama and Bush do not.

    1. What exactly did you want Biden to do?
      Leave our troops in Afaganistan for four years just like Trump, eight years like Obama, four years like Bush?

  10. President Stolen and Hussein Obama are the real coup. And Afghanistan is the real insurrection! Where are all the legal minds?! Treason…. Start arresting and follow thru. And how about raiding BHO’s home’s in the dark of morning.🇺🇸✝️

  11. What is uncle joe going to do s— or go blind?? Bet he does nothing but bluster. How many more service personnel must die before this clown in chief is removed. Please pray with me for God to protect them and not let this clown get more of them killed. I guess it will be over for him when the 1st aircraft is shot down departing the airport with a plane load of Americans which my guess is will happen sooner than later God forbid.

    1. How many service personal have died on Biden’s watch?
      Biden did not lose the Afgan war.
      We had lost well before Trump took office.
      Biden had the political guts to pull our troops out.
      Trump did not.

  12. Get Rid of Biden and Harris , impeach the 3 stooges Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler and bring back the rightful victor of the most fraudulent election in U.S. history. I have had a degreein Government for 54 years and am a disabled Vietnam veteran and NEVER have I seen a more inept , incompetent, debt generating mass of morons than what he have had in office with every leftist loon Democrat since 2008! NO NATION CAN LONG ENDURE SIUCH ABSOLUTE ABSENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY OR ACCOUNTABIlITY FOR ITS ACTIONS. PERIOD.The Supreme Judicial Court is remiss in its duty and obligation to have heard the hundreds of sworn affidavits concerning massive fraud in the 2020 election AND this is the sordid and sorry result, DO THERIGHTS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS AND EQUITABLE jUSTICE UNDER THE RULE OF lAW MEAN ANYTHING TO THESE FRAUDS? They all belong in prison, NEVER ELECTIVE OR APPOINTED OFFICES!

    1. Great plan!
      Let’s meet at the Capitol on September 11.
      Be fully prepared to exercise your Second Amendment Rights.
      Don’t waste your time with zip ties or that girly pepper spray.
      Bring only pre-anus fecal matter, once that shit hits air it’s enough to gag a MAGAot.
      Don’t wanna hurt no MAGAots, they are so cute when they wiggle and writh

  13. Does anyone reading this suppose we Americans will ever get used to an America last country? We can fix the whole problem by simply gathering up every Democrat in the US and sending them to Afghanistan with instructions that they can come back here if they can find a way out-maybe Joe can lead them out. God knows he has never been able to lead anything else.

  14. What is going to be done about this Afghanistan shit show??? Who’s going to step in and end this?? I mean, really, who is in charge here?? The Biden admistration has left our troops and people to be murdered!!! Oh Dear God please intervene!!! We need to destroy the Taliban! They are evil incarnate! And sadly the Biden admistration is walking hand and hand with the evil!
    I am so sorry for what the people in Afghanistan are going through! It is a nightmare come to life!! It makes me sick to my stomach!!

  15. I thank God every day that Trump did not allow our troops to accept defeat in Afaganistan.
    He left that to a political professional.

  16. The metric is will fewer Americans die in Afaganistan in 2021 than in 2020.
    If the 2021 number is lower then Joe will have done the right thing.

    Support our troops.
    Bring them home.
    We lost the Afaganistan war years ago.
    Vietnam – de ja vue – all over again.
    When will we ever learn……

  17. This liberal blood-sucking tyrant who isn’t legit should be removed immediately! He blames Trump for everything that has happened when in fact Trump made it clear if any Americans were killed by the terrorists, there would be a price to pay. This senile lying SOB should be hung!

  18. Elections have consequences.
    Trump would have had everyone out by May 15 with no casualties.
    We would have had a victorious retreat.
    The most victorious retreat the world has ever seen.

  19. Defeat is such an ugly bit of business.
    Just look at how ugly Trump has been since he was defeated.
    So much acrimony and denial.
    Living at golf courses.

  20. so, joe biden, who had the intelligence (which he denies but has been documented) about kabul falling so quickly, either thinks so highly of himself to think the taliban or isis, will honestly work with us (whom we have been at war with for 20 yrs no less and who have let out hundreds of isis fighters from prison, including the one that helped bin laden plan his attacks) or is delusional-maybe a little of both. and…what are our congressmen/women doing? whom I help support on a regular basis??!! we just keep biden there to cause more destruction??!! not to even mention what he has done/doing to our economy-which i’m pretty sure we will soon see the ill results of…i am devastated for those 13 families who now see the evil/complete incompetence of this administration. the generals who sit at the pentagon who are complicit should also be fired immediately and/or have their pensions taken away…that is what was suggested for military who would not take the vaccine!


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